Those guys who prioritize practicality and low-maintenance grooming tend to choose short haircuts for men. There is a plethora of stylish options for short male haircuts, and finding the right one is simply a matter of knowing where to search. MensHaircuts foresee a resurgence of classic styles in the coming year, such as mullets, cropped cuts, burst fades, and various types of tapers. Select a haircut that complements your facial structure and aligns with your lifestyle.


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Short Messy Hair Men With Soft Parting

Short Messy Hair Men With Soft Parting #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


With short hair cuts men do not have to be bothered with exhausting and time consuming styling. They can get away by simply tousling their strands with a hand and a tad of a hair texturizing product. A soft part on the side is a perfect addition to such a look.


Clean Side Part

Clean Side Swept #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


To embellish your pestered hairstyle, you can choose from high, mid or low fade. Moreover, if you feel like going really edgy, you can opt for a low fade. On top of that, if the fade seems too plain for you, you can go with a side part. As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless.

Senior Barber And Founder at Hilario Barbershop
Aneta Charina
Expertise: Barbering
At Hilario we've observed a shift in preferences from fades to scissor cuts. Clients are opting now for a more classic and timeless approach to their hair, seeking the expertise of our skilled barbers to achieve a polished and sophisticated look. Scissor cuts, with their precision and versatility, are gaining popularity for their ability to provide a tailored and personalised appearance. Unlike fades, which often require frequent maintenance, scissor cuts offer a low-maintenance yet stylish option for those looking to stand out without compromising on professionalism. In this era of self-expression through hairstyles, the role of a professional barber becomes crucial, especially when it comes to scissor cuts. There is an artistry involved in creating the perfect scissor cut, taking into account individual hair types, face shapes, and personal style preferences.

Cropped And Textured Short Haircuts for Men

French Crop Short Haircuts for Men #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


Such timeless short hair cuts will always find their followers thanks to the low maintenance and clean-cut look. This French crop, made by barber and hair salon owner Horatiu Tolan, features faded sides and relatively short hair on topwith a prominent fringe. The main advantage of such a men’s haircut 2024 is that it creates the illusion of luxuriant hair on the head.


Thick Short Clean Fade

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsWavy Ivy League Haircut


A timeless and adaptable style, it blends a tidy, faded cut with the inherent volume of thick hair. Perfect for individuals with dense hair, this classic look effortlessly combines sophistication with easy, low-maintenance upkeep.

Spiky High Fade With Asymmetrical Bang

Asymmetrical Bang #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


To play up short male haircuts, you can use various methods. An asymmetrical bang creates an eye-catching and unusual appearance of your mens short hair style and draws attention to your eyes. Depending on the styling by Robert Braid, you can vary how impactful your hair is going to look.


Textured Crew Cut High Fade

#shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


this effortlessly stylish look adds depth and dimension to the classic crew cut, making it a popular choice for those seeking a contemporary and easy-to-maintain haircut. Add a drop of hair wax to the top of your head and you’re done!

Disconnected High and Tight

#shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


The high and tight haircut, drawing inspiration from military styles, features short shaved sides and longer hair on top. This low-maintenance cut projects a clean and sophisticated appearance.

Ideal Face Shape And Hair Type: Suitable for various face shapes, including Diamond, Round, Square, Heart, Oval, and Rectangle, as well as all hair types.

Styling Tips: When styling, confidently use styling gel to bring your hair together, ensuring to push it forward for the desired effect. This style can be paired with a neat fade or even a bold Mohawk for added flair.

Wavy Buzz Cut

Simple Buzz Cut #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


Buzz cuts are the most popular haircuts for men 2024 who want a cut that is short and low maintenance. This look is well-known as the military style haircut. Men’s buzz cuts are extremely versatile and require no maintenance as they are simply “wash and go.” This buzz cut fade is trending this season with the faded back and sides with all the length on the top.


Spiky & Messy & Textured Bald Fade

Spiky Texture & Bald Fade #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


Mens short haircuts allow for plenty of texture on top. To accentuate it, you can spike up the hair with the help of a styling product. Not to overdo it, accompany the haircut with a fade on the back and sides. If you are up to an edgy and high contrast look, consider going for a bald fade that starts at the crown and blends into the skin.

