Modern trends tell us that manscaping is an essential part of every guy’s grooming routine. And we can’t agree more. It’s a known fact that although the first impression can be deceiving, it nevertheless matters. Thus, you want to look your best regardless of whether you are headed at a fancy party or job interview. To help you out, we’ve prepared the following guide that will walk you through all the stages of man scaping.


    What Does Manscaping Mean?

    So, what is manscaping? This is when you remove the hair from your body either by trimming or by shaving it for the sake of an aesthetic appeal. As easy as it sounds.


    What Should I Manscape?

    When it comes to the areas you should manscape, the choice is totally up to you. Firstly, it depends on the body parts where your hair actually grows. For example, some men have chest hair while others don’t. Next, it is important to consider where you don’t want it to grow. And only then, you should decide on the zones where your body hair should be manscaped.

    But why is manscaping important? First and foremost, because it creates a healthy environment in the areas where your hair tends to accumulate most, thus preventing yeast and bacterial infections. Furthermore, it reduces sweating and an unpleasant odor that results from it. Moreover, it is a great way to bring a welcomed improvement to your sex life. Finally, it makes you look better and feel more confident.

    The Brows

    The Brows #manscaping #lifestyle

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    Although you do not want to make your brows overly groomed, as it may look rather feminine, you still need to keep them neat. So, if there are any hairs that stick out, you should trim them.


    The Ears

    The Ears #manscaping #lifestyle

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    To remove the hairs from your ears, it is better to employ tweezers instead of a trimmer or scissors. They allow you to reach the hairs that hide deep inside and pluck them together with the roots.

    The Nose

    The Nose #manscaping #lifestyle

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    You don’t have to get rid of the hair in your nose completely, as it still serves its purpose. However, you do not want it to be visible either. Thus, cast your tweezers aside and grab the scissors with blunt ends instead.


    The Chest

    The Chest #manscaping #lifestyle

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    There is no need to remove all of your chest hair unless you are an athlete. Hence, you simply need to keep it short by trimming to the desired length.

    The Back

    What concerns your hair on the back, there are no compromises. You should dispose of it. Period. The most surefire ways to do it are waxing, preferably in the salon, trimming without a guard, shaving and using hair removal cream.

    The Pits

    The Pits #manscaping #lifestyle

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    As for the armpits, they also should not be bald completely. You just need to trim the hair there short to keep it neat and to eliminate the smell.


    Arms & Legs

    Arms & Legs #manscaping #lifestyle

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    In case you have really hairy limbs or for some reason, you feel the need to deal with the fur there too, rather than shaving it completely, it’s better to trim it with the guard number 1 or 2.

    Below The Belt

    Below The Belt #manscaping #lifestyle

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    Of course, we could not leave out this area too. Trying to figure out how to shave pubic hair men often struggle a lot with the following: Is it good to shave your pubic area male? What is the best way to do it? How often should you shave your balls? So that you will not make the wrong decisions, here are some most insightful manscaping tips. First, you need to decide whether you want to go natural or get a cut down there. The current reality is that to succeed, you need to keep your pubic hair in order. To accomplish that, first, you need to trim the bush. There is no special pubic hair trimmer. You can employ the same you use to trim your whole body.

    Next, shave the nuts with the sharp premium-quality razor and an abundance of shaving cream. Finally, if you want to make your tool look a couple of inches bigger, then you should shave the fur at the bottom of its shaft as well. As for the frequency of shaving, it all depends on the speed your hair grows and personal preferences. However, on average, you will want to shave your pubic hair once in several weeks.

    The Techniques

    As you can see, there are several techniques that you can use to keep your body groomed. Let’s take a look at them in greater detail. Also, to help you with the choice of the tool that you will use to get manscaped review compilation is provided.


    Tips For Body Grooming

    Not sure what is the best way to manscape? There are five main methods of hair removal: threading and waxing, depilatories, electrolysis or laser, trimming and, of course, shaving. Threading is safe and effective but only when done by a professional. Waxing does not cause as much itch as shaving but is a more painful procedure. Chemicals work best for those who do not have sensitive skin, as they can result in breakouts and allergies. If you are into permanent hair removal, then electrolysis or laser epilation is your way to go. In case you want your body hair only look neat without removing it completely, then employ a trimmer and scissors. Finally, the most popular way to manscape is shaving. However, you put yourself at risk of cutting not only the hair but also the skin, which is fraught with irritant and bacteria exposure.

    Tips For Body Grooming #manscaping #lifestyle

    If you choose the latter method of manscaping, here are the most effective tips to help you achieve the best results:

    1. Choose the appropriate guard size.
    2. Trim the hair on your body before shaving it.
    3. Take a shower beforehand to soften and unwind the hairs.
    4. Apply a shave gel and create an abundant lather so that the razor glides smoothly.
    5. Examine your razor blades for dullness and faded lubrication strips.
    6. Pull the skin taut and move the razor gently.
    7. Rinse the razor blades under the running water regularly to eliminate built-up.
    8. If some of the areas are not smooth enough, reapply the gel and run the razor over the skin again.
    9. Rinse the residue under the shower, towel dry the skin and apply moisturizer.

    Shave & Trim

    Depending on the body section and the result you want to get, you can use trimmers, epilators or razors. To cut your hair short, you will need to employ the best manscaping trimmer. To deal with delicate zones, an epilator will come in handy and to remove fully what was left after the trimmer and epilator, you will need to turn to a razor. Thus, each of them plays a vital role in your manscaping routine.

