Welcome to the Mid Fade Chronicles – where the hair meets the hilarity! The MensHaircuts team is here to guide you through the wild and wonderful world. Picture this: the perfect blend of sophistication and cheekiness, a haircut that says, ‘I mean business, but let’s not take life too seriously.’ Buckle up for a follicular adventure that’s as expertly crafted as your next mid fade haircut.


Mid Fade Short Hair

Mid Fade Short Hair #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut #fade #fadehaircut


Even if you have short hair, it does not mean you cannot complement it with a fade. This haircut is so versatile that it can be paired with any hair length and style on top. Even if your mane is short, you can still opt for a medium fade for an added contrast in your look.


Taper Fade Mid Waves

Short Wavy Top #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut #fade #fadehaircut


There’s no need to describe the harshness of a thick hair styling routine. Let’s just talk about solutions that medium cuts can bring to your styling life. Short haircuts for men that involve textured tops and sides mid taper are probably the most iconic way to give thick textures a well-groomed look.

Mid Fade Taper Spikes

Mid Fade Taper #midfade #midhaircut #fade


The iconic taper fade is popular with men’s fashion community for the smart, minimalistic, and pretty sharp looks that it gives to wearers. When a guy experiences a taper vs fade struggle, a wise barber offers to try a mid taper fade that mixes the gradual length of a mid fade taper haircut and clean sides of a fade. It gets darker as it gets higher, moving from the nape to the parietal ridge.

Is a mid fade suitable for all hair types?

Can I style my hair differently with a mid fade?

Can I get a mid fade if I have receding hairlines or thinning hair?

Wavy High Volume

High Volume #midfadehaircut #midfade #fadehaircut #fade


Men who are follically challenged should take care to add extra volume to their locks on top. Use a blow dryer after washing your hair and secure the result with a spritz of hair spray. The medium bald fade on the sides and back will help you draw attention to the top. Barber and Independent Educator Andrew Kozak provides the subsequent styling suggestions:

“If you’ve got some natural texture, work with it! That bend, wave, and even the cowlick are actually pretty rad! Let your hair move— we don’t have to fight it, just define the shape it can take through a decent haircut. This hair was roughly half dried styled using styling product.”

Quiffed Taper Fade Mid

Fade With Quiff #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


A quiff haircut partnered with a medium fade turns out a real masterpiece, yet remains quite low-maintenance. All you need to do is to brush your hair back and run through it with your fingers covered in a styling product.


Mid Fade Side Part

The Medium Fade Haircut #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


This side part, expertly crafted by Romania barber Horatiu Tolan, showcases a smooth transition from the subtle bald fade to the textured top. It’s a haircut that balances the neatness of a classic side part with the edge of a mid fade, perfect for the modern man seeking both style and sophistication.

Mid Fade Undercut

Mid Fade Undercut Waves #midfadehaircut #midfade #fadehaircut #fade


Independent Educator and barber with twenty years of experience Andrew Kozak gives the following styling recommendations:

“Clean lines and blurry fades when it fits, choppy fades with no lines when it fits. This curly hair was blow dried with lots of heat and lots of tension. The hair on top has been texturized heavily so that shorter hairs will want to push up the longer hairs.”

Textured Spiky Top

Fade With Textured Top #midfade #mediumfade #fade #fadehaircut


Those who’d like to focus on the texture should experiment with their top. Your cut can be cleanly shaped with a mid skin fade, leaving less transition on the sides to put the textured hair on top in the spotlight.


Crew Cut Mid Fade

Short & Cropped #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


This style by Wes Staucet strikes the perfect balance between classic and contemporary.

Styling Tip: For styling, keep it simple: a dab of matte pomade will give you control without the shine. Work it through damp hair, then use a comb or your fingers to create a textured look that complements the sharp fade. This look is all about precision and ease, ideal for the modern man on the go.

