A low fade haircut is one of those classic looks that never go out of fashion. Great for those with round faces, low fade allows to keep the top and sides longer which visually creates a slimming effect. It’s probably the most sophisticated style out of all fade haircuts. The low fade haircut is mostly cut with scissors, as opposed to mid and high fades. The latter are predominantly done with clippers leaving longer strands only at the top. Therefore, it’s also more difficult to achieve, so if you are considering the low fade, make sure you go to a salon or barbers you can trust.


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Low Skin Fade

Low Skin Fade #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


The key feature of low fade is that it tends to be fairly short at the bottom, with significantly longer sides and the top. You can have practically a bald fade while keeping the crown a few inches long, like this vintage-style pompadour.


Low Drop Fade

Low Drop Fade Men #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


A drop fade is lower at the back and higher around the ears. This haircut is perfect for those who prefer longer hair yet want to keep it neat. The low drop fade is perfect both for a professional environment and a more relaxed lifestyle. Thanks to the longer hair at the crown, there are a few ways you can style it, depending on the situation.

Hair Styling Advice:

  • Use a hairdryer and lift the front area with your finger to achieve more volume.
  • Some matt texturizing paste would be great for an effortless finish. However, if you prefer to keep your hair in place, don’t hesitate to use some hairspray.
  • If you prefer to let your hair dry naturally, brush it all towards the back instead of having a set parting – this way your hair will effortlessly fall into place

Low Taper Fade Haircut

Low Taper Fade Haircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


Essentially, a taper cut is a hairstyle where hair graduates from shorter length at the bottom to longer at the top. A low taper fade haircut is the variation where the back and sides area is clipped tightly to the skin.

Styling Suggestions:

  • Begin the fade slightly above the ears and extend it to the back if desired.
  • Utilize styling products to upkeep your preferred hairstyle.
  • Consistently schedule trims to ensure a tidy taper.


Heavy Layers Low Burst Taper

Heavy Layers #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


If you have your hair on top heavily cut, then a low shadow fade will become a great accompaniment to it. Not only will it shift the whole focus to the top, but it will also make your hairstyle appear generally neater and more refined. Do not forget to apply a tad of a texturizing product to enhance the structure of the cut.

Low Fade Undercut

Low Fade Long Hair #lowfademen #lowfade #fade


We love this chic ‘90s style haircut. Great for naturally thick and straight hair, this undercut fade is an ultimate head turner. Try styling it with some gel if you want to fully embrace the aesthetics of that era.


Bleached And Spiky Low Cuts

Bleached And Spiky #lowfade #fade #fadehaircut


If you want to really stand out in the crowd, consider bleaching your locks blonde and styling them spiked up. To finish off this punkish hair look, opt for a low taper haircut. As it is so reserved, it does not distract attention from your striking top. Yet, do not forget to stock up on the hair dye, as the color needs to be refreshed pretty often.

Low Fade Buzz Cut

Low Fade Short Hair #lowfade #fade #fadehaircut


A low fade will work even if you have short hair. It’s a great way to grow out a buzz cut – just keep the top longer and shape the back and sides.

Side note:

When your hair is so short, you must consider applying sunscreen to avoid sun damage, particularly in the spring and summer months.

Low Fade Blowout

Low Fade Blowout #lowfade #fade #fadehaircut


Because a it makes your look seem cleaner, you can opt for quite a messy style on the top of your head. Try pairing it with a trendy blowout, which brings some movement and dimension to your look. To achieve it, you will need a blob of hair mousse and a powerful blow dryer.


Comb Over Low Fade

Comb Over Low Fade #lowfade #lowfadehaircut


The low fade comb over is a prime example of how important it is that a man’s hair looks fantastic no matter what angle you may be looking at it from. Especially when looking at this hairstyle from the back, the contrast of the comb over fade provides a clean and interesting look.

Curly Low Fade Haircut Men

Undercut Low Fade Haircut Men #lowfade #lowfadehaircut


This is a stylish blend of precision and volume, offering a sharp fade that rises to expressive curls. This cut is perfect for those who want a manageable yet striking hairstyle that makes a statement.

