Mens Dreadlocks How To Make And Style Like A Pro

Dreadlocks, or as they are sometimes called locs or dreads, are still a highly requested hairstyle for men. They represent freedom and independence with an air of boho. However, to rock the style, you shouldn’t necessarily belong to any subculture nor have any specific skin color. You like it, you wear it – that’s the rule. If you are thirsty for a new dreadlock style, just keep on reading to find out how you can give it a go.


History Of Dreadlocks

Before giving you some insights into the dreadlocks history, we’ll address the question “What are dreadlocks?” This is a hairstyle, in which you after washing your hair, don’t comb it but twist the strands into ringlet or braids while they’re still wet. It’s been a long time since the first mention of dreads in Indian writing, around 3800 years. Locs were an attribute of cavemen, ancient Egyptians, the emperors of ancient Asia and many other notable ancient people, like Samson and John the Baptist. As for the history of dreadlocks name, it originated in Jamaica, the early Rastamen movement. It is formed of the word dread, which stands for horror and fear.



How To Start Dreads

Of course, you want to find out how to get dreadlocks, but first, you need to know how to dread hair. Begin with growing out your hair a little so that we would have something to work with. Then you need to start using a shampoo that doesn’t contain residues because they prevent hair from tangling and knotting. Besides the shampoo, you’re going to need some other dreadlocks making supplies, like a dreading comb, rubberbands, hair clips, a dread wax and a locking accelerator. With all these things in mind (and in your bathroom), you’ll be able to learn how to get dreads and how to do dreads very fast and easily.

So, how do you get dreadlocks? First of all, you need to stock up on patience and a tin of dreadlock wax. Then, follow the next steps:

  1. Ensure your hair is clean by washing it with a clarifying shampoo that does not leave a residue.
  2. Brush your hair as soon as it is dry.
  3. Divide the hair into equal square sections using a comb with fine teeth and secure the strands with elastic bands at the roots.
  4. With a comb that has metal fine teeth, backcomb each section of your hair toward the scalp.
  5. Continue until there is no unteased hair left.
  6. Tie the ends of the dreads with elastic bands.
  7. Either use the dreadlock wax on the dreads or roll them between your palms to help dreads to form.

Source: @ninothenice via Innstagram

How To Make Dreads

There are many ways how to make dreads, actually. Almost all of them require you to start with washing and air-drying your hair as well as dividing it into squares and securing with rubberbands. Twist and Pin method suggests twisting each section until it forms a ball. Using the Backcombing method, each section of hair should be teased toward the head. When the hair is dry, pull each section apart. Twisting requires you to twist each section to and fro between the fingers. Dread Braiding has a very literal name. You just need to braid each section of the hair.

Brush Rubbing implies brushing and rubbing the hair clockwise around the head without dividing into sections. With Twist and Rip method, you first divide the hair into squares and only then wash it. Freeform Dreadlocks is a low-effort method. You just do nothing special to your hair and wait until it’s locked. For the Dread Perm, you go to the salon and get your hair chemically ruined so that it could dread easily. Loomed Dreads method also requires going to the salon where you’re going to get dread extensions. As of today, the most effective and hair-friendly way how to make dreadlocks is backcombing.


How To Wash Dreadlocks

Basically, nothing much will change with your hair washing routine. Just wash your dredlocks at least once a week to maintain good hygiene. And again, use the residue-free shampoo, which means that the shampoo should not leave anything in the hair after rinsing. It’s crucial because the hairs become covered with residues, and this makes dreads loose. Moreover, when residues accrue in the locks hair gets prone to growing mold.

How dirty are dreadlocks? Despite the common misconception that your hair should be dirty to lock up, it does not. Instead, you should not forget to wash it regularly, otherwise, it will become smelly. Moreso, when your hair is clean, it forms dreads much faster. The frequency depends on how dirty are dreadlocks. Once you feel that they require a refresh, feel free to hop into the shower and give it to them.


