Have you ever pondered the ideal boy’s haircuts? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this query. The perfect haircut depends on various factors such as hair thickness, texture, face shape, lifestyle, and personal preferences. MensHaircuts editorial team delved into this subject and curated a list of the trendiest haircuts for boys in 2024. Below, discover the optimal choice for your son to evoke confidence, suitability, and a contemporary vibe. Additionally, heed the recommendations, incorporate styling tips, and consider the men’s haircut complexity if you’re contemplating a DIY approach. Embrace the spirit of experimentation!


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Long and textured fringe combined with shorter sides and back is one of the most popular Gen Z and Gen Alpha haircuts now. Boys with naturally curly hair are absolutely smashing it thanks to heaps of texture and volume. Shorter, school-appropriate quiff is still trending among those who don’t mind sparing a moment to style their hair. Another popular trend is a middle part that gives us an instant ‘90s vibe. Also, longer, outgrown haircuts are growing back in popularity.

Medium & Layered Messy Boys Haircuts

Medium & Layered #boyshaircuts #hairstylesforboys #boyshairstyles


If long hair is too big of a commitment for you, then you can get away with a mid-length haircut. Though, you may want to add layers, as they make the hair appear more defined and ample. Optionally, you can accentuate the hair texture with a tad of a hair styling product.


Buzz Cut With Shaved Line

Hair Designs For Boys Crew Cut #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Undeniably, buzz cuts have stood the test of time. Their enduring popularity is attributed to their simplicity in both cutting and maintenance; buzz cuts eliminate the need for constant styling. This hairstyle involves uniformly short hair around the entire head—short, but not excessively so.

How to achieve it:

  • Use a #1 or #1 1/2 attachment comb to achieve a uniformly short cut all around your kid’s head.
  • Alternatively, simply request a buzz cut from your kid’s barber.

A crucial note: If you decide to administer the buzz cut at home, the choice of guard comb size determines the desired length of the cut. Additionally, consider enhancing the style by incorporating fades into the buzz cut for an even more fashionable look.

Classic Kids Undercut With Side Part

Classic Kids Undercut With Side Part #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


Undoubtedly, the undercut stands out for its undeniable coolness and widespread popularity. This little boys hairstyle entails a striking contrast between the shaved or faded sides/back and the typically longer hair on top.

How to achieve an undercut:

  • Secure the top hair with clips or bands and initiate the trimming process on the sides for a high fade.
  • Establish a sharp, distinctive line between the top and the shaved/faded sides and back.
  • Once satisfied with the result, you can either let the hair fall naturally or style it according to your preference.
  • While it’s possible to execute this haircut at home, I recommend taking your child to a barber for optimal results.


Wavy Taper Fade Boy Hair Cuts

Wavy Taper Fade Boys Haircuts #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #boyshairstyles


For a low-maintenance, stylish, and sophisticated taper fade, the taper fade is my top recommendation for boys. This hairstyle entails shorter hair on the sides, gradually decreasing in length, resulting in a clean and versatile appearance suitable for any occasion.

To achieve a taper fade:

  • Leave longer hair at the top.
  • Gradually shorten the hair as you move down the back and sides.
  • Your child can choose from various options, including low, mid, high, and skin fade tapers. The beauty of the taper fade is its compatibility with both short and long hair, offering flexibility in personalizing the look.

Pompadour Fade Boys Haircuts

Pompadour Taper Fade #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Imagine a retro style infused with a modern flair—the pomp hairstyle never fails to exude a dapper and classy vibe.

Key Point: The contemporary pompadour incorporates a taper fade on the sides and back, accentuating the styling on top.

Now, let’s break down how to achieve the perfect pomp:

  • Start with dry hair.
  • Use clips or bands to section off the top part of the hair and commence trimming the sides and back for a tapered fade.
  • Slick back the hair—avoiding excessive tightness—using a comb and pomade gel, creating a “puffed” appearance at the front.
  • A touch of hairspray may be necessary for the finishing touch.

While attempting this style at home may involve some trial and error, remember: practice makes perfect. It’s worth noting that this style particularly complements kids with thick, straight hair.


Parted Medium Hair

Almost Middle Part #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #kidshaircuts


To give a lil kids haircut definition, you can complement it with a parting. If you cannot decide between a side and middle part, go for the golden mean. Separate the hair almost in the middle of the head but indent half an inch from it.

