Welcome to the ultimate guide on beard styles, brought to you by the dedicated editorial team at Men’s Haircuts. Whether you’re a facial hair aficionado looking to switch up your look or a grooming enthusiast seeking inspiration, our expertly curated collection covers a spectrum of beard styles to suit every personality and face shape.


Whether you’re growing a beard to prevent acne, block UV rays from sunlight, or increase your self-confidence, there is a wide range of beard styles to choose from. This piece will throw more light on different beard styles men can confidently rock with men’s haircuts.

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To select the right beard style, one should consider consulting a professional barber first, as various factors impact the optimal choice for individual facial hair. When dealing with patchy facial hair, it's advisable to focus on crafting a distinctive design that complements hair density rather than attempting a seamless look. For a professional or formal appearance, a well-groomed, moderately-sized beard, maintained with products like Barberism Beard Balm, and a styled mustache can enhance a polished look. Overall, seeking advice from a professional barber is crucial for personalized guidance in beard styling and maintenance.

Short Beard Styles

There’s hardly a man with a beard who wouldn’t be able to pull off the short beard. Exceptionally universal, not only do they suit any face shape but are also appropriate for any occasion; thus, the short beard looks organically either in the office or on a night out.


Trimmed Beard

Trimmed Beard #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #mensbeards


You can go with a tapered or faded beard, disconnected from the mustache and sideburns unless you’ve managed to grow out a long and curved handlebar and trimmed beard styles. In this case, you can let it blend into other facial hair. It’s an amazing example of a trimmed beard by GQ’s men’s grooming expert Matty Conrad.

Goatee Beard

Goatee beard styles are attractive on various face shapes, from slim to round. Previously favored by scholars and celebrities, the long goatee is now a versatile choice for anyone. Achieve this style by leaving the hair above the upper lip and below the lower lip unshaved, or add flair by framing your mouth with hair.

Expert tip: If I had to offer just one tip for maintaining a goatee beard, it would be to regularly trim and shape it to maintain a clean and well-defined look. Consistent grooming ensures that your goatee stays neat and complements your overall appearance.


Beard Fade

A beard fade involves skillfully blending the length of your beard from shorter to longer, creating a seamless transition and a polished, modern look.

Long Beard Styles

Long beards are for sure on trend these days. They are rather messy, though so manly. There are plenty of long beard options for any preference. Hairdresser Anton Nizhnik gives the following recommendations on his Instagram page:

When you want to get a big, massive beard, you need to be careful when working with the machine. The machine removes the volume of the beard very well and makes it clear. And if you want to get a massive shovel, then it is better to create the geometry of the beard using scissors.

And here technology comes to the rescue – “grinding”. This is when we create geometry and volume by cutting off small protruding hairs without removing the thickness of the beard.


Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi Beard #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #mensbeards


The Garibaldi Beard has a round shape. For this look, you don’t even need the beard styles pictures. You just leave the hair on your face to grow naturally for around four months and trim it at the bottom now and then.

Verdi Beard

Nothing stops you from rocking a stylish Verdi beard.  To maintain a classy look, it’s advisable to trim your beard regularly.

Expert tip: Emphasize the sculpted mustache and incorporate a well-maintained, medium-length beard, ensuring precision in trimming to achieve the distinguished and refined appearance associated with this style.

Beard Designs

If you love being creative and different, there are many designs for men’s beard you can try out. You just have to meet a professional barber to design it for you because if it’s not properly carved, you might ruin your beards. See non-trivial beard design ideas from a barber Robert Braid.



Stubble  #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #mensbeards

To achieve this style, you just don’t shave for a couple of days. A study even showed that women actually give preference to men with a stubble beard so why not take advantage of it?

Ducktail Beard

Ducktail #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #mensbeards

If you want to give your traditional full beard an unusual twist, try out a ducktail beard. Note though that this beard style doesn’t suit everyone. If your face is narrow and long, it won’t work for you.

Circle Beard

Circle Beard #beardstyles #mensbeards #beard


Essentially, the circle beard is a type of basic beard. Being one of the most popular short beards, it combines a round goatee and a mustache. It looks very neat and clean, thus, is highly flattering for business people.



