Classy Military Haircut Ideas For Any Man

Choose Your Best Military Haircut Style For Every Day

A military haircut has made a long way from being only appropriate for the army to becoming an everyday go-to men’s hairstyle. Its popularity is mainly based on the practicality and the ease of maintenance of the haircut. However, the image of the item inherent in strong, courageous and heroic men played a crucial role, as well. Despite the fact that originally, the rules on the haircuts for military men were uncompromising, there are some really intriguing variations today. That’s why we’re so happy that the military cut is here to stay.

Military Burr Haircut

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To get insight into the notion of the Burr haircut, it won’t be superfluous to know what the Induction cut is. In brief, it’s the shortest crew cut possible. It even aims for a bald head haircut when there is only stiff bristle left. And when your Induction cut has grown a bit, it morphs into the Burr haircut. This touch of hair changes the look into less severe and ruthless, thus, making the Burr haircut one of the most common men’s military haircut types. It’s noteworthy that in this haircut the military fade is extrinsic, so the total look gives the nice and disciplined impression.

Being on the list of the best mens short haircuts 2018, the Burr haircut is the right choice for you if your hairline is getting thinner day after day or if you want to gain a less intense look.

The Butch Cut

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If you find the Burr haircut too dramatic, then you should give the butch cut a try. It is the type of a fade haircut black men would find especially appealing. The hair on the top of the head and the upper area of the sides and back should be of the same length, something around 1⁄4 and 3⁄4 inch long, whereas the hair below this section should be buzzed very short. You can add a bit of variety by making the front top hair longer than the back, thus achieving a flip up. Such haircut designs require a little bit of a styling product, like control wax.

High And Tight Military Haircut

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The high and tight haircut is a true staple of the hairstyles preferred by military men. You can easily spot it among other military haircut types because the sides are shaved closely, and the top is trimmed. Usually, military haircuts aren’t fade cuts. However, if your call of duty doesn’t involve following the strict haircut rules, you can add a fade to soften up the staggering high and tight haircut. On top of that, you can adorn the whole look with a beard that will blend softly into the fade. Since the cut is highly versatile, you can go for a little longer version by creating less difference between the hair on the sides and on the top.

Military Undercut

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It seems like the military undercut is paying tribute to the modern haircuts. However, the military cut was the first to rock the sides and back cut to the same length and a little longer top. There is a groovy exaggerated variation of the military undercut. It was the gangster hairstyle that appeared in Boardwalk Empire. Michael Pitt was the one who styled it. The absence of a fade, creating a striking contrast, is what makes it differ from the classic version.

Regular Haircut

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The regular haircut has nothing to do with the standard military hairstyle. Besides the cut itself, the difference is in the people who wear it. The regular haircut is in the style of the high-rank officers. However, it looks so insanely posh that you can easily wear it even if you have nothing to do with the army. What makes the regular haircut stand out is the hard part on the side, whereas the hair on the sides is usually a fade cut medium length.

The Ivy League


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The ivy league cut does not actually remind of the military or marine haircut. However, if to analyze the basis of the cut closer, it’s just a crew cut but lengthened a little. This hairstyle would complement anyone who would like to look dapper and official, omitting all the unnecessary features. There is a variety of ways how you can pull off the ivy league cut. You can cut the sides short or leave them to grow out, thus creating more or less contrast. To set this haircut perfectly and create a bit of texture, just add some pomade or wax.

Crew Cut


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Unlike other military haircut types, the crew cut can seem more conservative. To get it right, you need to trim the hair about two inches long and leave the hair at the front of the head longer so that you could brush and style it. If you want to put the emphasis on the front part, you should ensure that the side and back parts of the head are cut really short to create a striking contrast. In case you want to soften the look slightly, add a crew cut fade to your hairstyle.

The Swept Back Cut

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What a real gem this slick back hair is! It actually has another name – Beehive. This is basically an undercut hairstyle with buzzed or fade sides and a really long pomp that can be of one length or decrease gradually. You will need a lot of pomade or wax to create the slicked back hair look because, as the name implies, you will need to slick your pomp back thoroughly.

Flat Top

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This is one of the outstandingly popular black haircuts. To achieve the perfect look, you need to crop the hair on the sides and back of the head extremely short or just go for a high skin fade. As for the top part of the head, the hair there should be left naturally curly to accentuate the modern vibes but be longer than the rest of the hair. Being originally a marine haircut, the flat top is really making its way to the best American haircuts of today.

Military Fade

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The military fade is one of the Asian hairstyles men all over the world would wear. Its main feature is the skin buzzed sides. If you’re reluctant to have so dramatically short hair, you can use clippers with a guard #1 size. The top of the head is left much longer, which is inherent in most Asian men hairstyles.

Geometric Side Part Cut

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Do you fancy geometrically defined popular mens haircuts? We bet you do! How can you resist such a clear, precise and neat look? First, you need to get yourself a military fade haircut and a buzz-cut outline on the forehead. The carved hard or soft side part gives the look the final touch.

Short And Classic

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Are you a fan of some more traditional masculine haircuts? Then just pick up on the conventional fade haircut. You can add some variety with a clean-shaved outline or a trimmed beard if you like; however, it’s not necessary.

Sometimes, military hairstyles are appropriate only for the soldiers and officers. However, some of them can be easily pulled off by any men not related to the army. Without doubt, it’s totally worth trying to incorporate this dangerously gorgeous hair looks into everyday life.

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