7 Tips To Styling

We know that you just can’t wait to see the best dreadlock styles for men. Don’t rush though. To keep your locs nice and tight, remember these 7 tips:

  1. Cut down on washing. Frequent washing will make your hair smooth, and thus, you won’t attain the fuzzy look you’re striving for.
  2. Go wild. Don’t limit yourself to one style. There are numerous dreadlock hairstyles for natural hair out there. And you can come up with even more.
  3. Get inspirited. Check out men’s hairstyle websites, fashion magazines or pages of celebs on social networks for hair inspirational ideas.
  4. Go eco. Use natural products only because they’ll keep your locs healthy.
  5. Keep backcombing. To refresh your hairstyle, you’ll need to tease your hair toward your scalp every now and then.
  6. Educate yourself. Learn how to dread in different ways, not only the one you’re sporting.
  7. Keep waxing. Use a special dreadlock wax to style and maintain your locs.


Dreads have remained very popular until the present day. However, there are still many unjustified stereotypes about them. Two of them stand out the most. For some reason, people think that those who wear locks don’t wash their hair. But we know how much time and effort it takes to maintain the style. The second concerns affiliation with some religious or Rastafarian groups. However, in the modern world, practically anyone is allowed to wear anything they wish, and it shouldn’t mark an imprint on them. So, make yourself comfortable and jot down the best ideas for the dreadlocks hairstyles.

Thick And Long

If this is your first-time locs and you aren’t ready to try too wild dread men’s long hairstyles yet, start with a classic hairdo. Just wear them loose, thus bragging about the thickness and length of your thatch.

Source: @lanedorsey via Instagram

Hip Hop Dreads

If you favor hip-hop, you probably thought about trying out the dread locks the artists prefer. Mid-length dreds fall freely around the head. To rock the look even more, add an ombre effect to the tips.

Source: @lanedorsey via Instagram


Long Hot Dreads

Long white men dreadlocks look really hot and eye-catching. We can barely imagine how much time you’ve spent growing them out and how much effort it has taken. Besides, long dreadlocks styles for men allow for a myriad of sporting options. You can get them tied in a trendy man bun, top knit or ponytail. There are so many dread styles to choose from that you’re certain to find your very own dreds style.

Kondratiuk Anastasiia/Shuttersstock

Stylish Locks

When opting for dreadlocks men get a chance to show off their superb sense of style. If you want to be one of them, try natural and low-key dreads. For added enhancement, complement them with a line-up along the forehead and temples. And a confident impression is a key to success, of course.

Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram

Short Spiky Dreads

This take on dreads is unique and striking. You didn’t expect to see dreds spiked up, do you? It’s an excellent option for those guys who aren’t into long hair though want to wear dread locks. To add even more contrast, you can go with a high skin fade on the sides and back.

Source: @fernthebarber via Instagram


Bright Style

Even though men dreadlocks hairstyles are a surefire way to stand out from the crowd, you can make it even more prominent. Add a hint of color to them by weaving in colorful strands. And don’t be afraid to experiment with bright shades. In case you worry that you won’t be able to pull it off, enhance your hairstyle with matching element in your outfit.

Urban Dreads

Does life in the big city carry you away? Showcase your love for the intense rhythm of megacity by opting for freeform dreads. They look relaxed and effortless, yet upon close inspection, you notice how elaborate this hairstyle is.

ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock

High Top Dreads

High top dreads are a very popular hairstyle for a reason. Thanks to their undercut design, they’re really low-maintained. Ask your barber to give your sides and back a taper fade, while the top should be left longer. To bring the look into the modern day, add a line-up and two symmetrical curved lines as a design element.

Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock



Mohawk haircut looks cocky and stylish in all its variations. Mohawk dreads are no exception. Wear them short or medium length with the burst side fade. Mohawk hair styles are so popular because they offer a lot of styling opportunities for the top, while the sides don’t require much maintenance.