Quiffed Short Top Boys Haircuts

Quiffed Top Boys Haircuts #boyshaircuts #hairstylesforboys #boyshairstyles


Here’s the scoop: Slowly gaining popularity, the Quiff is an excellent choice for parents and boys seeking a classy look with effortless styling. Quiffs seamlessly blend elements of the flat top, pompadour, and sometimes the Mohawk. To achieve it, follow a similar process to the pompadour. However, instead of the puffed appearance at the front, brush the hair backward or to the sides.

For the optimal Quiff, invest time in research and watch some YouTube tutorials to grasp the technique correctly. Alternatively, entrust your child’s hair to a skilled barber or stylist.

Now, there are a couple of ways to wear the Quiff, with the most popular options being either subtle or bold. For a bold look, consider longer or messy hair on top, or opt for short hair for a more understated appearance.

Long Hairstyles For Boys With Bangs And Parting

Long Hairstyles For Boys With Bangs And Parting #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Long hair boys are very popular at school. So, if your kid wants to stand out in the crowd, he will also need to have some patience and persistence to grow his hair long. Help him style it parted with the side-swept bangs and you can rest assured that he is going to be the center of attention.


Quiffed & Parted

Side Part Quoiff #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #boyshairstyles


Embrace a trendy and suave look with the side part of medium hair by skilled barber Robert-Jan Rietveld. This stylish choice combines the sophistication of a side part with the playful flair of a quiff and bangs. The medium length strikes a perfect balance, offering versatility for different styling options.

Finger Brushed Up Short Hair High Fade

Finger Brushed Up Short Hair High Fade #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Apparently, you are looking for boy hairstyles that are easy to get and maintain. How about a look that can be achieved with the help of fingers only? Get one of those short on the sides and long on the top little boys’ haircuts and brush up the lock atop by raking the fingers through them.

Curtain Bangs

Curtained Bang #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


Curtain bangs for teen boys’ haircuts offer a trendy and versatile look. This style features longer, center-parted bangs that frame the face like curtains, creating a soft and stylish appearance. Suitable for various hair lengths and textures, curtain bangs effortlessly blend with other boy haircuts 2024, allowing boys to achieve a fashionable and modern vibe.

Barbers from Jude’s Barbershop also made their trend forecast:

The fade: This is a haircut where the hair on the sides and back of the head is gradually tapered from short to very short, creating a contrast with the longer hair on top. The fade can be combined with various styles on top, such as a quiff, a pompadour, a comb over, or a buzz cut. The fade is versatile, easy to style, and suitable for different face shapes and hair types.
The crew cut: This is a classic haircut where the hair on the sides and back of the head is cut short, while the hair on top is slightly longer and tapered. The crew cut is simple, neat, and low-maintenance and can enhance the features of the face.


Cool Spikes Boys Haircuts

Cool Spikes #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts

Do you want your little mod to sport one of those really cool hair cuts for boys? Then we can barely think of anything else but spikes. To pull them off, you will need to trim the sides short while keeping the hair on top relatively long. Such boys hair cuts are ideal for creating different textured styles, including sharp spikes.

Short Sides Long Textured Bang

Short Sides Long Bang #boyshaircuts #hairstylesforboys #boyshairstyles


When you want to go for an edgy yet super stylish hairstyle, made by WAHL creative director Alan Beak, you opt for a longer cropped bang haircut for your kid. With shorter sides, and pointy layers on the top, it gives a very grungey and trendy look, and your boy is going to be thrilled about it.

Mullet Boy’s Haircuts 2024

Mullet Boy's Haircuts 2023 #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


It is no secret that kids often emulate adults, especially when it comes to boy haircut styles. And since the kids mullet haircut is back, it is a good idea to get your kid this trendy cut. Of course, the modern 2024 version is not as awkward – the back is much shorter and the top is enhanced with a texturized cut.


Clean Side Brush Boys Haircuts

Clean Side Brush Taper Fade #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


This short hairstyle caters to individuals who prefer traditional, timeless looks rather than adventurous experimentation. The top should be cut in different layers of length with the longest in the front and the shortest in the back. Divide the hair on top with a side part and brush it all up and to the side for a dapper appearance.

