Swathi Kodaikal

LIVES IN: Toronto, Ontario EDUCATION: Osmania University College for Women EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE:A creative person is creative in everything. This expression can be applied to Swathi Kodaikal without a doubt. While being particularly keen on dancing, she also extremely fancies writing. Her style is unique and catchy, allowing her to create real masterpieces that clearly demonstrate the power of a written word. From skincare and cuisine to dieting and health, it seems that there is no such a topic that Swathi would not be able to cover. Thus, following her content guarantees that you will be savvy in multiple areas.

Staggering Mens Long Hairstyles Compilation To Make Heads Turn

Beautiful long hair is the real treasure being worth to boast of. If you lack the ideas how to style your long hair in the most favorable way, check out our one and only Complete Guide of Long Hairstyles For Men. You will find some options on how to wear buns, braids and loose hairstyles for men with long hair.