Did you know that the number of types of haircuts for men is countless? There is an option to match every taste and meet all your requirements, from bald fades to male braids and buns. But what to do if you have not decided yet what haircut you are looking for? That is when our guide comes in handy. It covers all main types of men haircuts to help you make an informed decision.


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    Fade Haircut

    If we had to name the most popular types of cuts for men, a fade haircut would definitely be on top of the list. Its versatility allows you to match the type of fade to your preferences, hair type and, importantly, face shape. High or low, bald or tapered, the variety of options is endless.


    Taper Haircut

    A taper haircut works well with the majority of mens hair cut styles. It keeps the hair on the sides neatly trimmed while drawing attention to the top. So, you are free to choose any style, be it a simple Ivy League or a more elaborate pompadour. The types of haircut for men can vary too, depending on your preferences and style.

    Buzz Cut

    A buzz cut is an extremely short man hair cut that can be achieved by simply buzzing all of your hair off with the help of a hair clipper, hence the name. Because it is so easy to get, you do not have to pay a visit to the hair salon but can cut your own hair instead.


    Crew Cut

    Men who cannot be bothered with the exhausting styling of their hair, go for a crew cut. This bold and daring men’s haircut styles allows you to show off your chiseled facial features like no other. Besides, it is one of those guys cuts that require low to zero maintenance, as you can simply hop out of the shower, rub the hair with a towel and you are good to go.

    Ivy League Haircut

    An Ivy League haircut is an elongated version of a crew cut. Because the hair on top is relatively long, you can define it with a parting. To open up your face and make it visually longer, push the front section of your hair upward. This will create a subtle pompadour on top or wavy hair cut styles for men.


    Long Top Short Sides

    A long top short sides is one of those types of hairstyles for men that will never go out of fashion. This is a timeless classic men haircut styles that looks appropriate in absolutely any ambiance. Besides, it can be pulled off on any hair type and looks flattering on all face shapes.

    French Crop

    A French crop is a men hair cut that you would hardly confuse with anything else. It features a long textured fringe while the hair on top is cut so that it is of the same length across the head as the fringe. The sides are usually trimmed short to keep the focus on the top of your head.


    Similar to a fade, an undercut is one of the most popular types of haircut for men. It also involves trimming the hair on the sides and back. Yet, unlike a fade, it does not blend seamlessly into the top but creates quite a stiff transition instead. Thanks to this, your types of men’s haircuts look high contrast and sharp.


    Faux Hawk

    The punk rock culture has spawned many different types of cuts for men with a faux hawk being one of the most popular. To get this cool man hair cut, you will need to trim the hair on the sides short while leaving the top noticeably longer and styling it so that it creates a ridge in the middle of your head.

    Flow Haircut

    A flow is all about volume and movement. It adds an effortless and relaxed feel to your look. To get it, your locks should be layered cut so that they remain airy and structured. In case your hair naturally does not have enough volume, you may want to employ a hair dryer after the shower.


    Being popularized by the King of Rock’n’Roll Elvis Presley, a pompadour belongs to those types of hairstyles that never lose their relevance. A traditional version of the hairstyle is neat and elegant. Yet, you can give it a modern twist by styling it a bit messy or by emphasizing the hair texture on top with hair pomade and wide tooth comb.


    Side Part Haircut

    Men who have to abide by dress code rules often struggle to balance between an office-appropriate and stylish hairstyle. And that is when a side part comes into play. The hairstyle looks neat and polished, whereas the side part adds a definition to it. For a more impactful look, you can even get a hard part carved into your hair.


    A quiff is one of those types of boy haircuts that work well for adult men too. The hair in the front should be first brushed forward and only then pushed up and back so that it results in a voluminous coif. You are free to pair it with a fade, taper or a combination of the two.

    Slicked Back Hair

    To emphasize your facial features and elongate the face, consider a slicked back hairstyle. This is one of those types of hairstyles men go for when they need to look their best. To style the hair for a slick back, you will need a hair product that will keep your locks in place. Though, do not do it overly sleek. A messy finish will give the look an effortless feel.


    Military Haircut

    To wear military haircuts, you do not have to join the Army. This type of hair cut became part of men everyday fashion long ago. So, if you prefer manly and clean haircuts that will save you plenty of time on styling and maintenance, then a military cut is your way to go.

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    Caesar Haircut

    Named after the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, his signature haircut has a very distinctive feature, namely a short blunt textured bang covering the forehead. What sets it apart from other popular types of mens haircuts is that it is extremely versatile. No matter what hair type you have, you can rest assured that the Caesar haircut will look great on you.

    Mohawk Haircut

    Why go for a faux hawk if you can go for an original mohawk? To get the look, you will need to have bald sides. However, if you worry that it will come out unwearable, no need to. A modern mohawk is accompanied by a skin fade with a top being several inches longer than the sides. So, while it retains the aesthetics of the classic look, it is adjusted to contemporary fashion.



    There are different types of haircuts that allow you to create an ample volume on the top of your head and a blowout is one of them. To achieve it, you will need a powerful hair dryer and a blob of hairstyling product. For the sides, you can choose any type of fade, taper or even undercut.