    Series 7000 All-In-One BodyGroomer(Philips)

    Series 7000 All In One BodyGroomer(Philips) #manscaping #lifestyle

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    The Philips razor feat. body trimmer will provide you with a clean cut look in a blink of an eye no matter whether you are going to trim your chest, back or whatsoever. It does not have attachments. Instead, this manscaping trimmer has five settings of length that are built-in.


    Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver (Mangroomer)

    Do It Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver(Mangroomer) #manscaping #lifestyle

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    If you have luxuriant hair on your back, then the Electric Back Hair Shaver from Mangroomer should definitely be in your mens grooming kit. It has an extended handle that allows you to reach the most hard-to-get areas. Also, this manscaper features a special mode that can help you to deal with even the thickest pelage.

    8-In-1 All-In-One Trimmer MGK3060 (Braun)

    8 In 1 All In One Trimmer MGK3060 (Braun) #manscaping #lifestyle

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    Braun has taken care to provide you with the complete mens shaving kit in a one-time purchase. It has everything that you need to manscape your whole body. This shaving kit includes 4 attachments that altogether have thirteen settings of length. As a bonus, you get a razor from Gillette that offers you a magic shave and some other useful items.


    Now that you know how to manscape your body using grooming tools, it’s time to take a look at another technique, which is waxing. Its main advantage is that after the procedure, your skin remains smooth and hairless much longer, up to 8 weeks. And even when the fur grows back, it’s not that firm anymore. However, it does hurt. So, to keep it as painless as possible, you need to trim the hair beforehand and, of course, use only the best wax products.


    Men’s Wax Strips, 20-Unit (Parissa)

     Men s Wax Strips 20 Unit (Parissa) #manscaping #lifestyle

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    There are twenty strips in the pack that are designed to fit your shoulders, back and chest perfectly. The wax is cold, so the procedure is effortless and can be performed even on the go. To deal with the tiniest areas, you can simply cut out the piece of the strip.

    Hard Wax Kit: Full Body (Vidasleek)

    Hard Wax Kit Full Body (Vidasleek)

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    This hard wax kit doesn’t require any additional stuff, such as fabric strips or wipes to remove the residue. The former isn’t needed to complete the procedure and the latter is already included.


    Although lotions and creams are not as popular as the other manscaping tools, they still find their audience. Their greatest benefit is that they not only provide you with the same outcome as shaving but also exfoliate the skin. Here are the best topicals for manscaping should you feel like trying one.


    Men Hair Remover Body Cream (Nair)

    Men Hair Remover Body Cream (Nair) #manscaping #lifestyle

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    The hair remover from Nair’s is perfect for keeping your chest, back, arms and legs smooth and hair-free. Its distinctive feature is that it should be used while you are taking a shower. You just need to apply it to the questionable area, leave for ten minutes and rinse with water.

    For Men Hair Removal Cream (Nad)

    For Men Hair Removal Cream (Nad) #manscaping #lifestyle

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    This hair removal cream from Nad’s is so good that you can even entrust it your genitals. It contains Aloe Vera, which is known for its positive impact on sensitive skin. Despite its gentle effect, the result is quite decent. It can deal with rather coarse hair while leaving the skin beneath it soothed and smooth.

    Pre-Manscaping Essentials

    To remove male hair efficiently, you need to prepare your skin thoroughly. This can be achieved with the help of special products.


    Men’s Exfoliating Body Bar Soap (Baxter Of California)

    Mens Exfoliating Body Bar Soap (Baxter Of California) #manscaping #lifestyle

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    Not only does this soap nourish your skin keeping the moisture locked, but it also exfoliates its upper layer for the better manscaping result.

    Pre-Shave Oil (êShave)

    Pre-Shave Oil(eShave) #manscaping #lifestyle

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    In addition to your face, you can use pre-shave oils on your body as well. The oil from êShave makes your hair softer, which eases the shaving process. Moreover, it protects and moisturizes the skin, so you can rest assured that after-shave burning and dryness are no threat to you.

    Clear Shaving Gel (Recipe For Men)

     Clear Shaving Gel (Recipe For Men) #manscaping #lifestyle

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    To find a translucent shaving gel is a real challenge. However, Recipe For Men will help you to overcome it. Their Clear Shaving Gel allows you to shave precisely thanks to its clear-blue color. It also helps to make your skin less oily and as a result, to control acne.


    The Post-Manscape Routine

    Obviously, your manscaping kit should contain the products that will take care of your skin after the procedure.

    Ingrown Hair Treatment (Anthony)

    Ingrown Hair Treatment (Anthony) #manscaping #lifestyle

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    No matter what manscaping styles you opt for and whether you follow all of our manscaping tips thoroughly or not, you can still face such an issue as ingrowns. The special hair serum from Anthony is aimed at helping you to tackle this problem thanks to the content of glycolic acid, which removes dead cells from your skin.

    Super Powder (Grooming Lounge)

    Super Powder (Grooming Lounge) #manscaping #lifestyle

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    To maintain a comfortable and dry environment without a funky smell in your most delicate zones, employ Grooming Lounge Super Powder. It works for any skin type and helps to reduce itch as well as make your skin smell nicer. Yet, as it contains talc, avoid using it on your face.


    Powder Talc For Men (Balla)

    Powder Talc For Men (Balla) #manscaping #lifestyle

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    If you have always considered talc a product for women, then Balla Powder will make a world of difference for you. It was created exclusively for men to keep their nuts comfortable. Sure thing, you can apply it to any part of your body that you have had manscaped. It’s a perfect solution for those men who suffer from chafes, sweat and irritation, especially in the groomed areas.

    If you want to pass for a groomed man, it’s impossible without resorting to manscaping. Apparently, you have noticed that you should not remove the hair on different parts of your body completely. However, it is crucial to keep it trimmed and maintained to look as good as those guys in manscaping pictures.


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