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

Short Dreads

Even though short dreads aren’t as noticeable as other locs hairstyles, they have many benefits compared to longer dreads. Short dreadlocks can be managed, maintained and styled much easier than the long ones.

Curly Dreads

We may surprise you, but dreadlocks can be curled in the same way like any other hairstyle. To add a little texture to your hair before curling, you can crochet dreads yourself or ask the professional locticians or dreadlocks artist to do it for you.


Medium Locks With Undercut

If you want to keep the focus on your dreadlocks only, it’s hard to imagine a better option than the undercut. The perfect length of the locks with tapered back and sides is medium so don’t’ grow out your hair too much.


Tattooed Sides

This hairstyle can be regarded as Asian dreadlocks by right. Asiatic people love pairing locs with tattoos. However, not only do they cover the whole body with tattoos but also shave the sides of the head and add a tattooed masterpiece there.

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

Neat Skinny Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks offer many styling options, which depend on the thickness, length and the way of wearing (i.e. loose, braided, gathered etc.). If you want to keep it neat and sophisticated, try a skinny dreadlock style. You can pair it with a connected beard to complete the look.


High Bun

People may find your hairstyle creative and elegant. They don’t know that a man bun is a perfect way to reduce the heaviness of the long dreads. Just kidding. Wearing your locs up really looks unusual and exquisite. However, it does give a relief of the burden you carry.


Dreads In Ponytail

Dreads gathered in a ponytail are a serious rival of the bun dreadlocks styles. However, the former is a bit more popular among men. The thing is the man bun is still very controversial hairstyle because some people consider it an inclination into the feminine side. As for the man ponytail, there are no stereotypes as strong as this one.

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

Dreadlocks With A Fade

Paring top head freeform dreads with a high bald fade haircut is the most popular version of the look. If you want a cool and trendy but clean cut hairstyle, short dreads with a fade is your best choice.

Source: @smashthalegend via Instagram


Braided Dreads

Embrace your creativity and try this chic look. Dread styles for men can be fanciful and complex, like these braided dreads that add an exclusive texture and depth to the look. Just keep in mind that it’s much easier to deal with thinner locks because they allow you more precision.


Dyed Dreads

If talking about white people dreads won’t be the most common hairstyle among them. The main reason for this is probably that locs create a striking contrast with the fair skin tone. In case you find white people with dreads looking way too intense and unbalanced, try dying or bleaching your locks to get various colors. In this way, white dreads seem softer and more harmonious.

Source: @fernthebarber via Instagram

Updo Style

It’s so easy to show off your black men dreadlocks when they’re styled in an updo. This hairstyle is extremely versatile. So, if you’re keen on experiments, give a go your imagination. Also, it’s a great way to take your hair away from your face, which will make wearing dreads an easy task.

Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shuttersstock


Half Shaved Head And Dreadlocks

On a side note, dreadlocks men often opt for nowadays are definitely on the edge. Even though there are tons of styling options, they continue to pop up every day, which makes us very happy. So enough depriving yourself of a really cool and stylish hairstyle and get yourself dreadlocks.

Source: Johnathan Ball/Shutterstock

Blonde Dreads Into Pony

In those moments when you get tired of your long dreadlocks or you need your hairstyle to fit a professional environment, simply pull them into a ponytail. Whether to opt for a high or low pony depends on your personal preferences and the dreads style you have. Yet, to add more boldness to such a low key look, you can dye your locks in a bleach blonde color.

Source: @f4fade via Instagram

Half Updo

When they are tired of wearing their dreads men start to create different cool dread styles. Take, for instance, this half updo, which features the top section of your locks tied in a high ponytail whereas the rest of the hair is left loose.




No matter what dreads styles you choose, both white guys with dreads as well as black men with dreads always look virile. Even if you decide to try such a trendy yet controversial dred locks hairstyle as pigtails, you can rest assured that it will not take away from your masculinity.

Fred van Diem/Shutterstock

Blonde Locks

A white guy with dreads may look decent no matter what color they are. Yet, for an added touch of style, you can dye your hair in blonde. White dreadlocks look unusual and bold, allowing you to make a strong fashion statement.

