Many people love the look and feel of wearing dreadlocks for men. Not only are they a low maintenance look for medium to long hair, they make an unforgettable statement no matter who wears them. There are a few things you should understand about dread lock hair before you make the twist hairstyles. From hygiene concerns to the health of the hair, learning more about the process will help you decide if this braided look is ideal for you. While dreads can be quite a versatile long hairstyle for men that often has many different meanings, there are some cons to wearing dreads.


High Top Dreads

High Top Dreads #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


High top dreads are a very popular hairstyle for a reason. Thanks to their faded sides, they’re really low-maintained. Ask your barber to give your sides and back a taper fade, while the top should be left longer.


Mid Length Undercut Fade

Dreadlocks For Men With A Fade #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


Paring top head freeform dreads with a high bald fade haircut is the most popular version of the look from barber Mikey Henger. If you want a cool and trendy but clean cut hairstyle, medium dreads with a fade is your best choice.

High Big Bun Dreads

High Bun #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #dreadsmen


People may find your hairstyle creative and elegant. They don’t know that a man bun is a perfect way to reduce the heaviness of the long dreads. Just kidding. Wearing your locs up really looks unusual and exquisite. However, it does give a relief of the burden you carry.

Styling Tip: Gather your dreads atop your head, securing them tightly with an elastic band. Ensure the bun is balanced to prevent tension and maintain a stylish appearance throughout the day.


Loc Retwist

Loc Retwist #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #dreadsmen


If you are a man who is not afraid to stand out in the crowd, then loc retwists are your way to go. The style made by San Diego hair artists from Braided Roots salon, is pretty complicated to do and requires quite a lot of maintenance.

Pro Tip: While twisting and dreading the hair isn’t difficult, you’ll want to make sure you regularly shampoo your hair and really work the cleanser into the scalp to avoid any odor. The last thing you want is a hairstyle that isn’t clean, as that can result in scalp sores and tops of itching.

Short Dreadlocks

Short Dreadlocks#dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Achieve a bold statement with short dreadlocks made by Paul Mitchell brand Ambassador and cosmetologist, Fern The Barber. This low-maintenance yet stylish cut is a blend of sharp precision and edgy appeal. Keep the sides sleek with a fade, letting the dreads on top command attention.

Pro Tip: Ensure regular moisturizing to keep them healthy and neat. Use a light spray or oil to prevent dryness and breakage, focusing on the scalp and dread tips. Keep them well-groomed by palm rolling to encourage uniformity and prevent frizz for a sharp, defined look.


White Dreads

White Dreads #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Embrace the rugged charm of white dreadlocks from hair artist and educator Nicole Grajewski, a style that reflects a free spirit and a daring personality. Accessorize with beads or wraps for an individualistic touch, ensuring each dreadlock tells a story of its own. It’s not just a hairstyle, but a lifestyle statement that resonates with bold confidence.

Taper Dreads

Taper Dreads #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Taper dreads are a trendy hairstyle that combines the elements of tapered cuts and dreadlocks. This unique style involves gradually decreasing the length of the dreadlocks from the top of the head to the nape of the neck. The result is a visually appealing look that blends the texture and versatility of dreads with a sleek and tapered finish.

Swept Up

Swept Up #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Swept up dreads offer a dramatic contrast between the sharp, clean lines of a faded undercut and the unrestrained exuberance of upward-standing locks.

Styling Tip: Keep the dreads firm and elevated, using a stronghold gel at the roots. The sides should be cleanly tapered to emphasize the contrast and structure of the dreads.


Skinny Ombre Undercut

Neat Skinny Dreadlocks Undercut #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #dreadsmenNeat Skinny Dreadlocks Undercut


Dreadlocks offer many styling options, which depend on the thickness, length, and way of wearing (i.e. loose, braided, gathered, etc.). Try a skinny dreadlock style if you want to keep it neat and sophisticated. You can pair it with a connected beard to complete the look.

Pro Tip: Twisting hair into dreads can stress your locks. Taking breaks with a fresh cut is beneficial. Post-dreads, indulge in a deep conditioner to replenish moisture. Sometimes, dreads may need cutting out, so consider the commitment to shorter hair.

Wicks Dreads

Wicks Dreads #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


When opting for dreadlocks men get a chance to show off their superb sense of style. If you want to be one of them, try natural and low-key wicks hair.

Pro Tip: Focus on the health of your hair—regular washing and proper moisturizing will keep your wicks neat and strong.

Two Braids

Two Braids #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #dreadsmenNeat Skinny Dreadlocks Undercut


Dreadlocks men often opt for nowadays are definitely on the edge. Even though there are tons of styling options, they continue to pop up every day, which makes us very happy. So enough depriving yourself of a cool and stylish hairstyle from skilled barber and educator Andy Rosario.