Kids Undercut And Slicked Back

Kids Undercut Slicked Back #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


It’s never too early to start cultivating your exquisite sense of style, and the haircut is a great way to do it. A classic and stylish slicked back undercut is always the right choice. So that it would give away its modern flair, enhance it with undercut sides.

Boys Crop With Angled Fringe

Boys Crop With Angled Fringe #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Alternatively, for your French crop, you can go with an angled fringe instead. A slight asymmetry will give your rather blunt haircut an unusual turn. To accentuate the hair on top even more, complement it with a mid skin fade on the sides.


Medium Length With Undercut And Side Parting

Medium Side Parting  #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


If you want to diversify the familiar side-parted kid’s hair styles, a light-shaved design will be there for you. You can ask your barber for a soft shaved line in the place you usually part your hair. In this way, you will master wearing one of the most iconic boy’s hair styles. To make the style stay longer, don’t forget to secure the top with holding gel or pomade.

Simple Hair Style Boys With Fade And Design

Simple Hair Style Boys With Fade And Design #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts

Source: @xbigwesx

Is your kid a fashion-forward little fella? Then suggest him adorning the haircut with a hair design. It does not have to be anything complex. A simple line on the faded side will work just fine. But keep in mind that you will need to touch it up regularly so that the line remains sharp.

Low Fade Taper Toddler Boy Haircuts

Low Fade Taper Toddler Boy Haircuts #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Kids haircuts for boys are often paired with a fade or a taper, or both. In this way, styling becomes a breeze and maintenance does not take much time. So that the hair cuts for kids fit the formal school ambiance, go for a low taper fade rather than something more daring.


Spiky Scissor Cut With Design

Scissor Cut With Design #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


A scissor cut hairstyle is a perfect way to accentuate the ruffian character and save some time on styling, which is so precious in the morning. To achieve such a disheveled look, a barber will run the scissors in random directions. This textured hairstyle allows for some trendy design elements.

Textured Curly High Top Boys Haircuts

Fun & Curly High Top #boyshaircuts #hairstylesforboys #boyshairstyles


For those in search of the ideal haircut for kids with curly hair, the textured high top is a standout option. This hairstyle combines a taper fade with curly hair at the top, creating a visually appealing and dynamic look.

  • Here’s how to achieve it:
  • Begin with a taper fade by tying up the top portion of the hair and creating a high fade on the sides.
  • Define the hair on top by applying a curl cream, ensuring it lasts throughout the day.
  • Complete the look with some scrunching to enhance the textured curls.

Now, while tackling this style as a DIY project is possible, I highly recommend entrusting your child’s hair to a professional barber or stylist for optimal results. This hairstyle not only suits kids but also aligns with the high-contrast hairstyle trend, making it a fantastic choice for boys.

Faux Hawk High Fade Boys Haircuts

Faux Hawk Faded Sides #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Since this faux hawk boy haircut is the slight version of the punky mohawk. You can keep your style unique and modern without breaking school rules. Such hairstyles for boys are absolutely stylish and low-maintenance which is a win-win for those who want to freshen up their uniform.


Textured Top With A Line-Up

Textured Top With A Line-Up #boyshaircuts #hairstylesforboys #boyshairstyles


For naturally textured hair, such as coily or wiry, there’s arguably no better hairstyle than a textured brushed up top. It’s good to get the sides faded for a clean-cut look though. If you want to add a trendy element to your hairstyle, a line up can be your cut of choice.

Disconnected & Spiky

Disconnected & Spiky #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #kidshaircuts


For kid hair cut styles, your imagination is the only limit. With that in mind, you are welcome to combine various children hair cuts in one look. For instance, you can team a spiky top with a disconnected haircut on the sides and back. This combo will come out sharp and edgy.

Messy Crop

Messy Crop Haircut #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


For a more refined and stylish haircut that avoids the high-maintenance aspects of a pompadour or quiff, the Textured French Crop is an excellent choice.

Clarification: It’s worth noting that the Textured French Crop is distinct from a Caesar cut, primarily due to the longer fringe it features.

Here’s how to achieve this sophisticated style:

  • Clip the sides and back of the head.
  • For a contemporary touch, consider clipping the sides and back shorter to create a noticeable contrast with the top.
  • Style the hair on top forward using a styling product such as pomade, wax, or gel, creating a textured crop.

