A Buzz Cut (BC) remains one of the most popular short haircuts for men and not for nothing. While being practical and low maintenance, it offers a bold and daring look. Because it is so short, it allows you to show off your facial features like no other. What is more, it works for all hair textures and can be achieved in many different ways. Feeling intrigued? Do not hesitate to check out our guide.


People who aren’t into masculine haircuts don’t have a clue how versatile buzz cut hairstyles are. Although the haircut looks quite simple, you have multiple styling options. And almost every option implies different lengths of the BC. Thus, you can choose the cut for any occasion, formal or casual.

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Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz Haircut Fade #buzzcut #buzzhaircut #buzzcutmen


Unlike the high and tight recon, there is no striking difference in length between the top and the sides of the buzz cut fade. However, it remains one of the boldest buzz cut styles. The reason for this is a low skin fade paired with the cut short top hair. This buzz haircut fade NY barber by Wes Staucet is a true staple of the best men short haircuts.


Long Buzz Cut

Long Buzz Cut #buzzcut #buzzedhaircut #buzzcuts

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Yet, if you are not really into very short haircuts, you can go for a longer version of a buzz cutter hair. For a long buzz fade makes a world of difference.

Buzz Cut With Beard

Buzz Cut With Beard #buzzcut #buzzcutmen

A buzz cut with beard looks stylish and complete. As you have so little hair on the head, a beard is a great way to restore balance.


Military Buzz Cut

Military Buzz Cut #buzzcut #buzzhaircut #buzzcutmen

The military buzz cut is a popular hairstyle characterized by short, even hair all over the head. It is commonly worn by members of the military for practical reasons such as hygiene and uniformity. The BC can be further styled with a fade, which is a gradual tapering of the hair length from the sides to the top of the head.

Military Buzz Cut Fade

#buzzcut #buzzcuts #buzzcutmen #shorthaircutsformen


Another short haircut, which is a bit lengthier than the induction though, is the military buzz cut fade. You can use different clipper lengths, from #1 to #3. The guard size #2 haircut will give you a unique opportunity to cover any scars or other flaws that you have, provided you have thick hair, of course.


Buzz Cut Taper

Buzz Cut Taper #buzzcut #buzzcuts #buzzcutmen #shorthaircutsformen


Buzzcuts and tapers are made for each other. Thus, opting for this striking combo is a failsafe way to pull off one of the hottest short guy haircuts. Check more ideas from Manchester barber Charles Gray.

Dyed Buzz Cut

Dyed Buzz Cut #buzzcut #buzzhaircut #buzzcutmen

Fred Duval/Shutterstock

For a buzz cut dyed hair is an easy way to take it to another level of boldness. You are welcome to choose any color. It is only limited to your imagination and personal preference. If you have dark hair, by bleaching it, you can achieve a striking result.

Taper Fade Buzz Cut

Taper Fade Buzz Cut #buzzcut #buzzcuts #buzzcutmen #shorthaircutsformen

A taper fade buzz cut is a stylish and edgy haircut that combines the clean, ultra-short length of a BC with the gradual tapering of hair towards the neckline and sides. This creates a seamless transition from longer hair on top to a very short, shaved look at the sides and back, resulting in a sharp buzz cut low taper.


Low Fade Buzz Cut

Taper Buzz Cut Fades #buzzcut #buzzcutmen #mensbuzzcut #buzzedhaircut


A buzz cut low fade creates a softer transition between the sides and the top. Besides, it usually does not take the hair down to the skin. So, it is quite a nice option for men who are into more reserved haircuts. You may enhance it with a line up or low taper buzz cut.

Mid Fade Buzz Cut

Mid Fade Buzz Cut #buzzcut #buzzcutmen #mensbuzzcut #buzzedhaircut


When you cannot decide between high and low buzzcut fade, opt for the middle ground, which is a mid buzz fade haircut. While looking neat and groomed, this clean-cut from Leah Hayden Cassidy still attracts quite a lot of attention.

Short Buzz Cut

Zero Buzz Cut #buzzcut #buzzedhaircut #buzzcuts

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Guys who have nothing to hide should really take a closer look at a zero buzz cut. A completely shaved head looks daring and intrepid, thus attractive.


Asian Buzz Cut

The Burr Cut #buzzcut #buzzhaircut #buzzedhair


An Asian buzz cut is a real savior for men with thick and coarse tresses. When being short, your hair does not cause so much trouble to you.

