Get Yourself A Crew Cut To Show Your Good Taste

Raise Your Masculinity To The Highest Level With The Crew Cut

The crew cut is a perfect mix of traditional and modern vibes. In the distant past, it was mainly preferred by the military men; however, nowadays, it has become a widespread hairstyle among the civilians. The main reason for such a shift is its exquisite simplicity and low maintenance. On top of that, the crew cut has dozens of different variations. You can experiment with the length of the hair on top or go with a taper fade, you can wear it single or pair it with a beard. Whatever your choice is, we’re sure it’s going to be splendid as you’ve already chosen to have the crew cut.

What Is A Crew Cut

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When you ask your barber for some crew cut haircuts, he or she will cut the top hair quite short, making it of different length so that it will be the longest at the forehead, creating a small pompadour, and the shortest at the nape. Thus, when the hair on the top of the head is viewed from the side, it gives the impression of being horizontal. The barber will also be able to experiment with the pomp, making the forehead area flattened or arched and the rest of the pompadour flattened or rounded, which depends on the head and face shape as well as your other features. The side hair will be simply cut medium, semi-short or short.

How To Get A Crew Cut

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Before cutting the hair, the first decision you should make is how short you want the hair on the top of your head to be. It’s so important because if you leave it too long, there’s a risk to get another haircut, not a crewcut. The crew cut haircut implies having a pomp not longer than 1-2 inches. This decision influences whether you’re going to cut off or trim off your hair. For the hair on the sides, take the clippers with a guard size between #2 and #4. The sideburns are totally optional and their presence depends on your preferences. The top hair should be tapered down starting from the back and moving to the front. And finally, everything that is left should be faded downwards.

Crew Cut Tips

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Do you want some ploys to create the crew cuts that make the heads turn? Here you go:

  1. Get your neckline tapered off. This will make your look much neater and fresher.
  2. To intensify the tidiness of your hairstyle, avoid wearing a beard and long sideburns.
  3. If you want your crew haircut to appear less rigid, leave your hair on top a little longer and give it a disheveled look.
  4. Keep in mind that the length of the hair is directly proportional to the ease of styling as well as the complexity of maintenance.

How To Style A Crew Cut

Talking about styling, the crucial thing you need to take care of is a nice hair styling product. We highly recommend opting for some wax or pomade. For a neat, glossy and polished look, take shiny pomade with a medium or strong hold. To accentuate the natural texture of your hair, employ the product with low or without any sheen; this will give your crew cut hairstyles a matte look. If you don’t want your hair to look clumpy, it’s better not to use gel. And if your hair is thin or thinning, just forget about gelling it! Actually, you can easily give up on the hair styling products at all because your haircut is so short that it basically looks coiffured by default. Simply, apply some hair wax to your hair and leave it tousled as it is.

Traditional Crew Cut

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And now, when you are aware of all the pitfalls, it’s time to choose your go-to haircut.

If you are looking for something simple, elegant, classy and, what’s more important, low-maintained, the traditional crew cut is just what you need. This haircut would be highly praised among business people as it saves a huge amount of time and, let’s not cut corners, money. You save on styling it in the morning, on styling products themselves, on visits to the barbershop; it’s a real savior! In case you want to add some accent to it, opt for the Ivy League crew cut. It requires the hair long enough to style it with a side part.

Textured Crew

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So you’ve decided to pick the long crew cut, what else can you consider? How about adding some texture to it? Chop the layers on the top evenly, which will add some density and action to the hairstyle. As in regard to the sides, a low fade will be just perfect. And don’t forget not to use anything shiny on the top, it will ruin the texture hair has. Just add some matte pomade or wax and that’s it.

Brushed Up Top

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Crew cuts with brushed up top look amazingly breezy and sexy. Yet, they always manage to stay within sensible bounds. Quiff hair is what will help you to achieve this appealing look.

Crew Cut With A Surgical Line

This is the sort of a complex haircut as it combines a hard part, a skin fade and a thick pompadour. The hard part fade starts with makes a strong and dramatic accent on the long top hair, which is also accentuated by the buzzed hairline between the pomp and the surgical line. Remember to use some trusty pomade or wax for this hard part haircut, because you will want everything to stay in place.

Fresh Waves

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You choose to look sweet and gentle instead of brutal and rough? Then add some waves to your crew cut hairstyle. Leave the sides buzzed short and shift the entire accent to the top hair. This is the kind of wavy hair men choose very rarely, which is too bad though as it looks exceptionally touching!

Side Swept Hair

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Grow the hair on the top of your head long so that it will be possible to create the side swept crew cut. Brush your top hair to one side and secure it with a strong hold styling product. As you focus the whole attention on your pomp, a crew cut fade on the sides will be more than enough.

Spiked Crew

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Do you strive for a neat and smart hairstyle? Regard the short spiky hair men adore wearing after Chris Evans popularized it. To get the most of your short spiky hair, use a fine-tooth comb and a strong pomade. You can have your sides either faded or undercut; the spiky hair suits any framing.

Flat Top

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The flat top, also known as the flatbed head style, is a very smooth and brushed haircut. Its main feature is a voluminous pomp combed in a very thorough and sleek way. To make your flat top hair geometrically defined, add a part to your most appealing side.

True Military

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As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This phrase perfectly defines the classic military crew cut. To get it right, employ the clipper with two different guard sizes and buzz cut the top of your head longer and the sides and the back shorter. The traditional military haircut is the refined specimen of the stylish, canny and comfy hair look.

Military haircuts are no longer inherent only in the army. Today, they reside successfully in civil society. If you are eager to look athletic, dynamic and masculine, this crew cut is right what you need.

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