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The wide variety of hairstyles for thin hair proves that nowadays, men with a receding hairline don’t feel deprived. Instead, they take pride in their hair and manage to style it in the way that even the most stylish celebrities (who, by the way, also face this challenge) would feel jealous. The hairstyles for thinning hair range in length and shape, texture and styling. They can be sported alone or paired with some facial hair. If you’re thirsty for some really trendy and mannish hairstyles for impaired hairline, you can get a dose of inspo here.


Tips For Men With Thin Hair

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Some men with thin hair avoid sporting really cool male hairstyles in fear of looking pathetic. So that you would have nothing to be ashamed of, here are several simple rules to follow in order to get a killer look instead of wretched:

  1. Keep the sides shorter than the top.
  2. Opt for messy hairstyles rather than slicked ones.
  3. Pair your hairstyle with a bunch of facial hair.
  4. Use styling products with matte finish.


The Best Men Hairstyles For Thin Hair To Make It Look Thicker

There are many different causes of thinning hair ranging from genetics to ecology. Trying to battle them in most cases equals fighting with your own shadow. Instead, find men hairstyles that not only mask your dispersed hair but also flatter your face shape, its features and your overall style.

How can I hide my thinning hair?

There are a lot of options actually. You can simply chop off your locks a little bit so that they become lighter, thus not looking weighed down. Also, if your hair has started to show the signs of aging, do not rush into dyeing it this instant. The trick is that grey hair adds volume to the cuticle of the hair by expending it. Moreover, you can make your mane look ampler by drying it with a hair dryer and a round brush. And do not neglect those special products for thinning hair. Volumizing shampoos and conditioners, texturizing mousses and hairsprays as well as hair building fibers will work wonders for your diminishing locks. Finally, you can turn to hair extension, wigs or even a hair transplant if the problem really bothers you.

Short Back And Sides Haircuts

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Short mens haircuts may seem the answer to all of the thinning hair questions. However, short doesn’t mean bald, so think twice before grabbing clippers or, what’s worse, a razor. Opt for the cut with much shorter sides and back, as by creating contrast, they garner all the attention instead of the top.


The Quiff

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A quiff is one of the most popular mens haircuts for thin hair. However, styling is the key to mastering this ‘do. Don’t place your quiff over the forehead! Style it a bit forward and up, which will give a daring and upscale appearance.

Messy Spiky Top

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Messy hairstyles for thin hair men are a must. Forget about sleeking and smoothing. The more spiky hair you have the less visible your thinning hairline is.


The Dolph Lundgren

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Even with all their possibilities and money, even though appearance is their calling card, celebrities also have thin hair and aren’t afraid to reveal it. Dolph Lundgren knows how to sport his receding blonde locks so that they make him a real hunk. Messy and spiky haircuts for men with sparse hair are always a winning solution.

High And Tight Haircuts

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A military take on the haircuts for thin hair is high and tight. With its extremely short sides and a smattering of hair on top, it creates the impression of a fuller head of hair.

David Beckham

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Believe it or not, but David Beckham hair has also undergone some aging changes. Though, the soccer legend doesn’t seem to get upset about it and successfully sports the hippest haircut styles for men with thin hair.


The Tom Hardy


Our list of hairstyles men with a bad hairline rock wouldn’t be full without a bad boy Tom Hardy. The fact that his hair is getting thinner has been noticed for quite a while now. However, it doesn’t stop him from being one of the biggest heartthrobs of Hollywood.

Short Silver Layers


When silver streaks touch your locks, it’s better to narrow down your hairstyles range to mens short haircuts. In this way, your new hair color gains additional texture and dimension.

Buzz Cut / Shaved Haircut

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Another staple of short hairstyles for thin hair is a buzz cut. In addition to disguising your balding scalp, it offers you low maintenance and business-appropriacy.


The Buzz Cut With Fade

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Even though a buzz cut is so short, it doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with fade haircuts. This combo works perfectly for even the most coily locks, which makes it one of the most popular black men haircuts.

The Jude Law

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It’s a common fact that Jude Law’s luxuriant mens hair has been replaced with a widows peak. Of course, we were upset at first. But, at the end of the day, it wasn’t his only attractive feature, right?

Textured Hairstyles For Thin Hair

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Layered haircuts are a perfect choice if you want to give the illusion of having voluminous and dense thatch on the head. To create enough texture, use special styling product for guys haircuts.

Is layered hair good for thin hair?

So, when it comes to the choice of a cut, is layered hair good for thin hair? It certainly is. When you have a layered cut, it gives your hair more structure and body. Besides, it is much easier to style such a cut so that your mane looks voluminous and full.


Short Mohawk

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If you gravitate to punk short hair cuts, thinning hair isn’t the reason to give up on them. Give the sides a skin fade while leaving some hair on top and back of the head. Push the top hair together so that it looks pointy and reminds of a real Mohawk.

The Matt Damon

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You may speculate that we included Matt Damon in our list of hairstyles for men with thin hair too early or off-base at all. However, we can already trace the signs of thinning hair on his head. His all-time favorite Ivy League haircut is the one that deserves some credit for Matt’s timeless look.

