Goatee Beard The Guide With Most Popular Styles For Men

Everything You Need To Know About The Goatee

Goatee has been a highly popular beard style among businessmen, collegians and men on the whole. It helps to frame the face and accentuate your masculinity. No matter what variant you pick, it always looks stunning. However, it’s vital to know how exactly you should shave and maintain your beard style to make the most out of it. Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about goatees and their styling options.

What Is A Goatee Beard Style

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Of course, you need to know how to trim a goatee in the right way. Though, the first question to address is “What is a goatee?” Basically, this is the facial hair that points out. It reminds of the one that goats have, which gave the name to this beard style. Nowadays, the term is used to talk about any hair that grows from your chin and above the upper lip, which makes the goatees highly adjustable.

Why Should You Grow A Goatee


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Men grow out goatees due to several reasons. In the first place, there is the ease at which it can be grown no matter what the style is. Also, if the facial hair growth is a real challenge for you, this beard type can help you out a lot. In case you want to disguise some flaws on your face, like a protruding or feeble chin and thin lips, try pairing a mustache and goatee.

How To Choose The Best Goatee Style

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Although we said that the goatee looks great on everyone, it’s important to choose the types of beard styles that suit you most. The process of selecting how to style your beard reminds of deciding on the haircut. With a variance of beard designs, you can accidentally pick up the one that makes you look ridiculous instead of saucy. Luckily, as the beard style is really versatile, it doesn’t have any strict rules regarding the face shapes to match it to.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore this factor. Actually, the first thing to consider when choosing your perfect facial hair style is whether it works for your face shape or not depending on the aim you’re pursuing.

Goatee Styles And Face Shape

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So, here’s the list of goatee styles paired with the most suitable face shapes:

Pure: round.
Full: diamond, square.
Anchor: round, triangular.
Norse Skipper: round.
Soul Patch: round.
Rap Industry Standard: round.
Chin Puff: diamond, square.
Balbo: diamond, square.
Goat Patch: diamond, triangular.
Petite Goatee: square.
Extended: oblong.
Van Dyke: oblong.

As for the mustache style, you can harness the handlebar with the diamond, square and oblong face shapes.


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Now, let’s look a little closer at the most popular goatee men’s beard styles, which contain not only short beards but medium and long as well.

Original Goatee


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The original goatee, also known as pure, is basically a goatee without mustache. The small amount of hair on the chin that grows lower the bottom lip without a mustache and with a shaved jawline is what the pure goatee is. If your mustache is all grown out and the sides are connected with the goatee, you’re sporting another beard style, which is a full goatee.

Full Goatee


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What picture comes to your mind when you hear the term goatee? We’re almost sure that it’s the classic, or as it’s also called the full, goatee that pops up in your head. In this hairstyle, the facial hair forms a circle beard around your mouth with the help of the handlebar mustache shape and the line of beard that doesn’t exceed the outer edges of your mouth.

To keep your facial hair in place, apply a fair amount of the styling product to it, such as the hair wax or pomade. The full goatee is the most popular style among men of different ages.

Extended Goatee


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Practically, the extended goatee is almost the same as a goatee, though without some restrictions. With this beard style, you’re allowed to wear a mustache while the facial hair can go up to the sides. Sideburns don’t take part in the beard shaping because they would transform the goatee into the regular beard. In case you’re considering sporting this style, make sure you use enough of the beard oils.


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The anchor beard owes its name to the old seafaring ship tool, which it resembles. Actually, it’s not as easy as it seems to copy this look correctly. However, if you do succeed in pulling off this style, you understand that it’s worth the effort because the anchor appears incredibly classy and elaborated.

To achieve the look, you need to pair a handlebar that extends to the lower part of the bottom lip with a chinstrap tapered beard. The upper part of your anchor can be styled with a perfectly shaped pencil mustache.

Van Dyke Beard

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The Van Dyke beard is quite a look-alike of the true goatee, they have many common styling features. Such short beard styles are seen as very beneficial to those guys who really struggle to grow out a full thick beard. Instead of showing off the bold patches, this beard style combines a soul patch, chin goatee and mustache. What’s interesting about it though that all three parts aren’t joined together. This technique helps to conceal the gaps in the facial hair.

Soul Patch

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We bet there’s no need to tell you what this beard style is. However, we’ll take the liberty of summarizing your knowledge. This chin beard patch, which is placed under the lower lip, is arguably one of the most adjustable goatees we know. You can pair it with a plethora of beard and mustache styles to add versatility to your look. Whether you’re going to harness it separately or mixing with a beard and mustache, you’ll always be on point.

How To Maintain A Goatee


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Sure thing, you can’t leave your goatee without the proper maintenance. Being initially a short beard style, it will increase in length greatly in a short time, thus becoming to look untidy and shapeless. So, when reflecting on the ways how to shape a beard, start with trimming and styling it after it has fully dried. Also, your beard washing routine should include shampooing, conditioning and moisturizing your facial hair. And, of course, it’s essential to apply a beard oil after showering if you want your goatee to be soft and yielding.

When choosing the most flattering goatee style for your face shape you need to stick to the following rules. Take into account how full and thick your facial hair is, what job position you hold and how much time you can spend on the maintenance of your beard. Considering these factors will ensure you’re making the most out of your goatee while enjoying the process of sporting it.

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