At MensHaircuts, we celebrate the diversity of hair types among Black men haircuts and understand the importance of finding the right haircut that suits your unique texture. From curly coils to tight afros, our guide covers a range of hair types and haircuts for men, offering tailored advice and inspiration for each. Discover the best haircuts to complement your style and hair characteristics, empowering you to embrace your natural texture and showcase your individuality with confidence.


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Black Men Haircuts And Hairstyles Popular In 2021 #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


Our editorial team consulted with Dorian Purnell, a barber specializing in haircuts for black men, to discuss current trends:

Meet the expert
Dorian Purnell
Expertise: Owner Of Dstinct Dsigns Mobile Grooming, Barber, Educator
The haircuts for black men that are in fashion right now are the mid , bald fade with either a wave length top or a longer length on top . This type of style is easy to manage depending on how often the client gets their service. Having the base of the fade bald will give it a longer lasting look in between services and if the transition in consistent it will definitely last while its starting to grow back . Paying attention to the front of the hairline while keeping it natural is key . Although color enhancements are frowned upon at times, if the client is thinning in the front area , it’s definitely a game changer for the client if it’s applied correctly and not too heavy .

Buzz Cut With A Bald Fade

The Buzz Cut With A Bald Fade #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


Buzz haircuts are the most basic short haircuts for men. However, if we’re talking about the black men haircuts, this style can seem a bit too dull. Bring some uniqueness to the look by clipping a curvy hair design.


Taper Fade Black Men Haircut With Design

Temple Fade Black Men Haircut With Design #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


When you opt for short black male hairstyles, you can diversify them with some fresh elements like shaving or lines. Style the hair on with a twist and complement it with a low fade haircut and shaved lines.

This is how New York  barber and educator Zach Ramsey comments on his haircut:

Tapers have grown to be some of my favorite styles to perform. Wether you get one in between haircuts the keep clean or it’s your style. With Faris in the picture below I shaped his over all silhouette into a round shape placing a skin taper at the temple and a 1.5 with the grain around the ear. Topped it off with a couple of slashes in the back for a bit of extra spice.

Designed Low Fade Haircut Black Man

Low Fade Haircut Black Man + Beard + Line Up #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


Celebrity barber Faheem Alexander shared insights on hair trends for black men in a conversation with Men’s Health magazine:

“In Philly, the best hairstyle is a dark or low caesar, There is also the wave length cut—there’s a big wave community for black men.”

He also advised starting with identifying your face shape if you’re looking to transform your appearance. According to him, various face shapes have hairstyles that enhance them the most, although that doesn’t mean you’re limited to just a few styles. Hairstyling, akin to fashion, is a personal expression. Discovering your distinctive style may involve experimenting with various looks until you find what resonates with you.


Kinky Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Men

Long Kinky Hairstyles For Black Men #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


The sides are meticulously faded, drawing the eye upwards to the voluminous, coiled locks that define the mohawk. It’s a bold fusion of edgy and classic aesthetics, perfect for the modern man who’s not afraid to stand out.

Styling Tip: use a leave-in conditioner to keep the curls hydrated and defined. Invest in a quality curl cream to enhance the texture. To keep the sides sharp, schedule regular trims and utilize a precision trimmer at home for upkeep. This style is all about definition and contrast—embrace it.

High Flat Top Black Men Haircuts

High Flat Top Black Men Haircuts #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Such a high top haircut would be the most complimenting for the men with medium head size. This flat top black male hairstyle would look classy on every black man. However, due to its complex angular shape, it requires quite a lot of effort to keep the line-up haircut on top.


Clean Buzz Cut Black Men

Buzz Cut Black Men #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


The classic fade has stood the test of time. Most haircuts has some variation of a fade. This seamless haircut has it’s own way of breathing new life and energy into those who wear it.

– this is how the grooming expert Adrian Fanus commented on this haircut on his Instagram.

Blowout Low Haircuts For Black Men

Blowout Haircut #blackmenhaircuts #haircutsforblackmen #blackhair #blackhaircuts


In this blowout haircut stands out with its full, rounded top that showcases the natural curl pattern. Short haircuts for black men like this blowout are a testament to style and ease. The close-cropped sides accentuate the shape and make for a low-maintenance yet fashionable statement.

