A military haircut has made a long way from being only appropriate for the army to becoming the everyday go-to short haircuts for men. Its popularity is mainly based on the practicality and the ease of maintenance of the haircut. However, the image of the item inherent in strong, courageous, and heroic men played a crucial role too. Although originally the rules on the haircuts for military men were uncompromising, there are some really intriguing variations today.


    Military High And Tight Haircut

    Military High And Tight Haircut #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    The high and tight military haircut is a true staple of the hairstyles military men choose. You can easily spot it among other military haircut types because the sides are shaved closely, and the top is trimmed. Usually, military haircuts aren’t fade cuts.


    Military Undercut

    Military Undercut #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    It seems like the military undercut is paying tribute to modern haircuts. However, the military cut was the first to rock the sides and back cut to the same length and a little longer top. Also, there is a groovy exaggerated variation of the military undercut. This great example from barber Wes Staucet on his Instagram page.

    Ivy League

    The Ivy League #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    The ivy league cut does not actually remind of the military or marine haircut. However, if to analyze the basis of the cut closer, it’s just a crew cut but a little longer. This hairstyle would compliment anyone who would like to look dapper and official, omitting all the unnecessary features. To set this haircut perfectly and create a bit of texture, just add some pomade or wax. This Ivy League haircut with skin fade from mens hair stylist and educator Josh Connolly.


    Short Brush Up

    Short Brush Up #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    It’s no secret that a military haircut always looks dapper and neat. Thus, a short brush up is a perfect option to go for. You can easily make it appear both more clean-cut and stylish by incorporating a skin fade of any level of baldness.

    Micro Flat Top

    Marine Haircut #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    This is a meticulously short and disciplined variation of the classic flat top hairstyle, designed to meet military grooming standards with its closely cropped length and clean, squared-off appearance on the crown of the head.


    Military Crew Cut Fade

    Crew Cut Military #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    To get it right, you need to trim the hair about two inches long and leave the hair at the front of the head longer so that you can brush and style your crew cut. If you want to emphasize the front part, you should make sure to cut the side and back parts of the head short to create a striking contrast.

    Short Pomp

    Short Pomp #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    Although a standard pompadour features quite long and ample hair on the top of the head, you can adjust it to the military style by simply getting a shorter pomp from Toni & Guy Artistic director Dexter Dapper.

    Military Flat Top Haircut

    Flat Top Military Haircut #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut #shorthaircutsformen


    This is one of the outstandingly popular military flat top hair cuts. To achieve the perfect look, you need to crop the hair on the sides and back of the head extremely short or just go for a high skin fade. Being originally a marine haircut, the flat top is making its way to the best American haircuts of today.


    Military Fade

    Military Fade #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    The military haircut fade is one of the Asian hairstyles men all over the world would wear. Its main feature is the skin buzzed sides. If you’re reluctant to have so dramatically short hair, you can use clippers with a guard #1 hair clipper size.

    Clean Slick Back

    Clean Slick Back #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut #shorthaircutsformen


    Do you fancy geometrically defined popular mens haircuts? We bet you do! How can you resist such a clear, precise and neat look? First, you need to get yourself a military fade haircut and a buzz-cut outline on the forehead. The carved hard or soft side part gives the look the final touch.

    Brush Cut

    Short And Classic Military Cut #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    Are you a fan of some more traditional masculine haircuts? Then just pick up on the conventional fade haircut. You can also add some variety with a clean-shaved outline or a trimmed beard if you like; however, it’s not necessary.


    High And Tight Recon

    High And Tight Recon #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    It is one of the most recognizable military haircut styles ever. It features trimmed hair on the sides and back as well as an inch-long hair on top. If you ask your barber to leave a longer section atop, it will give you more styling options.

    Buzz Cut

    Buzz Cut Men #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    Although a buzz cut is already an extremely short hairstyle, you can still add more contrast to it by opting for a skin fade. What is more, the level of boldness depends on the type of fade you go for. To achieve the sharpest look, stick to a high skin fade while a low one will come out more discreetly.

    Curly Army Haircut

    Military Haircut For Natural Curls #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut #shorthaircutsformen


    If you have naturally kinky locks, a military haircut should be your hairstyle of choice. It allows you to tame the unruly hair in the blink of an eye while channeling a classy and trendy look. An intricate hair design will become a cool adornment to such a ‘do.


    Crew Cut Fade

    High Fade Military Haircut #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    A high fade is an ideal enhancement for basically any hairstyle, including military. It allows your hair on top to stand out more, so don’t limit your imagination when choosing the cut. Say, a cropped top or a Caesar haircut is a great accompaniment for such a fade type.

