Anyone Can Wear A Taper Fade Haircut

How To Wear A Taper Fade Haircut

Any man can wear a taper fade. It can be side parted, combed back, tousled, spiked up, fashioned into a pompadour, or shaped into a Mohawk. And these are just a few of the styles you can do. Most looks work best when you use products and/or pomades. Don’t hesitate to use hair products. In fact, experiment with them. You may be surprised at the result.

A fade taper haircut is similar to its brother, a taper haircut. Both haircuts feature longer hair at the top of the head and then short hair around the sides and back. The short hair part is about four inches, but can be longer (high, low, medium fades). The hairstylist works with the short hair section and fashions it to gradually advance toward the back of the head or “tapers” it.

So, what’s the difference between fade and taper? Taper vs. fade: the taper part can be buzzed or scissor cut. Fade vs. Taper: the taper part is progressively buzzed to appear as though it is merging into the skin. While some parts of the head may have no hair at all, it looks really good.

Taper Fade Comb Over

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

The comb over fade offers several styling options. This model side parted his and then slicked it back. Bald men and those with thinning hair like the taper fade comb over as it allows them to conceal hairless patches.

High Top Taper Fade

Source: @londonschoolofbarbering Instagram

This model’s high top hairstyle elicits 1990s hip hop beats. Well, the look is back, and the high top fade modernizes it. It looks great on African American men and those with tight curly hair. These days, it’s extremely trendy. This model’s high top sits above a mid taper fade, which begins around the temple level and ends above the ears.


Source: @ninothenice via Instagram

Mohawk hair, in some form or fashion, has YET to go out of style. This Mohawk fade, though spiked and atop a scruffy beard, nonetheless can still be sophisticated, if that’s what this model needs. It’ll be anything he wants, really. The Mohawk haircut isn’t just for punk rockers anymore.

Tapered Side Part

Here’s another variation of a side part fade. This model’s hair is extra long on top, so he’s able to create a deep side part. As you can see, this side part haircut works especially well for wavy and curly hair. A man with straight hair can use a curling iron or wand to achieve the curl. Macho men absolutely use heat styling tools.

Brushed Back Taper Fade Haircut

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

Brushed back hair, along with a low taper fade, that is usually within one or two inches of the hairline, looks most dapper with coarse, thick hair, as this model sports.

The Tapered Pompadour

Source: @glassboxbarbershop via Instagram

A pompadour hairstyle or pomp has short hair on the sides and back, long hair on top, and lots of hair in the front. So that the pomp can be fashioned, the hairstylist creates a high taper fade with the front hair. Those in the fifties slick back their pomp. This model shows us the contemporary pompadour fade. While the pomp is high, the taper fade can be whatever the wearer wants (low, mid, or high).

Taper Fade With A Quiff

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

The quiff hairstyle somewhat looks like a pomp. They’re both swept back and high. The quif, however, has more bulk on the sides. This model’s snazzy mens quif with a mid taper fade shows how you have some choice about the length. It could be worn longer and more voluminous if you want.

Taper Fade With A Spiky Hairstyle

Source: @londonschoolofbarbering via Instagram

Even if the hair on top isn’t very long, you can still add pizzazz with a taper fade. This model’s short spiky hair looks amazing and would suit any occasion. The taper fade nicely compliments the spiky hair and keeps it neat, fresh, and modern. Taper fades make so many styles ideal, even those you’d swear would be wrong. If you’re a conservative type, try out one of the short spiky hairstyles. You’ll definitely look handsome.

Curly Top Taper Fade

Source: @londonschoolofbarbering via Instagram

It’s not usually easy to find trendy hairstyles for men with curly hair. Not so anymore. This model shows how taper fades make curly hair men look fantastic. This model’s fabulous curls will instantly make women want to run their hands through them.

Choppy Taper Fade

Source: @ninothenice via Instagram

Men with thick hair no longer need to get thinned out, short cuts. Choppy haircuts with taper fades will give them edge, polish, and sophistication. They can even choose whether they want short choppy hair or, like this model, wear it longer. Taper fades offer so many options.

Taper Fade Afro With A Hair Tattoo

With taper fades, you can even create hair designs or tattoos. Tattoos work especially well for black men haircuts taper fade. Just check out this model’s afro fade. Imagine the possibilities. You can imprint your team logo, a cartoon character, your initials, name, etc. You’re limited only by your imagination.

You will definitely find a taper fade haircut that will suit you, whether you have coarse hair, thick curly hair, or even if your hair is thinning. Try a style you never thought would look good on you. It could simply be a matter of changing a part or adding a few spikes. That’s how the taper fade works. You’ll look great, feel great, no matter what you do, and everywhere you go.

Main photo by @Kamilnizinski

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