Braids for men have gained huge popularity among gents with different lifestyles and hair textures. Such hairdos can also be referred to as cornrows, which are primarily popular with guys who have natural hair. And now, men’s braids have become more diverse, ruining the stereotype that braiding techniques apply to women’s fashion only.


As well as a man bun or top knot, a man braid is another unique, yet socially acceptable styling trend. With medium-to-long hair length, you can get yourself not only a fancy, manful look but also provide yourself with a super sharp and comfortable-to-wear style.

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So today many modern guys rock their fades with braided long hairstyles for men and superb textures, and a great feeling of stylishness.

Thin Box Braids For Men

Thin Box Braids For Men #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


Box braids for men would be perfect for those who seek protective styles that don’t require a lot of works. These are done with square-shaped hair divisions called “boxy.” So, if you plan on having a protective style for a few weeks, there are tons of box braid styles out there that you can try on.

Styling Tip: If hairs start to fly out of your braids over the course of wear, creating a disheveled look, use a firm hold hair gel to smooth them out and add shine.


Cornrow Designs For Men

#braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


If you are lucky enough to find a talented and skillful braider, then you should try out black braids men. The hair on your crown is braided so that the cornrows form an elaborate pattern. As hair artist Braidedroots writes, it will also make your morning routine easier:

Plaits have many benefits for your hair including saving you time in the morning!

Low Fade Ponytail

Low Fade Ponytail #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


If you’d like to set the focus on the top, braids in little pony are a must-try for you. First, start with simple cornrows, and once they reach the very top, fix them with a tourniquet and form a small tail. A low fade will look awesome with this contemporary style.


Two Braids For Men

Two Braids For Men #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


If you have short hair with a fade haircut and you want the ASAP Rocky-style, the 2 braids men would be striking for you! Most men with only the top of the head remain full-blown with hair go for 2 braids men, especially when they want to keep their strands protected.

Pro Tip: This option is quite simple and does not require a mandatory visit to the barber. Ask your friend or sister to braid your hair using a video tutorial on YouTube. Just remember to use wax to prevent small hairs from sticking out in different directions.

Simple Cornrows Faded Sides

Simple Cornrows Faded Sides #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


Cornrows are among the favorite go-to hairstyles that we all love and if you are looking for funky braids for men, this would be a great option. What’s more interesting is that your hair doesn’t have to be really long to achieve the cornrow braids since these are done close to the scalp to start with. Even when you have short hair, you can still get cornrows in a very stylish way.


Spider Braids With Man Bun

Spider Braids With Man Bun #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


Meet a fresh and super attractive way to play around with your long hair on top. Loose spider braids with a man bun will show off your incredible sense of style at its best, introducing modern man braid hairstyles in a whole new light.

Synthetic Long Braids

Braids And Undercut #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


Here are some professional tips from an Afro Life salon braiders for men planning to get a similar hairstyle:

Men are increasingly choosing long versions of afro-braids/dreadlocks. This is pleasing, but there are nuances here!

You should not choose the long option if this is your first afro hairstyle/dreadlocks and you have your own short hair. The very first! Either way it will be stressful.
👉1. A change in image and “a very valuable opinion of others.” If you are a doubting person, without a clear opinion about yourself, you will be bombed. And with a long and spectacular hairstyle this is many times more.
👉2. Feel. Doing it and not noticing will not work. You will get used to it and discomfort is very likely.
And if you have just grown 6 cm of hair and this is a record, you will really feel even 100g of material on your head! The first time everything should be super light.
Everything is easier if your hair is long and heavy. An increase of 100/200/300g is much easier.
👉3. Personal statistics: men are many times more sensitive to the slightest discomfort and for many, tolerating it is not an option.

Long Triangle Braid Styles For Men

Triangle Braid Styles For Men #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


The members of the opposite sex have their own way of fashion and styling – may it be couture, sporty, or simply elegant. When we speak of hairstyles for men braids offer the best examples. Even though sporting a man triangle braid may be quite a common decision, nothing can compare to the comfort that the style gives to a wearer. And if you want it to look unique, you can try to freshen it up with a new color on the ends.


Cornrows With Beads

Long Cornrows With Beads #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


Although braids already look quite eye-catching, do not limit yourself in creativity. If your inner punk wants to come outside, there is no reason to restrain him. Add some beads to your men cornrowsAnd they will look even more attractive.

Pop Smoke Braids Man Bun

Pop Smoke Braids Man Bun #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


If you have more time on your hands and are pretty skillful at braiding, then take care to choose really intricate mens braids styles. And do not forget that undercut braided styles for men require regular upkeep so that they look neat and sharp. That is why it makes sense to book an appointment with your barber in advance.