Undercut Fade Long Curls

Undercut Fade Long Curls #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


Chris Boos master barber, and owner BLADE & SOUL BARBERSHOP offers recommendations for haircuts:

“✂️ Recipe: Leave the curls ( grow-out stage ). Debulk edges over ear. Stretch taper on neck. Open clipper taper on sides. Keep beard length. Beard lineup with square jawline. Eyebrow cleanup with one slash on left. No front hairline edging. No color or enhancements.”


Curls Over An Undercut

Curls Over An Undercut #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


This exceptionally defined haircut for black men can be achieved with the help of short cut sides and naturally styled curls. It perfectly balances two haircuts for black men – the messy top and the undercut sides.

Mid Taper Fade Black Male

Shadow Fade Hawk #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


The mid taper fade for black mens infuses a touch of sophistication, blending a gradual fade with a structured mid-length top for a polished yet versatile look. Pairing this with a burst fade buzz cut creates a dynamic contrast, showcasing the precision of the burst fade against the short, textured buzzed top for a modern and edgy style.

Bleached  Buzz Fade

Mid Taper Fade Black Male #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


This image presents a striking bleached buzz fade that commands attention. The crisp, sharp lines of the haircut are a testament to precision styling, while the platinum hue adds an avant-garde twist. It’s a bold, yet clean look that represents modern grooming at its most innovative.


Shag Haircut Black Men

Shag Haircut Black Men #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


The shag haircut for black men is a fusion of texture and attitude, embracing layers and tousled styling to create a relaxed yet stylish appearance. This versatile cut allows for a playful and effortless vibe, showcasing the natural texture and volume of black hair with a touch of edgy sophistication.

Dark Caesar Tapered Waves

Taper Fade with Waves #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


The taper fade with waves is a slick and stylish choice among black hair cuts for men, blending sharp lines with defined waves for a sharp yet effortless look. This haircut showcases the beauty of textured black hair, adding depth and dimension to the overall style.

Spiky Afro Black Men Haircuts

Ideal Fade Spiky Afro Black Men Haircuts #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Spiky hair looks unbelievably funky. Moreover; it is one of the black men hairstyles men can recreate themselves. Just cover your fingertips with some styling product and twist individual strands around them.

Styling Tip: To maintain this dynamic Spiky Afro, it’s essential to use products that enhance the hair’s natural texture without weighing it down. A lightweight curl-defining cream or foam can keep the spikes sharp and in place. Regular trims are also crucial to maintain the distinct shape of the afro, while a soft-bristle brush can help manage the hair daily without disrupting the spiky style.


The Short Afro And Skin Fade

The Short Afro #blackmenhaircuts #haircutsforblackmen #blackhair #blackhaircuts


Short haircuts are extremely popular among black men because of the freedom and tons of styling options you get with them. First and foremost, the short afro is the basis for short natural hairstyles.

Clean Cut Tight Top

Clean Cut Tight Top #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


This is the type of fade haircut black men find the most dapper and snug among the black short haircuts. Because the hair on the sides and at the back is buzzed short, it creates an extremely clean appearance. For the men who prefer some haircut designs, add a carved line to this look.

Bald Fade Black Hair Men + High Curls

Bald Fade Black Hair Men + High Curls #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


Perfect fade with a long curly top is a type of fade that’s similar to bald high fade. The only difference is that the top of the hair is longer than the sides. Though old, but it’s still one of many haircuts for black men that millennials rock. Don’t forget to style your curls with a gel or hair cream.


360 Waves With Mid Fade

360 Waves With High Fade And Line Up #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


It’s one of the few haircuts for black men that comprises of three iconic black men’s haircuts: Migh fade, 360 waves, and a lineup. With this style, the sides and back of the are closely shaved, while the top is wavy, and the hairlines to the sideburns are finely straightened.

Black Men Braids

Black Men Braids #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Black men widely favor box braids, which have the advantage of requiring minimal maintenance and can be worn for several weeks or even months. Braids black men not only simple-wearing hairstyle, but also stylish.

High Taper Fade Black Male

Taper Fade Black Male #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


A taper fade afro is a popular hairstyle for black men where the hair gradually gets shorter from the top of the head down to the neckline. This creates a clean and sharp look, with a lot of versatility in terms of styling.