Yura Dobro/Shutterstock

Accessorized Boho Dreads

If you want to put an extra twist on your rasta hair style, embellish it with some cool dreadlock accessories. Bands, rings, beads, there is a vast majority of options. The choice depends on your personal preferences and style.

Ginny Filer/Shutterstock


Hippie Style

The true dread meaning is the freedom of self-expression. And this resonates with the hippie values. Thus, why not take advantage of it and rock your dreadlocks in a hippie style manner?


Dreadlocks Top Knot

When you need a formal and neat hairstyle, you should not necessarily get rid of your dreadlocks. You can simply push the upper section of them back and tie it in a top knot.


Dreadlocks With A Twist

Dreadlocks make up a base for a myriad of your trendy hairstyles creations. Thus, you can put a cool twist on your locks by complementing them with a popular haircut or dyeing in a contrasting color.

paul prescott/Shutterstock


Chunky Locks

This white guy dreads are chunky and solid, which makes them pop up against his subtle bone structure. Complementing them with a coarse beard puts a final touch on this Viking dreadlocks look.

Oleksandr Berezko/Shutterstock

Short Ombre Locks

If you do not want to experiment with dread hairstyles but still desire to spruce up your short hair locks a little, then it is a good idea to play around with their color. Employ one of the trendiest dyeing techniques of late, which is ombre.

WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock

Colored Full Bun

Actually, color play can be exploited even when you already sport quite intricate loc hairstyles, like a full bun. Moreso, in this way, your dreadlocks look even bolder and edgier. Thus, the more color you engage, the better.

ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock


Long Locks With An Undercut

One of the greatest things about locks is that no matter whether you rock natural dreadlocks or faux dreads, they still look cool and trendy. Hence, if you want to pull off a hairstyle with long locks, you are welcome to do so. For extra contrast, you can complement it with an undercut on the sides and back.

Half Pony With Undercut

Dreads with fade make up a stylish and fashionable combo. To accentuate it even more, tie the top section of your locks in a half pony and get an undercut on the back and sides. If you undercut only sides, you will get a trendy twist on a dread mohawk.

A StockStudio/Shutterstock

Short Dreads With Bandana

Are you after relaxed and free form dreads styles? Then simply tie a bandana around your head to add a neat touch to your locks and you are good to go.

Savanevich Viktar/Shutterstock


Asian Yellow Dreads

Have you seen how cool and unconventional an Asian with dreads looks? In this case, you should also try to dye your dreads in a bright color. We like yellow, as it creates much contrast and appears unique.

Li-Fu Viktor/Shutterstock

Top Knot Dreadlocks

Extra Long Dreads


Undercut With Dreadlocks Pony

Dreadlocks & Shaved Sides

Medium Side Swept Dreads


Swept Back Ombre Dreads

High Pony Dreadlocks

Long Dreadlocks With A Headband


Side Swept High Pony

Half Bun Man Braids And Dreads

Super Short Dreaded Top


Thick High Pony

Assembled Dreads

Thick And Decorated


Curly Green Locks

Mullet Inspired

Braided And Dreaded


Updo Madness

Bandana High Bun

High Pony With Blonde Ombre


Long And Grey

Bob Thin Dreadlocks

Black And Blonde


Textured Low Dreads

Short Sides Long Top

Disconnected Undercut With Short Dreads


Braided Locks

Brushed Back Undercut

All Over Locks

You can leave dreadlocks only on a half of your head if you want to lighten up your hair a little. In this way, they still look cool and stylish. Moreso, the shaved part allows you to show off your strong masculine facial featured while making the dreads the focal point of the look.


  • Dreadlocks, also locs, dreads, or in Sanskrit, Jaṭā, are ropelike strands of hair formed by matting or braiding hair… Source
  • Dreadlocks also called dreads, it is a style created by allowing the hair to matt into locks. Source