Red Design

White Men Corn Rows #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


These stand-out colorful braids are here to get you out of your comfort zone and add some red boldness to your look. Men who are not afraid to be in the spotlight can accentuate their long cornrows with bright colors, thus making a great statement. Skilled braiders from Braids Volna hair salon recommended:

Do you know what hairstyle you want? Fine! 👌🏼
Do not you know? Wonderful! 🙌🏼🔥⠀
Everyone’s head is different, so in improvisation the work is woven together based on your individual characteristics.
Give the master freedom and he will show what he is capable of! 🤟🏼


Man Bun Braids

Man Bun Braids #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


There is nothing sexier than a man bun! But if you want to take your hairstyle to the next level, the man bun braids for men is exciting! Whether you have full-length hair or just on your crown, this hairstyle will absolutely catch the ladies’ eyes. Why not?

Zig Zag Braids

Zig Zag Braids #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


Zig zag braids for men will bring a breath of fresh air to your hair game. It’s stylish and gives you fun vibes while you are incorporating it with your fashion. It’s a unique patterned hairstyle that men can’t refuse, especially when we are talking about comfort.

Box Braids And Undercut

Box Braids And Undercut #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


Thin braids seem intricate and offbeat. They make you want to look closely at them in order to identify the pattern. To accentuate the braids even more, you can complement your hairstyle with an undercut. When your sides are so much shorter than the top, the whole focus shifts to the latter.


Thick & Colored Twisted Hair

Twisted Hair #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


Twist braids for men, whether it’s tight or small is worth the try, especially when you have medium to long hair. A lot of you may ask how to maintain braids for men, which is important. Just make sure to wash and moisturize it with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Carefully pat your scalp to keep your twist hairstyles intact.

Viking Braid

Viking Braid #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


The Viking braids has been one of the biggest viking hairstyles that we were all crazy about. These are killer braids that one doesn’t want to miss out on, especially for those who have long hair. If you are wondering how many types of braids for men are there, well, there are a lot and most of them are worth the try!

Spider Braids

Highlighted Spider Braids #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


There are multiple ways to pull off cornrows for men. If you are looking for something really unique, then your search stops on this braids male. With these spider web cornrow braids men will never go unnoticed.


Pop Smoke Braids Men

Pop SMoke Braids Whitev Men #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


Looking for a braid style that would be trendy and practical at the same time? Then pop smoke braids are your way to go. Named after a popular American rapper, they can be pulled off on almost any hair type. Besides, there is no need to grow your hair long for popsmoke braids, as you can always feed in black men braid styles.

Three Braids

Three Braids #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


When got bored with two braids men can take it up a notch by going for a three men braid hairstyles. Defined and edgy, it instantly makes you stand out in the crowd. What is more, it pairs perfectly with a man braid bun black guys often opt for. Add some colors to your hairstyle if you want to look brighter.

Four Braids

Four Braids Undercut #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


Four braid hairstyles for men are quite a commitment, as they require some time and effort not only to create but also to maintain. You do not always have to make your braids so thin. If you are after an effortless 4 braids men, just make your braids thicker and tighter. In this way, they will not lose their shape no matter what you do, which makes them a low maintenance style.


Side Design

Side Design #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


There are many ways how you can pull off box braids. If you are just looking for a bright hairstyle that will take your locks away from your face, then choose collected braids. In case you are interested in something more unconventional, go for an interesting side design on your undercut and add bright colors and beads. Chicago barber Carlos Estrella puts not only his strength but also his soul into his works:

It’s always been more than just a haircut for me, it’s about stamping ur signature on it that’ll identify your work as a one of a kind!

Braided Dreads

Braided Dreads #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


Black men braids make up one of the biggest groups and no wonder. They are a perfect protective hairstyle. In addition, they have plenty of variations so it is easy to end up with a unique hair look. As such, dread styles for men with long kinky hair are always a good idea.

Single Braid

Single Braid #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


Who could have thought that single braids on men can look so masculine and hot? This hairstyle gives off a Viking vibe so you can never go wrong with it. Plus, if you have long hair, single mens braid styles allow you to take it out of your way, thus opening up the face. Add colors, as I advise the masters from the Kawaicat_white studio:

A little creativity never hurt anyone, right? 🤗
Green hair and shaved temples? Yes please 😉. Wear it with pleasure!


Extra Long Two Dutch Braids

Two Dutch Braids #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


Braids may be common on women as their everyday look, but not actually among men, and if you want to look unique and stylish, you’re on the right page! Braided hair men are so popular today!