    Induction Cut

    Induction Cut #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut #shorthaircutsformen


    Being the shortest haircut possible, an induction allows you to make a strong fashion statement. Thus, ensure that you have a perfect scalp shape without any scars, bumps or pimples. Otherwise, it’s better to turn to something less exposing.

    Wavy Side Part

    Medium Regular Haircut #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    The wavy side part features a classic side parting with a subtle wave texture, offering a polished and professional appearance suitable for various military settings.


    Long Crew Cut

    Retro Military Style #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut #shorthaircutsformen


    Classic will never go out of style. Thus, if you’re after a military haircut, why don’t you try a good old retro style? Of course, for a modern turn, you’re welcome to add some trendy elements, such as a hard part or a hair design.

    Spiky Long Buzz Cut Fade

    Spiky Top With Side Brush #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut #shorthaircutsformen


    Wavy or curly hair type isn’t the reason to shy away from a military cut. Instead, you can accentuate the elaborate texture of your locks with a bald fade and a hard part, thus keeping all the focus on the top of your head.

    Slick Back Undercut Hairstyle For Military

    Sleek Military Cut With Undercut #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut #shorthaircutsformen


    To get the hairstyle you need to apply quite a generous amount of hair gel and use a fine-toothed comb to style your locks on the top of your head to the side. Optionally, add a hard part to make it look even more defined and edgy.


    Side Part Haircuts In The Army

    Medium Regular Haircut Men #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    The regular haircut is in the style of the high-rank officers. However, it looks so insanely posh that you can easily wear it even if you have nothing to do with the army. What makes the regular haircut stand out is the hard part on the side, whereas the hair on the sides is usually a fade cut medium length.

    Swept Back Military Cut

    The Swept Back Military Cut #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    What a real gem this slick back hair is! This is basically an undercut hairstyle with buzzed or faded sides and long pomp that can be of one length or decrease gradually. Mind though that you will need a lot of pomade or wax to create the slicked back hair look.

    Cropped Bang

     Cropped Bang #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    Military hairstyles are all about clean lines, precision, and a minimal amount of hair. Even the cropped bang looks appropriate and sophisticated in this case. Define it with a fine beard or facial hair for a clean-cut look.


    Burr Cut

    Military Burr Haircut #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    To get insight into the notion of the Burr haircut, it won’t be superfluous to know what the Induction cut is. In brief, it’s the shortest crew cut possible. And when your Induction cut has grown a bit, it morphs into the Burr haircut.

    Butch Cut

    The Butch Cut #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut #shorthaircutsformen


    If you find the Buzz cut too dramatic, then you should give the butch cut a try. The hair on the top of the head and the upper area of the sides and back should be of the same length, something around 1⁄4 and 3⁄4 inches long, whereas the hair below this section should be buzzed very short. Also, you can add a bit of variety by making the front top hair longer than the back, thus achieving a flip-up.

    Regulation Cut

    Regulation Cut Men #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    A regulation cut is one of the most elegant and refined mens military haircuts. To give it extra impact, add a hard part to the side.


    Buzz Cut Line Up

    Buzz Cut #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    This is a sleek and precision-driven military haircut characterized by a short, even length all over the head and a distinct, well-defined hairline.

    Military Mohawk

    Military Mohawk #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen

    While undeniably being classic, a military buzz cut is not the only army cut to go for. A military mohawk comes out daring and bold yet reserved enough to be accompanied by both a uniform and civilian outfit.

    Bald Head

    Bald Head Men #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen

    Most military cuts are short, thus being low-maintenance and practical, such as a military crew cut, for instance. Yet, if you can’t be bothered to leave any hair on your head, feel free to shave it all off.


    Quiffed Longer Buzz Cut Fade

    Quiff Haircut On Top #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    No matter whether it is a number 2 haircut or a high and tight fade, you can give it a stylish touch by complementing with a quiff.

    Classic Medium Hair With Undercut

    Classic Medium Hair With Undercut Men #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    Those who prefer classic military style haircuts with a twist should go for medium hair on top and an undercut on the sides and back.

    Two Level Military Hair Cut

    Two Level Military Hair Cut Men #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    A two level cut is one of the most popular military hair cuts for guys and not for nothing. Thanks to the difference in length between the sides and top, it is high contrast and sharp.


    Short Waves

    Short Waves #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    If you have curly thick locks, short waves will help you to keep them in check with 360 waves.

    Spiky Top And Neat Sides

    Spiky Top And Neat Sides #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    Butch hairstyles can be easily transformed into many other fashionable hair looks. Spike up the top while leaving the sides neat and clean for an edgy yet balanced look.