Low Burst Fade

Low Burst Fade #lowfade #fade #fadehaircut


A low burst fade is a great way to try something different and edgy yet keep your haircut classic and professional. A softer version of mohawk, it features fading areas around the ears whilst leaving the back longer.


Low Fade Design

Undercut Low Fade With Hair Design #lowfade #fade #fadehaircut


A hair design adds a statement feature to a classic haircut. It looks particularly well on low fade as the shaved lines contrast against the longer length.

Brushed Up Fringe

Brushed Up Fringe #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


Fancy a hair change? Keep the hair at the crown a tad longer to allow different styling options. Also, instead of chopping all of the sides off, opt for a low fade. Now you can explore the hair products range and try to style your new hair. Perhaps brushing your fringe up is an easy and safe option.

Tom Baxter – The London Grooming Company Ambassador:

“Loose and rough, a natural look to this, not overly done and left loose on the face, I’ll be honest I’m more of a fan of this look to a “too perfect” finish. I find loose and undone has far more character”

Low Fade with Long Bangs

Mid Length Bang Low Fade #lowfade #lowfadehaircut


Are you toying with the idea of growing your hair? Perhaps looking to try a man bun? Don’t be put off by the discomfort of your hair looking messy in the process. A low fade cut by Teodorescu Radu will blend the sides with the crown and let you grow the top part with no stress.


Low Fade Pompadour

Low Fade Pompadour Men #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


The contrast between ultra-short back and sides and longer top is a striking accent of the low fade pompadour haircut.

If you wonder how to achieve this impressive amount of volume, here are some tips for you:

  • Start with applying some volumizing spray or mouse.
  • Blow dry your hair upside down or lift the hair up from the roots.
  • Use some texturizing paste and finish with a blast of hairspray.

Messy Low Fade Hairstyle

Messy Low Fade #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


The messy low fade hairstyle by barber and educator Tom Baxter offers a carefree yet stylish look, featuring a seamless fade that transitions into tousled waves on top. It’s an ideal choice for a contemporary, yet laid-back appearance.

Low Fade Short Hair

Low Fade Short Hair #lowfademen #lowfade #fade


If you typically prefer to keep your hair short, a low fade will still be an option for you. This combination of a Caesar cut and low fade would suit those with thick and coarse hair. Here’s some advice on how to achieve this spiky finish.

Styling Advice:

  • Matte styling paste or clay is a better choice, rather than gels and pomades.
  • Rub a small amount of product between your fingers and apply it on your hair towards the back. Then gently direct the strands to create the shape that you like.
  • For wet and windy conditions, do not hesitate to use some hairspray.


Low Fade Wavy Hair

Low Fade Wavy Hair #lowfademen #lowfade #fade


Wavy hair tends to be unruly and tricky to style. Choosing the right haircut can be challenging, as you never know whether it is going to sit right. A low fade is one of those foolproof choices for wavy and curly hair. It allows to keep the perimeter clean while having most of the hair longer. This way you can embrace the waves and have a neat, flattering look.

Zach Ramsey – hair stylist, Frakelny barbershop owner:

“One of my favorite cuts do to so far. Mixing a high contrast taper with a weighted medium blend around the ear to create shape and structure for the controlled chaos up top”

Brushed Back Top

Brushed Back Top Haircut #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


A brushed back top is a timeless look that is popular among men of all generations. Adding a low fade will elevate your hairstyle and make it look modern and put together.

Man Bun Low Fade Hair Cut

Man Bun Low Fade Hair Cut #lowfademen #lowfade #fade


If you normally just shave the back and temple area to keep a clean perimeter line, you might want to consider a low fade instead. It would look particularly cool when you put your hair up in a ponytail or a man bun.


Slicked Back Hair

Slicked Back Hair #lowfade #fade #fadehaircut


The slicked back hair style epitomizes a clean and classic aesthetic, characterized by its precise low fade and sleek, combed-back top. It’s a sophisticated look that suits a variety of occasions.

Flat Top

Flat Top #lowfade #fade #fadehaircut


The flat top haircut is a striking statement of precision, featuring a perfectly horizontal upper section with a clean, sharp fade on the sides. It’s an iconic style that exudes confidence and neatness.