Meet the expert
Dorian Purnell
Expertise: Owner Of Dstinct Dsigns Mobile Grooming, Barber, Educator
Also popular The classic temple taper , with a considerable length on top. This cut is for the “modern sophisticate” white collar worker that likes to add a little roughness but yet still clean look to their style. The areas around the temples are faded transitioning to the bulk area where more product , conditioner, and curling agents are used to achieve a certain look . This look typically requires the curl sponge or other techniques to give the hair a curly, textured look . This service is definitely efficient and effective for the man on the go.


Tapered Afro

Tapered Afro #blackmenhaircuts #haircutsforblackmen #blackhair #blackhaircuts


The beauty of tapered afro cuts lies in their ability to suit all face shapes and hair textures. The transition of levels is what you need to combine your cut with a full beard. This is one of those black short hairstyles to never go out of style, that is for sure!

Clean Buzz Cut With Simple Design

Buzz Cut With Design #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Very often men seek haircut styles that are easy to maintain. This is precisely the kind of black hairstyles, which will grant you style and will take you neither the time nor effort to maintain. If you seek for simple black men haircuts, this may be what you need!

Afro Temple Fade

Afro Temple Fade #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


If you are not ready to say goodbye to an afro style that has got popular again recently, then we have figured out an idea for you. Why don`t you combine it with a modern hint of faded sides? We love such black hair styles that are updated and so stylish looking.


Asymmetrical Flat Top

Asymmetrical Flat Top #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


This short hairstyle stands out among the common black short hairstyles. There is a stereotype that a flat top hairstyle is an aftersound of the 1990s. But don’t jump the gun as with a bit of your effort, this afro look can be completely up-to-date. A line-up and a high skin fade wash out all the doubts regarding its irrelevance.

Styling Tip: it’s crucial to keep the sides immaculately trimmed to emphasize the distinctive shape. Use a firm hold gel or pomade on the top to maintain height and structure. A regular touch-up with your barber will ensure the style’s sharpness and symmetry remain intact.

Rounded Mohawk And Undercut

Rounded Flat Top And Undercut #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


One of the oldest haircuts among black men in the 1950s, the rounded flat top is still a thing today. It requires a lot of hair to give the headgear a perfect fitting. The back and sides of the head are usually short, while the top is very high.

Rounded Top High Fade

Rounded Flat Top High Fade #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


A flat top haircut is a choice for men who love simple but rocking hairstyles. Look at how cool curly hair looks in such a haircut. Structured, neat and clean. Goes so well with a beard, too.


Afro-Textured Hair

Afro-Textured Hair #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


If you are lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, just allow it to grow without trimming. You can then try one of the natural curly hairstyles, like a messy top bun. Nothing looks as eye-catching as a black man with long hair.

Undercut Mohawk With Curly Highlights

Undercut Fade Highlighted Mohawk #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Temple fade also know as Brooklyn fade or blow out is an American haircut that involves fading the hairs on the sides till it gets to the temple. How detailed the line up of the sideburns is played a major in this style’s success. In essence, the temple fade longer mohawk is temple fade with a long mohawk.

Short Sponge Twist Mid Fade

Short Sponge Twist Bald Fade  #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


In case you are looking for natural hairstyles for short hair, wavy hair is a very nice option to consider. To balance the defined texture of the black men hairstyles, add a taper fade to the sides and back of your head. Mind you, such black hair styles are highly adjustable to any age.

Styling Tip: regularly apply a curl-defining cream to damp hair, and use a twisting sponge in a circular motion to maintain those tight, springy coils. Keep the faded sides fresh with a touch-up every couple of weeks, ensuring the style remains as sharp and crisp as it appears in this image.


Low Taper Curly Black Men Haircuts

Low Taper Curly Black Men Haircuts #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Curly hairstyles for men are very often underestimated. While the truth is that, there are lots of options to pull off with a curly mane. If you need a short cut then make sure the top is left longer so that with the help of some product you can easily style it.

Clean Afro

Clean Afro #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


There’s arguably no better way to embrace your coiled hair texture than wearing your big afro. However, to pull it off, ensure that your hair is moisturized and nourished for its best look. As for the style, it doesn’t require much effort. Simply leave your hair air dry after washing and it will create the perfect shape itself.

The Gentleman’s Haircut

The Gentleman’s Haircut #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


Among all of the fade haircuts black men wear the most, the gentleman’s haircut is the most elegant and refined. This hairstyle will look equally appropriate in the formal and informal environment. Not many men’s medium hairstyles combine the gradually fading sides with the voluminous Afro top.


