The undercut is one of those popular and distinctive haircuts that can be recognized even with the naked eye, from a mile away. That’s because its main features, which are simplicity and contrast structure, can create an individual style for those who go for it. Adding a sense of modernity and restraint.


Men love this cut because it keeps up with nowadays’ fashion and has a lot of styling options, giving a lot of room for customizing. To help you stay tuned, we’ve prepared all the basic things you should know about the cut. Here is all about its creation and maintenance and styling. Let’s join our club!

What Is The Undercut Haircut?

You may see this cut everywhere, but what is an undercut exactly? First of all, these haircuts for men involve the length contrast: the sides and top are of different lengths. The top is always left longer, and the sides, as well as the back, are razored or buzzed. As for the overall length of your cut, it can range from short to long, but originally this cut comes in a short-to-medium style.

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What Face Shape Work Well?

When speaking of classic variations of men’s undercuts, square and diamond-like faces are the perfect match for the cut. Since it has a minimalist and smooth silhouette, it will balance out the angular facial features of such face shapes, making them look less sharp. But let’s don’t forget that undercuts can be different. That means some blended or seamless options for men with round or oblong faces can create the needed smoothness to their faces too.

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How To Give Yourself An Undercut

While it is always advisable to find a good hairdresser to do your undercut, there is a way of trying out the style yourself at home; just make sure to have some good quality hair trimmers to hand.

First of all, read how to cut your own hair. Then tie up any or pin back hair you want to remain longer, making sure that the section left to cut is in a neat line at the same height around the head.

Next, take your hair trimmers and carefully trim the hair you want to cut, working from the neck upwards. Use a mirror or ask a friend to help with trickier sections around the back.


Undercuts Today

While undercuts were traditionally an affordable method of hairdressing for working men at the beginning of the twentieth century, they had broadly fallen out of fashion until their re-emergence in popular culture thanks to popular television show Peaky Blinders.

Since then, shows like Vikings- which see multiple characters sporting the style alongside longer hair- as well as the style’s popularity among celebrities like David Beckham and Justin Timberlake has seen the undercut become one of the most popular men’s haircuts.

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How To Style Undercut Haircut

Undercuts are famously versatile since the style’s main feature is the razor sharp distinction between the longer hair on top and the shaved hair below.

This leaves the hair on top to be styled pretty much any way you want, from slicked back straight hair to beachy waves, a top knot, or even a fringe.


How To Get The Undercut

Whether you’re about to go for long hair undercut or you stay true to the classics, there are no restrictions for the general length of your cut. But there are some basic things that every man should know to stick to the right structure of the cut.

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Get The Right Tools And Products For Self Cut

Make sure that you work with a good electric razor, a pair of comfortable scissors, and a fine comb. Hair waxes, pomades or gels that match your hair type are crucial for styling routine.
Follow The Basics

  • Keep up with the proportions. Of course, you can regulate the top, going for any length from 2 inches to 6 inches, but don’t forget to keep the balance. In case of the 2-inch top, 1-inch sides will give an authentic look, and for the 6-inch top, 4 or 5-inch sides would work best.
  • If you don’t dare to get the cut yourself, consider taking a photo of the desired result with you so that your barber can give you exactly what you expect from your new undercut.

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How To Maintain The Undercut Hairstyle

Like most hairstyles that feature short cuts, an undercut requires regular upkeep. However, if you are okay with the way your hairstyle develops when the hair grows out, you can leave it like that. Yet, to touch it up, it is better to visit a hairstylist as often as once per month. In case you want your cut to look the same, you need to ask the barber to cut your hair all-over. If you want to get a more contrasty look, such as a disconnected undercut, for example, ask the barber to trim the back and sides only.