Pomp Top

Effortless Pompadour #midfade #midhaircut #fade


How do you like the idea of highlighting your pompadour hairstyle with a medium fade? Adding a sense of contemporaneity to vintage hairstyles is always fun and exceptional. A pompadour, where the voluminous top is accentuated with a soft fade will take your style to the next level. Robert-Jan Rietveld master barber and co-founder of Schorem specialists gives the following styling recommendations to sculpt the perfect pompadour:

  1. Apply a protective, volumizing product to clean, towel-dried hair.
  2. Using a hair dryer and a brush in combination, gently shape the hair. The hair at the front should be lifted up and pushed back to create the pompadour, and the sides should be pushed back for a sleek shape.
  3. Comb a small amount of pomade through the finished shape to give it hold and shine.
  4. For a more relaxed look, finger comb the finished pompadour a bit to loosen it.”

Swept Up Curly Hair Fade

Medium Fade With Curly Top #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


A medium fade is an ideal cut for those men who have curly locks. It helps you not only shape up your unruly hair but also emphasize its texture. When your sides and back are faded, the hair on top becomes a focal point of the whole look.


Short Brush Up Mens Mid Fade

Spiked Crew Mens Mid Fade #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


If you are leaning toward a short mid fade haircut, then a bush up is your best bet.

Styling Tip: Use a matte pomade for control without the shine, giving a textured, natural look. Apply a small amount to damp hair, then brush up and back to create volume and movement.

Buzz Cut Mid Fade

Buzz Cut Mid Fade #midfade #midhaircut #fade


With a well-defined medium fade, the strict and timeless buzz cut looks even more authentic and manful. Adding a fade to the simple and familiar cuts is a nice way to freshen up or customize them. If you like sporting a buzz cut fade with beard, try to add some neatness to spice it up.

Long Spiky Bang

Short Sides, Long Top #midfade #midhaircut #fade


This hairstyle combines the crispness of short sides with the individuality of textured length on top, making it a perfect blend of neat and tousled.

Styling Tip: For maintaining the spiky effect, apply a small amount of matte wax or clay on damp hair. Style it using your fingers to create the spikes, adding a personal touch to your look.


Medium Fade Comb Over

Medium Fade Comb Over #midfade #midhaircut #fade


Men who like mixing classic and modern approaches that add something unique to their styles will love the mid fade comb over with a shaved stripe. You can play around with side and nape designs to make your comb over fade pop. With a contemporary touch of a fade, the good old comb over shows up in a new, amazing light.

Tips for Styling

  • Using a quality pomade can simplify the styling process.
  • Ensure proper detangling of the top hair for a sleek final appearance.
  • Employ a hair dryer to help maintain its position.

Cornrow Top

Cornrow Top #midfade #mediumfade #fade #fadehaircut


If you like to stand out in the crowd, then a cornrow top is your way to go. It pairs perfectly with all mid fades, but to create a more contrasty and bold hair look, opt for a mid high fade.

Faux Hawk Fade

Faux Hawk Fade #midfadehaircut #midfade #fadehaircut #fade


Give your mens medium fade haircut a quirky and daring feel by brushing the front of your hair up. Not only will it make your face visually longer and narrower but it will also allow you to show off your masculine facial features.


Military Cut

Military Cut #midfadehaircut #midfade #fadehaircut #fade


If you want to accentuate your roughness and masculinity, go with a military fade haircut. It may seem a little retro and modest; however, a military fade instantly gives the manly and virile touch to the look.

Slick Back Hair

Slick Back Hair #midfadehaircut #midfade #fadehaircut #fade


For the gents who prefer more refined and elegant looks, the slick back fade becomes an obvious choice. Because the slick back hair is cut in layers, it doesn’t appear too preppy. The medium fade helps to balance out the slicked back top and enhances the sauciness of the cut.

Curly Bang

Curly Bang Haircut #midfade #midhaircut #fade


There’s no better way to emphasize the texture of your hair than to pair it with a fade. Whether you have naturally curly hair or you prefer such styling, bangs will match it perfectly. And once you combine with this haircut with man bangs, you’ll know how the attractive curly styles look like.