    Side Swept Short Hair

    The Swept Back Military Haircut #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    This is a disciplined yet stylish option featuring short hair on the sides, neatly tapered for a clean look, while the top is slightly longer and swept to one side, offering a sharp and professional appearance suitable for military standards.


    Line Up Short Crew Cut

    Line Up Military Haircut #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    A surefire way to give any military haircut definition is to get a line up along the forehead and temples.

    Military Fade With Wavy Brush Up

    Military Fade With Brush Up Top #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    This is a stylish and versatile haircut that combines a classic military-inspired fade on the sides and back with a longer, textured top that is brushed upward. It is a popular choice for men who desire a clean, sharp look while still maintaining some length and volume on the crown.

    Short & Clean Mens Military Haircuts

    Butch Military Haircut #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    This touch of hair changes the look into less severe and ruthless, thus, making the Butch haircut one of the most common men’s military haircut types. It’s noteworthy that in this haircut the military fade is extrinsic, so the total look gives a nice and disciplined impression.


    Bald High And Tight Fade

    Longer Crew Cut #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    Being on the list of the best short haircuts for men in 2024, the Crew cut is the right choice for you if your hairline is getting thinner day after day or if you want to gain a less intense look.

    Military Buzz Cut + Fade + Line

    Longer Buzz + Fade + Line #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut


    Even though a buzz cut is originally a very short hairstyle, you can make it half an inch longer to pair with a fade on the sides and back. This will allow you to achieve a look with much contrast. Yet, it remains neat and clean in the best tradition of a military haircut style.

    Marine Haircut

    Marine Haircut Men #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    The marines cut hair is a distinctive hairstyle that is closely associated with the United States Marine Corps. It is characterized by its short length on the sides and back of the head, while leaving a slightly longer length on the top.


    Low Fade Military Haircut

    Low Fade Military Haircut #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    The low fade military haircut is a popular hairstyle choice among military personnel and civilians alike. It is characterized by a gradual decrease in hair length from the top of the head down to the neckline, creating a seamless transition between the longer hair on top and the shorter hair on the sides and back.

    Brushed Back Undercut

    Classic Medium Hair With Undercut #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    The brushed back undercut is a modern and stylish haircut characterized by short sides that gradually taper upwards, while the hair on top is brushed back for a sleek and edgy look, popular across various fashion and lifestyle trends.

    Navy Haircut

    Navy Haircut #militaryhaircut #shorthaircuts #militaryhaircutsmen


    The navy haircut is characterized by its short length all around the head, often with an even shorter clipper cut on the sides and back, while the top is usually slightly longer.


    Cop Haircut

    Cop Haircut #militaryhaircut #armyhaircut #shorthaircutsformen

    Police officers are no strangers to military haircuts for men. A modern police haircut features shorter hair on the back and sides with a longer top. All kinds of fades, tapers and even undercuts work perfectly in this case.

    Why Are Military Haircuts So Popular?

    Every military hair cut that only comes to your mind will inevitably be considered classic and not for nothing we must say. It always looks neat and dapper as well as suitable for any ambiance, outfit, and epoch. The secret of its unfading popularity is that an army haircut while being quite easy to achieve and maintain, gives your appearance a virile and powerful flair. Thus, when opting for a butch haircut or a long crew cut, you can rest assured that you will look timelessly stylish.

    Sometimes, military hairstyles are appropriate only for the soldiers and officers. However, oftentimes, men not related to the army can easily pull off some of them. Without a doubt, it’s totally worth trying to incorporate this dangerously gorgeous hair looks into everyday life.

    FAQs: Military Haircut

    What is a military haircut called?

    Thanks to the way it is tailored, with the sides and back trimmed shortly starting from the above-the-temple area and a relatively longer top, it was named the high and tight. However today, there are plenty of variations on this cut: crew cuts, buzz cuts, butch haircuts, to name a few.

    Why are military haircuts short?

    First of all, it makes them easy to maintain and manage. Take a crew cut haircut, for instance, which requires zero styling. Second of all, they give your appearance a clean and professional look. And last but not least, when cut in this way, men’s haircuts are extremely practical, as you may not worry that your locks will get stuck inside a helmet or be caught by an enemy or barbed wire.

    What is a brush cut?

    It is a type of a man short cut with the hairs styled upright so that they remind brush bristles.


    • A butch cut is a type of haircut in which the hair on the top of the head is cut short in every dimension. Source
    • The high and tight is a military variant of the crew cut. Source
    • A crew cut is a type of haircut in which the upright hair on the top of the head is cut relatively short, graduated in length from the longest hair. Source