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Undercut Types

Undercut haircut has become a trend of now not for nothing. Its stylishness and low maintenance speak for itself, and the same goes for its styling versatility. The ways of cutting, wearing, and styling the cut are countless, which is why it appeals to men. This cut can be as diverse as you want: from neat and sophisticated styles to brutal bad-boy looks. Because you are offered such a broad range of options, it is quite easy to get lost in them and end up with the wrong cut. Of course, we don’t want that to happen and we’re pretty sure you neither. That’s basically the reason why we prepared this undercut styles guide – to back you up. So, which one is up to you?


Undercut Fade

Undercut fade is the fantastic mixture of trendy haircuts that combines in itself the neatness of the classic fade haircut and striking edginess of the undercut. Being the embodiment of practicality and fashionability, fade undercut is an awesome base to both keep your hair immaculate and make it fit your style. Mens fade cuts can be styled as one pleases. It can be a slicked down, back or side faded undercut with lots of texture options.

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Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut is all about boldness and rough transitions. The hair on top is traditionally longer, yet the transition to the short sides is pretty abrupt as it starts going shorter at a certain point, forming the disconnected body. Such cuts are meant to accompany those who are not into smoothness and tidiness in haircuts, which allows you to sport a disconnected undercut with beard.

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Slicked Back Undercut

As men’s undercut creates a bold and high contrast look, you may want to keep the style of the hair on top quite moderate. A slicked back undercut with an undercut (hairstyle) will come out well balanced yet still pronounced. Besides, this elegant hair look will suit almost any ambiance.

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Curly Undercut

If your hair texture is curly, then you should necessarily accentuate it with a male undercut. Not only does it keep your curly undercut in the spotlight but it also allows you to maintain your kinks much easier.

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Side Swept Undercut

Give your office hairstyle a trendy twist with an undercut mens haircut. Style top in the side swept undercut for a neat and tidy appearance of the look and complement it with a side undercut for extra emphasis.

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Undercut Long Hair

With an undercut long hair men kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, they remove the weight from their locks, as a men undercut takes the hair off the sides and back. On the other hand, a long hair undercut men hairstyle comes out unbelievably eye catching and sharp. So, you can rest assured that you will never go unnoticed.

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Undercut Design

Another good thing about the undercut is that it gives you a possibility to individualize your cut. You can spice up your brand new image with an undercut design, which, in its turn, can take place wherever you want. It can highlight the transition between the sides and top or simply embellish the back with a unique design.

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Undercut hairstyles don’t stand still due to the infinite variety of its styling flexibility. The truth is that you can create your own under cuting hairstyle based on your preferences. Mens undercut hairstyles may differ in parting and texture, and one of the common things about them that each one won’t do without the right styling products. Move on and check out some popular examples of the undercut hairstyle men wear today to find something for you.

Parted And Brushed Back Undercut

Slicked back undercut is probably the most famous style in the world’s undercuts community. Though it’s slightly different from the regular undercut styling, the slicking makes it appear in a new light, reminding us of dramatic pompadours. The main reason why men go for slick back undercut is that it’s suitable for any hair type and can fit any occasion.

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Undercut pompadour hairstyle is a modern comeback of the rocking rolling 50’s. It has changed throughout the time, yet its main characteristics can still be seen in its modern versions. The point is to sweep the top back with the help of wax or pomade, creating a voluminous lift on the front. It can be either bold or subtle; it’s all up to you.

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Side Part Undercut And Hard Part

A side part undercut is an excellent way to play around with your cut. Initially, this cut doesn’t involve side parting, so it can be a nice base for experiments. With a side swept undercut, your look will become more eye-catching and sharp, as parting creates a definite line that sets the unique balance of your whole style.

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Artistic Parted Curls

Most of the undercuts you see are focused on straight hair, so the curly undercut is here to prove that there’s no an undercut curly hair types can flaunt with. The way of styling your curly hair undercut directly depends on its behavior. If it’s thick and tends to curl when it grows long, both short and medium undercut variations will work for it. Set your hair goals and choose the length based on your aims of comfort and practicality or style preferences.

