Mens long hairstyles cannot leave anyone indifferent. Guys with long manes are usually described as extremely masculine and attractive. So, if you want to win the title of a real heartthrob, you should make good use of our guide. It features the most breathtaking long male hairstyle ideas, from a man bun to braids for men and everything in between. And even if you decide to wear your locks loose, our expert styling tips may come in really handy.

    Wondering what length and shape suit you? Here are some tips to help you pick the best long men’s hairstyles for every day.


    Some days, you don’t feel like wearing either a bun or loose hair. For such occasions, a classic man ponytail would be the real savior. Just add a blob of gel or pomade for extra shine. Another advantage of a ponytail is that it allows you to take your locks away from your face. Such mens long hairstyles can be exceptionally flattering. On the one hand, they emphasize your masculine facial features, and on the other hand, they don’t sacrifice the length of your hair.

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    Long Hairstyles For Men With Textured Waves

    No matter what the shape of your face is, if you have a bit of wave in your hair, pick this hairstyle. Apply a styling mousse to damp, untangled hair. Leave it to dry or scrunch some portions of your hair liberally. Once the mousse is set, backcomb the front section lightly or make a rough partition. A half pompadour is another interesting option for the front section.

    Those heavily textured long waves hit the right spot and give the best broody face profiles. Try it out!

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    Half Up Half Down Curls Long Hair For Men

    Whenever you feel like you are getting tired of your men long hair, do not grab scissors right away. Take a break from your locks by gathering half of them on top of your head. This hairstyle gives you a chance to embrace male long hairstyles once again.

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    Long Hair Undercut

    Truly, this is one of the most elegant long hairstyles for men we have ever seen. Thanks to the undercut sides and back, the focus of the look shifts to your long top. Besides, this cut keeps your long hair undercut neat and clean despite the length. So, for a formal ambiance, you can brush your hair back, while for a casual one, you can dishevel it and push to the side.

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    Man Bun

    Unlike many predictions, a man bun has not gone into oblivion, keeping its leading positions among the trendiest man’s hairstyles. On the contrary, it has evolved into many other rockabilly forms.


    Long Slicked Back Hair

    If you’re wondering how to sleek back hair, just always remember to fix it with some styling products after brushing the locks back. Classy and exquisite, slick back hair will become an apparent gem of the mens long hairstyles collection.

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    Straight Long Hairstyles For Men

    Nothing like the classic straight man locks! This is a no pomp-and-show look for a plain Jane kinda day. When done right, long straight hair men could complete a sleek look. The focus here is only on the length which makes it important to keep the ends trimmed and frizz-free.


    If you were genetically gifted with the thick mane, play around it with dreadlocks. The rugged appearance of such long hair styles enhanced with the dreads accentuates your masculinity and brutality.

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    High Knot Men’s Long Hairstyles

    A high knot is one of those long male hairstyles that keep your locks in order without sacrificing their length. Besides, it has a masculine warrior vibe, which is a great addition to the practical side of top knot hairstyles.

    Long Braid

    Now this one’s for the bold. If you are looking to go all experimental with your long locks, why not dye and braid them! Neon and pop hair colors like aqua blue, neon green, lime, electric purple, and bright orange are current favorites among guys. Or add some highlights for your natural braids for men.

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    Long Hair Middle Part

    Apparently, guys with long hair, especially if they’re straight hair men, don’t have to make much effort in order to style their divine hair. Just a middle part hair men will be more than enough.

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    Bro Flow

    Tight and bouncy, bro flow haircut is a genuine wonder of nature. You can leave it to grow completely independent to get an incredible messy hairstyle, or you can choose the trendiest look for yourself from the variety of weaves.

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    Thin Bun Long Hair Styles For Men

    Are you totally a man bun guy but planning to attend some formal event? Or you just want your hair to look smart and elegant? Here’s a nice option for you. Simply pull your hair back into a small bun and use a bit of styling product to tame any flyaways. Such straight mens long hairstyles always look appealing and sophisticated.

    Messy Top Knot

    The top knot men wear the most is basically a half-bun. It’s perfect in the way that it combines loose and gathered hair. Another reason that makes the top knot so popular is the opportunity to style the second-day hair in it.