Deep Side Part Mid Fade

Side Part Fade #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


The side part is a classic way to separate one’s hair, but why not use it as an opportunity for boldness? Instead of setting aside the entire texture and layering just around your face in order create an edge-to-edge look like we see here. Follow the Robert-Jan Rietveld barber’s recommendations to get the perfect hairstyle. He gives it on the website of the styling products “Reuzel” he created:

Parting your hair hard to one side is a great way to create a bold shape and add a bit of vintage charm to your look. This was one of the trends that made the early fade cuts of the 1930s so memorable. These days, it says “hey, I’m a classy guy.”

Here’s how to make it happen:

Brush through the hair and wet it slightly, primarily in the area where you’ll be parting it (far to the left or right).
Using a comb, draw a straight line from the front hairline to the back of the head to part the hair.
Comb styling products through the hair away from the part to emphasize it and hold it in place.
For a semi-permanent part, you can ask your barber to shave a hard part line into your hair.

Mini Pomp Short Mens Hairstyles

Mini Pomp Short Mens Hairstyles #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


When getting a mens haircut short, you may think that you will be limited in styling options. This is actually far from the truth. Almost any mens hair look can be adjusted to a short cut and a pompadour is no exception. It is as impactful and elegant as its classic version, just a little shorter. Barber Robert-Jan Rietveld gives the following styling recommendations:

When you are too hot for a hightop and not down with a mop, the short pomp suits. The sides and back are cut short or faded above the ears. The length on top in front is about three inches, so you can still get some volume in front.


High Fade Long Top

Fade & Textured Mens Short Hair Cuts #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


An easy way to take your textured top to the spotlight is by enhancing it with a fade. As a rule of thumb, the higher the fade is, the edgier it looks. Yet, the same rule applies to maintenance. Going for a high bold fade means that you will have to visit your barber pretty often.

Faux Hawk Mid Fade

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsMessy Faux Hawk Haircut


The faux hawk mid fade is a trendy and edgy hairstyle that combines the boldness of a faux hawk with the sleek transition of a mid fade. This contemporary look features shorter sides that gradually blend into longer hair on top, creating a stylish and dynamic contrast.

Mohawk Drop Fade

Drop Fade Mohawk #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


This drop fade mohawk is very modern and can smoothly go from work to the gym to date night with little to no maintenance. A well-groomed beard as a bonus will make the ladies swoon!


High Fade Haircut Cropped Bang

High Fade Haircut Cropped Bang #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


A high fade haircut includes tapering the hair 3-4 inches away from the ears, and in some cases, it may extend to the crown based on the desired height and tightness.

Ideal Face Shapes And Hair Types: round, heart, and square face shapes and all hair types

Styling Tips: Achieve a wet look by dampening the hair with wax. To maintain the hairstyle, consider using high-quality styling products.

Modern Mullet Fade

Modern Mullet Fade #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


This spiky modern mullet fade has a ton of volume on the top with its “shape up,” which is another name for styling the hair upwards and slightly toward one side for a spiky, textured effect. This look is great for those with square-shaped faces.

Quiff + Line Up

Quiff + Line Up #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


A quiff is a hairstyle that can be enhanced in many different ways. A line up is one of the best options though, as it instantly makes your hair look more defined and prominent. Just brush the front section of your hair up and you are good to go.


High Fade Haircut And Layers

Layered High Fade #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


It’s hard to image modern mens 2024 hair styles without a fade. This simple yet versatile haircut can bring a welcome change to basically any hairstyle. Such popularity of these short hairstyles for men is not for nothing.

Wavy Messy Quiff

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsWavy Messy Quiff


If you are looking for a short haircut that is a bit edgier, you should go for a tapered quiff like the one pictured here.  Thanks to the low contrast it creates, you don’t have to resort to overly elaborate styling. The back is shorter while the length on top is voluminous and messy to give it more of a bold edge.

Low Taper Fade Short Haircuts For Men

Low Taper Fade< #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


Short haircuts have been the style of choice for men in the professional field for years. Men’s crew cuts are shorter in the back and on the sides but longer and tapered or faded on the top. The sides and back can be either very short or buzzed, normally to a low taper fade.


Wavy Ivy League Haircut

#shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


Men’s Ivy league haircut is also known as the Princeton or Harvard cut. The Ivy League cut is a sophisticated version of a crew cut with bot longer hair on top. It is the perfect choice for men who want a modern yet classy cut.

Burst Fade Mullet

Burst Fade Mullet #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


The burst fade mullet hairstyle combines a mullet cut with a burst fade on the sides and back of the head. The top and side hair is kept shorter, while the back hair is left longer, forming the distinctive mullet shape.