This hassle-free yet chic haircut provides a polished appearance without the need for extensive maintenance.


Curly Hair Fade With Line Design

Fade With Design #boyshaircuts #hairstylesforboys #boyshairstyles


A simple and stylish haircut with the design waning into cool lines. A very cool and understated look for the kids that make them stand out from the crowd and be a topic of show off in front of their friends. And, you can go for several options for the design you want, the possibilities are vast.

Messy Crop Top Fade

Crop Top Fade #boyshaircuts #hairstylesforboys #boyshairstyles


Having curly locks means that they are always in the center of attention. So, there is no need for overly elaborate hair cutting and styling. Yet, if you want to subtly put emphasis on the cropped top, consider a fade.

Shaggy Boys Long Hair Styles

Long & Shaggy #boyshaircuts #hairstylesforboys #boyshairstyles


Trendy boys haircuts often incorporate long hair. So, if you and your kid have enough patience and persistence to grow his locks at least shoulder length, you are guaranteed a fashionable and stylish look. So that it follows modern trends, style the hair shaggy for an effortless feel.


Longer Unruly Bang

Longer Wavy Bang  #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Nobody wants to look overly preppy and conservative for school. Your kid is obviously no exception. Hence, if you have decided to pull off such popular little boy haircuts as bangs, make them longer than usual. Thus, he will be able to push them to the side, add texture or style in any other way the occasion calls for.

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Curly Fringe With Faded Sides

Curly Fringe With Faded Sides #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


If your kid is lucky enough to have curly locks, then you should definitely take advantage of it. Boys hairstyles with a curly fringe are a surefire way to emphasize the defined texture of the hair. To make it even more prominent, go for a fade on the sides and back.

Boys Taper Fade On Short Hair

Boys Taper Fade #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


What is a good hairstyle for boys? A bit of neatness will never hurt, notably if your school stands for accuracy and immaculacy in terms of schoolboy hair. Instead of cutting boy’s haircuts short, you can shorten the sides and spice them up with a boys fade haircut, where the longer top gradually blends with neatly tapered sides.


Faux Hawk Fade Brushed Up

Undercut With Short Brushed Up Top #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


A fade with a short textured top is one of the best options for little mods who do not want to spend much time styling their manes. Also, boys with long hair will find an undercut highly beneficial too, as it allows them to keep their long tresses in order.

Layered & Spiky Scissor Cut

Layered Spiky Cut #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


If you want your kid to express his unique personality and taste, it is hard to think of a better option than a layered spiky cut. It provides him with everything required for a stylish yet effortless look – a malleable shape and a low-maintenance style.

Modern Kids Mohawk

Modern Kids Mohawk #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #boyshairstyles


Boys with modern and carefree lifestyles will love the way this kids mohawk shows off their sense of style. Though it requires regular maintenance, its unbelievable silhouette and play of texture are worth trying, just like many boys hairstyles.


Long Textured Hair On Top

Long Textured Hair On Top #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


This hairstyle is all about definition. The longer top is textured and layered. As the look comes out sharp and edgy, you want to balance it out with the help of a soft taper on the sides.

Classic Crop With Fade & Fringe

Classic Crop With Fade And Fringe #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #boyshairstyles


The modern idea of the classic french crop is here to change your image about the familiar boys hair cut. This time, the one-length haircut gives a great sense of modernity: the sides are accentuated with a fade, and the top is finished with a choppy fringe.

Boys Haircut Long On Top With Undercut

Boys Haircut Long On Top With Undercut #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Not sure what to do with a long top hair cut for boys? It is hard to think of a better option than complementing it with an undercut. On the one hand, it removes bulk from his hair, making it easy to style and maintain. On the other hand, it makes the hair on top the focal point of the whole look.


Short Textured Comb Over

Textured Comb Over #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts

Source: instagram.com/alan_beak

You may did not expect that, but the famous comb over haircut can actually come as 10 years old boy haircuts. In terms of styling, this cut is very flexible: based on your styling product and the parting you choose, it will give you different and fresh looks.

Thick Fringe With Faded Sides

Thick Textured Fringe With Faded Sides #boyshaircuts #boyshair #haircutsforboys


Fringe haircuts are back with a bang. With the hair being fairly long on the top, flowing into textured fringes, and the cut blending into neatly cut sides, this hairstyle is a perfect bet for your boy. And to add a little funk to this style, you can choose angular bangs or a French crop.

