What Is A Fade Haircut: Types, Styles and Examples

Fantastic Fade Haircut Ideas To Give A Try To

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Before we proceed with types of fade haircut is should be mentioned what is a fade haircut after all, since not all of you may be familiar with it so far. The thing is that a fade cut is a type of short haircuts for men which is extremely versatile without being too dramatic lengthwise. The cut is done in such a way that some part of your hair is cut very closely to the scalp, but then the length changes gradually leaving all the fun at the top. There are many types and styles of how you can get it done, and we are going to provide you with the complete compilation of existing and trending haircuts with fade there are. So, let’s have a closer look!

How To Do A Fade Haircut

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In order to get a fade cut right, you need to plan it beforehand. Even though a fade is achieved thanks to the gradual transition between longer hair around the top and shorter hair at the neck, there are plenty of fades to choose from. You need to decide not only on the pattern your fade will follow but also how high or low it is going to be. After that, start trimming your locks with clippers. You should switch between different guards to achieve a smooth change of hair in length. As a final touch, examine if your hair is faded gradually and blends nicely. In case you are up to a long fade, you will need to pair clippers with scissors.

Four Tips For A First-Rate Fade

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  1. A mens fade is not a haircut you should skimp on. Thus, if you are considering to do it on your own or go to a low-priced yet poor-quality hair salon, forget about it. You should entrust this daunting task to a professional only.
  2. As a fade is quite a revealing cut, you need to remember that should you have any flaws on your scalp, such as bumps, lumps or scars, a fade will most likely accentuate them or at least make noticeable. Thus, it should affect your choice of the fade type.
  3. A fade is that one haircut that requires regular upkeep to look its best. So, if you are not ready to pay frequent visits to your barber, maybe, it would be wise to choose another haircut?
  4. You may think that you know the exact name of the fade haircut, however, your barber can call it differently. So that there would be no misunderstanding, it is always better to show them a photo of what you want your fade to look like.

Fade Haircut Types

Since we have already figured that fade cuts are ones of the most requested for these days, it is time to have a look at types of a fade haircut. It is true that this haircut is exceptionally versatile, but there are three main types of it, depending on how high you want to take the fade to: low, medium and high fade. There are also some other variations of these three but worry not, we will discuss all of them today!

Low Fade

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The low fade haircut will suit those of you who are willing to preserve the most natural look there is. Low skin fade touches only the back of your head while the length is increased as the cut moves up. This type of fade cut mostly suits men with diamond or triangular head shape.

Mid Fade Haircut

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When it comes to mid fade, it is safe to say that many men opt for it these days. The reason why medium fade haircut is so popular is that you can experiment with the variety of longer top cuts, like a pompadour. What is more, it is less reserved than low fade and less dramatic than a high one. Try it out, and you will not regret it!

High Fade Haircut

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To tell you the truth, high fade is all about the contrast and most often about the low maintenance since most of your hair is cut closer to the scalp. However, that does not mean that there are no looks to experiment with – they are still plenty, even with a high top fade. Besides, high fade haircut black men like the most!

Bald Fade / Skin Fade Haircut

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Bald fade cut is different from all the described above in the way the fade is cut itself. The thing is that bald skin fade is cut right at the scalp. Bald fade haircut will suit those of you who would like to accent the border between your beard and haircut.

Drop Fade Haircut

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Drop fade is called so because the fade drops right behind the ear. There is a visible arch from the temple to the ear and that is exactly what makes this cut a little different from all the others described. If you are looking for something new to experiment with we suggest you try this one out!

Burst Fade

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For a bolder and more textured look, go for a burst fade on the sides and back. As it seems unusual and intricate itself, you can style the hair on the top of your head quite modest. Or, if you like to add some definition, you are welcome to make it textured and dimensional.

Scissor Fade

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It is true that not all the men are equally fond of clippers that is why we suggest to your attention the scissor fade cut. As you may have already guessed, the barbers use scissors instead of clippers to succeed with this cut. What makes it so unique is that it is a little bit softer than all the fades described, if you are not a fan of experimentation then this is the cut you need.

Temple Fade

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Temple fade haircut is very popular among men with tight curls or afro hair. The thing is that it is tapered around the temples and sharp lines are created. These lines are what make the cut so special, so you better not try to pull it of on your own but visit an experienced barber instead.

Taper Fade

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Taper fade haircut can be easily called the most classic one when it comes to fades. The thing is that when you compare taper vs fade, there is no dramatic fade at all, there is no skin exposure, just a neatly cut low taper fade. If you are not looking for a dramatic change, then this cut will suit you perfectly.

Comb Over Fade

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Fade comb over hairstyles are pretty required these days too. However, this is a cut that needs some time and effort spent on while styling. In case you are ready to waste your precious time on your hair then high fade comb over is the perfect option for you!

Undercut Fade

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Fade undercut will suit those of you who are all about the business in the back and party on the top. The thing is that any skin fade undercut requires back and sides to be closely shaved, while you can experiment with the hair on the top the way you like.

Top Fade Hairstyles

Now, when we have it covered what a fade haircut is and what types of it there are it is the time you get to know about all possible styles to pull off with this cut! Enjoy!

Side Part Fade

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Side part haircut is surely the classiest one, what is more, it works with all possible types of fades there are. All you need to do is to pick your fav side part fade and get it professionally done!