Ideal Face Shape And Hair Type: This style suits a variety of face shapes, including Diamond, Round, Square, Heart, and Oval, and is compatible with all hair types.

Styling Tips: When styling, ensure the front hair is notably longer than the back for the mullet effect. Experiment with styling options like bangs, quiffs, comb-overs, slick-backs, or pomps on the front hair. Enhance the overall look by applying styling products to the mullet, providing texture and maintaining a neat appearance.

Textured Quiff With Fade Short Haircuts For Men

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsTextured Quiff With Fade Short Haircuts For Men


Thick, voluminous hair and an even thicker beard looks cleaned up and elegant on a low fade and textured quiff. Buzz hair close to the scalp right in front of the tops of ears for the perfect prune on all that hair. It lets the gorgeous quiff up top do all of the talking.


Undercut Long Top Short Haircuts For Men

Undercut Long Top #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


This men’s disconnected undercut fade is very stylish if you need a more polished look. The closely shaved beard is very sleek and nicely blends with the shaved sides. The length on top forms a messy faux hawk that adds volume and a look that’s professional and classy.

Blowout Men’s Short Haircuts

Blowout Men's Short Haircuts #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


A blowout haircut is a trendy hairstyle that instantly gives your appearance a breezy and carefree vibe. To enhance its flair, you can team it with a faded cut on the back and sides. Besides, you can adjust its boldness and contrast by opting either for a high bald or low taper fade.

Spiky Taper Fade Hair Styles For Short Hair Men

Spiky Taper Fade #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


This spiky taper fade is great if you want a trendy style that is also sleek and professional. It takes very little time to style so it is great for those who are always on the go and will work well with any hair texture.


All Up Short Hair Men

All Up Short Hair Men #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


No matter whether your hair is thin or thick, pushed up short hair cuts for men will work wonderfully for you. They are infused with an effortless feel and give your appearance a relaxed vibe.

Modern Caesar Haircut

Modern Caesar Haircut #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


A Caesar Cut, named of course after the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar. It is are short haircuts for men with straight horizontal fringe that is usually cut in layers of 1-2 inches, and the bangs are styled forward.

Crew Cut For Wavy Hair

Crew Cut For Wavy Hair #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


If you like crew cut hair, this crew cut fade is a great choice as it is very versatile. The top is cut so that it can either be brushed back or styled to the side for a more textured look. It requires very little product and looks great with or without facial hair.


Silver High And Tight

High And Tight With Texture  #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


High and tight haircuts are a military style cuts that center on maintaining a short style without giving the impression of a bland look. They typically consist of short sides that fade to an extremely short length with a longer patch on the top. It is one of the most popular short 2024 men haircuts.

Slicked Back & Wet & Curly

Slicked Back & Wet & Curly #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


The slick back haircut is a classic hairstyle characterized by combing the hair backward from the forehead to the crown, creating a chic and polished look.

Ideal Face Shape And Hair Type: Suitable for a variety of face shapes, including Rectangular, Diamond, Triangular, Square, Heart, and Oval, as well as all hair types.

Styling Tips: To achieve this style, maintain the top hair at a length of 3-5 inches for the perfect slick back effect. Use high-quality styling products like pomade, wax, sprays, or gel, and employ combs to slick the hair backward, achieving a clean and sharp appearance.

Short Sides Long Top Faux Hawk

Short Sides Long Top Faux Hawk #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


Short sides long top hairstyles need no introduction, as they’ve been on a roll lately. Roughly speaking, they are the foundation for a huge number of modern hairstyles for men. Their versatility along with low maintenance is what made them so popular.


Comb Over Short Haircuts For Men

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsComb Over Short Haircuts For Men


If you are looking for a cut that is office-ready yet still stylish, a comb over haircut it is. Comb-overs have gotten a bad rap over the years but today’s comb-over styles are debunking that myth. The contemporary comb-over fade is stylish with its classy side part that styles the hair over to one side. This style only takes 5 minutes of your time and is ideal for any hair texture and will flatter any face shape.

Side Spikes & Fade

Side Spikes & Fade #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


This side spikes fade has a ton of volume. It is cut short in the back, but what makes this cut stand out is the trendy high fade on the side. High fades are very trendy, and there is no limit to style the top you can choose from.

Flat Top Short Haircuts

Flat Top Short Haircuts #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


A flat top haircut has been styled or cut so that it is leveled and flat on the top of the head. This style is usually shorter in the back and on the sides so that it elongates the face.