Brushed Back Undercut

Undercut With Medium Fade #midfadehaircut #midfade #fadehaircut #fade


Undoubtedly, a mens undercut fade has the ideal set of styling elements, namely a medium fade and an undercut. They’re basically meant for each other. An undercut seems flawless paired with a long top comb over. In case you’re up for some experiments, try to sport the fade undercut with a handlebar mustache.

Gelled Side Part

Side Parted Hair #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


This look exudes sophistication with its sharp side parting and smooth, gelled finish that adds a polished sheen.

Styling Tip: Achieve this suave look by using a high-quality pomade. After towel-drying your hair, apply the product evenly, and use a fine-tooth comb to part your hair on one side. For a lasting hold, comb the hair into place and allow the gel to set.

Mid Top Fade

Mid Top Fade #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


This mid top fade hairstyle features long hair on the top of the head as well as faded sides and back. The transition between long and short locks is gradual yet prominent. Thanks to the abundant upper section, this hairstyle gives you plenty of styling options varying in ambiance and complexity.


Mid Drop Fade & Spikes

Mid Drop Fade & Spikes #midfadehaircut #midfade #fadehaircut #fade


There are actually quite a lot of ways how you can pull off a medium fade. One of the most interesting and flattering is a mid drop fade. Although it creates a clean-cut appearance, it still leaves quite a lot of hair on the back, which allows you to sport it even if you have a nine-to-five job.

Caesar Inspired Cut

Caesar Inspired Cut #midfadehaircut #midfade #fadehaircut #fade


The Caesar cut can sometimes look a little bit outdated. To give it a modern touch, complement it with a fade. This take on the classic hairstyle comes out bold and trendy. For an added casual flair of the look, dishevel the locks on the top of the head and go for a full beard.

Razor Line And Mid Haircut

Razor Part And Mid Haircut #midfadehaircut #midfade #fadehaircut #fade


The razor part adds a clean, defining line, giving this textured haircut a modern twist.

Styling Tip: For a razor-sharp finish, ask your barber for a precise shave along the parting. This will enhance the contrast with the mid fade’s gradual blend. Keep the lines crisp with regular touch-ups and use a matte pomade for texture on top.


Spiked Textured Top With Design

Spiked Textured Top With Design #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


There is only one step from a formal to ruffian hairstyle when you have your sides and back faded. To pull off the look, you need to give your locks on the top of the head enough texture and definition. Make sure to use a generous amount of a hair styling product to spike up your hair.

Shadow Fade Curls

Shadow Fade Haircut #midfadehaircut #midfade #fadehaircut #fade


Those who prefer a more reserved style should take a closer look at a shadow medium fade mens haircut. While it does blend into your skin around the hairline, unlike a bald mid fade, it does not remove too much hair from the back and sides. So, it is suitable for both formal and informal ambiance.

Tousled Fade

Tousled Fade #midfade #midhaircut #fade


A medium fade cut is so beneficial that you can make little to no effort to style your locks on top and nevertheless achieve a trendy and fashionable look. So that your hair gives relaxed and carefree vibes, tousle the locks on the crown and enhance them with a fade.


Long & Textured

Long Textured Medium Fade #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


This hairstyle will be not easy to pull off. However, if you manage to do so, it will fully pay you off with tons of compliments you are going to collect. Leave a sufficient amount of hair on the top of the head and give it a pronounced texture. Add a short side for shifting the accent to the hair up top.

Undercut Taper Mid Fade

Undercut Taper Mid Fade #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


Because a mid skin fade haircut is quite reserved, especially when it is a taper mid fade, you can give it extra boldness by enhancing it with an undercut. Since it requires regular upkeep, you cannot call it low maintenance. However, the final result is so sharp and clean that it is totally worth it.