Styling tip: To maintain a pristine Flat Top, use a strong-hold gel or pomade on damp hair. Comb the hair upward and use a blow dryer to set it in place. For the flattest top, finish by smoothing a spirit level or small comb across the surface.

Curly Texture

Curly Texture #lowfade #fade #fadehaircut


If you’re blessed with naturally curly locks, then a fade haircut is a must for you. Typically, curly hair is unruly and requires high maintenance. A fade helps you not only tame your locks effortlessly but also upkeep your hairstyle with ease.


Side Sweep Low Drop Fade

Side Sweep #lowfade #fade #fadehaircut


For this cut achieve the sleek finish by applying a high-shine pomade to damp hair. Comb the hair to the side, following its natural direction, for that classic, glossy sweep. This style is all about the smooth gradient of the fade and the clean line of the sweep.

Spiky Hair On Top

Spiky Hair On Top #lowfade #lowfadehaircut


Do you gravitate to rebellious or even ruffian hairstyles? A spiky top with a low skin fade is a perfect match for you. Ensure you have enough styling products to make the spikes very distinctive. For added flair, use a hair gel, which will give your thorns a crunchy effect.

Low Taper Fluffy Hair

Textured Hair Men #lowfade #lowfadehaircut


If you want to make your hair on top a focal point of the whole look, there’s no better accompaniment for it than a low taper fade. It allows you to go as creative with styling your top hair as you like. A good option is to add some texture to your mane by raking through it with fingers covered in a hair styling product.


Side-Parted Pompadour

Side-Parted Pompadour #lowfade #lowfadehaircut


You may think that with a side-parted pompadour your hair gives away an ultimately sophisticated and trendy impression. Yet, you can enhance its appearance by complementing your hairstyle with low tapers. It will not create much contrast, however, it will add a stylish and tasteful turn to your look.

Slick Comb-Over

Slick Comb-Over #lowfade #lowfadehaircut


A comb over is a hairstyle that will suit any ambiance and occasion. It looks elegant and refined. If you want to give it a trendy yet low-key touch, then complement your hairstyle with a low fade. As it removes the hair from the sides, the focus shifts to the hair on top, so ensure your style is flawless.

Low Fade Haircut Black Man

Low Fade Hairstyle for Black Man #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


When it comes to this haircut men with black hair are among the first to give it a go and no wonder. This understated yet sophisticated cut can spruce up any hair look and help you to keep your unruly kinks in check.


Irregular Fringe

Irregular Fringe #lowfademen #lowfade #fade


With a low fade men can play around with their haircut on top as much as they want. An irregular fringe looks bold and daring while creating an illusion of a full head of hair. This makes it a perfect choice for guys with thin and limp locks.

Faux Hawk Low Fade

Faux Hawk Low Fade #lowfademen #lowfade #fade


Because a faux hawk is so edgy and sharp, a low fade mens haircut becomes a perfect accompaniment for it. Together, they create a well balanced and consistent hair look.

Low Taper Fade Curly Hair


Low Taper Fade Curly Hair For Men #lowfade #lowfadehaircut

While a low fade straight hair combo is extremely popular, it is not the only way to wear the cut. One of the best things about a low fade is that it works for any hair texture and curly hair is no exception. A curly low fade haircut is a match made in heaven, especially when it is enhanced with a taper.


Unusual Bang

Unusual Bang #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


Low cut hair on the back and sides will make an intricate top the focal point of the look. So, if you are seeking a way to give your unusual looking bangs an added emphasis, a low skin fade haircut is your way to go.

Crew Cut Low Fade

Crew Cut Low Fade #lowfademen #lowfade #fade


A mens low fade is a great accompaniment to a crew cut, as it gives this classy haircut a trendy twist.

Low Fade With Design

Low Fade With Design Men #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


As a low fade taper does not take much hair off the sides and back, it allows you to adorn it with an intricate hair design. So, do not limit your imagination.


Low Fade Afro Curls

Afro Curls Men #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


A low fade is one of the most popular fade haircuts for black men. It keeps the hairline neat and tidy, yet allows to keep the length and texture at the crown and sides.