Elegant Side Swept Boys Haircuts

Side Swept #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts

Cute boys like elegant and classy hairstyles. If your kid is one of them, then choose a side swept look for him. It does not require much styling while giving a refined and trendy impression. Just remember to go easy on a hair styling product so that the hair retains a relaxed and carefree feel.


Ragged Fringe With Layers

Ragged Fringe With Layers #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #boyshairstyles


Looking for a hairstyle that isn’t too unconventional and yet makes your boy stand out? The ragged layered hair is a fresh and exciting look. It is a classic cut with textured fringes on the top, using layering all over the head.

Modern Mop Top

Mop Top #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #boyshairstyles


Boys long haircuts can be a bit difficult to maintain, as a little rebel usually does not want to take care of his locks. However, you can get away with low key long childrens haircuts, such as a mop top. While it does not require much commitment, the result is really cool.

Textured Side Angular Fringe

Textured Angular Fringe #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #kidshaircuts


You can add an intricate twist to your child hair cuts with such a simple yet impactful element as a fringe. For a bolder and trendier look, make it textured and angular. Even though he will need to make some effort to style his hair, it will fully pay off with the title of a trend setter of the school.


Disheveled Blunt Bang Boys Haircuts

Disheveled Blunt Bang Boys Haircuts #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #boyshairstyles


Does your kid really love to be in the spotlight? Then textured bangs with a blunt edge are his way to go. For extra emphasis, you can pair this bold haircut for children with a skin fade on the back and sides.

Slicked Back Undercut Boys Haircuts

SLicked Back Undercut #boyshaircuts #hairstylesforboys #boyshairstyles

Meet the new face of the popular sports cut that stands among the best short haircuts for boys. Yes, the modernized classics never fail: the good-old undercut with slicked back hair on top has become one of the immaculate, and defined kid hairstyles one could ever see.

Side Swept Wavy Top Short Sides

Fade With Angular Wavy Fringe #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Want to combine several trendy cuts in one hairstyle? A high skin fade on the sides and an angular fringe will give you what you’re looking for. Although it looks so elaborate, in fact, it’s one of those boys haircuts that doesn’t require much maintenance.


Brushed Up Ivy League

Brushed Up Ivy League #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


At times, an Ivy League haircut can look too preppy on boys. To avoid that impression, try to upgrade the hairdo a little. By simply brushing the hair on top of your head up, you get a cool and trendy hairstyle. For added emphasis, you can go for a mid fade and carved-in hair design.

Textured Crop On Straight Hair

Textured French Crop With Straight Fringe #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


French crop boys haircuts are still on a roll, as they have many different variations. For added flair, the fringe can be chopped straight. Even though it doesn’t require much effort, the look comes out stylish and unique.

Neat Push Back Boys Haircuts

Neat Push Back With Faded Sides #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Perfect boy haircuts for school look both stylish and neat. Besides, it is most likely that you will want a low maintenance cut to save those precious ten or even twenty minutes in the morning. Thus, consider this elegant and trendy look that features a pushed back top and faded sides.


Curly Hair Boys Tapered Sides

 Curly Hair Boys Tapered Sides #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


For white boys with curly hair, it can be pretty exhausting to take care of their locks. And that is when the right curly boy haircuts come in really handy. If you want to make your kid’s hair easier to maintain without sacrificing his hair texture, get him a taper haircut on the sides.

Fresh & Clean 10 Year Old Boy Haircuts

10 Year Old Boy Haircuts Faded Sides Layered Top #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Ten year old boys hair cut styles can already feature the majority of haircut trends adults have. As a rule of thumb, the bolder look you want to get, the higher the fade should start.

Boys Short Haircuts With Blunt Bang

Boys Short Haircuts With Blunt Bang #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


If your kid does not like particularly long boy haircuts, it does not mean that his only option is a buzz cut. For instance, you can complement short sides and back with a blunt bang. First, it does not get in the way when he is studying or playing and second, it opens up his face.


Parted Haircuts For Boys With Straight Hair

Parted Haircuts For Boys With Straight Hair #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Really good hairstyles for boys are those that can be styled in one easy move to save much time in the morning before school while looking fashionable and cool. A side part is actually one of those good haircuts for boys. Although it works pretty well for any type of hair, guys with straight locks will benefit from it the most.

