A Man Bun Is The Best Way To Show You Are A Man

Get To Know The Man Bun Hairstyle Inside And Out

The man bun hairstyle has been on everyone’s lips, just like the breathtaking undercuts, combovers, and fades. Some gents appreciate it and consider to be the most comfortable and masculine hairstyle ever, while some just don’t get the art of pure and manful simplicity.

You can love it, and you can hate it, yet the fact of its growing popularity doesn’t seem to change, thanks to the stylish hipsters and trendsetters. We’ve prepared some perfect ideas for those who have long hair or plan to start growing out a long mane: everything you should know about man buns is here, from how to get and style to how to wear it today.

Today, you’re going to join the man bun lovers’ club and get to know why it’s so popular these days. Let’s go!

What Is A Man Bun?

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When guys hear the name of this one of the men’s long hairstyles, they get a bit puzzled sometimes. The truth is, it has nothing in common with the famous top knot, yet some men tend to confuse the man bun with it. The hairstyle we’re talking about has a great variety of styling options that men with long hair can pull off. So even if it’s just hair gathered and twisted at the back of the head, it still can offer you styling flexibility that may include half buns, undercut buns, and low buns.

How To Get It?


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There’s no magical how to man bun guideline; the requirements are pretty simple. Your hair should be at least 6 inches in length, so the basic rule is to grow out your hair. With a shorter hair length, you’ll be able to do nothing but a top knot, but it can be a good base for your growing man bun.

As for the attention-grabbing long and full man bun styles, you’ll need at least 10-inch length mane, which can take months, notably for those with super short hair.

How To Tie A Man Bun


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Even though a man bun is one of the most straightforward hairstyles, it won’t look as great as you see on stylish men unless you learn the basics. So meet the general tips on how to tie a man bun:

  • First of all, plan where you want your bun to sit. Usually, it’s done either high on the crown or near the top backside.
  • Always thoroughly brush your hair with one hand to avoid sticking out pieces of hair.
  • To create a bun, you should hold the handful of hair with one hand and tie it with a band with the other hand, passing it through your hair twice.
  • When you do the second pass, you need to make your hair go double up and over by stopping midway through

How To Maintain A Man Bun


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The right care and maintenance routine is another key to the immaculate man buns styles. While getting man bun hairstyles don’t really take a lot of time and efforts, this step might be more complex. The longer your hair is, the more attention it requires, as longer locks become oily faster. To keep your hair healthy, keep in mind these basics.

  • Shampoo and condition your hair regularly to keep the natural shine and volume in it.
  • Avoid over-shampooing and don’t wash your hair every day.
  • For dry scalps, consider using dry shampoos for the overall balance.
  • Don’t tie your hair too tightly. Otherwise, it can lead to hair loss.

Creative Man Buns Hairstyles

There are plenty of man bun variations for every taste: some of them may appear outrageous, and some are just meant to captivate attention. They can be full and tight, high and low; it all depends on your style preferences. Also, as we’ve mentioned before, this style, whether it’s a bun or knot-like variation, can be accompanied by many types of the undercut. Let us show you how the variety works!

Twisty Top Bun


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Ideas for wearing long hair for men are countless, yet a man bun will always be the most natural and relaxed one. A contemporary tousled look, where all of your hair is styled loosely in a carefree top knot bun, is a nice way to embrace an effortless image. Just twist your hair loosely, and the look is ready!

Elegant Low Bun


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If a man wants his bun hairstyle to be presentable, well-balanced, and polished, nothing can stop him from getting such a neat style, as long hair is all about flexibility. You can play around with the styles and textures, changing messy top knots to elegant and neat low bun hairstyles. To make your hipster hair look smooth and chic, tie your locks neatly at the back.

Messy Man Bun

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You don’t have to be a skilled barber to get yourself a messy bun; it’s just so straightforward, and that’s the point. Simplicity is genius, and modern gentlemen know that. And when the simple tousled bun comes with a beard, is moves the style to a whole new, sophisticated level. Wearing man buns with beards is a win-win decision, no doubts.

Undercut Man Bun


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The man bun undercut is probably the hairstyle that stylish men couldn’t even dream of. Combining trends has always been a fantastic idea, but this time it’s hard to describe how beneficial it is. The sides can be faded or closely shaved, and the longer, textured top can turn into a high bun. All these trends will highlight your facial features, thus making you look super attractive.

Space Buns


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No, they’re not the space buns that girls like to pull off for Coachella holiday. It’s a way for you to be creative and different. Sometimes to look unique you need to break some stereotypes, and the double top knot style is a good start. It looks fun, and, actually pretty masculine, especially if you pair up a man bun and beard together; facial hair will always be in demand!

Half Up Man Bun Hairstyle


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When you want to keep your hair away from your face, why don’t you make it stylishly? A half up half down bun will both show off your long locks and make you feel comfortable with them. Also, it can be a braided man bun on the top: if you want to individualize the style, try rocking your days with the variety of texture on your head.

Men’s Braids And Bun


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A simple bun can transform into a truly refined look: just add some man braid to it and see the difference! Whatever braiding technique you like the most can take part, and your task is to create as many braids as possible and simply twist them where you please. A man bun with braids is something that every guy with a long mane should try in his life!

We hope that now it’s clear why the trendy man bun is so popular among gents of different ages and images: it’s very versatile, simple, and masculine. With the huge choice of styling options, there’s no way you won’t find the perfect bun style for you! And since you know how to get, style, and maintain the headdress, why don’t you give it a try right now

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