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    Man Bun Braids

    Being one of the fanciest man bun styles, this disheveled yet stylish look would be appropriate for any occasion, whether formal or casual. By combining the man bun braids, you can gain an even more refined look with an undercut. Also, as man braids doesn’t require any special skills or practice, it would really benefit those guys who have no idea how to do a man bun.

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    Cornrow Braids And Bun Mens Long Hairstyles

    Such an impressive hairstyle for truly long hair is actually very easy to recreate. Just brush your hair up into a ponytail, divide it into equal strands and braid them. When it’s done, roll the braids around the bottom of the ponytail and fix their ends with the pins. Even though this cornrows does require some of effort, after you master the braids for men, it will be like a piece of cake for you.

    Low Straight Blond Bun

    Even though there is a great number of man buns, the traditional low style gives the edgiest and chicest touch to your look. To achieve such a sleek men’s bun, just gather all the hair high at the back and voila! The star of the mens long hairstyles is up.


    Short Sides With Thin Tail

    Another Nordic special is this thin tail hairstyle. Like other Viking styles, you need to shave the sides and leave just the top portion of your hair. Pull back the top portion into a ponytail. This ponytail can be as distinctive as you wish. So French braid it or do a fishtail plait. Add bubble braids that will look fantastic as a combination.

    Choose the hairstyle based on your hair length, texture, and type. Remember that long hair in men always takes more time and effort to grow and maintain. But, boy is it worth it!

    Faux Hawk Viking Braids

    Want to rock long hair with shaved sides? Viking braids are your best bet. These braids look killer if you have strong, dense, defined, and longer hair on the top part of your scalp. To achieve this style, part the top hair into a box. Shave and cut the rest of the hair on the sides as much as possible. This will automatically give a ‘lift’ to your top hair.

    Half-Up Ponytail Long Hairstyles For Men

    Long hair guys love to put their locks in a pony. But did you know that you could also add a trendy and bold touch to it? Enhance your long hair with half-up ponytail and you will notice how it makes a world of difference.


    Simple Braid Long Hair Men Styles

    Another awesome way to avoid chopping off your long hair male mane when it is starting to drive you mad is by gathering your tresses in a braid. You do not have to go for something overly elaborate. A simple braid will work just fine.

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    High Curly Man Bun

    Ask yourself, “What is a man bun?” Even if you’re not really into long hairstyles for men, most likely, the first thing that comes to your mind would be “a messy knot.” And you’d be more than right. The original man bun suggests an updo that is offhandedly twisted on the top of the head and secured with an elastic band or hair clip. In case you’ve ever wondered how to do a man bun on curly hair men, this could be a quick guide for you.

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    Colored Cornrows

    Long vertical cornrow braids are absolutely stunning on their own. However, you can enhance the crazy cornrows with razor undercut sides and a hint of color.

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    Long Fishtail Braids

    A fishtail braid look is an unforgettable experience. However, you can double this bohemian effect of the mens long hairstyles by doubling the number of the fishtail braids.

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    Side Parted Man Bob

    Looking hot? Exactly! Try this haircut and you will not go unnoticed.

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    Surfer Hair

    Amid wavy hairstyles for men, the surfer hair look is out of the competition. This sexy and breezy coiffure looks best with shoulder-length surfer hair.

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    Half-Up Braided Bun Mens Long Hairstyles

    Braided buns are an easy way to maintain the braids and give you a neat look. This is one hairdo that shows off your hair length and highlights your face contours. French, Dutch or side braids can be the base of this look. Once you get the braids done, just pull the top section into a loose bun. Secure with a hair tie. Let the bottom bunch of braids hang loose on your upper back or shoulders.

    Complete this hairstyle with either a long beard, a stubble, or a close-clipped beard. Hello, hottie!

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    Men Long Hairstyles With Bandana

    Long haircuts for men call for hair accessories. If you want it to be not only stylish but also practical, tie a bandana around your head. In addition to giving your appearance a trendy touch, it also stops your hair from getting into the way.

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    Braided Top Low Fade

    Man braid styles have become popular in recent years. Guys with long hair experiment with different mens long hairstyles, including braids for men. Check out our collection of men’s braids below.