White Boy Fade Textured Waves

White Boy Fade Textured Waves #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


If you are looking for white boy haircuts for wavy hair, your search stops here. A textured wavy top teamed with a kids fade haircut is a failsafe combo. In addition to a trendy and modern look, it is also very practical and easy to style. You can be sure that your kid will love it!

Undercut Hard Part Cool Haircuts For Boys

Undercut Hard Part #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Among all kids fashion hair style boys often underestimate the hard part. They shy away from it because it seems too difficult to pull off. But in reality, that is not true. Instead, it adds to his confidence and self esteem. And even more so, when it is combined with an undercut, it takes his hairstyle to a new level of boldness.


Plain Faded Crop Boys Haircuts

Plain Faded Crop #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts

Source: @alan_beak

If you want to leave the cropped top as it is, you’re welcome to do so. However, you might find a high bold fade a nice accompaniment to such a look, as it helps to create quite a lot of contrast with a neatly chopped and brushed top.

Ideal Styling

Ideal Styling #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


There are situations when your kid’s hair needs to look its best. And that is when perfectly styled cute boy haircuts come into play. They are ultimately polished and refined – strand to strand. And even though they may not last very long, especially if your kid is a little daredevil, his hair is sure to look flawless for a short time.

Curly Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut Curly Hair #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts

Source: @alan_beak

A bowl cut is definitely not one of the most popular boys curly haircuts. And that is so unfair. A curly bowl cut is anything but boring. It keeps the bouncy locks in check, drawing all attention to them. Moreover, it helps your kid to tame his curls. Good enough reasons to go for it?


Military Haircut Flat Top

Military Haircut Flat Top Boys Haircuts #boyshaircuts #kidshaircut #boyhaircuts


Military haircuts are a great source of inspiration for boy hair styles. They have all of the qualities of a perfect kid haircut and even more. Yet, you should not think that they are utilitarian. A flat top is one of those cool boy haircuts that are not only practical but also fashionable.

Chic Boys Ivy League Cut

Chic Boys Ivy League Cut #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


The Ivy League cut is a longer version of the crew hair cut for kids that allows a wearer to style the top to the side. Unlike most short haircuts for boys, this idea will keep your hair short enough while giving you a touch of stylishness and place for little experiments. To style such cool boys haircuts for special occasions, a fine comb and mid hold gel are your best buddies.

Medium Length Layered Boy Cut

Medium Length Layered Boy Cut #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


This idea is probably one of the most popular boys long haircuts. Of course, it’s designed for a semi-free dress code as it involves quite a messy look due to layering. The best thing about this boys hairstyle is that it offers great styling versatility.


Boys Crew Cut With Shaved Sides

Boys Crew Cut With Shaved Sides #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


This style is the classic crew cut that neatly fades into shaved sides. This is another classic haircuts for men that have been around for years. A cute fringe on the top with clean shaved sides, it checks off against all the possible style boxes – it is cute, funky, and neat too.

Boys Haircuts For Natural Curls

Boys Haircuts For Natural Curls#boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


Curly hair are wild and need courage to tame, as curls have a mind of their own. What you can do to make the messy curls look managed and amazing at the same time is give a taper fade haircut, with faded sides and long curly hair softly caressing the forehead. This is a perfect hairstyle for your curly haired boy.

Brushed Back Medium Taper

Brushed Back Medium Taper #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


No wonder, you would find a lot of celebrities flaunting it too, just like your teen boy haircuts. The top of the hair is left to a medium length, with smooth textures that are pushed to the back or to the side, and gentle fringes landing on the forehead. It is a slick hairstyle that you can never go wrong with.


Slick Back Pomp Boys Haircuts

Slick Back Pomp Boys Haircuts #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


Some boy haircuts can reveal the real men of a kid, showing him a new, smart and mature light. The accurately tapered sides abrupted with a clean shaved line. Cut finished with a voluminous slick back top makes this idea another example of cool haircuts for boys.

Spiky Quiff

Spiky Quiff #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


This haircut is for the bold you and your bold kid too. With the hair skillfully curving along the sides to the nape of the neck, and textured layers of pointy spikes on the top of the hair, it is a style that will make your boy popular in school. This faux hawk hairstyle gets full marks on creativity.