Brushed Back

Brushed Back Mid Taper #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


It comes as no surprise that with a mid fade long top draws more attention. So, it is up to you how to style it. If you are not into anything overly impactful, why not simply brush the hair on the top of your head back? This will create a very neat yet pronounced hair look.


Brush Back Medium Drop Fade

Brush Back Medium Drop Fade #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


A mid fade drop haircut looks stunning no matter what you pair it with on top. When you need something elegant and sophisticated, you can never go wrong with a brushed back top. With such a hair look, you can feel free to knock on any door, as it makes you look your best.

Flow Haircut

Flow Mid Taper Haircut #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


Those who generally prefer to have longer hair on top so that it could be styled flowy but are tired of maintaining the locks should take a closer look at a mid taper paired with a fade. Not only will it make taking care of your hair easier but it will also keep it in line with fashion.

Messy Top Bald Fade

Bald Fade With Beard #midfade #mediumfade #fade #fadehaircut


This haircut screams modern edge, with a carefree top providing contrast to the skin-close sides.

Styling Tip: To maintain the unruly charm of the top, work a texturizing product into damp hair and tousle with your fingers for a casual, lived-in look.


Medium Skin Fade

Medium Skin Fade #midfade #midhaircut #fade


Because a mid fade men haircut is so reserved, you may want to add a bit of boldness to it. And in this case, you can hardly think of a better option than a skin fade. As it takes so much hair off the sides, it is not only a great way to bring your hair on top to the center stage but also a perfect haircut for hot summer days.

Mid Burst Fade

Mid Burst Fade #midfade #midhaircut #fade


A burst taper fade mid haircut is less impactful than its traditional counterpart, which makes it more wearable. As such, if you are looking for a haircut option that would look office appropriate while not being overly preppy, this is your sure bet. Plus, with this kind of mid fade long top pairs especially well.

Mid Fade With Design

Mid Fade Hairstyles With Design #midfade #midhaircut #fade


 Design is a popular and stylish haircut that combines the classic mid fade technique with creative and intricate patterns shaved into the hair. This haircut offers a unique and personalized touch, allowing individuals to express their personality and style in a bold and eye-catching manner.


Mid Temple Fade

Mid Temple Fade Hair #midfade #midhaircut #fade


Another low key hairstyle that is suitable for any environment is a mid temple fade. It features more hair on the sides, so it can work pretty well as a professional haircut. At the same time, it gives off a very stylish and fashionable vibe. So, you are sure to rake in compliments.

Mid Fade Crop Top

Mid Fade Crop Top for Men #midfade #midhaircut #fade


A crop top haircut is rather debatable. A lot of men shy away from it because they consider it unflattering and inexplicit. So, it comes as no surprise that for a crop top mid fade is a match made in heaven. Together, they make up a very cool and defined look.

Mid Fade Long Hair

Mid Fade Long Hair #midfade #midhaircut #fade


Guys with long hair may find this cut extremely beneficial. On the one hand, it makes your locks much easier to maintain. And on the other hand, it gives you a cleaner and neater appearance. Finally, with mid faded sides, the hair on top gets more emphasis.


Mid Fade Straight Hair

Mid Fade Straight Hair #midfade #midhaircut #fade


Straight hair guys may find it difficult to achieve a pronounced and edgy haircut, as their hair tend to fall flat. If this is the case for you, take a medium fade haircut into consideration. With the sides being mid faded, you achieve a high contrast and sharp hair look.

Mid Fade With Beard

Mid Fade With Beard #midfade #midhaircut #fade


Because a taper fade mid haircut allows you to achieve a look that turns out neat and tidy, you are free to accompany it with a beard. The hair on your face can be as long as you wish. Yet, make sure it is also well groomed, as you do not want to seem scruffy.

Textured Mid Fade

Textured Mid Fade #midfade #midhaircut #fade


A medium fade keeps your hair on top in the center of attention. That is why it may be a good idea to add some texture to it. A textured mid fade is anything but plain or boring. What is more, styling it will not take much time or effort.