Curly Dreads

Curly Dreads #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


We may surprise you, but dreadlocks can be curled in the same way as any other hairstyle. To add a little texture to your hair before curling, you can crochet dreads yourself or ask the professional optician or dreadlocks artist to do it for you.

Assembled Twisted Locks

Undercut + Assembled Twisted Locks #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Opt for assembled twisted locks for a distinctive look that marries intricate artistry with casual flair. Keep the sides immaculately faded to highlight the twisted dreadlocks, providing a sharp contrast.

Hip Hop Thin Dreads

Hip Hop Dreads #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


If you favor hip-hop, you probably thought about trying out the dread locks the artists prefer. Mid-length dreds fall freely around the head.


Braided Ponytail

Twisted  Ponytail #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


The high top dreads tied in a ponytail offer a striking silhouette, combining the height of the classic high top with the textured appeal of dreads. For maintenance, ensure the scalp is nourished and the sides are kept clean with a regular lineup. This style speaks to the modern man who’s bold and stylish.

Long Locks With An Undercut

Long Locks With An Undercut #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


If your hair is short, try adding length with the help of an artificial material, as advised by a braiders from Afro Life 16:

If you are not an opponent of dreadlock culture itself, this is the ideal hairstyle for the first time. They are light!!! It is very important! Can be braided on both short and long hair. Soft, durable, will last you for years.

Pigtails Men Dread Styles

Pigtails #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #dreadsmen


No matter what dreads styles you choose, both white guys with dreads as well as black men with dreads always look virile. Even if you decide to try such a trendy yet controversial dred locks hairstyle as pigtails, you can rest assured that it will not take away from your masculinity.


Urban Dreads Styles For Men

Urban Dreads #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #dreadsmen


Does life in the big city carry you away? Showcase your love for the intense rhythm of megacity by opting for freeform dreads. They look relaxed and effortless, yet upon close inspection, you notice how elaborate this hairstyle is.

Extra Long Dreads

Long Hot Dreads #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #dreadsmen


Long dreadlocks look really hot and eye-catching. We can barely imagine how much time you’ve spent growing them out and how much effort it has taken. Besides, long dreadlocks styles for men allow for a myriad of sporting options. You can get them tied in a trendy man bun, top knot, or ponytail. There are so many dread styles to choose from that you’re certain to find your very own.

Mohawk Dreads

Dreaded Mohawk  #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #dreadsmen


Mohawk haircut looks cocky and stylish in all its variations. Dreaded Mohawk is no exception. Wear them short or medium length with the burst fade.


Tight Up Locks With Undercut

Medium Locks With Undercut #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Sport a standout look from barbers online academy founder Charles Gray complemented by a sleek undercut. This style frames the face with the volume of locks on top while the undercut brings a modern edge.

Barrel Roll Dreads

Barrel Roll Dreads #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


This hairstyle features cylindrical-shaped dreads that are tightly rolled, resembling the shape of a barrel. The dreads are created by sectioning the hair and then twisting and matting it together to form individual locks. The barrel roll effect is achieved by carefully shaping and maintaining the dreads over time.

Half Up Ombre

Half Up Ombre #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Ombre dreads showcase a seamless transition from natural tones to bold color, offering a look that’s as daring as it is sophisticated.

Pro Tip: For the best effect, keep the top half neatly tied, letting the vibrant ends make the statement.


Dreaded Bun + Undercut Fade

Dreaded Bun + Undercut Fade  #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #mensdreadlocks


If this is your first time locs and you aren’t ready to try too wild dread men’s long hairstyles yet, start with a classic hairdo. Just wear them in a bun with an undercut, thus bragging about the thickness and length of your thatch.

Braided Dreads

Braided Dreads #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Embrace your creativity and try this chic look. Dread styles for men can be fanciful and complex, like these dreaded braids for men that add an exclusive texture and depth to the look. Just keep in mind that it’s much easier to deal with thinner locks because they allow you more precision.

Short Spiky Locks For Men

Short Spiky Dread Locks #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


This take on dreads is unique and striking. You didn’t expect to see dreds spiked up, did you? It’s an excellent option for those guys who aren’t into long hair but want to wear dread locks. To add even more contrast, you can go with a fade haircut on the sides and back.


Comb Coils

Comb Coils #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #dreadsmen


When you have short thick kinky hair, comb coils are your best bet. They come out bouncy and movable, which makes the style not only defined but also dynamic. Though, it is most likely that you will not be able to create it on your own. So, an extra pair of professional hands will not hurt.

Low Roll

Dreads In Ponytail #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #dreadsmen


The low roll dreadlock styles gives a refreshing twist by pairing intricate patterns on the sides with full, rolling locks. It’s a dynamic style that blends creativity with a relaxed vibe.