Fresh & Neat Quiff

Fresh And Neat Quiff #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


This boys haircut seems to be the opposite for the previous idea. Quiff boy hairstyles are designed to keep a kid comfy with his hair while creating a very tidy look that fits all school dress codes. To give some precision, some non-glossy pomade on top won’t hurt.


Side Part Mid Fade Faux Hawk

Side Part Mid Fade Faux Hawk #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


This haircut features a defined side part, where the hair is neatly divided to create a clean and polished look. The mid fade on the sides adds a touch of edginess, gradually transitioning from longer hair on top to shorter sides. The standout feature of the haircut is the faux hawk, where the hair at the center is styled to resemble a mohawk, but with a more subtle approach.

Clean Flat Top

Clean Flat Top #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


Flat top boys’ haircuts are a timeless and stylish choice that involves a precisely trimmed top section of hair that is kept flat and even. This best hair style for boys offers a neat and sharp appearance, making it a popular option for young boys who want a polished and well-groomed look. The clean flat top haircut is achieved through expert barbering techniques, resulting in a sleek and structured hairstyle that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Free Medium Waves

Free Medium Waves #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


Explore the latest trend in boys hair cuts 2024 with medium hair. This versatile and effortlessly cool haircut embraces the natural texture of medium-length hair, creating a relaxed and stylish look for boys of all ages. Say goodbye to boring haircuts and hello to a fresh and dynamic appearance


Modern Layered Bowl Cut

Modern Layerd Bowl Cut #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


Modern bowl cut: A trendy twist on the classic bowl cut, this good hair styles for boys combines sleek lines and sharp angles with layered texture. The result is a contemporary look that effortlessly blends vintage charm with modern flair, making it a popular choice for those seeking a stylish and versatile haircut.

Business Haircut

Business Haircut #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


Business haircut ideas for boys specializes in boys’ haircuts tailored for a polished and professional appearance, suitable for formal and business occasions. Our styling expertise ensures that your young ones exude confidence with their sharp and stylish looks.

Long Side Bang

Long Side Bang #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


Long side bang is a trendy and versatile boy short haircuts featuring longer side bangs that elegantly frame the face. This style combines a modern edge with a touch of classic charm, offering a youthful and stylish look for any occasion.


Short On Sides, Long On Top Boys Haircuts

Short On Sides, Long On Top Boys Haircuts #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


Short haircuts for men are timeless, but you know what’s a trendsetter? When you go for a style that sets the hair to have cool long waves on the top with short faded sides. Amongst your kid’s friends, this hairstyle is bound to be a superhit. And, there are various hair twists that you can add to this hairstyle. This will have your boy all excited about his hairstyle.

Shaved Sides With Faux Hawk

Shaved Sides With Faux Hawk #boyshaircuts #boyshairstyles #haircutsforboys #hairstylesforboys


Is your kid a real trendsetter? Then you should definitely consider a haircut with shaved sides design, which is one of the most popular boys haircuts 2024. If your school dress code is not too strict, then the best option would be a faux hawk hairstyle, as it allows for enough room to create even the most intricate hair tattoo.

Braids For Boys

Braids For Boys #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #boyshairstyles


Braids for boys are a trendy and stylish choice for expressing individuality and embracing unique hairstyles. With various options ranging from classic box braids to creative patterns like triangles, boys can rock a versatile look that stands out.


Medium Comb Over

Medium Comb Over #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #boyshairstyles


For a timeless and versatile look, the comb over strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and ease of styling. This haircut typically features slightly longer hair on top, combed to one side, creating a sleek and polished appearance. The medium length allows for flexibility, making it suitable for various occasions and easily adaptable to personal preferences.

Messy Kids Short Hair

Messy Kids Short Hair #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #boyshairstyles


Add a quotient of coolness to your boy’s hairstyle with a messy and grungy top that fades into neatly shaved sides. Not only does it look very stylish, it also is low on maintenance. Let those hair be ruffled on the top and let them sway carefree, just like your kid.

How To Cut Boys Hair Tutorials & Tips

There are several ways of how to cut boys hair, ranging in difficulty, style and type of tools used. Here is a rundown on the most popular of them.