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Side Styled Textured Top

Now it’s time to talk about the texture options that can freshen up your under cut. The idea of a messy under cut will take over men who prefer a lot of natural movement in hair to cleanly styled looks. Such a dimensional effect can be achieved with styling products, so make sure that it matches your hair type. Messy undercuts usually come with nape and side designs, which is optional.

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Spiky Top

There are short hairstyles that focus on texture and volume at the same time, giving a pretty masculine look to the wearer. A spiky hair on top with a hint of messiness that is paired with softly faded sides is a nice way to emphasize your shakedown nature.

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Quiff Hairstyle

You may remember the iconic quiff hairstyle from the stylish musicians of the loud 50’s. And now, it’s still quite a trendy style that you can combine with short undercut men from all over the world wear. If you work with a short-hair under cut, you can create a quiff hair effect by simply brushing your waxed top towards the back, while the classic medium length variations require drying your hair up and back with a hairdryer.

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Braided Ponytail

The man ponytail is a simple, yet awesome hairstyle that many barbers consider to be the trendiest in contemporary men’s fashion. And when this style is combined with an undercut, it gives birth to natural looks of the undercut ponytail which can show that you treat your hair with respect.

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Man Bun Undercut

Undercut man bun is a combo hairstyle that guys with any hair type can pull off. The thing is that nothing is easier and more manful than wearing a chic and sleek man bun, so if you were looking for a reason for growing out your hair, let modern man bun variation take your style to the next level.

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Afro Curls

The main aim of hairstyles for natural hair is to make the frizzy curls behave. Knowing the structure of the undercut, it’s clear that it can be one of the handiest options that can keep your hair manageable and your style on point. Once you try out one of the black hairstyles that feature undercut, you’ll see how to get the most out of your texture.

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Caesar Haircut With Undercut

A mens undercut is a way to go if you want to upgrade your slightly outdated Caesar haircut. For the ultimately stylish and contrasty look, enhance it with a high skin fade.

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Dreads And Small Undercut Design

An undercut is so versatile that it works for pretty much any hairstyle, and dreadlocks are no exception. Undercut dreads come out especially awesome when packed into a top knot and adorned with a shaved-in arch on the sides.

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Temple Undercut

If you’re longing for some change in your current hairstyle but don’t want to be too reckless with the hair clippers, a temple fade will give you exactly what you want. It’s also a great way to make your old-school mullet haircut up-to-date.

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Hard Part Undercut

Guys who opt for living on the edge will highly appreciate this absolutely mind-blowing combo of an undercut haircut and a hard part haircut. It even works for a faux hawk should you decide to enhance your crest.

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French Crop Undercut

Although a French crop haircut is quite sharp in and of itself, an undercut will give it a completely new edge. If it’s still not enough, define your French crop with a carved-in line that goes all around your head.

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Comb Over Fade

For gents who follow a dress code or want to fit a formal ambiance, a comb over haircut is always a smart option. Though, it might seem a bit too preppy at times, and here’s when an undercut fade comes into play.

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Short Undercut

Men who value their time will greatly benefit from having their short haircuts for men and undercut. In addition to a bold look, a short undercut men hairstyle delivers low maintenance and easy styling.

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Brushed Up Crimped Top

There are multiple ways to pull off a brushed up hairstyle. However, the right haircut is key. Get a disconnected undercut pompadour and style it whatever way you like. Try, for instance, a crimped hair style, which is all the rage now.

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Messy Undercut

Because a men undercut makes your hair look dapper, why not style the top messy then? Tousled locks will give your appearance a carefree and effortless vibe, while the undercut sides will not let the hairstyle appear unkempt.

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Box Top

If you’re sporting a high top, you should know that to keep it neat and dapper, you need to have the sides clean-cut. An undercut fade with a shaved-in line that disconnects the flat top from the rest of the hair is a perfect solution.

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Head Tattoo

A bald undercut is arguably the best way to show off your head tattoo without getting all your hair shaved off. Also, it works for everyone, from black to blonde hair men.

