Chelsea boots are a must-have item in a wardrobe of any fashion-forward men. Their versatility allows you to pair them with any attire, from casual to formal. They always look suitable no matter whether you are headed to a weekend with friends or a meeting with the boss. There are plenty of options to choose from as well as looks to wear these boots with. To help you keep up with fashion, we prepared this guide.


    What Are Chelsea Boots?

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    Chelsea boot footwear has origins in the Victorian era. Queen Victoria’s bootmaker, J. Sparkes-Hall, is known to invent these ankle-high men’s boots so that they would be easy to put on and off. Thus, Chelsea boots for men do not feature lace having vulcanized rubber or elastic on the sides instead. The heel is small and the back features a tab, which allows you to slide your foot into the boot easily. So, basically, why are Chelsea boots called Chelsea boots? The name comes from a London region Chelsea, where these men boots were extremely popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Everybody, from fashionists to the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, sported them back then.


    What Are The Best Chelsea Boots Brands?

    Although many brands have these mens boots on sale, there are some that earned the best reputation.


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    Grenson’s boots men know as one of the best in the industry. Although they might not always keep up with trends, their premium quality and classic style level this minor flaw.


    Common Projects

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    Common Projects manufacture not only sneakers. They also are famous for their top-quality suede Chelsea boots as well as leather Chelsea boots. Their footwear is modern and stylish. So you will rock the boots with their iconic gold numbering proudly.

    Dr Martens

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    Every fashion-savvy guy knows that Dr Martens designs the best boots for men. They manage to mix high quality, classic design and modern trends in each of their pair of mens boots.


    R.M. Williams

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    R.M. Williams is an Australian brand that has been around since 1932. They have an extensive range of boots men find particularly comfortable, which is so inherent in Australians. Yet, the quality of their black boots is really outstanding, as their soles are welted with Goodyear.


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    For really good tan Chelsea boots, turn to Cheaney. Their name has been highly recognized in the shoemaking world of England. Despite their long history, the technology they use to produce their men Chelsea boots is up to date. They take advantage of their knowledge and experience and combine them with a modern style, which results in Chelsea boots mens fashion world has never seen before.


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    If you are looking for a pair of worthy black Chelsea boots for men, then your search should stop on Church’s. They have been in the business for more than a century, which speaks for itself. Their mens black boots are of top-notch quality and keep in pace with the latest fashion.


    Red Wing

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    Talking of the best brands of Chelsea boots men never set Red Wing aside. Their footwear is manually crafted in the US. What makes Red Wing’s mens boots stand out is that they are not only stylish and high-quality but also practical.

    What Are My Chelsea Boots Styling Options?

    Now, what do you wear Chelsea boots with? One of the best things about these boots is that you can opt for them to complement all of your outfits, from informal to professional. Thanks to their low-key style, they will not clash with any attire, looking equally coordinated with both jeans and a suit. When putting together an outfit with Chelsea boots, you need to take into account what occasion you are headed for. Thus, first, decide what ambiance your attire should suit and then go for the appropriate boot style. To help you out with the choice, here are the most stylish Chelsea boots outfit combinations possible.

    Casual Outfit

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    If you got bored of sneakers, Chelseas can become perfect casual boots for men. You are free to choose Chelsea boots made of any material. However, suede footwear looks a bit more informal and easy-going compared to leather one, such as New Republic boots, for instance. As for the color, brown boots are a much more preferable choice than black for a casual look. To put together a modern outfit for the weekend, go for a white Tee, skinnies and a denim shacket.

    Q: Are Chelsea boots unisex?

    A: Although there is no striking difference in terms of gender between some Chelsea boots, there are models specially designed for women and for men. However, some models suit both genders, so they can be considered unisex.


    Smart Casual Outfit

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    When deciding on whether to choose boots or men shoes to complement your casual smart outfit, a really smart solution would be to opt for the former. The design of these boots is so clean and straightforward, that they perfectly pair with such pieces as a sweater with a roll neck, black jeans and a coat with double breasts. While you can equally successfully partner your smart casual look with footwear made of all materials, leather black boots for men look particularly flattering for such an outfit.

    Q: What size Chelsea boots should I get?

    A: As Chelsea boots have a close fit, you do not have to go for a bigger or smaller size than you normally wear.

    Semi-Formal Outfit

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    Luckily, most companies nowadays have less strict rules for mens dress boots codes and allow wearing semi-formal clothes to work. And, that is when Chelsea boots come into play. They make up a great substitute for loafers, brogues and Oxfords. Just choose the pair that fits perfectly and you are good to go. If your suit is gray or black, go for black Chelseas, such as Aldo boots. In case you are more after brown or navy suits, then you are welcome to choose both brown and black options.

    Q: Are Chelsea boots good for winter?

    A: It depends on the severity of the climate. If there are only subtle snow and light cold, then Chelseas are okay. Yet, if weather conditions are really harsh, then it is better to go for special winter boots.

    Business Outfit

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    Nevertheless, if you still have to look buttoned-up at work, do not get upset. Wearing Chelsea boot men can still retain a formal feel of their outfits. To succeed, you need to learn to create a balanced look. Leather dress boots for men look more elegant, so they should be your footwear of choice. We like Clarks boots for this reason. Yet, patent boots are not the best option if you do not want to look overly dressed. Proceed with pulling on an Oxford shirt, a pair of chinos and a blazer to finish off the look.

    Q: Are Chelsea boots comfortable?

    A: Undoubtedly, Chelseas are one of the most comfortable boots available, as they fit tightly and snugly.


    Rules For Wearing Chelsea Boots

    Now that you have found your perfect pair, you may wonder, how to wear this boots? So, here are some main rules to follow:

    1. Your pants’ legs should sit over the boot top.
    2. Suede Chelsea boots go with casual outfits, whereas leather ones pair with smart attire.
    3. Apply a spray resistant to water to your suede Chelseas.
    4. The color of the boots depends on your attire.
    5. When wearing a Tee and jeans, dress down the Chelsea footwear, while dressing it up if paired with a suit.

    How To Make My Boots Stand In Good Stead?

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    When buying new boots men do not always take care of them properly, which results in early wear and tear. To maintain a good condition of their boots mens community should follow these simple yet essential rules:

    1. So that your leather boots do not crack, hydrate them with a special cream.
    2. To refresh the look of your suede boots, use a shoe brush every now and then.
    3. Apply Topy sole to the original soles if they are leather to prolong the lifespan of your boots.

    Q: Do Chelsea boots make your feet look big?

    A: Only if you have chosen the wrong size. If the size fits perfectly, then the boots look proportioned to your body.

    As a rule of thumb, Chelsea boots should be featured in a wardrobe of any mod. They always look appropriate no matter the situation and ambiance. Guessing, we have given you enough info to encourage you to stock up on this awesome footwear.


    • Chelsea boots are close-fitting, ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel. Source
    • Learn all about the popular Chelsea boots, their history, how they got their name, how the Beatles wore it, how to wear them where to buy. Source