Long Two Strand Twist For Men

Long Twist #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #mensdreadlocks


Getting dreadlocks for men on long hair can be quite exhausting. You may need to spend the whole day in the braider’s chair and there is no guarantee that the hairstyle will be finished. But do not worry. You do not need to chop off your tresses. Just opt for two strand twist instead of traditional locs and you are good to go.


Full Bun With Tapered Undercut

White Guy with Dreads #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


A white guy with dreads may look decent no matter what color they are. When they are tired of wearing their dreads men start to create different cool dread styles. Take, for instance, this updo dreaded bun.

Blonde Dreads

Blonde Dread Locks #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


If you don’t know how to diversify your usual locks yet, for an added touch of style, you can dye your hair blonde. White dreadlocks look unusual and bold, allowing you to make a strong fashion statement.

Boho Locks

Boho Locks #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


If you want to put an extra twist on your rasta hair style, embellish it with some cool dreadlock accessories. Bands, rings, beads, there is a vast majority of options. The choice depends on your personal preferences and style.


Hippie Style

Hippie Style #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


The true dread meaning is the freedom of self-expression. And this resonates with the hippie values. Thus, why not take advantage of it and rock your dreadlocks in a hippie style manner?

Dreaded Bangs

Dark Skins with Dreads #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


Dark-skinned people look damn good with dreadlocks. And for those who want to be different from the rest of the mens with dreads, we offer an unusual solution: dreadlocked bangs.

Short Twist Undercut

Dreadlocks With A Twist #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Dreadlocks make up a base for a myriad of your trendy hairstyle creations. Thus, you can put a cool twist on your locks by complementing them with a popular haircut or dyeing in a contrasting color.


Chunky Twist

Chunky Twist #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #dreadsmen


This white guy dreads are chunky and solid, which makes them pop up against his subtle bone structure. Complementing them with a coarse beard puts a final touch on this twisted hair look.

Skinny Dreads

Skinny Dreads #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Skinny men’s dreads refer to a hairstyle characterized by thin, tightly twisted hair strands. This hairstyle can be achieved by carefully sectioning the hair and allowing it to naturally lock over time or by using a technique called “backcombing” to create the desired look.

Bright Locks Men

Bright Locks Men #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Inject a splash of color into your look with Bright Locks. For those ready to stand out, infuse your dreads with vibrant hues of blue and green. This daring style is for the man who’s not afraid to make a bold statement.

Pro Tip: Remember to use color-safe products to maintain the vividness of your dreads and protect your hair’s integrity.


Dreadlock Ponytail

Dreadlock Ponytail #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


It’s so easy to show off your black men dreadlocks when they’re styled in an updo.  Also, it’s a great way to take your hair away from your face, which will make wearing dreads an easy task. Look at The Weeknd and try to wear these men’s hairstyles like him.

Faux Locks

Box Dreads #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


This style offers a dynamic and versatile option, providing the look of traditional dreads without the long-term commitment. Accentuated with silver beads for a touch of sophistication, this look combines the practicality of a ponytail with the edginess of dreads — a perfect blend for the contemporary man.

Small Dreads

Small Dreads #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


Are you after relaxed and free form dreads styles? Make small unruly dreads and forget about it for a long time. This dread hairstyles for men does not require constant trips to the barbershop. Well, only if you update your stylish design on the sides.


Asian Dreads

Asian Dreads #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


Have you seen how cool and unconventional Asian hairstyles with dreads looks? In this case, you should also try to twist your dreads or make simple braids of them.

Viking Loc Styles For Men

Viking Loc Styles For Men #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


The signature Viking hairstyle almost always features braids. You can take it to another level and give a modern feel by switching braids for twisted dreads.

Red Dreads

Red Dreads #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


For added contrast and boldness, give man dreads hairstyles a touch of color. For instance, weave red strands into black men dreads to achieve a striking and eye catching appearance.


Rasta Men With Locs

Rasta Men With Locs #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Guys with dreadlocks often choose the Rasta men style as their source of inspiration and we cannot blame them. Rasta men locks are one of the coolest dreadlock styles possible.

Dreadlocks For Boys

Dreadlocks For Boys #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Boys long haircuts can be different: layers, bobs, braids for boys, or dreaded hair. Try a similar hairstyle on your summer vacation. Believe me, your child will love to feel like a native.

Weaves And Dreads

Medium Side Swept Dreads #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #mensdreadlocks


You can leave dreadlocks only on top of your head if you want to lighten up your hair a little. In this way, they still look cool and stylish. Moreso, the weaved sides allow you to show off your strong masculine facial features while making the dreads the focal point of the look.