Beardstache #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #mensbeards


Looking for really cool beard styles for 2024? Then you should try the beardstache. This is the combination of a mustache and a beard where the former is intentionally left longer than the latter.

Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #mensbeards


This beard style was named for Anthony Van Dyke, a famous Flemish artist. Relating to rather whimsical beard types, Van Duke Beard combines a mustache and a goatee, whereas all the other facial hair is shaved. The hair on the chin strap beard should form an inverted T and eventually be trimmed to turn into the V shape.

Anchor Beard

Anchor Beard #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #mensbeards


This is a great option for men who struggle to grow a long and thick beard. There are, of course, plenty of short beard styles in 2024; yet, there is one rule to remember, to fall under the category of short hair, its length should not exceed 1-2 inches down your chin.


Balbo Beard

Balbo Beard #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #beards

The Balbo Beard is one of the most recognizable types of beards. The one and only Robert Downey, Jr. has been helping to popularize it for quite a long time now.

Pro tip: To achieve the style, you need to have a full beard so that there is a lot of material to work with.

Chinstrap Beard

Chinstrap Beard #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #mensbeards

Having a light or thick chin strap beard requires more maintenance than another beard style. It defines your jawline while maintaining that swanky look.

Viking Beard

Viking Beard #beard #beardstyles

The Viking beard styles entail the presence of much hair on the face. In the past, it was used for the face protection. Today, this is much more like an element of style, especially when you want to remind of those brutal Nordic people.


Soul Patch Beard

Soul Patch Beard #soulpatch #soulpatchbeard #beardstyles

A soul patch is back on trend but this time it is not going to disappear anytime soon. This low-key and minimalistic beard style will allow you to make a strong fashion statement without taking much effort.

Beard Without Mustache

As much as growing beards with mustache are common, you can decide to have beards without a mustache. Before opting for this style, make sure your beard your hair follicle game is unmatched. Also, consider the shape of your face to choose the best beard without mustache design.

Hipster Beard

Hipster Beard #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #beards

It’s a full, long, and neat beard, with a curled-on ends mustache shaped like a handlebar.


Monkey Tail Beard


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If you consider yourself a fashion-savvy man, then make sure you know what a monkey tail beard is. To make it look like that, you may need to have not only patience but also a sturdy hand. So, it makes sense to enlist the help of a professional barber.

Mutton Chops

A lot of guys shy away from mutton chops without realizing how much they are missing out on. The style can look flattering and contemporary. Moreover, this beard style does not require much effort to pull off since it works even on a patchy and thin beard.

Braided Beard

If you want a really unusual style for your facial hair, then it is hard to think of a better option than a braided beard. This look can be pulled off on long lengths. Also, you can play around with a type of braid, its tightness and even adornments.


Scruffy Beard

Scruff Beard #beard #beardstyles

The scruffy beard or as it’s also called a stubble beard is a style that looks great on anybody. To achieve the look, let your facial hair grow up to three days. After that, you can either shave the whole beard off or trim it short.

Thin Beard

Thin Beard #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #beards

Source: instagram.com/xbigwesx

The shape of your face determines the type of beard that will look great on it. A thin beard suits bony cheeks more than other types of face. This beard style involves making thin lines with your beard linking them to your small mustache. This perfect photo was created by Wes Staucet.

Rounded Beard

For those who generally prefer a more traditional style or have rather strict dress code rules at work, this beard look will become a real savior. It is authentic, so you can pair it with any hairstyle as well as outfit and be sure that you will look your absolute best.


Asian Beard

Asian Beard #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #beards

The Asian beard is very popular among Asian men. It’s one of the natural beards styles available for Asian men who don’t have many facial hair. An Asian with beard doesn’t look so different from someone with stubble.

Beard Bun

You can hardly surprise anyone with a man bun but a beard bun is a whole another story. This new beards style literally makes heads turn, so tons of compliments are guaranteed to you.

Full Beard

The beard isn’t necessarily full. It basically can be of any length, because the main focus here is on the thickness. Even though the full beard phenomenon is mainly genetic, nobody will judge you if you help yourself with a little bit of caring.