Undercut Fade & Quiffed Top

Undercut Fade Haircut Quiff #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


If you gravitate to a middle ground in life, you should take a closer look at a mid skin fade. Chances are it’s going to become the 2024 men’s haircuts of your choice for many years to come.  A mid fade allows you to sport your hair on top whatever style you like.

Tapered Pompadour Hairstyles For Short Hair

Tapered Pompadour Hairstyles For Short Hair #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


Give a classic pompadour a modern twist by complementing it with a skin fade on the sides and back. If you want to make it look less harsh, opt for a low skin fade. In case you are after an edgier look, feel free to go for a high skin fade.

Bleached Side Swept

Bleached Side Swept #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


The short sides long top is one of the most common short hairstyles for men. It doesn’t require much maintenance while looking stylish and spruce. All you need to do for styling it in the morning is to run a comb with a blob of a styling product through the top section of your hair.


Mullet Short Haircuts For Men

Mullet Short Haircuts For Men #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


A modern mullet has nothing to do with an old-fashioned geeky style. The rest of the adjustments is up to you. We like how defined this mullet in the photo looks with a hard part and bald fade on the sides.

Caesar Inspired Short Haircut

Caesar Inspired #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


This light-to-dark Caesar haircut with salt and pepper hair is a modern take on the classic Caesar cut and looks even more stylish with a well-groomed salt and pepper beard. This look made a huge comeback in the 1990s and is still going strong today.

Low Fade Short Haircuts For Men

Low Fade Short Haircuts For Men #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


A low fade haircut is a right fit for those guys who aren’t after revealing too much-naked skin. It delivers the smoothest and the most gradual transition from longer top to shorter side hair among all three types of fade. A line-up and a smattering of facial hair will work as a perfect enhancement to the look.


Bald Fade Messy Curls Men’s Short Haircut

Bald Fade Messy Curls Men's Short Haircut #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


If you’re aiming for a bold and daring look, a bald fade will surely give it to you. There’s only a small strip of faded hair around the head, while the rest of the hair is shaved off. As the cut is so clean, you can team it with a really ample top.

Undercut Brushed Up Top

Undercut Brushed Up Top #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


Undercut hair style is one of the most significant looks this season in men’s short haircuts. And undercut men styles are taking the world by storm with some of the trendiest cuts around. Undercut hair is basically any style that has a length on the top and while the sides or back are either faded, completely buzzed, or very closely cropped.

Short Taper Fade Haircut

Short Taper Haircut #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


What is a men’s tapered haircut? If you ask your barber for a tapered haircut, you can expect them to shorten your hair curving your ear about 1 cm higher and drop toward your nape. When the top features longer hair, then you got a men’s tapered haircut. A taper haircut differs from a drop fade in the manner the gradient is formed.


Bowl Cut Undercut

Bowl Cut With Undercut #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


The best thing about modern short hair styles men is that there are no limitations to your creativity. You need to try the modern bowl cut; you are allowed to go against the classic patterns of the cut, playing around with layers and changing the way fringe falls on your big forehead.

Pink High And Tight With Line Design

Disconnected High and Tight #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


This is a vibrant and daring hairstyle that features a bold, close-cropped cut on the sides and back, contrasting with a striking pink hue. Elevating the edginess, intricate line designs add a touch of modern flair, making this a unique and eye-catching statement hairstyle.

Modern Mohawk Fade

Modern Mohawk Fade #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


For men who aren’t afraid to show off their inner (or maybe outer as well) punk, a Mohawk is the staple men haircuts 2024. It’s so edgy and contrasty that all eyes will be guaranteed on you.


Short Military Haircut With Hard Parting

Hard Part Short Military Haircuts #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


For real gents who pay respect to classic short hairstyles for men, a hard part is the number one choice. This shaved line dapper and elegant, it doesn’t look overly preppy or boring. You can enhance the look with a comb over and a line up, which will add edginess.

Crop Top Men’s Short Haircut

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsCrop Top Men's Short Haircut


High fades are all the rage for men’s short haircuts 2024. This look concentrates short hair on the top of the head. Subtle layers up top make it the perfect short crop for thick hair. Baby bangs aren’t for everyone, but this rounded shape is very suitable for strong and angular cheekbones.

