Contemporary Ideas Of How To Look Great With Mid Fade Haircut

What Is Mid Fade Haircut And Who’s It For?

The mid fade haircut, whatever variation it is, is a well-balanced and perfectly neat happy medium between the popular high and low fades. Such cuts, also known as medium fade haircuts, are achieved by tapering the middle side area of the head, going right above the ear and below the temples.


As well as other fades, this type offers great styling flexibility and variability, and it can be easily combined with men’s favorite undercuts or buzz cuts and work nicely into beards. Razor fade, mid skin fade, bald fade, soft taper: there are loads of ways for modern men to rock a fade stylishly.

The Medium Fade Haircut

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The medium fade haircut stands among the most requested cuts, not for nothing. Men go for it because it provides them with distinctive and unique looks which are sharper than low fades and less exposing than high fades. Due to its length balance and versatility, it can adapt to any styling preferences, especially to those that are meant to emphasize the longer top.

Who’s It For?

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Medium fade haircuts are all about freedom regarding a man’s lifestyle, age, and hair type. Yet, they work ravishingly for masculine looks accompanied with beards or stubble. Just make sure that you’ve got a nice wax or pomade, and you’ve got all you need to flaunt with the fade.

How Do I Get the Mid Fade Haircut?

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To get the medium fade, you should follow these steps:

  1. Depending on the desired look, texture the central area of your hair with the scissor-over-fingers method.
  2. Using the shear-over-fingers method, repeat the previous step.
  3. Proceed with the scissor-over-comb method using barber shear in a larger size.
  4. With the blade-on-skin method, cut the hair on the back and sides of your head using the 1/2 inch blade.
  5. Repeat the previous step using the 3/8 inch blade and then repeat again using the 1/8 inch blade.
  6. To reduce the length, repeat the previous step with the blade’s flat side.
  7. Use the half-closed adjustable clipper moving to the mid end.
  8. Close the lever of the adjustable clipper and repeat the previous step.
  9. Wrap up with the scooping motions.
  10. Clean the sideburns, ears and neck with a t-outliner.

Fresh Ideas For Medium Fade Haircuts And Hairstyles

Now it’s time to get inspired by the mid fade haircuts that stylish men sport today! The latest, versatile ideas are ready to be copied.

Taper Fade

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The iconic taper fade is popular with men’s fashion community for the smart, minimalistic, and pretty sharp looks that it gives to wearers. When a guy experiences a taper vs fade struggle, a wise barber offers to try a mid taper fade that mixes the gradual length of a taper and clean sides of a fade. It gets darker as it gets higher, moving from the nape to the parietal ridge.

Razor Part And Mid Haircut

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A hard part haircut is something that barbers love to be asked for. A truly outstanding haircut with a soft medium fade that reaches a hard part, razored on the midway is a statement in its purest. Also, it goes well with a mid bald fade and requires a simple styling routine.


Buzz Cut Fade

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With a well-defined medium fade, the strict and timeless buzz cut looks even more authentic and manful. Adding a fade to the simple and familiar cuts is a nice way to freshen up or customize them. If you like sporting a buzz cut with beard, try to add some neatness to spice it up.

Short Sides, Long Top

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The “long on top short on sides” haircuts have always been on everyone’s lips. It just so happens that we’re keen on contrasts, and the point is that a fade can take the most out of it. To enhance the charm of the short sides long on top cuts, don’t look any further than this undercut fade idea.

Mid Fade Comb Over Hairstyle

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Men who like mixing classic and modern approaches that add something unique to their styles will love the mid fade comb over with a shaved stripe. You can play around with side and nape designs to make your comb over fade pop. With a contemporary touch of a fade, the good old comb over shows up in a new, amazing light.

Bald Fade With Beard

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Sleek on the top and smooth on the sides; this is how the mid bald fade works for guys who opt for it. This idea, alongside with medium skin fade cuts, looks its best when it’s worn with a beard, setting balance to the whole look so that the front doesn’t outweigh the silhouette.

Curly Bang

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There’s no better way to emphasize the texture of your hair than to pair it with a fade. Whether you have naturally curly hair or you prefer such styling, bangs will match it perfectly. And once you combine a medium fade haircut with man bangs, you’ll know how the attractive curly styles look like.


Effortless Pompadour

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How do you like the idea of highlighting your pompadour hairstyle with a medium fade? Adding a sense of contemporaneity to vintage hairstyles is always fun and exceptional. A pompadour fade, where the voluminous top is accentuated with a soft fade will definitely take your style to the next level.

Medium Fade Haircut With Textured Top

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Those who’d like to focus on the texture should experiment with their top. Your cut can be cleanly shaped with a mid skin fade, leaving less transition on the sides to put the textured hair on top in the spotlight. This style looks fresh and pretty uncommon, notably if it comes with light stubble.

Medium Fade With Afro Curls

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Most black men hairstyles you may come across feature taper fade. Mainly because clean sides and back can deal with unruly natural hair, whipping it into shape immaculately. Want to show off your curls keeping the balance? Ask your barber for short spiky hair that will not only give you a low-maintenance but also a stylish spiky hair look.

Short Curls With Beard

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With the help of a skilled barber, you can get yourself a style that matches your inner self. So if you want to complement your beard with the right cut, let the professional work on your short curly hair. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to regularly maintain short curly hair men find to be so unruly, as only in this way you can get a decent look.


