Knowing what face shapes men there are and, most importantly, your very own shape is essential if you want to make the most out of it. With the variety of men’s faces, it is easy to choose the wrong haircut or beard style. Moreso, even the same pair of sunglasses may look differently on an oblong and diamond face. Before you start to panic, we want to assure you that our guide will help you to deal with any matter that concerns either determining your face shape or choosing the appropriate style for it. Just check it out and allow yourself to look your best!


    How To Determine Your Face Shape For Men

    Do you still ask yourself, “What’s my face shape?” Then, you have definitely come to the right place. Before discussing what types of faces there are, you need to follow the steps below if you want to find out how to determine shape properly.


    Step 1: The Right Tools

    If you want to know the exact answer to what is my face shape question, then you should certainly stock up on the following tools:

    • A looking glass
    • A measuring tape
    • A pen or pencil
    • A piece of paper

    Step 2: Measure Your Forehead

    To identify what face shape do I have, you need to find out the width of your forehead first. To do this, you need to put the middle finger on the external eyebrow tip and move it upward. Stop halfway and notice where the index finger is. It should appear between your hairline and temple. Find the same point on the opposite side and measure the distance between them. Do not forget to write it down.


    Step 3: Measure Your Cheekbones

    When determining whats my face shape, you need also to measure the cheekbones. Put your finger on the external eye corner and move it downward. You should stop once you feel the bone. Measure the distance between this point and the one on the opposite side.

    Step 4: Measure Your Jawline

    Finding out what shape is my face is impossible without measuring the jawline. Place a finger on the area under the ear where you usually take the pulse. Measure the distance between this point and the chin tip. Do not forget to multiply the result by two.


    Step 5: Measure Your Face Length

    Finally, to identify their faces men should measure their face length. If you can easily find your hairline, then measure from it to your chin point. Yet, if you are not sure where the hairline is, put the palm on the forehead so that the little finger wraps your eyebrows. Find where the index finger knuckle is resting. The tip of your hairline will be under it.

    Face Shapes For Men

    Now that you have taken all the necessary measurements, it is time to deal with the face types. There are several opinions on the number of faces for men. We, however, decided to end up with seven male face shapes.

    Diamond Face

    Men with a diamond shape have a narrow chin and forehead while their cheekbones are quite strong.


    Heart Face

    Guys with a heart face have a wide forehead. Their cheekbones are curvy and the chin is small.

    Oblong Face

    An oblong shape features curved corners. Men with an oblong face shape have a wide forehead. Yet, their jawline and cheekbones are wide too. In general, an oblong face is rectangular and tall.

    Oval Face

    Those who have an oval face possess a curved jawline that tapers to narrow cheekbones and a wide forehead.


    Round Face

    If you have a round face, then your forehead and jawline taper. The cheekbones though are wide and curvy.

    Square Face

    A square face is all-out broad, including the forehead. The jaw is angular and the cheekbones are strong.

    Triangle Face

    A triangle face shape features a wide yet small forehead with a strong jawline and somewhat weaker cheekbones and a pointy chin.


    Hairstyles For Face Shapes Men

    When choosing a hairstyle for your face shape, it is crucial to take your shape into account. The thing is the wrong cut may enhance all your flaws instead of disguising them. Thus, a style that will flatter a heart face may not work for a guy with an oblong face. So that you would be able to choose the right hairstyle that will show off all your best masculine facial features while hiding any potential imperfections, head over to our article on hairstyles for face shapes men.

    Best Beard Styles For Men’s Faces

    When it comes to the style of your beard face shape is also important. Not only does it boost your attractive facial traits but it also helps you to minimize the concerns. Yet again, the beard shape for round face will not work for a long face. Thus, with appropriate beard styles face shape can look more balanced and proportioned while with the wrong one it is the other way around. You can read about the face shape beard styles matching and even take the beard test in our article on beard styles for face shapes.

    Best Glasses For Face Shape Men

    Even when choosing sunglasses face shape matters. The best sunglasses for face shape are those that balance your features and make the face look proportioned.

    For a diamond shape sunglasses should soften its angular traits. Thus, opt for rounder frames. As an oval face is considered perfectly balanced, the range of sunglasses for face shape is quite sheer. Therefore, take care not to ruin the proportions. The square shape looks good no matter what sunglasses you are going to choose, as it also has well-balanced proportions. An oblong face needs to look a bit shorter. Hence, turn to angular or round sunglasses for men’s faces. Men with round types of faces will find narrow or tall sunglasses most flattering. A triangle face looks its best when framed with angular or rounded sunglasses. Just make sure that they are the right fit. Last but not least, for a heart face, it is better to opt for semi-rimless or rimless frames as well as pince-nez glasses.

    All things considered, we believe we have managed not only to teach you how to identify different faces but also what hairstyles, beard styles and even sunglasses styles to choose so that your face shape looks in its best possible way. Now you should feel confident when making the right choice and you will not confuse the style that suits a man with a diamond face with the one that flatters an oval face more. Let us know in the comments below what your face shape is and how you prefer to show it off.



    How do I know my face shape male?

    To determine your face shape, you can enlist the help of a tape measure. You need to measure the distance between your temples (your forehead width), your cheekbones (your face width), as well as the width of your jawline and the length of your face. Depending on the ratio between these measurements, you are going to find out what face shape you have.

    What are the 7 facial types?

    The seven commonly accepted shapes of the face include round, oval, oblong, square, heart, diamond and pear.

    Which face shape has best jawline?

    Rectangle and square shapes of faces have the most prominent jawlines. They are usually wide, strong and heavy.

    What is the most attractive face shape in men?

    As a rule of thumb, men with an oval head shape are thought to have more attractive faces compared to others. This is usually because of the symmetry of their features. While there are some exceptions to this rule depending on the ethnic origins, oval faces make up the biggest group.


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