Mid Fade Black Men

Short Curls With Beard #midfade #mediumfade #fade #fadehaircut


The Afro fade is one of the most popular black men haircuts for good reason. It keeps the look on top while helping tame your kinky locks. Feel free to partner the look with some facial hair, like a mustache or beard. Alternatively, go with both.

Sharp Highlights

Sharp Mid #midfade #mediumfade #midfadehaircut


A skin fade undercut with lengthy top hair looks edgy and sharp. For added texture, style the hair on top in waves and complete the whole look with a mustache. In this way, you’ll achieve a modernized version of the style sported by the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley.

Mid Fade VS Low Fade

Mid Fade Vs Low Fade #midfade #midhaircut #fade


In case you still cannot tell the difference between low fade vs mid fade, we are here to help. Both of these haircuts suggest trimming your hair on the sides so that it is the longest near the top and gradually becomes shorter toward the bottom until it blends into the skin. Yet, with a mid fade, you blend it around the top of your ear while a low fade ends near the bottom of your ear.


Medium Fade: Who’s It For?

Mid fade haircuts are for those who want that professional look with a drop of modernization. The versatility of this haircut makes it possible to inculcate it into other styles. It looks great on men of different races, ages, hair texture, and lifestyle. This style works ravishingly for masculine looks accompanied with beards or stubble. Just be sure that you’ve got a nice wax or pomade, and you’ve got all you need to flaunt with the fade.

Care Basics Recommendations

Maintaining a mid fade haircut, like any style, demands basic care to stay sharp. Here are key tips to prevent your fade from, well, fading:

  • >Wash & condition weekly to keep it fresh and prevent buildup.
  • Use volumizing shampoo for fuller styles.
  • Trim regularly to avoid scraggly ends.
  • Tailor care to your hair type with your barber’s advice.
  • Be gentle with heat and brushing.
  • For mid-skin fades, care for your exposed scalp with scalp-friendly products and SPF protection to avoid sunburn.

How Do I Get the Mid Fade Haircut?

If you’ve finally made up your mind to switch to mid fade haircut, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Your desired look determines if you are to texture the central area of your hair with the scissor-over-fingers method.
  2. Using the shear-over-fingers method, repeat step one.
  3. Proceed with the scissor-over-comb method by using a bigger barber shear.
  4. Using the blade-on-skin method, cut the hair on the back and sides of your head with the 1/2 inch blade.
  5. Repeat step 4 step using the 3/8 inch blade, and then repeat again using the 1/8 inch blade.
  6. To reduce the fade’s length, repeat step 5 with the blade’s flat side.
  7. Use the half-closed adjustable clipper to move to the mid-end.
  8. Close the lever of the adjustable clipper and repeat step 7.
  9. Wrap up with the scooping motions.
  10. Clean the sideburns, ears and neck with a t-outliner.

The mid fade haircut is an ageless trend that seems never to become outdated. With the wide choice and the huge variety of styling ways, this cut will never lose its popularity. That’s why we want you to stay up to date with the latest men’s trends and advise you to make one of today’s ideas real. Just call your barber and go for an upgrade!


FAQs: Mid Fade

How does a mid fade differ from other types of fades?

A mid fade falls between a low fade and a high fade. It starts around the temples or the parietal ridge and gradually tapers down, providing a balanced look. Low fades start lower on the head, near the ears, while high fades begin closer to the top of the head.

What hair lengths work best for a mid fade?

Mid fade haircuts work well with various hair lengths on top, from short to long. The key is achieving a gradual transition between the longer hair on top and the shorter sides.

What is the difference between a mid fade and a low fade?

With a low fade, you start tapering the hair near your hairline. A mid fade suggests beginning to taper the hair from the middle of the head.

Where does a mid fade start?

A medium fade haircut starts somewhere in the ear and temple area.

What number is a mid fade?

You can use any number of fade from 0 to 4, which will indicate the starting point of the process of fading.