Undercut Design

Undercut Design #dreadlocks #dreads #locks #dreadlocksmen #mensdreadlocks


High top dreads black men like to combine with stylish designs. Ask your barber about his skills in hair design and choose one that you will like to see in a mirror for some time.

Big Curls

Curly Dreads Haircut #dreadlocksstyles #dreadlocks #dreads #locks


Curly dreads are a statement of texture and volume, perfect for the man who embraces his natural hair’s potential. Coupled with precise undercut and creative patterns etched into the sides, this style is a work of art that represents boldness and individuality.

Thick Mid Length

Thick Mid Length #dreadlocks #dreadlocksmen #dreads #mensdreads #locks


Thick mid-Length dreads are a versatile style that embodies a rugged yet refined look. The sun-kissed tips add a playful contrast, while the fullness of the dreads exudes an effortless charm.


How To Wash Dreadlocks

Basically, nothing much will change with your hair washing routine. Just wash your dredlocks at least once a week to maintain good hygiene. And again, use residue-free shampoo, which means that the shampoo should not leave anything in the hair after rinsing. It’s crucial because the hairs become covered with residues, and this makes dreads loose. Moreover, when residues accrue in the locks hair gets prone to growing mold.

How dirty are dreadlocks? Despite the common misconception that your hair should be dirty to lock up, it does not. Instead, you should not forget to wash it regularly, otherwise, it will become smelly. More so, when your hair is clean, it forms dreads much faster. The frequency depends on how dirty are dreadlocks. Once you feel that they require a refresh, feel free to hop into the shower and give it to them.

7 Tips For Styling

We know that you just can’t wait to see the best dreadlock styles for men. Don’t rush though. To keep your locks nice and tight, remember these 7 tips:

  1. Cut down on washing. Frequent washing will make your hair smooth, and thus, you won’t attain the fuzzy look you’re striving for.
  2. Go wild. Don’t limit yourself to one style. There are numerous dreadlock hairstyles for natural hair out there. And you can come up with even more.
  3. Get inspirited. Check out men’s hairstyle websites, fashion magazines or pages of celebs on social networks for hair inspirational ideas.
  4. Go eco. Use natural products only because they’ll keep your locks healthy.
  5. Keep backcombing. To refresh your hairstyle, you’ll need to tease your hair toward your scalp every now and then.
  6. Educate yourself. Learn how to dread in different ways, not only the one you’re sporting.
  7. Keep waxing. Use a special dreadlock wax to style and maintain your locks.


How much does it cost to do dreadlocks?

The price for dreadlocks varies depending on many factors, such as the complexity of the style, additional tools and accessories and labor involved. Thus, should you decide to go for freeform locks, they will cost you nothing. In its turn, the price for professionally installed dreads can be anywhere between $200 and $800.

Are dreads bad for your hair?

Dreads can be harmful to your hair only if they are maintained incorrectly. That said, you need to wash them regularly and dry thoroughly to prevent the buildup of hair products and mold growth accordingly. In addition, it is important to condition your hair and protect it with a head wrap. Finally, do not style and twist your locks too often, as this can lead to hair breakage, thinning and loss.

What do dreadlocks symbolize?

In Western civilization, the symbolism of dreads was to emphasize the unimportance of a physical appearance and vanity. There is also another belief in Western and Eastern cultures that the energy of your body, spirit and mind can leave your body by means of the hair and the head top. Thus, to keep the energy inside, which will make you healthier and stronger, your hair should be knotted or locked.

How do you get dreadlocks?

Here is a quick tutorial on how to do dreadlocks:
1. Brush your hair to eliminate any knots and tangles.
2. Divide the hair into square equal sections and fasten them with elastic bands.
3. Take a strand of hair, pull it out and twist.
4. Divide the strand into two sections and rip it up.
5. Work your way down to the end of the strand.
6. Using a dreadhook, crochet in all the hairs that stick out, pulling them through the strand.
7. With the same technique, dreadlock the rest of the hair.

How do dreads work?

As dreads are a number of individual braided or matted strands, it makes sense to study a single dread. The phenomenon of the dreadlock is based on the fact that when left intact, your hair starts to tangle and form separate matted spirals or coils, which look like yarn or rope pieces. On closer examination, dreads remind of steel wool. As the fibers are intertwined very tightly, they create a whole mass.

Do dreads smell?

If you take care of your locks properly and wash them every week, then they will not smell. Otherwise, your hair will become smelly no matter whether it is dreaded or not.

How dirty are dreadlocks?

There is a common belief that dreads are dirty. Yet again, regular washing will help you to break this myth.


  • Dreadlocks, also locs, dreads, or in Sanskrit, Jaṭā, are ropelike strands of hair formed by matting or braiding hair… Source
  • Dreadlocks also called dreads, it is a style created by allowing the hair to matt into locks. Source