Weave Cornrows

Weave Cornrows #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


Black mens braided hairstyles can be always different. This wavy braid will add variety to your everyday style. The main thing is to find a good master who will be able to cleanly perform such a complex job.

Simple Braid On Long Hair

Simple Braid On Long Hair #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


Hairstyles play a vital role when it comes to styling and braids for men can definitely turn heads. As a growing trend, a braid is one of the men’s long hairstyles that have lots of variations and techniques, but the French braid is considered the most length-versatile one. One of the best things about such hairstyles is that they can flatter all face shapes, drawing attention from flaws with their textured silhouette or enhancing some features with minimalist ideas.


Single Plait

Single Plait #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


Whether you want it small or big, the single plait is among the usual styles of braids for men and braids for boys. They’re easy to make and gives you a stylish look. It’s one of the easiest, but most stylish braids for men that you can count on.

Side Braids

Side Braids #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


How do you like the idea of spicing up your dramatic long hairstyle with a one side braided look? This idea will give a fresh take on the familiar pompadours or long undercuts, just braid one side and see the difference. Braidbarbers describe their work:

Zero fade Pomp with razor side part & Braid. Blow dried, styled with paste.

Two-Toned Cornrows

Two-Toned Cornrows #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


In case your natural hair lacks thickness, you can always resort to faux strands. This rule also works for a man braid. To wear your braids in a high man ponytail, add sufficient amount of faux pieces to make it look fuller.


Braids With Fade

Braids With Fade #braidsformen #manbraids #mensbraids


What we like about a fade haircut with braids is that it inevitably makes the latter the focal point of the look. As you take the hair off from the sides and back, nothing draws attention away from your intricate men braid styles on the top of the head.

Man Bun Braids For White Guys

Man Bun Braids Undercut Fade #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


Why don’t you mix all the men’s trends to get a truly irresistible and masculine hairdo? This idea has everything a stylish man would like to wear: a precise texture, a neat fade, the ageless man ban, and a beard. A braid fade haircut is the style precision in its purest!

Triangle Twist

Triangle Twist #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


People used to think that hair twist are only worn by women, which is not the case. These are among the simple mens braid styles that look gentle yet stylish in every inch. Wearing a twists on long hair is one of the simplest ways to show off your strong nature, especially when such Viking braids are accompanied with an undercut and beard. The point is that the style has a Viking-inspired spirit, that’s why it looks so manful.


Single Braids For Men With Beads

Box Braids With Beads #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


Box braids for men with beads is a trendy and stylish hairstyle that involves creating small, individual braids in the hair, typically using extensions for added length and thickness. The addition of beads adds a unique and culturally rich flair to the look, making it a popular choice for those seeking a distinct and eye-catching hairstyle.

Side Cornrows Guy Braids

Side Cornrows Guy Braids #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


Men with braids on the sides are guaranteed to be in the spotlight no matter where they go. Fun and unusual, they will definitely earn you the title of a fashion-savvy mens cornrows styles.

French Braid Men

French Braid Men #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


While being quite easy to get, a French men braid style comes out eye-catching and bold. This is one of those timeless mens braid styles that you can never go wrong with. Besides, it allows for various accents, such as faded sides or undercut with french braids men.


Back Man Braids Styles

Back Man Braids Styles #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


Back mens braids hairstyles, also known as reverse braids, are a stylish and versatile hairstyle where the braids are created at the back of the head. This trendy look can be achieved with different braid patterns, adding a touch of flair to men’s hair while keeping it neatly organized and out of the face.

Braids For Boys

Braids For Boys #braidsformen #mensbraids #manbraid


Braids for boys refer to various hairstyles that incorporate braiding techniques to create stylish and versatile looks. These hairstyles often involve weaving hair into tight or loose plaits, cornrows, or box braids for kids. Popular among diverse cultures, braids for boys can offer a trendy and practical solution, promoting unique self-expression while maintaining manageable hair.

Fishbone Braids

Fishbone Braid #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


Fishbone braids, also known as fishtail braids, are a popular and intricate braiding style for black mens braids. They get their name from their appearance, as the pattern resembles a fishbone or fishtail. This unique braid is created by weaving small sections of hair from opposite sides to create a tight and textured look.


Stitch Braids Men

Stitch Braids Men #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


Stitch braids, also known as feed-in braids or Ghana braids, or straight backs braids, are a popular hairstyle for men that involves adding extensions to the natural hair using a “stitching” technique. The process involves creating small cornrows at the base of the scalp and then adding synthetic or natural hair to create longer, more intricate braids. Stitch braids offer a neat and stylish look while providing versatility for different hair textures and lengths.