Black Men Beard

Black Men Beard #beard #beardstyles #beardtypes #beards

To embrace the beauty of your facial hair texture and skin tone, the grooming world offers a plethora of black men beard styles. In addition to these two features, you should consider the shape of your face and your lifestyle habits when selecting black men beards.

Soul Patch + Mustache

Soul Patch + Mustache #beard #beardstyles

If you want to make your face look longer, then you should go for this urban beard style. It has an elongated shape, so it will look flattering for basically any face shape. The appearance it creates comes out trendy yet effortless to keep in pace with the rhythm of the modern city life.

Grey Beard

Freshly trimmed grey beard has the potential to give you a posh look. All you need to maintain this look is to regular trim the beard and sideburns. A great fashion sense also makes looking swanky on this beard possible.


Boxed Beard

Shaving or trimming your beard entails it being correctly lined up. A properly boxed beard is very important in your quest to slay your beard. You can learn to do so yourself or leave it for your barber to handle.

When Does A Beard Look Good?

Even though men with beards look really stirring by default, this condition works only if there is a real beard. If the hair on your face is sparse and scrappy, it’s better to give up on the idea of having a beard. Your total look will turn out completely wasted. Nevertheless, if you do have thicker hair on some parts of your face, like chin or temples and jawline, go for some special variations, for instance, goatee or chinstrap beard. Ultimately, never surrender before you have tried all the possible options to make the most of your source material.

History Of Beard Styles

Before beards became what we know them today, they had gone through long and diverse history. In ancient times, to remove the facial hair, plucking preceded shaving. And the latter was performed by the improvised means, which they used to sharpen since there were no razors. In ancient Egypt, the Royalty would wear a metal beard, also called postiche, as a symbol of the connection with the gods. In ancient Greece, in turn, a beard signified the puberty passage and a boy becoming a man. Also, the beards had an air of barbarism. Lombards, Northern Italy conquerors, and Viking had long beards. More recently, in the 1700s, a lengthy beard style was attributed to a specific culture, like the Russian.

A Guide To The Best Beard Styles That Will Make You A Dandy

Among all the variety of different beard styles that the grooming sphere offers today, it’s impossible to imagine a man who’d be indifferent to beards. There are beard styles for men with think and thick hair, blond and Arabic, artistic and brutal. Don’t waste your time on clean shaving and choose the best way to style your beard.


FAQs: Beard Styles

How do I choose my beard style?

Pondering how do I choose my beard style? There are several factors to take into account when picking out your perfect facial hair look. First and foremost, you should match a beard style to your face shape. As a rule of thumb, the whiskers should restore balance if your face looks disproportionate. Then, consider how much time you can allocate for beard maintenance. Remember, the more intricate the style is, the more effort it requires. Finally, your beard should suit your personal style and work ambiance. If you have strict dress code rules, then it is better to either choose a low-key style or refrain from a beard at all.

What type of beard is most attractive?

Who would not like to know what type of beard is most attractive? There is probably no such a guy. According to a recent survey, women give the most preference to a short stubble and a clean-shaven face. Then, go a long stubble and a full beard with a goatee, a mustache and a circle beard closing the top seven.

How do I know if I have a facial beard?

Uncertain how do I know if I have a facial beard? In the era of advanced technology, it is a piece of cake. Just install a mobile app that allows you to try on different facial hair styles using the frontal camera of your phone. The best apps for Android are Beard Camera Live and Beard Photo Editor, while for iOS, there is Mooch as well as Hair and Beard Styles.

What is a short beard?

Do you really know what is a short beard? This is a type of a beard that does not exceed your chin level for more than a couple of inches. If it does, then this is already considered a long beard.

What is the most popular beard style?

Questioning what is the most popular beard style? While this list is changing pretty quickly, as of today, the top 10 facial hair styles that are popular among men of all ages are a full and circle beard, a short, medium and long stubble, the Van Dyke, the Imperial, the Garibaldi, the Bandholz and the Balbo.

Do beards make you look hotter?

So, the question is do beards make you look hotter? Sure they do! A beard is a true sign of man’s maturity, thus virility, which is obviously a very attractive trait. Besides, a beard helps to accentuate your masculine facial features, making them sharper and more prominent.


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