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Nick Jonas’s Clean Undercut

Because you need to touch it up regularly, it does not make an undercut difficult to maintain. The styling can be completely effortless and Nick Jonas’s clean undercut with its shortly trimmed sides and a messy top successfully proves it.

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Josh Duhamel’s Wind Swept Undercut With Widow’s Peak

If you have a widow’s peak, it does not mean you cannot pull off an undercut haircut. Look at Josh Duhamel’s wind swept undercut style and all your doubts will disappear. As you can tell, it is all about the way you style your hair on top. Just dishevel it for an added volume and you are good to go.

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Short Disconnected Dreads

Another example of the versatility of the undercut, paired with short dreads this style has a modern look that, once in place, requires very little styling.

Wet And Wavy

A great style for naturally wavy-haired men, this look sees hair on top deliberately kept long and then styled with a lightweight gel or hair balm to keep waves in place with a shiny, beach feel.


Layered Undercut

For those who don’t want to part with their traditional layered cut, it is possible to keep an existing layered style and simply pair it with an undercut below. Just make sure to style longer hair with a wax or serum to show off hair’s layers to their best.

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Top Knot with Disconnected Haircut

A really popular choice for long-haired men, this top knot sees a sharp, clear line drawn between the long hair and undercut beneath. Easy to style, it is also ideal for the hotter summer months to keep hair away from the face.

Long Top Knot Dreadlocks Undercut

And finally, for men with already very long hair, why not try out an undercut just to the lower portions of the head, allowing hair to be left down or tied up for a versatile style.


Side Part Undercut With Full Beard

A side parting can also be used to add some height and volume to an undercut style, while also making giving the look a slick, professional vibe.

Undercut Fade With Side Quiff

Similar to a traditional undercut, a fade sees the hair gradually become shorter as it nears the neck. A side quiff here adds body while leaving hair long enough to tie back or style differently for more options.

Asian Blonde Undercut

Suited to all hair colours, an undercut can work especially well on blonde hair, with the lighter shade here giving the cut a softer feel.


Brushed Up Taper Fade

Longer hair on top paired with an undercut below really does make for a versatile style, and this brushed up look is a great example of what can be done with longer hair. Full-bodied and healthy looking, this style is complemented by a taper fade, which gives this an overall subtle look.

Fade With Long Slick Back Top

One of the most traditional ways to style an undercut, a slick back top gives hair a sleek, polished look, and once in place is easy to keep styled all day.

Side Swept Disconnected Fade


High Pomp Bald Fade

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Undercut Fade Comb Over

Asian Fade


Short Textured Top

Red Wet Slick Back Top

Disconnected Mab Braid


Long Side Styled Hair On Top

The undercut is one of the most requested cuts: and you’ve just discovered the main reasons why. As you can see, this cut has no limitations and also lets you show off your creativity. It’s time to call your barber or get yourself a razor, isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are undercuts out of style?

Since coming back into style in 2014 thanks to popular television show Peaky Blinders, undercuts have continued to remain one of the most sought-after men’s haircuts. Their versatility and practicality has seen a never-ending list of celebrities from Brad Pitt to David Beckham sporting the style.

What is Undercut Hair?

Undercut hair is a style that deliberately been cut to keep the lower half of hair at a significantly shorter length to the hair on top, with a clear line between the two halves.

What is a disconnected undercut?

A disconnected undercut is really just a traditional undercut, where there is a very clear distinction between the long hair on top of the head and the short hair below it. In contrast, a fade hairstyle is one where hair is still shorter below than on top, but with a much gentler and more gradual transition from longer to shorter.

How long is hair on top for an undercut?

The great thing about an undercut is that the hair on top can be styled pretty much any way you want. This means that hair can be any length, style, colour or type. For a traditional slicked back style though, hair is around 5 inches long.

Is the undercut still in style 2020?

Yes, with everyone from actors, singers and male models still sporting the style, the undercut is just as popular now as it has been in recent years.


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