Braided Bang

Braids With Undercut Design #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


If you want to try something simple but stylish at the same time, braid your bangs. It does not have to be combined with other braids, as in the photo, but can become an unique element.

Tree Design

Braid Designs For Men Tree #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


There are multiple options to choose from, like Dutch braids, fishtail braids and French braids for men, just to name a few. Of course, they are not as long lasting as cornrow braids for men. Yet, they are still worth getting, especially considering they need less time and effort to create.


Two Braids With Fade And Bun

Two Braids For Men #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


Braids take much less time to get men braids hairstyles when they are complemented with a fade since they generally feature less hair. As a result, the hairstyle comes out in high contrast yet low maintenance, which is a perfect combo for men who are both practical and fashion-forward.

Thin Zig-Zags

Zig Zag Cornrows #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


If you are lucky enough to find a talented barber, give free rein to his creativity. Let him create a real work of art from your hair.

Viking-Inspired Cornrows

Viking Cornrows With Beads #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


You can feel like a Viking without braiding a long ponytail. Grow a beard, add some jewelry to your braids and you’re good to go.


Red Dutch Braids

Two Dutch Braids #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


If you are the happy owner of long hair, you can do various braided experiments without harming it. Dutch braids, twists, beads, box braids – try everything you can imagine.

Beaded Boxes With Undercut

Single Braids For Men With Beads #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


If you are tired of regular braids, add plastic jewelry to your boxes. It will breathe new life into your hairstyle.

Highlighted Strands

How do you do a cornrow braid? #braidsformen #manbraids #mensbraids


Practical, versatile, and outstanding: the man bun braids look that you can have with lots of medium, tight cornrows gathered together. You can wear these braids as they are or put them into a braided man bun that will emphasize the captivating design on the top. Highlight one strands to complete the look.


Thick Beaded Cornrows

Cornrows With Beads #braidsformen #manbraid #manbraidstyles #mensbraids


Cornrow braids keep your locks safe and sound all day and all night long. What is more, it works for any hair type. If your kinks are thick and long, the hairstyle will turn out ample and full. Those with sparse or short tresses may need to incorporate several packs of braiding hair.

Braided Side

Braided Sides #braidsformen #manbraid #mensbraids


Not only girls can wear this hairstyle. As you can see in the photo, men are great at integrating side braids into their style.

Pop Smokes With Undercut

Pop Smoke Braids #braidsformen #popsmokebraids #blackbraidsmen


The undercut, enhanced by a couple of thick braids that fall on cleanly shaved sides is probably one of the most distinctive braids styles. If you’re looking for a way to make your hairstyle stand-out, don’t look any further the idea.


How To Braid Your Hair

There are lots of unique designs and man braid variations. So every man, regardless of his image and age, can get himself a perfect and comfy hairstyle. Since braided hairstyles for men can be as diverse and creative as one wants, we’ve gathered the most iconic and sophisticated ideas that will inspire you to create your own man braid.

Braiding your short hair is extremely hard, yet there are some ways of getting braided short hair men find to be tricky when styling; just choose the right braiding approach. You can opt for very thin braids that go along or under your hairline, securing them with gel so that they won’t fall apart.

Nowadays, instead of opting for simple and low-maintenance cuts and styles, modern gentlemen tend to grow out their hair. If you think that getting more distinctive and masculine looks requires extra long hair length, we’d like to share with you the top man braid hairstyles you can do to tame or emphasize your long and full mane.

In case your hair is not long enough to be braided, box braids are your way to go. To pull them off, you will attach extensions, so it does not really matter how long or thick your natural hair is. Also, this hairstyle will protect your fragile tresses from breakage and other damage.

How Do You Do Cornrow Braid?

If you have not tried Dutch braids yet, then we honestly do not know what you are waiting for. This hairstyle is perfect for any kind of hair, thin and thick, as it creates an ample yet neat look. To achieve an edgier and more abundant appearance, go with four Dutch braids instead of two, which the African community calls Ghana braiding in case you are wondering.

To create a Dutch braid, you need to do the following:

  1. Brush the hair until all knots and tangles are gone.
  2. Separate your hair on the crown of the head from the hair on the bottom.
  3. Divide the top section into three even parts.
  4. Take the right section into your right hand and place it under the middle section.
  5. Take the left section of your hair into your left hand and place it under the section that is now in the middle (the former right section).
  6. Add some hair from the right to the right section and place it under the middle section.
  7. Repeat the previous step with the left section.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until there is no hair left.
  9. Tie the braid off with an elastic band.

How Do You Maintain Box Braids For Men?