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    Box Braids Undercut

    To achieve this look, invest in a good hairstylist that uses genuine hair color products. Once your hair color is fixed all you need to do is braid your hair! You can flaunt a loose, messy single braid or wear tight long corn-row or box braids. Adding an undercut gets you a +100!

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    Long Layered Mullet

    Long modern mullet styles look extremely fresh in any environment. To get the most out of them, make sure your hair is some shaggy style. Brush it thoroughly and create your mullet haircut at your neck-level.

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    Man Bun With Bandana

    Long hair can sometimes make men feel compromised. So that it will not happen, you may want to complement your look with something that shows off your virility as much as possible. And that is when a bandana comes into play. What facial hair style you are going to rock is up to you. Yet, you can rest assured that when you pair your long hairstyle with a beard, no one will question your masculinity.

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    Braided Top Undercut Fade

    If you want to really pop with your OMG braided hairstyles, then you should definitely try the braids with an undercut. We strongly recommend starting with this unbelievable simple man braid. It’s very eye-catching and graphic due to the undercut sides with carved partings.

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    Simple Cornrows

    Still looking for simple updos for long hair? Have a look at these cornrow braids. Unlike the Viking style faux hawk braid, the cornrow braids create a more neat and modest look.

    The Half-Up Mens Long Hairstyle

    Just what you need on a Monday. Kick the blues away with this sleek yet messy hairdo. Part your hair into 2 unequal sections from the nape of your neck. Pull the major section into a hair tie and make a loose knot. Let the bottom strands fall free on your shoulders and neck. Your jawline steals all the limelight in this super-quick hairstyle.

    Zhuzh up the look with dry shampoo applied into the roots on a bad hair day.


    Really Viking Hairstyle

    Fan of the Vikings and the Norsemen? You gotta slay this hairstyle. Long Viking braids with undercuts or fully shaved sides are a classic Scandinavian long hair statement. With a stubble or a heavy beard, this hairdo will definitely add to your nordic vibe.

    Blonde Dreadlocks

    You can never go wrong with a classic hairstyle, even if it is dreadlocks. If you guy with long hair and do not like to experiment with your hair look much, just go for traditional dreads. As they already appear quite intricate and elaborate, they do not require additional styling while a short stubble of facial hair will not hurt.

    Hair Highlights For Men

    However, if you don’t feel like doing any excessive manipulations with your hair, consider going all natural and wear it simply loose. Add some hair highlights to look really stylish.


    Messy Man Bun With An Undercut

    Are you looking for something casual still don’t want to lose the edge? Try this undercut man bun, which perfectly balances the messy man bun with clean and neat buzzed sides. Having a man bun undercut gives your hairstyle a non-trivial look, which makes it stand out among mens long hairstyles.

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    Long Curly Hair

    You can infinitely look for the best hairstyles for men with curly hair. However, no matter what curly hairstyles for men you choose, your ringlets will always look stunning because they were born to be like that.

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    Twisted Hair

    The final step is to braid the top hair. Try Dutch braids or dread braids and twist them in the end. Use some hair wax to fix the look. Leave your hair like this as long as you can. Use dry shampoos or leave-in conditioners to run longer without a hair wash.

    You know what’s the best part? Faux hawk braids help you grow our hair longer naturally. Now isn’t that amazing?


    Dreadlocks In A Bun

    Another one for the experimental freak in you. Dreadlocks are stylish, funky, and full of personality. If you are ready to maintain them and go out-of-the-box, these matted long locks are what you should be looking at.

    Dreadlocks can be worn as braids, man-buns, knots, half-knots, or left loose. Get ready to bring out the wild child in you already!

    High Curly Bun

    Hairstyles for men with long hair have plenty of forms and variations. They allow the guys to get the most out of their natural gift and enhance its beauty. When there is always a brilliant idea for your long hairstyle, you can finally enjoy the process of wearing it.

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    Quick Half-Updo Mens Long Hair Styles

    Long straight hair looks the best if you are blessed with thick and healthy hair. You can always blow-dry or iron your hair to maintain it. Don’t forget to use a heat-protectant serum or spray before doing so. Invest in hair care products that promote shine and frizz-control for best results.