Hair care Advice:

  • Use sulfate-free schampoo and non-silicone conditioner to maintain healthy condition of your hair.
  • Use oil-based products to keep the curls defined and moisturize them.
  • A satin durag or a silk pillowcase would help to reduce frizz and keep the curls in shape overnight

Faded Side Part

Faded Side Part Hairstyles #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


Not sure how to accentuate a short low fade haircut? Try a simple yet impactful side part. It instantly adds interest to your hair and makes the cut more groomed. If you want to take it to another level, go for a hard part, which is basically a shaved line on either side of your head.

Blowout Low Taper Fade Curly Hair

Blowout Low Taper Fade Curly Hair #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


The blowout low taper fade for curly hair is a stylish haircut that combines the best: the edgy precision of a taper fade and the natural texture of curly locks.


Low Taper Textured Fringe

Low Taper Textured Fringe #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


The low taper textured fringe is a hairstyle that combines the clean lines of a taper with the trendy of a textured fringe. This haircut starts with a gradual taper on the sides and back, creating a subtle contrast in length while maintaining a neat and polished look.

Low Burst Fade Design

Low Burst Fade Design Hairstyle #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircut #fade


The low burst fade design is a bold and attention-grabbing choice, perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hair. What sets the low burst fade apart is the artistic design incorporated into the fade. Skilled barbers use clippers and razors to craft intricate patterns or shapes into the fade, adding a distinctive and personalized touch to the hairstyle.

What Is Low Fade Haircut: Stylish And Simple

A low fade haircut has a big number of variations. And in this post, we would like to show you the most trending options. In general, a fade varies from low to mid to high – these cuts are as versatile as your favorite tennis shoes. The low fade cut is started above the ear and neckline that’s why it is called «low». With less contrast and more texture on the sides, fade hair cut are great for medium-length and long hairstyle combinations that require a thicker look. Even though they have a wide range of styles, each style is nearly as easily maintained as the other.


High Fade vs Low Fade: Difference

High Fade vs Low Fade: Difference - CG #lowfade #lowfadehaircut


When comparing a low fade vs high fade, you can see that the main difference is in the transition from longer to shorter length on the sides and back. The high fade goes up above the temple area, while the low fade quickly graduates to a longer length.

A low fade has been around for ages and, like most haircuts, tends to evolve with the times. However, its basic structure remains the same. This timeless cut is sure to continue its evolution but will remain at the forefront of men’s styles for decades to come. A low fade is a cut you can always rely upon to give you a clean, classic look that compliments your personality.

FAQs: Low Fade Haircut

Is a drop fade the same as a low fade?

A drop fade is a type of fade cut that goes around the hairline at the back and around the ears. A drop fade can be low, medium or high.

How long does a low fade haircut last?

A low skin fade haircut would require a refresh in no more than 3 weeks. However, if you opt for a more classic version, you could get away with the regular 4-6 weeks routine.

Should I get a low fade?

If you would like to have a more sophisticated haircut than a regular high and tight, you definitely should. You must be open to trying a few places before you find a barber or a hairdresser proficient in this haircut as it requires a higher level of skill.

What is the lowest fade?

The lowest fade haircut extends only just over an inch above your hairline.

How do I ask my barber for a low fade?

Bring a few photos as it is the best way to describe what you want.

How do you fix low fade?

To fix a mens low fade haircut, follow the next steps:
1. Using clippers with no attachment and the lever in the long position, trim the hair on the back and sides, working from the bottom upward to the middle of the head.
2. With the lever in the middle position, run the clippers under the area previously trimmed.
3. Moving the lever to the shortest position, repeat the previous step.
4. Using the clippers with the zero attachment and the lever in the short position, blend the trimmed back and sides into the longer hair.
5. Attach guard size #1 and leaving the lever in the short position, run the clippers over the line where the short and long hair meet.
6. To get rid of any patches and achieve a smooth transition, move the lever to the long position and run the clippers all over the hair on the back and sides.
7. Attach guard size #5, move the lever to the short position and blend the hair on the back and sides into the top.
8. Using clip #4, eliminate any unevenness or patchiness.
9. Clean around the edges using the clippers with no clip attached.