To keep your box braids look their best as long as possible you should take the following steps:

  1. Put on a satin or silk scarf every time when you go to sleep to protect your hair from frizzing.
  2. Apply a leave-in conditioner every two or three days so that your scalp remains hydrated.
  3. Keep your braids clean by washing them every two weeks. Dry-wash (a damp washcloth soaked in shampoo and warm water) or dry shampoo can be used between washes.
  4. Redo the edges of your box braids to refresh the hairstyle.
  5. Undo your braids no longer than eight weeks after you got them.

How To Do Single Braids For Men

To create simple yet stylish braids men should follow the next steps:

  1. Apply some spray to your hair so it is easier to manage and remove any tangles using a comb or hair brush.
  2. Decide on the place where your male braids are going to be and section out three hair strands of even size there.
  3. Grab the right strand with your right hand and pull it over the middle strand.
  4. Pull the left strand over the middle one with your left hand.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 till you get to the end of your hair.
  6. Secure the braid with an elastic band.
  7. Keep braiding men hair that is left to get the desired number of braids.

Now you know why man braids are so popular today: they’re an attention-grabbing and classy way to experiment with medium to long hair styling. With our today’s ideas and tips, you can easily recreate the hairstyles you see on famous musicians and sports players. Go and give one of the styles a try!

How To Do French Braid Hairstyle?

If you are about to learn how to braid hair, the French braid will be your perfect start. The process may seem tricky to you, but with a little practice you will master braiding and be able to gesection t a man braid hairstyle yourself. Follow the basic steps!

  • For comfortable parting, always work with damp hair. Comb the section that you want to braid.
  • Then, off the front section of your hair and split it into three strands.
  • Start braiding your hair by crossing the right strand over the middle and then the left strand over the middle one.
  • Pick a new strand from a bit further to the back of your head and incorporate it into your left strand, working with the left side.
  • Then, do the same with the right side.
  • Go on braiding until all of your hair is brought into a braid, and when it’s done, secure it with a tie.


What Do I Need To Get A Man Braid

How long does your hair have to be to braid for guys? The length required for braiding depends on the braider. If your hairstylist is skillful enough to catch very short hair, then you can arrange an appointment once your hair has reached 2 inches length. Yet, intricate plaiting is hardly possible on such hair. Thus, you should wait until your hair reaches 4 inches length to try elaborate braid styles.


How long does my hair have to be to get braids for guys?

For perfect hair braids you should have at least four-five inch long hair. However, if you cannot wait to get your hair braided, find a skillful hair stylist and once your locks reach two-three inches, you can already try to pull off short easy braids. Yet, the best result, you will get on tresses that are shoulder-length or more.

How do you make a braid?

As there are various mens braids types, the ways to make them differ in terms of technique and style. Though, the most popular ones are cornrows men braids and two strand twist men braids. To get them, simply follow tutorials on the desired style of braids for men.

How many types of braids for men are there?

Unfortunately, or luckily, it is unknown how many braiding hairstyles there are. Yet, here is the list of the most popular braid types:
– Cornrow braids
– Two-strand men braids
– French braids
– Ghana or Dutch braids
– Twisted braids
– Micro braids
– Other intricate braided hair styles, such as Fulani braids, Senegalese twists, etc.

How long do braids for men last?

Because the longevity of your braids depends greatly on their type, they can last anything between one day and a few months. For instance, while being quite easy to make, French and double braids stay put no more than a couple of days. In their turn, dreadlocks and cornrows require more time and effort to create, but it fully pays you off, as they last up to several months.

How to wash your hair with braids?

If your braids are temporary, then just wait until you untie them. Though, remember that some longer-term options, such as dread or cornrow styles, require a special washing ritual and products. That said, you need to stock up on a shampoo and conditioner aimed at your type of braids for men. There are two ways to use them on your hair – by patting down straight to the roots with your hands or by mixing them with water and spritzing this solution all over your head using a spray bottle. You can find more details on how to do it in tutorials.

How to maintain braids for men?

Of course, washing your braids is not the only thing that you should do to maintain their good shape. Conditioning your scalp between washes using top-rated hair products is vital too. On top of that, if you do not want your hair to get tangled or collect lint, do not shy away from wrapping it up before going to bed. Yet, keep updo hairstyles to a minimum and generally refrain from pulling the braids. Finally, do not wear the same braids for too long. It is better to redo them regularly to avoid damage.

Do braids make your hair grow faster?

Some people believe that braids for black men are beneficial in terms of growing out hair. While it is true to some point, this is not always the case. On the one hand, braids protect your hair from outside damage. On the other hand, if you make them too tight, they can actually cause damage to the roots of your hair. As for boosting hair growth, there is no scientific evidence proving it. Like most men hairstyles braids have rather aesthetic purposes than practical meaning.