Using Electric Clippers

Using Electric Clippers #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #howtocutboys

To learn how to cut boys hair with clippers, follow the next steps:

  1. No matter how to cut little boys hair, with scissors or clippers, you always need to cover his shoulders with a towel or a hair cutting cloak.
  2. Pick out the guard size depending on the length of the cut.
  3. Choose the area that you are going to cut with clippers.
  4. Run the clippers upward starting at the bottom and stop once you reach the hair on top.
  5. Remove the attachment and define the hairline with a line-up for added emphasis.

Using Scissors

Using Scissors #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #howtocutboys

Now that you have trimmed the sides and back, it is time to find out how to cut boys hair long on top. The best way to do this is to employ scissors. So, here is how to cut boys hair with scissors:

  1. Decide on the amount of the boy’s hair you are going to remove from the top.
  2. With the help of your fingers, section off the portion of hair you need to cut off. Hold your hand above the head sideways.
  3. Chop off all the hair above the fingers.
  4. Move on to the other section, leaving a strand of hair from the previous section to make the cut even.
  5. Cut the hair around the boy’s ear to create a sharp outline.

Blending A Clipper Cut With A Scissor Cut

Blending A Clipper Cut With A Scissor Cut #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys #howtocutboys

Blending is essential when it comes to mastering how to cut a boys hair. It allows you to join the two cuts, clipper and scissor, together. Here is what you should do:

  1. Holding the comb with the teeth looking down, section off a narrow strand of both scissor and clipper cut hair.
  2. Put the strand between the index and middle fingers of nondominant hand.
  3. Holding the shears upward, remove the hair that is sticking out.


Tips & Warnings

  • In case you are uncertain how to cut a little boys hair, stick to the rule that it is better to underdo than to overdo. Thus, don’t chop off a big chunk of hair at once, cutting little by little instead.
  • Do not skimp on the tools. High-grade clippers and scissors are worth investment.
  • To achieve the best result, utilize both clippers and shears to cut boy’s hair.
  • One of the top advice on how to cut a toddler boys hair is to take care not to cut himself or yourself with sharp scissors or clippers.

On that note, brush up your little fella’s front hair so that it creates an abundance of volume and a prominent silhouette. You’ve just seen with your own eyes that looking stylish while sticking to dress codes is possible. All these ideas are here to show you how to wear the classics differently, making modern ideas look appropriate, and simply freshen up your daily style.

FAQs: Boys Haircuts

What are the best haircuts for boys?

The best kids haircuts combine low maintenance with a cool appearance. Thus, you should take a closer look at undercut, side parted as well as side swept boys hair styles. Also. It is a good idea to take advantage of their natural hair texture.

What is the most popular boy haircut?

There are plenty of fashionable and cool boys haircuts that are popular nowadays. A French cropped cut, a low tapered fade, a textured bang, modern mullet, and a comb over are considered the trendiest haircuts for little boys. Those opting for eye catching and bold hair looks can choose from a high faded pompadour, a bald fade, a line up and a hair design.

What types of haircuts are there for boys?

If you think that a crew cut is the only haircut for young boys, we are here to prove you wrong. Kids are offered a wide variety of haircut options to match every hair texture and face shape. All of them can be roughly divided into two main categories – bold and intricate as well as low key and elegant. The choice usually depends on the ambiance the haircut should suit, the age of the kid and his personal style. Among the best haircuts for boys are center parted long locks, the Caesar haircut, a texturized fringe and a short cropped top haircut.

How do you cut a boy’s spiky hair?

To get a spiky kids haircut, you should do the following:
1. Separate the top from the rest of the hair and secure it with a hair clip.
2. Attach guard size #4 to the clippers and trim the hair on the sides and back, starting from the bottom and working your way up.
3. Attach the guard one size smaller and trim the hair on the back and sides, indenting a little from the top.
4. Repeat the previous step until you reach the bottom. You should create a smooth transition from shorter to longer hair that blends into the top.
5. Scissor cut the hair on the top of the head, holding the strand between the fingers and chopping the excess length.
6. Scoop a dime-sized amount of hair paste or pomade, rub between your palms and style the hair by twisting the strands between your fingers to create spikes.


  • How to Cut Boys Hair. If you have the right tools, cutting a boy`s hair can be easy and certainly less expensive than going to the salon every month. Source