Blonde Buzz Cut

Blonde Buzz Cut #buzzcut #buzzhaircut #buzzedhair


Although a buzz cuts hairstyle is already prominent and edgy, you can take it to another level of boldness by dyeing your mane bleached buzz cut. A bleached buzzed head with a dark stubble beard looks even more eye catching, so it guarantees that you are going to stand out in the crowd.

Buzz Cut With Design

Haircut Design #buzzcut #buzzcutmen #mensbuzzcut #buzzedhaircut


Those who consider a BC overly plain and utilitarian must have not seen how many various BC designs there are. You can play around with the patterns not only with the help of intricate cutting but also by incorporating different hair colors.


Induction Cut

The Induction Cut #buzzcut #buzzedhaircut #buzzcuts


If you’re looking for the boldest of all the buzz cuts, this variation of the military haircut is just what you need. Use the clippers without a guard so that you could get the closest relative of the shaved haircut. Remember that this is also the shortest of the BC lengths.

Butch Haircut

The Butch Haircut #buzzcut #buzzhaircut #buzzedhair

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The butch cut refers to mid-length buzzed cuts. Interestingly, it has a couple of other names. With the clipper number 3 haircut butch becomes the burr cut, while with clipper setting #4, it turns into the brush cut. It can also be cut with the guard size #5.

Brush Cut

The Brush Cut #buzzcut #buzzedhaircut #buzzcuts

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

The brush cut, or a butch cut as we mentioned before, is the longest of all the BC. To create this hairstyle, go with the clipper #4. The biggest advantage of this BC is that it does not look overly bald while keeping your locks in check. Being rather utilitarian, it still looks flattering, as allows you to show off your sharp facial features.


Crew Cut

The Crew Cut #buzzcut #buzzedhaircut #buzzcuts


The crew cut hairstyles belong to the buzzed hair logical series rather formally. Even though you use the clippers to buzz the hair, the cut isn’t even all around the head but rather tapered. To give you the cut, the barber will use the clippers with the guard size between #3 and #6.

High and Tight

The High and Tight #buzzcut #buzzhaircut #buzzedhair


This is a very distinctive alternative to the classic buzz cut with hair of the same length on the head. You can achieve a high and tight hair style by trimming the sides quite short while living the top longer. The general rule is that the difference between the top and the sides equals two guard sizes.

High And Tight Recon

High And Tight Recon #buzzcut #buzzedhaircut #buzzcuts


The high and tight recon men’s haircut will be highly appreciated by those guys who like to stand out from the crowd. This is a rather short Mohawk that reminds of the landing strip. For the sides, choose a #0 or #1 guard size, whereas the top and back should form a strip buzzed with a #2 or #3 clipper setting.


Ivy League Buzzcut Hairstyle

Ivy League #buzzcut #buzzhaircut #buzzedhair


Being unbelievably stylish and elegant, the Ivy League cut is the perfect choice for those gents who don’t like to sport very short haircuts for men. To create the look, your barber will cut the hair on the top of the head with a clipper setting #7 or #8 and the sides will have a gradual fade.

Number 2 Haircut

Super Short Buzz Cuts #buzzcut #buzzedhaircut #buzzcuts

If you are looking for a really short buzz cut but do not want to commit to going fully bald, then a number 2 haircut is your way to go. The hair is trimmed so short that you can see the scalp, yet the scruff is still visible. This buzz cut hairstyle needs regular upkeep to remain sharp and edgy.

Buzz Cut Bald Fade

Buzz Cut Bald Fade #buzzcut #buzzcuts #buzzcutmen #shorthaircutsformen


A mens buzz cut fade is a great solution for guys who choose bold and high contrast hair looks. To make it look ultimately pronounced, consider getting a bald fade on the sides. You may need to learn how to maintain it yourself for a sharp look, as it is better to refresh the cut every other day.


Cropped & Buzzed Hair

Cropped & Buzzed Hair#buzzcut #buzzcuts #buzzcutmen #shorthaircutsformen


A cropped hair buzz cut is very similar to an undercut. Yet, its sides are intentionally left longer toward the hairline corners to resemble subtle bangs.

Widow’s Peak Buzz Cut Men

Widow’s Peak #buzzcut #buzzcutmen #mensbuzzcut #buzzedhaircut

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Thanks to its extremely short length, a military buzz cut is a great way to disguise a widow’s peak. To counterpoise the look, you may accompany it with a rough beard.

Buzz Fade With Shaved Hairline

Buzz With Shaved Hairline #buzzcut #buzzcutmen


Even though it seems that when opting for a buzz cut men are limited in styling options, this is not true. Instead, there is a multitude of ways to adorn your look, for instance, a shaved hairline.