Hard Part Fade

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The best thing about a hard part haircut is that it brings contrast to the cut so that all the details are noticeable. However, you need to be aware that hard part fade will require some time, effort and means to style it properly.

Pompadour Fade

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Pompadour hairstyle is the one that has been trending for decades now. However, it is time you freshen up your favorite pompadour with a fresh update. The mixture pompadour and fade is the perfect blend of class and style!

Faux Hawk Fade

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Faux hawk haircut is surely the one that requires courage to pull off. What is more faux hawk fade also begs for some styling skills to be at hand. In case that is something you think you can easily deal with, then this daring and stylish cut is what you have been looking for!

Spiky High Top

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Those of you who are willing to combine high fade with some longer hair on the top may as well opt for this spiked hair on the top option.

Slick Back Hair

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Slicked back hair is something that not everyone would appreciate, however, if you have soft and straight hair and you would like to keep it longer but out of your face – slick back fade is undoubtedly the best choice for you!

French Crop Fade

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You’ll be surprised but a fade and a French crop haircut have quite a lot in common. When you get a mens fade haircut, your hair length on the sides and back gradually becomes shorter. The same happens when you opt for a French crop: the hair on top is cut in varying layers with the longest at the forehead and the shortest at the crown. For the added boldness, tell your barber to give you a high skin fade that’s flush with the fringe.

Textured Top

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As the fade gives your haircut such a neat and clean appearance, the top can be styled whatever way you like. Pair it, for instance, with textured hair on top, and you’ll get a very flashy look.

Buzz Cut Fade

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Those guys who prefer hairstyles of less length shouldn’t waive them only for the sake of a short fade haircut. Say, a buzz cut can be perfectly adorned with a high bold fade on the back and sides. To add definition and integrity to the whole look, you can finish it off with a line-up around the forehead as well as cheek and chin lines.

Shaggy Fade

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It’s no surprise that a fade hair cut is extremely versatile. It can be adjusted not only to different hair types and lengths but also to almost any ambiance. If you’re in the mood for more breezy and relaxed hairstyle, tousle your hair on the top for a perfect “bedhead” look.

Skin Fade Odell Hawk

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Opting for a skin fade haircut black men move the focus to their amazing hair texture on top while keeping the whole look neat and clean. If you want to make a strong statement with your hairstyle, ask your barber to dye the tips of your top hair in lighter color. In this way, you’ll be rocking the Odell Hawk, which is all the rage now.

Edgy Two-Level Fade

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A basic fade haircut doesn’t seem enough for you? How about a two-level fade? With such a stylish and daring look, your hairstyle will be the talk of the town. Get your barber to disconnect them from one another with a hard part for added emphasis.

Curly Undercut Fade

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No matter how you prefer to style your curly locks, a fade is a must if you want to look trendy and groomed. A curly hair fade adds to the appeal of your ringlets and makes them even more vivid. On top of that, with a curly fade, managing your unruly locks won’t be an issue anymore.

High Top Fade

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As we said, a fade haircut is a great addition to any style of the top, especially if you prefer longer ones. Although a high top haircut will benefit greatly from any type of fade, if you want a really edgy look go for a high skin fade.

Short Texture With Simple Design

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A short hair fade has quite a lot of benefits too. First, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance nor will you spend much time on styling. Besides, a skin taper allows embellishing your cut with hair design. For a low-key option, let your barber shave in a couple of lines behind your ear. Braver guys can employ more intricate carvings.

Mohawk Fade

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You can hardly imagine a Mohawk haircut without a fade. Although you can simply have your top hair undercut, a fade will add a touch of style to it.

Quiff Fade

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A quiff may sometimes look a bit childish and plain. Not to let this happen, complement it with any kind of fade. Remember, the higher the fade, the edgier your hairstyle looks. So, you can adjust it depending on the effect you want to achieve and the ambiance you want your hairstyle to suit.

Afro Curls Fade

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When it comes to a drop fade haircut black men are the first who should try it. Having such kinky locks, nobody but you knows how hard it is to keep them looking dapper. A fade will not only give you an ultra clean look but also help create additional contrast.

Short Hair Fade

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One of the best things about the fade is that it can be paired with any hair length on top and still make up a contrasty look. If you generally prefer short hairstyles, then opt for a skin fade. This will allow your hair atop to stand out against the bold sides.

Textured Crop With Undercut Fade

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To accentuate the bold structure of your hair, you can complement your style with an undercut fade. It will draw the whole attention to the hair on the top of your head, so ensure you get it styled appropriately. One of the most flattering mens fade haircuts is the one paired with a textured crop.

Curly Hair Fade

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A fade cut is always a great accompaniment for curly hair. Thanks to the clean appearance of the sides and back it helps to create, the look comes out contrasty and edgy. On your side, it requires little to no styling, as you can simply dishevel your locks up top and you are good to go.

Straight Hair Fade

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Nevertheless, with straight locks, a fade looks as attractive as with any other hair type. Moreover, it gives you a myriad of styling options, as you can easily create a hairstyle that suits any ambiance, from casual to professional. Besides, you can play around with a fade type too. Go for a high bald fade for a sharper look and choose a low taper fade if you prefer something more low-key.

The fade haircut is the most requested for these days. That is why we suggest to your attention the fullest compilation of all possible fade types and styles to experiment with. Enjoy!