Basic Guide To Masculine Buzz Cut: Instructions And Types

Say Yes To A Buzz Cut Hairstyle

To sport the buzz cut successfully, you need to know what it is. This classic hairstyle can be achieved by cutting the hair all over your head short. It’s been so popular among men because it can be of different lengths and it’s adjustable to any type of hair and any shape of a face. Originally, it was mostly worn in the army. However, the buzz haircut has won the hearts of non-military men with its functionality and simplicity. For your convenience, we have gathered all the things you need to know about the buzz hairstyle in one place.

What Do I Need For The Buzz Cut?


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Another good thing to know about the buzzed hair cut is that it doesn’t require a lot of supplies. Just a qualified barber with sharp clippers. Again, the kind of hair, face or eyes you have doesn’t make any difference as this hairstyle looks great on everyone. To be fair, you don’t even have to go to the barber if you have clippers at home. The buzz cut is one of those short haircuts that can be done oneself because all you need to do is to buzz the hair with clippers.

There are a few things to keep in mind before having a trim though. First, your scalp should be flawless. All the bumps, scars, moles that you have on your head will become more than visible. The same rule works for big ears, by the way. Second, the buzz hairdo doesn’t have any age limits. It suits young boys as well as senior gents. Third, if you happen to have a receding hairline, this haircut will help to disguise it. And finally, as your hair is kept off your face, you’re cooling down faster.

How To Get The Buzz Cut?


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To call a haircut the buzz cut, the hair all around the head should be of the same length. Surprisingly, there is a whole family of haircuts for men that the buzzcut refers to. They differ in length and shape. So, to get the desired hairstyle, you need to know exactly what it’s called and what clipper setting is required for it. Note, however, that sometimes barbers have their own names for some variations of the cut, which is why it’s so important to know the clipper setting.

The Best Buzz Cut Types

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People who aren’t into masculine haircuts don’t have a clue how versatile buzz cut hairstyles are. Although the haircut looks quite simple, you have multiple styling options. And almost every option implies different lengths of the buzz cut. Thus, you can choose the cut for any occasion, formal or casual.

The Induction Cut


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If you’re looking for the boldest of all the buzz cuts, this variation of the military haircut is just what you need. Use the clippers without a guard so that you could get the closest relative of the shaved haircut. Remember that this is also the shortest of the buzz cut lengths. That’s why before requesting the induction cut from your barber, it’s better to think twice or ask for his/her advice.

The Burr Cut

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Another short haircut, which is a bit lengthier than the induction though, is the burr cut. You can use different clipper lengths, from #1 to #3. With the guard size #2 haircut will give you a unique opportunity to cover any scars or other flaws that you have, provided you have thick hair, of course.

The Butch Cut


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The butch haircut refers to mid-length buzzed cuts. Interestingly, it’s also called other names sometimes. With the clipper number 3 haircut butch becomes the burr cut, while with clipper setting #4, it’s referred as the brush cut. It can also be cut with the guard size #5.

The Brush Cut

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The longest of the buzz cuts is the brush cut, or a butch cut as we mentioned before. However, in comparison with other military haircuts, it’s still quite short. To create this hairstyle, go with the clipper #4.

The Crew Cut


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The crew cut hairstyles belong to the buzzed hair logical series rather formally. Even though you use the clippers to buzz the hair, the cut isn’t even all around the head but rather tapered. To give you the cut, the barber will use the clippers with the guard size between #3 and #6.

The High and Tight

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This is a very distinctive alternative to the classic buzz cut with the hair of the same length on the head. The high and tight hair style can be achieved by trimming the sides quite short, while the top is left longer. The general rule is that the difference between the top and the sides equals two guard sizes. You can go further and create even more contrast and sophisticated look with the fade haircut on the sides and back, while the hair on top of the head can be spiked up.

High and Tight Recon


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The high and tight recon men’s haircut will be highly appreciated by those guys who like to stand out in the crowd. Basically, this is a rather short Mohawk that reminds of the landing strip. For the sides, choose a #0 or #1 guard size, whereas the top and back should form a strip buzzed with a #2 or #3 clipper setting. To make the look even more dramatic, pair it either with a line-up or a surgical line around the Mohawk, or both.

Buzz Cut Fade

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Unlike the high and tight recon, there is no striking difference in length between the top and the sides of the buzz cut fade. However, it can still be considered as one of the boldest buzz cut styles. The reason for this is a high skin fade paired with the cut short top hair. Buzz cut fade is a true specimen of the best men short haircuts.

Ivy League


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Being unbelievably stylish and elegant, the Ivy League cut is the perfect choice for those gents who don’t like to sport very short haircuts for men. To create the look, your barber will cut the hair on the top of the head with a clipper setting #7 or #8 and the sides will have a gradual fade. The finishing touch of the look will be a side part that will make the look divine.

The buzz cut may seem overly simple with its even length all around the head. However, every inch matters for this hairstyle as it creates a new version of the cut. We hope that with our ultimate guide to the world of buzzed hair, you’ll have no doubt what hairstyle to ask your barber for.

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