Textured Taper Fade Short Haircut

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsTextured Taper Fade Short Haircut


High and tight styles give the overall illusion of short hair while allowing for longer length up top. Tapered fades are ideal men’s short haircuts. Clean up the cut around the ears while maintaining gorgeous locks up top so nothing gets messy.


Crop Top Fade

Crop Top Fade #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


The top is softly textured, with a gentle fade and precisely trimmed fringe. The light tone of this crop top fade helps balance out all the elements on display here for an unexpectedly neat finish that you won’t be able to take your eyes off–and we doubt anyone else will either!

Slicked Back Comb Over

Slicked Back Comb Over  #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


military haircut will probably never come out of style. These short hairstyles for men have become the preferred choice of many guys thanks to their low maintenance and broad versatility. Of course, today’s grooming world has made a lot of changes in classic military hairstyles modernizing them and adapting to current trends.

Blunt Bang + Fade + Layers

Blunt Bang + Fade + Layers #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


A blunt bang hairstyle looks elaborate and eye-catching. However, you can make it even more prominent by complementing with a fade haircut and layers.


Brushed Up Fringe With Bald Fade

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsBrushed Up Fringe With Bald Fade


One of the most popular men’s short hairstyles 2024 is the brushed up fringe with a high bald fade undercut. This makes a polished effect possible even as guys rock a few inches up top. A slightly faux hawk fringe frames the face while a line up separates the length and the bald fade for a modern approach.

Spiked Textured Top Men’s Short Haircuts

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsSpiked Textured Top Men's Short Haircuts


We see a lot of round and soft lines on men’s short haircuts today. However, short spiky hair for men looks dynamic with high, bald fades and even faint beards. If your hair is straight but you desire texture, cut short, choppy layers for a spiked effect.

Wavy Faux Hawk

#shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


The wavy faux hawk fade is a contemporary and dynamic hairstyle that incorporates the textured allure of wavy hair with the boldness of a faux hawk. This trendy fusion showcases a gradual fade on the sides, accentuating the playful waves on top for a stylish and effortlessly cool appearance.


Undercut Fade Long Hair On Top

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsUndercut Fade Long Hair On Top 


Undercut fades are a defining characteristic of current short men’s haircuts. They are perfect for guys who love wearing hair very short but want noticeable texture up top.

Buzz Cut With Skin Fade and Line Up

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsBuzz Cut With Skin Fade and Line Up


Probably the trending mens hairstyles 2024 is the buzz cut with skin fade and line up style. Also called an edge up, this bald line separates the top of the hair from the fade underneath. This can be done on a variety of styles and works well with a fade beard, too.

Classic Short With High Fade And Color

Classic Short With High Fade #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


A fade is your failsafe way out when you want to add a trendy twist to your mens short haircut without making it overly fancy. There are several types of fades to choose from. But, when you want to achieve a neat and pronounced look, it is hard to think of a better option than a high fade.


Clean Crop Short Men Haircuts

Clean Crop #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


A great thing about a crop men short hair cut is that it creates a clean and elegant appearance. So, those who need to abide by dress code rules at work may feel free to wear it. What is more, you can easily complement it with basically any facial hair style, from a short stubble to a full coarse beard.

Classic Short Tapered Haircuts For Men

Classic Short Haircuts For Men #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


It is a known fact that you can never go wrong with classic short mens haircuts. They look appropriate no matter where you go and what outfit you wear.

Side Texture Men Short Haircuts

Side Texture #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


Those with thick hair may want to remove weight from their locks and that is when getting mens haircuts short and textured comes in really handy. When you cut your hair in different levels of layers, you make it lighter while keeping the volume. For an added touch, sweep the front of the hair to your most flattering side.


Push Up With Surgical Line

Push Up With Surgical Line #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


Are you one of those guys who like to stand out in the crowd? In that case, a pushed up men short hair style is your way to go. Complement it with a surgical line on the side and your hair look will never go unnoticed.

Curly Hair With Bald Fade

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsCurly Hair With Bald Fade


Don’t let these sleek, short hair men styles fool you, hair with lots of texture and curls can handle an edgy cut. In fact, a short curly hair with mid bald fade cut looks awesome and unique. The bald fade highlights curls while tidying up your overall look.

Blonde Curls Short Haircuts For Men

Short Haircuts For Men Blonde Curls #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


Creating a short haircut men will love is easy if your natural texture is tight, springy ringlets. Keep those curls cut close to the head and tapered it off at the top of the temple with a high fade on the sides. You can’t go wrong with this curly fade haircut.