Mid Fade Haircut With A Beard

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An undercut fade allows you to complement it with face accessories, such as a beard or mustache. Note though, if you leave the hair on top quite long, opt for shorter beard styles. The top hair can be slicked back or tied in a top-knot. Though for a breezy, rather hipster look, just sweep it over to one side.

Sharp Mid Fade

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A skin fade undercut with lengthy top hair looks edgy and sharp. For added texture, style the hair on top in waves and complete the the whole look with a mustache. In this way, you’ll achieve a modernized version of the style sported by the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley.

Military Fade

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If you want to accentuate your roughness and masculinity, go with a military fade haircut. It may seem a little retro and modest; however, a military fade instantly gives the manly and virile touch to the look.

Slick Back Hair

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For the gents who prefer more refined and elegant looks, the slick back fade becomes an obvious choice. Because the slick back hair is cut in layers, it doesn’t appear too preppy. The medium fade helps to balance out the slicked back top and enhances the sauciness of the cut.

Undercut With Medium Fade

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Undoubtedly, a mens undercut fade has the ideal set of styling elements, namely a medium fade and an undercut. They’re basically meant for each other. An undercut fade seems flawless paired with a long top comb over. In case you’re up for some experiments, try to sport the fade undercut with a handlebar mustache.


Spiky Top

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To achieve a natural look, opt for a short spiky hair cut, which apparently made a huge comeback as a fashion trend. One of the biggest benefits of a spiky hair style is that it doesn’t require much effort to keep it up. To style their short spiky hair men simply apply a bead of a styling product to the top and dishevel it with a hand.

Short Afro Look

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The Afro fade is one of the most popular black men haircuts for good reason. It keeps the look on top while helping tame your kinky locks. Feel free to partner the look with some facial hair, like a mustache or beard. Alternatively, go with both.

Side Parted Hair

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If you feel like changing something in your slicked back haircut with a mid fade or the like, consider upgrading it with a side part. For a side part haircut with a retro touch, request a hard part from your barber.

Fade With Quiff

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A quiff haircut partnered with a medium fade turns out a real masterpiece, yet remaining quite low-maintenance. All you need to do is to brush your hair back and run through it with the fingers covered in a styling product. This will give your quaff hairstyle an extra texture and bring it on top!

Medium Fade With Dreads

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To refresh your dreadlocks a bit, give your sides and back the Afro fade haircut. Black hairstyles welcome a mid skin fade and a line-up, which make the hairdo geometrically defined and edgy. As the hairstyle implies quite a lot of volume on top, keep the face clean and neat. A small goatee and a thin line of mustache are the absolute maxima you should go for.

Mid Fade On Short Hair

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Even if you have short hair, it does not mean you cannot complement it with a fade. A mid fade is so versatile that it can be paired with any hair length and style on top. Even if your mane is short, you can still opt for a medium fade for an added contrast in your look.

Mid Top Fade

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This mid top fade hairstyle features long hair on the top of the head as well as faded sides and back. The transition between long and short locks is gradual yet prominent. Thanks to the abundant upper section, this hairstyle gives you plenty of styling options varying in ambiance and complexity.


Medium Fade With Curly Top

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A mid fade is an ideal cut for those men who have curly locks. It helps you not only shape up your unruly hair but also emphasize its texture. When your sides and back are faded, the hair on top becomes a focal point of the whole look. Thus, take care to style it so that it looks its absolute best.

Mid Drop Fade

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There are actually quite a lot of ways how you can pull off a medium fade. One of the most interesting and flattering is a mid drop fade. Although it creates a clean-cut appearance, it still leaves quite a lot of hair on the back, which allows you to sport it even if you have a nine-to-five job.

Short Wavy Top

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There’s no need to describe the harshness of thick hair styling routine. Let’s just talk about solutions that medium fade cuts can bring to your styling life. Short haircuts for men that involve textured tops and sides tapering are probably the most iconic way to give thick textures a well-groomed look.

Caesar Inspired Cut

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The Caesar cut can sometimes look a little bit outdated. To give it a modern touch, complement it with a fade. This take on the classic hairstyle comes out bold and trendy. For an added casual flair of the look, dishevel the locks on the top of the head and go for a full beard.

Sleek Style

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Thanks to the moderate impression a mid fade gives, it pairs nicely with formal and elegant hairstyles. Thus, if you just slick your locks back, you will get the look that allows you to knock doors on any occasion, as you can rest assured that your hair looks presentable.

Spiked Textured Top

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There is only one step from a formal to ruffian hairstyle when you have your sides and back faded. To pull off the look, you need to give your locks on the top of the head enough texture and definition. Make sure to use a generous amount of a hair styling product to spike up your hair.

Tousled Fade

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A medium fade cut is so beneficial that you can make little to no effort to style your locks on top and nevertheless achieve a trendy and fashionable look. So that your hair gives relaxed and carefree vibes, tousle the locks on the crown and enhance them with a fade.

Long Textured Medium Fade

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This hairstyle will be not easy to pull off. However, if you manage to do so, it will fully pay you off with tons of compliments you are going to collect. Leave a sufficient amount of hair on the top of the head and give it a pronounced texture. Add a medium fade to the sides for shifting the accent to the hair up top.

Tapered Undercut

Brushed Back Mid Taper

Spiked Crew

Brush Back Undercut

Flow Hair

The mid fade haircut is the ageless trend that seems never to become outdated. With the wide choice and the huge variety of styling ways, this cut will never lose its popularity. That’s why we want you to stay up to date with the latest men’s trend and advise you to make one of the today’s ideas real. Just call your barber and go for an upgrade!