Flat Top High Fade

Flat Top High Fade  #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Fade haircut is always a good idea, especially if it did with some beautiful techniques. Consider adding a sharp surgical line to the side. Doesn`t it look great? Especially, if you leave the top layer of your hair longer.

Afro Albino Cut

Extra Short Bald Fade #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


As simple as changing haircut sounds, It’s a risk many black men don’t want to take. But if you have made up your mind switch your haircut, we have some amazing styles that will be perfect for your face.

Neat Mid Length Curls

Neat Mid Length Curls #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


A classic afro hairstyle will never go out of style and legendary mens haircuts. Short but with the defined structure of hair, it will be there to enhance your facial features while keeping your curly hair in place all the time. Relaxed looking but neat at the same time it is a haircut that every man should try.


Dyed Mohawk Fade

Dyed Mohawk Fade #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


The dyed top hairstyle brings the fade haircuts for black men to a totally new level. If you feel brave enough to wear this style, then it’s definitely worth trying. Such a modern breathtaking haircut looks hip on black men.

Ball Haircut

Perfect Afro #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Evidently, such African American hairstyles are the immortal classics. They are simply achieved by letting the black men curly hair form a rounded shape.

Low Taper Black Male

Low Taper Black Male #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


The low taper for black men is a sleek and refined choice, offering a gradual fade that accentuates the natural hairline while maintaining a polished appearance. This haircut exemplifies the artistry of low fades for black men, delivering a clean and tailored look that complements various styles.


Bald Head And Full Beard

Bald Head With Design And Full Beard #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


It’s crucial to keep the scalp moisturized and the beard well-groomed. Use a daily scalp lotion with SPF to protect and nourish the skin. Invest in a high-quality beard oil to keep the beard soft and healthy, and use a boar bristle brush to evenly distribute the oil and train the hair to grow in your desired direction. Regular trims will also ensure the beard maintains its shape and volume.

Ideal Faded Mohawk

Ideal Faded Mohawk #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Also known as the mohawk fade, the faded mohawk is one of the many black hairstyles men wear that give them a rebellious look. Unlike the normal fading style, the tapers and sides are used to form a mohawk on the head. It is perfect for any type of mohawk.

Two-Level Black Men Haircuts

Two-Level Black Men Haircuts #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Short male haircuts can look very creative. For instance, when the two-level cut is too dull for you – add another one. Divide the first two with a side part and then let the second level fade on the sides and back of your head.


Undercut Fade Thin Dreads

Undercut Fade Thin Dreads #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


In case you have decided to tie your dreads in a trending men bun but are afraid that it will impede your masculinity, complement it with a true sign of men power in terms of appearance – a beard. Besides, there is no big difference whether you will go for a full coarse beard or a thin strip of facial hair. You can rest assured that your virility will not get hurt.

How often should I get my haircut?

How can I maintain healthy hair while trying different styles?

Mid Taper Design

Mid Taper Design #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


The mid taper design is a creative touch in black curly hairstyles for men, adding flair by incorporating precise designs within the fade for a personalized and artistic look. This haircut seamlessly merges the structured mid taper with the natural charm of curly hair, offering a distinctive style that stands out with its intricate detailing.

Purple Reverse V-Fade

Purple High Top Hairstyle And Haircut Design #blackmenhaircuts #haircutsforblackmen #blackhair #blackhaircuts


Having a cut is not the only way to make the most out of your hair texture. For added emphasis on the spiral shape of your coils, you can dye the tips of your hair on top. This not only will add an intricate touch to your hairstyle but will also create extra contrast.


The Rounded Top And Hair Ombre

The Rounded Top #blackmenhaircuts #haircutsforblackmen #blackhair #blackhaircuts


If your black natural hairstyles sometimes seem a bit dull to you, brighten them up by adding a hint of color. If this is your first time coloring, maybe it would be better to confide in the hands of a professional because you risk damaging your hair with the bleach and dyes.

Sponge Curls + Fade + Surgical Line

Sponge Curls + Fade + Surgical Line #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


A skin fade is always a great option to accompany black men hairstyles. It helps to add neatness to the look and keep your unruly locks tamed. For more definition, carve a surgical line that outlines the hair on the top of your head. And finish off the look with a line up along the temples and forehead.