Pompadour Fade Men’s Short Haircuts

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsPompadour Fade Men's Short Haircuts


When looking for men’s hairstyles, short lengths can be hard if you have beautiful hair that you like keeping 3-4 inches long. However, fades make hair tidy without having to sacrifice your gorgeous locks. A high skin fade with pompadour provides a polished effect that is undoubtedly modern short hairstyles men, too.

Edgar Mens Short Hair Cuts

Edgar Mens Short Hair Cuts #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


Not every man will be able to pull off such this trendy, unique, and controversial look. While some people may frown upon Edgar haircut, others find them daring and stylish. If you feel like trying this short hair styles for men on, consider accentuating it with the textured top.

Asymmetrical Bang And Highlights

#shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


This is a contemporary and fashion-forward style that introduces an unconventional twist to the classic short cut. With strategically placed asymmetrical bangs and subtle highlights, this hairstyle exudes a trendy and dynamic vibe, offering a fresh take on modern men’s grooming.


Brushed Back Fade Hairstyles For Short Hair Men

Brushed Back Fade Hairstyles For Short Hair Men #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


Among all cool short haircuts for men, a fade is considered the most popular, and no wonder. It works for any hairstyle on top, be it messy spikes or neat brushed back strands. The latter is a perfect choice for guys who need to keep their hair pretty formal while looking trendy.

Bald Fade Curly Short Haircut For Men

Bald Fade Curly Short Haircut For Men #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


By opting for short hair haircuts men who have curly tresses are killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand, they tame their unruly kinks and on the other hand, they achieve a very bold and stylish hair look. To bring the curls to the center of attention, all they need is to team their curly mens short hair styles with a skin fade.

Brushed Back & Layered Short Guy Haircuts

Brushed Back & Layered Short Guy Haircuts #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


One of the best short haircuts for men who choose to always look their best is a brushed back layered cut. Thanks to layering, the strands stack up in a very flattering way when you brush them back. As a result, you get a very attractive and sophisticated hair look.


Party In The Back

Party In The Back #shorthaircutsformen #mensshorthaircuts #shorthairmen


A mullet is one of the trendiest comeback hairstyles of late. Yet, you can hardly attribute it to haircuts for short hair men. But no worries. There is a way out. You can only adopt the “party in the back” feature from it while keeping the rest of the hair cut short. This hair look pairs nicely with fades, tapers and even undercuts.

Mid Taper Short Haircuts For Men

Mid Taper Haircut #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


Men’s mid taper haircuts are super trendy, as they are cool and edgy for those who are looking for a daring look. They also pair nicely with luxuriant facial hair, so a coarse beard will become a perfect accompaniment for such a ‘do.

Short Curly Tapered Hair

#shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircutsShort Curly Tapered Hair


Most of the short hairstyles for men use tapering in some way, especially closer to the base. A taper short men’s haircuts make the hairstyle easily manageable and symmetrical. Because it allows for leaving more hair on top of the head, tapering pays tribute to the modern trend on clean cut.


Front Brushed Spikes Short Haircuts Men

Front Brushed Spikes #shorthaircutsformen #shorthairmen #mensshorthaircuts


These textured spikes are very masculine with their asymmetrical cut that is drastically longer and styled to the front. What makes it even cooler is the blunt bang that gives this look some more attitude.

We hope you have found inspiration in our guide to cool men’s short haircuts.

FAQs: Short Haircuts For Men

What is the best haircut for guys?

Undoubtedly, any short haircut can be considered the best option for a guy. No matter what style you will choose, you can rest assured that you will look bold and daring. Just look for the style that flatters your facial features, enhancing the most attractive ones and disguising any potential imperfections.

What is a regular men’s haircut?

To be considered regular, your haircut should feature a long top, which you would be able to comb, and a prominent side part. As for the sides, your hair can be anything from medium, semi-short and short to long and even extra-long.

What are the different hairstyles for men?

Every now and then, barbers invent new and fresh takes on a regular men’s haircut. They add trendy features and apply modern techniques so that your hairstyle follows the latest fashion. Thus, different hairstyles emerge all over the world.

This cut is a variation of a shaved haircut that is closely shaved on the top and shaved completely on the sides. It is the hairstyle choice of many athletes as it requires no maintenance and you can easily trim it yourself at home.

What is the shortest haircut?

The shortest haircut is 0 in buzzed cuts. No clippers are used for this haircut.


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