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    Bowl Cut

    Guys often underestimate some old-school types of haircuts, such as a bowl cut. Meanwhile, it can look pretty stylish and classy. The bangs can be left blunt but give them a textured cut and style messy. The sides can feature a high bald fade to make the top the focal point of the look.

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    Mullet Haircut

    A mullet is a popular male hair style that has made a huge comeback recently. With the business in the front and party in the back, any guy will instantly look cool and trendy. Add here a taper fade and your hairstyle will become the talk of the town.


    Comb Over

    A comb-over is a great option for guys who find it difficult to achieve volume on the top of their head. It also allows you to disguise any signs of a receding hairline should you have any. If you want it to look effortlessly cool, just flip the hair to one side, spritz it with a hair spray and you are good to go.

    High And Tight Haircut

    A high and tight is yet another military type of haircuts that offers ease of maintenance and styling. It is essentially a shorter variation of a crew cut with the sides and back featuring a skin fade that blends into the relatively longer top. The profile of this type of male haircuts is clean and neat, so it works for the majority of settings.

    Curtain Bangs

    Curtain bangs have been trending ever since they made a huge comeback thanks to the eBoy pop culture. This is one of those haircut styles men choose when they want to attract attention to their eyes and bone structure. As the bangs usually skim the cheekbones, they bring out the best features in your face.


    Man Bob

    For those who are willing to be patient with their hair growth, the “man bob” is a hairstyle worth considering. This popular men’s haircut has been making waves in the fashion industry and could be a great option for you. By framing the jawline, the hair can highlight this facial feature and help it stand out.

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    Flat Top

    Some haircut names for men are pretty telling and a flat top is no exception. The hair on top is cut so that it looks flat. It makes sense to specify that not every hair type is suitable for this look. Yet, if you can make it work for you, you can rest assured that you will not go unnoticed.

    Edgar Haircut

    The Edgar haircut is a popular men’s hairstyle characterized by its distinct shape and design. Named after the Puerto Rican reggaeton artist, Edgar “Edgy” Semper, who popularized the style, it typically features a shaved or low faded side and back with longer hair on the top. The defining element of the Edgar Haircut is the sharp, straight hairline that extends from the forehead to the temples, creating a clean and precise look. This hairstyle has gained significant popularity among young men, particularly in urban and hip-hop culture, for its edgy and stylish appearance.

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    Layered Haircut

    Short layered hair is a stylish and versatile hairstyle that features faded or tapered hair on the sides and back, with slightly longer layers on top. The bangs are cut to a length that falls just above the eyebrows, creating an edgy and youthful look. Add hair wax to make a textured fringe or brush it on one side.

    Wolf Cut

    The “wolf cut” is a trendy and versatile hairstyle for men that gained popularity in recent years. It involves a shaggy and textured look with longer hair on top and slightly shorter sides and back. The style is characterized by its messy and tousled appearance, resembling the natural mane of a wolf. It can be achieved with various hair types and lengths, allowing for a personalized and edgy look. The wolf cut is often paired with facial hair to enhance the rugged and masculine aesthetic.

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    Side Swept Fringe

    A side-swept fringe for men is a stylish and versatile hairstyle where the front section of the hair is longer and combed to one side, creating a soft, asymmetrical look. This type of fringe can be worn with various hair lengths and textures: straight, curly, wavy, messy, etc.


    Taper Fade

    A taper fade is a popular hairstyle that involves gradually decreasing the length of hair from the top of the head to the nape of the neck, creating a clean and blended look. This haircut typically starts with longer hair on the top and gradually tapers down to shorter hair on the sides and back.

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    Of course, these are not all types of haircuts for men existing nowadays but the most common. Remember that you can always combine several different types of hairstyles in one look. Just use our guide as a source of inspiration and do not limit your imagination.

    FAQs: Types Of Haircuts For Men

    How many types of haircuts are there for men?

    There are more than thirty types of haircuts for men and every one of them has several alternatives. So, it is actually pretty hard to tell the exact number. But the main hairstyle names for men are a buzz cut, a pomp, a crew cut, a side part, a top knot, a man bun, a French crop, a faux hawk, a mohawk, a bowl cut, a taper, a fade, an undercut, a comb over, a slick back, a quiff, a fringe, bangs, a Caesar cut, an Ivy League, a man braid, a man ponytail, a long top short sides haircut, dreads, spikes, etc.

    What is the most popular haircut?

    A quiff, a pomp, an undercut, a taper fade, a long top short sides, a side part, a slicked back look are among the most popular types of hair cuts.

    What is the best haircut for guys?

    The best types of men haircuts are usually short and low maintenance, such as a crew cut, a buzz cut, an Ivy League, a side part, all types of fades, a pompadour, a quiff, a Caesar cut and suchlike.

    What men’s hairstyle is in for 2023?

    The trendiest men’s hair styles for 2023 are an undercut, french crop, mullet, curtains bang, buzz cut, bowl cut, fades of any type and quiff.


    • This is a non-exhaustive list of hairstyles, excluding facial hairstyles. Source