Drop Fade Dreads

Drop Fade Dreads #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


Drop fade dreads paired with dreads showcase a fusion of bold texture and precise detailing, blending the structured drop fade with the free-flowing charm of dreadlocks. This hairstyle exemplifies the versatility of locks, combining edgy fades with intricate twists for a distinctive and stylish look.


Braids With Fade

Braids With Fade #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


Dreads are a bit more complex than the regular black braids men as they imply prolonged wearing. Ensure that you find a true professional; otherwise, your funds will be completely wasted.

Box Braids And Undercut

Box Braids And Undercut #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


By all means, braids are the timeless example of hairstyles for natural hair, dating back as far as 3000 BC. They not only make the look refined and sophisticated but also keep the natural moisture of the hair.

Line Up Black Men Haircuts

Line Up #blackmenhaircuts #haircutsforblackmen #blackhair #blackhaircuts


A line up is arguably a must for most if not all black men hairstyles. It adds definition and clean lines to the look in a blink of an eye no matter how you are going to have the rest of your hair cut. Another great thing about a line up is that it can not only go along your hairline but also outline your facial hair.


Short Hair With Hard Part

Short Hair With Hard Part Black Men Haircuts #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


You can show off your creative side by directing the parting across your head starting from the bend of the hairline and landing somewhere at the nape.

Medium Afro With Low Fade

Medium Afro With Low Fade Black Men Haircuts #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #haircutsforblackmen #afrohaircuts #afrohairstyles


If your hair is coily enough to hold the shape when being of medium length, then we don’t see any reasons for you to go shorter. Medium Afro curls look flattering and intricate, especially when paired with any type of fade. Should you prefer to leave more hair on the head, opt for a low skin fade with a line up.

Taper Dreads

Taper Dreads Locs #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


Taper dreads with fade offer a seamless blend of modernity and tradition, combining the structured taper fade with the timeless elegance of dreadlocks for a unique, versatile hairstyle. This fusion showcases the sophistication of a tapered fade while celebrating the textured allure and depth of dreadlocks in one seamless look.


Mohawk Style With Hair Tattoo

Mohawk Style With Hair Tattoo #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


With such a coily hair texture, a mohawk hairstyle gains a new turn. Let something else, such as a hair tattoo, add boldness to your hairstyle. What design to choose is fully up to you. However, make sure it reflects your personality accurately.

High Taper Fade Black Male

High Taper Fade Black Male #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


The high taper fade for black men is a bold and striking choice, featuring a sharp and defined transition from longer hair on top to a shorter length on the sides and back. This haircut accentuates facial features while exuding a sleek and modern vibe, perfect for those seeking a confident and stylish appearance.

Low Skin Fade

Afro Taper Fade #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


The low skin fade combines the classic afro style with a modern twist, featuring a gradual fade that tapers down the sides and back for a clean and contemporary finish. This haircut celebrates the natural volume of the afro while adding a sleek and refined touch with the taper fade, offering a versatile and trendy look for men.


Undercut Texture

Undercut Fade Blonde #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Incorporate a texturizing or volumizing spray when styling to enhance the hair’s natural texture and hold the style in place. Regular trims will keep the undercut sharp and the overall look clean.

Short & Messy

Short & Messy  #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Short messy cut all the rage these days. That is why if you are the lucky owner of a short mane and you are in need of perfect textured hairstyles men can sport – help yourself!

Dreads And Undercut

Dreads And Undercut #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Dreads have existed since time immemorial. The undercut is among the short haircuts black men wear that goes well with many styles and dreads are one of them. You get to trim the sides and back of your head while having short or long dreads on top.


Mid Sponge Twist Black Men Haircuts

Mid Sponge Twist Black Men Haircuts #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


You may ask how to get curly hair men to look fresh with the help of a hairstyle. We have an answer to that. Keep the hair short at the sides and a bit longer at the top. Then wrap little curls into the mid sponge twists.

High Fade With Wavy Top

High Fade With Wavy Top #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Are you eager to resemble a celebrity? Then try this variation of black male hairstyles. The wavy top and very high fade make it one of the most stellar Afro hairstyles.

High Top Fade + Line Up

High Top Fade + Line Up #blackmenshaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenhair


This is one of the commonest black men haircuts, especially the younger generation. High top fade with line up is a haircut that requires lowering or removing the hairs on the sides and back leaving the hair on the top of your head.