Swept Back Hairstyles For Thin Hair

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We still insist that slicked mens short haircuts aren’t the best choice for thin hair. Unless your thatch is thinning not in the front but in the crown instead. In this case, you can try to pull off a swept back hairstyle to cover your problem area.



Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

A traditional pompadour is a gold standard of mens short haircuts for follically challenged guys. A pompadour fade draws the whole attention away from the back and focuses it to the front.

Slicked Back And Drop Fade

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This hipster slicked back haircut with a drop fade proves that mens short haircuts for thinning hair can be stylish and trendy.

The Ryan Gosling


Ryan Gosling haircut has become more mature as the actor himself. From boyish messy spikes to a classic La-La Land comb over. What a welcome change!


Beard For Men With Thin Hair

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You can take attention away from your thinning hair not only by means of modern haircuts for men but also by growing out some facial hair.

Haircut For Short Hair

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If you’re struggling with a receding hairline, you most likely shy away from long haircuts. However, this doesn’t concern beard styles, as you can go as long as you want without the risk of revealing your thinning fur.

Haircut For Mid Length Hair

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For mid length hair, the beard style possibilities are endless. You can go with long or short facial hair for a contrasty look or trim it to the medium length to echo the hairstyle.


How Do You Make Thin Hair Look Thicker?

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There are plenty of ways of how to get thicker hair for men. One of them is getting a heavy layered cut, which creates an illusion of a full head of hair. To achieve it, as the barber to scissor cut your hair around the face in different levels of layers while leaving the back full. Another one is getting highlights painted in random strands to make your locks look more dimensional and thus voluminous.

Moreover, you can use special hair care and styling products, such as thickening shampoos and conditioners as well as volumizing texturizers, hairsprays and mousses. Also, there is a blowdrying technique, which implies drying your locks flipped over first and then flipped back in sections with the help of a round brush. In addition to that, you can try some natural ways of how to get thicker hair, namely rinsing with apple vinegar, applying aloe vera plant and castor oil as well as taking some vitamins. Finally, you can turn to such drastic measures as a hair transplant or extensions.

Don’t Groom Yourself Bald

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If you have ever wondered how to get your hair thicker, then you have most likely heard of such a method as disguising your balding areas by combing long sections of hair over them. However, this has been proven to not only look pathetic but also be ineffective and even harmful. The thing is that the more manipulations you do with your locks, the more hairs fall out. Besides, your bald scalp is going to peekaboo from under the hair covering it, so you will only fool yourself in the end.

Do Thickening Shampoos Work?

One of our suggestions for how to get hair thicker has been to use a thickening shampoo. But, does it really do what it says? Well, actually it does. However, it does not change the natural thickness of your hair. It only creates the appearance of a fuller mane by attaching protein molecules to hairs. Though, the final result is pretty decent. So, let’s dig into some of the hair thickening shampoos known to be the most effective.

Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo

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Aussie is obviously not a newcomer to the tonsorial market. The brand has already made a great name for itself thanks to the high-quality hair products it offers. Their Aussome Volume Shampoo will transform your limp and fine mop into ample and bouncy tresses. The formula is weightless with authentic ingredients that make your hair smell fruity and sweet.

NIOXIN System 2 For Natural Hair With Progressed Thinning

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This System 2set from Nioxin, which contains a shampooing cleanser, revitalizing conditioner and professional treatment, is aimed at purifying your scalp and enhancing your hair texture at the same time. The cleanser will rid your head of the residues and sebum that clog the follicles, while the revitalizer will moisturize your scalp and make the hair more resilient.


Should You Have A Hair Transplant?

If you were looking for the best ways of how to get thicker hair fast, then you might have come across such an option as a hair transplant. But, is it really worth the effort and money? There are many reasons for and against a hair transplant. Like any other surgery, it may implicate some risks. Thus, before getting it, you should give a try to all other methods. If none of them works, then it may be the time to arrange an appointment with a hair transplant surgeon.

Is Minoxidil An Option?

Many men who experience a thinning hair issue sooner or later start considering minoxidil as a remedy for good reason. Thanks to the fact that the blood flow near your hair follicles is stimulated, their growth phase extends. However, it has several side effects, which cannot be overlooked. One of them is the so-called effect of interruption. That is when you stop using the medicine and your hair starts to fall out severely. So, be very careful when using it.

Other Treatments

Apart from Minoxidil, there are several other treatments that can work for you. For example, you can use Finasteride after the treatment with Minoxidil. It will stop testosterone from converting to DMT, which is one of the causes of thinning hair. The same properties are intrinsic in a Serenoa extract, which can be considered a natural alternative to Finasteride. Also, you can try out the Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, also known as PRP, which implies being your blood separated into plasma, platelet-rich plasma and red blood cells to be injected later on in the balding spots for the hair density boost. Last but not least, there is Low Level Laser Light Therapy, which will increase the blood flow around follicles and scalp in general.


Take The Plunge Without The Plugs

In case you do not want to resort to any complex treatments or medical procedures, then there are some gentler ways to create a more abundant silhouette. You can employ either hair fibers, which are cotton fibers that bond with the follicles of your hair, or cosmetic hair systems instead.

Surely, we can’t say that hair loss is a blessing. However, it’s not a death sentence either. With the sheer variety of hairstyles for thin hair, there’s definitely at least one that’s worth having in your stylistic box.

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