Buzz Cut Burst Fade

Buzz Cut Burst Fade #buzzcut #buzzcuts #buzzcutmen #shorthaircutsformen


The majority of short men’s haircuts can benefit greatly from a fade haircut and a BC is no exception. When enhanced with a fade buzz cut comes out ample and voluminous on top thanks to the short sides and back.

Lineup Buzz Cuts Hair

Lineup #buzzcut #buzzcutmen


A stylish way to add definition and sharpness to a mens buzz cut is to complement it with a line up along the forehead and temple area. The best thing is that it works for both a short and long buzz cut.

Number 4 Buzz Cut + Undercut

Number 4 Buzz Cut + Undercut #buzzcut #buzzcutmen #mensbuzzcut #buzzedhaircut


For the number 4 haircut, an undercut is a perfect addition. It draws attention to the slightly longer top while keeping the short sides and back neat and tidy. So, if you decide to complement this look with a scruffy beard, you may not worry that it is going to look unkempt.


Number 8 Haircut

Brad Pitt #buzzcut #haircuts #menhaircuts

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Those who prefer longer buzz cut haircut variations should take a closer look at the number 8 haircut. Because it is still pretty short, it does not require much, or any, styling and maintenance. Though, it may easily suit quite a formal ambiance since it comes out low key.

Buzz Cut For Thin Hair

Buzz Cut For Thin Hair #buzzcut #buzzcuts #buzzcutmen #shorthaircutsformen


For guys who are folically challenged, a men’s buzz cut is a viable solution that allows them to disguise their receding hairline or thinning hair. It is also your way out if you were not blessed with a full head of hair. Just buzz all of that hair off and you will end up with a cool and daring hair look.

Clean Buzz Cut Styles

 Long Buzz Cut Fade #buzzcut #buzzcutmen #mensbuzzcut #buzzedhaircut


Complement a long buzz cut with fade if you want to make it more prominent and defined. As a rule of thumb, the sharper look you want, the higher fade should be. You can also go with a skin fade buzz cut if you want to achieve a strong contrast between the hair on the sides and back.


What Is A Buzz Cut?

What Is A Buzz Haircut? #buzzcut #buzzhaircut #buzzcutmen


Any short men’s haircut that is achieved with the help of hair clippers is considered a buzz cut. To sport the BC successfully, you need to know what it is. You can achieve this classic hairstyle by haircut numbers that cut the hair all over your head short. It’s been so popular among men because it can be of different lengths and it’s adjustable to any type of hair and any shape of a face. Originally, it was mostly worn in among military men. However, the buzz haircut has won the hearts of non-military men with its functionality and simplicity. For your convenience, we have gathered all the things you need to know about the buzz hairstyle in one place.

How To Get?

How To Get The Buzzed Haircut? #buzzcut #buzzhaircut #buzzedhair


To call a haircut the buzz cut, the hair all around the head should be of the same length. Surprisingly, there is a whole family of haircuts for men that the buzzcut refers to. They differ in length and shape. So, to get the desired hairstyle, you need to know its exact name and what clipper setting you’ll need for it. Note, however, that sometimes barbers have their own names for some variations of the cut, which is why it’s so important to know the clipper setting.

How To Style

One of the biggest advantages of a buzz cut is that it does not require any specific styling. After showering, you can simply towel dry your hair roughly and that’s it! However, for an extra shiny and healthy look of your hair, you can apply a blob of coconut oil or hair pomade. This will also moisturize your scalp as well as give your hair a nice smell.

The BC may seem overly simple with its even length all around the head. However, every inch matters for this hairstyle, as it creates a new version of the cut. We hope that with our ultimate guide to the world of buzzed hair, you’ll have no doubt what hairstyle to ask your barber for.


FAQs: Buzz Cut

What is the difference between a buzz cut and a crew cut?

A buzz cut is a general term used to describe a short army cut with an all-out even length, whereas a crew cut has a more defined silhouette and recognizable features thanks to the difference in length between the top, back and sides. Simply put, a crew cut is a variation on a buzz cut.

Are buzz cuts good for thinning hair?

While it does not guarantee that your hair will grow back, a buzz cut is a surefire way to disguise your diminishing locks, no matter whether you have thinning hair or a receding hairline.

How long does it take to grow out a buzz cut?

This mainly depends on a bunch of personal factors, such as your genetics, diet, level of physical activity and others. However, you can rest assured that your hair will continue growing after you have had it buzzed. As on average, men’s hair grows for half an inch a month, you can estimate how long will it take you to grow out this bold cut.


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