Frohawk Black Men Haircuts

Frohawk Black Men Haircuts #blackmenhaircuts #haircutsforblackmen #blackhair #blackhaircuts


Look how bold and interesting the color looks on the curly structure of the hair. Especially, look at the haircut that makes it stand out. We love such creative ideas as they bring men the way to show their creativity and character!

Structured Shape-Up Black Men Haircuts

Structured Shape-Up Black Men Haircuts #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


The structured shape-up black men haircuts involve a low skin fade on the sides and at the back of the head. However, to achieve a really sharp look, this short military haircut should have defined lines around the face.

Dyed Buzz Cut

Blonde Buzz Cut #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Do you prefer super short hair but still would like it to look different and super fresh? Well, try a bleached haircut. It is a great way to bring some changes into your hairstyle.


Long Textured Afro Black Men Haircuts

Long Textured Afro Black Men Haircuts #fade #blackmenhaircuts #haircutsforblackmen #afrohair


If you love to maintain and showcase your fine African textured hair, the long textured afro is a great option. The haircut entails lowering the back of your head a little bit. The hair on the sides and top of your hair will be of the same length to give you that perfect afro shape. It also requires regular maintenance and a strong combing game to slay this black man haircut.

Black Men With Straight Hair

Black Men With Straight Hair #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Black men hairstyle with straight hair refer to individuals who identify as male and have hair that is naturally straight in texture or has been straightened using hair products or heat styling tools.

Black Men Hair Styles With High Fade And Ragged Hair On Top

Black Men Hair Styles With High Fade And Ragged Hair On Top #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


A popular trend in hair styles for black men is the high fade with ragged hair on top. The style features closely cropped sides that gradually taper up to longer hair on top, which is styled in a messy, textured way. This look is versatile and can be customized to suit different face shapes and hair types, making it a popular choice among men of all ages.


Undercut Black Man Hair Style With Twist

Undercut Black Man Hair Style With Twist #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


The undercut black guy hairstyles with twist is a trendy haircut that involves shaving the sides and back of the head while leaving the hair on top longer. The longer hair is then twisted into small sections, creating a unique and textured look. This hairstyle is popular among black men and can be worn in various ways, such as with a fade or with a more defined undercut.

Asymmetrical Black Men Hair And Goatee Beard

Asymmetrical Black Men Hair And Goatee Beard #blackmenhaircuts #blackmenhairstyles #afrohaircuts #haircutsforblackmen


Asymmetrical haircut styles for black men and goatee beard is a rare hairstyle and facial hair combination. The hairstyle involves a combination of buzzed sides and longer hair on top, creating a unique and edgy look. The goatee beard, which is typically trimmed and shaped to perfection, adds to the overall bold and sharp appearance of this hairstyle.

We strongly believe that with our top-list of black men’s hairstyles you won’t have any doubts regarding the number of hair look options the afro hair offers. Give every hairstyle a try and embrace the one that you’ll find the most alluring. From now on, you’ll be able to make your haircuts extremely versatile and fancy, won’t you?

FAQs: Black Men Haircuts

What are some popular haircut styles for black men?

Popular haircut styles for black men include fades, waves, afros, twists, and braids. The choice often depends on personal preference and hair texture.

What are some tips for maintaining a fade haircut?

Ensure regular touch-ups with your barber, utilize high-quality moisturizers or oils for scalp and hair health, and opt for a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and preserve the fade.

What do black men do with long hair?

Black men with long hair often style it in braids, twists, or locs for both cultural expression and hair protection. Some prefer to wear their long hair loose, embracing its natural texture and versatility.

How can I make my hair grow faster black male?

To boost the growth of their hair, black men should follow the next tips:
1. Moisturize your locks sufficiently not to let them become crusty, brittle and tousled.
2. Trim the ends regularly to get rid of split ends but do not be reckless with hair clippers.
3. Put on a durag or any other head cover to protect your hair from falling out during sleep.
4. Apply deep conditioner every week to soften your kinks and make them easier to manage.
5. Detangle your hair with fingers, as it is less damaging to your locks.
6. Resort to protective hairstyles, such as twists or braids and leave your hair alone for a couple of days.
7. Use hair shampoo that does not contain sulfates because they strip natural oils.


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