    Flipped Ends For Straight Hair

    Do hippie values resonate with you? Then you should definitely try on one of the most iconic hippie hairstyles, which features long flipped ends. This look allows you to complement it with any kind of facial hair style, from short to long, but a full coarse beard pairs with it best.

    Undercut With Braided Top

    Dreamy braids look great not just on women. Wear the braid with an undercut. Rub in some dry shampoo or leave-in conditioner to solve the oily scalp issue.

    Viking Long Braids Undercut

    In case you’re seeking some simple updos for long hair, this look might come in handy. Just create several braids of different sizes and separate the top part of your hair. This will give your look a faux hawk braid effect.


    High Pony Dreadlocks

    Your dreadlocks do not differ much from loose hair in terms of their ability to be tied or braided. Thus, if you want to pull off a high ponytail, you are very welcome to do so. It will not only look cool and unusual but also take away hair from your face, thus revealing your masculine features.

    How To Choose The Best Men’s Long Hairstyle For Every Day

    This is the most asked and unanswered question. In a nutshell, there’s no set formula to swear by. Ideally, the best-suited long hairstyle for you should support your natural hair texture. Anything against it will involve high maintenance than long mens hairstyles.

    What you’ll first need is a decent haircut. If you have dense and shoulder-length hair, you can get some light layers at the ends. Straight hair can take heavier layering and punk hairstyling. If your hair is fine and tends to get curly or wavy, you should avoid heavy layering to control the frizz.

    Some basic long hairstyles can get a complete facelift by just introducing highlights. The right highlights can get you the tanned (totally Insta-worthy) vacay look without going anywhere! And the not-so-right ones could get more ‘feminine’. So, choosing the shade is key. It is best to work with your stylist here.

    And if you have to suit-up for work, try to keep the hair game simple and neat with a mild gel situation. Tuck some locks behind your hair so that the length doesn’t distract and stays manageable.

    Now that you get the drift, let’s take a look at the easy and low-maintenance options. Pick what suits the best for you and run to your stylist.

    How To Style Mens Long Hairstyles

    Obviously, the way you are going to style your hair greatly depends on the look you are striving to achieve. You can wear it loose and messy on casual weekends with friends. When you are headed at a formal event, it is better to tie your locks in a ponytail or a man bun. In the times when you are feeling playful, go for something intricate and eye-catching, such as a man braid. As you can tell, the variety of options is endless. Just read more to learn how to style long hair men and pick out the style that suits your mood and occasion best.



    How long is long hair for guys?

    Not sure how long is long hair for guys? Well, it all depends on the desired hairstyle. Ideally, to grow out your hair long enough to be able to pull off the trendiest long hairstyles for men, you should leave it alone for about a couple of years. It does not mean though that during this period you cannot cut it. Instead, you should regularly visit your barber to chop off split ends. Once your hair reaches your chin level, it can be considered long.

    What long hair says about a man?

    Have you ever wondered what long hair says about a man? At first sight, you might think that your personality is not linked to your hairstyle. However, many people believe it is. To some, long hair means that the person sporting it is persistent, determined and patient. He or she is ready to devote as much time to their goal as possible, which means that they are also committed.

    Is men’s long hair unprofessional?

    Many people have prejudice when it comes to long hair on a man. They consider it appropriate only for specific ambiance, namely formal. But, is mens long hair unprofessional? Like most things in our life, it depends. There are certain jobs where long hair is not welcomed or even not allowed. However, the way you have your long hair styled defines whether it goes against or with the dress code rules. So, if you want to flaunt long hairstyles for men to work, you are free to do so. Just be picky when you choose a look.

    What can men do with long hair?

    So, what can men do with long hair? You will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of options you have. First, you can tie it in a top knot, which is a middle ground between a high pony and man bun. For an elegant and professional look, you can pull your long tresses in a low pony. If you feel yourself skilled enough, you can braid your locks, thus achieving an intricate and eye-catching hairstyle. If you do not feel like styling your hair, just wear it loose. This is a great opportunity to show off your mane. Besides, you can give your locks some movement and dimension by adding highlights. Or, if you are up to a drastic change, you can even get them dyed. Finally, in case you are pretty much fed up with your long hair, it could be high time to get a cut.


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