The Best Curly Hairstyles For Men To Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture

Sport Your Ringlets With The Top Curly Hairstyles For Men

Are you looking for some smart ideas to tame your kinky hair? With our exquisite collection of curly hairstyles for men, your everyday hair struggle will become a pleasant journey. No matter whether your hair wavy or curly, short or long, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your sexy locks. Stay tuned for the latest hairstyles for curly hair men can sport with ease.


What Makes Hair Curly?

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There is a natural factor that makes your hair curly, it’s genetics. The hair growth angle and shape are determined by the follicle. When it’s asymmetrical, the strand is curved and oval-shaped. When the follicle is symmetrical, the hair is straight and the strand is circular. The protein keratin structure affects the shape of the hairs as well. When it is built up, the hair is curly. Also because it’s difficult for hair oils to go down the kinky hair, it starts to frizz. And, of course, there are numerous artificial ways to create curly men hairstyles.

Here are some insights that you need to consider before committing to the hairstyles for men with curly hair:

    1. Find out your type of hair to choose the right product.
    2. Use sulfate-free shampoos to prevent your curls from drying out.
    3. Opt for the curly hairstyles for men that are easily manageable.
    4. Give your hair enough conditioning to restore damaged locks.


How To Care For Curly Hair Properly?

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The curly hairstyles for men look rockabilly only if the hair is healthy. So, maintain it in its best condition by keeping your thatch moisturized and nourished. The tips for curly hair men use to help accomplish this task successfully are the following:

  1. Cut down on shampoo use. Thus, you’ll prevent your hair from losing its natural oils from drying out and frizzing as a consequence.
  2. Prioritize the treatment. Look for the products that take care of your hair, not just cause curliness.
  3. Don’t save on conditioning. As we said earlier, it helps to keep your hair moisturized.
  4. Work with the wet hair. Apply the styling product and brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb while it’s still wet. This will prevent the hair from breaking and splitting the ends.
  5. Reduce the use of the heat. Hair straighteners and blow dryers don’t make any good to your hair. So try on limiting their utilization.

How To Style Curly Hair

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To succeed in styling either long or short curly hair men should stick to the following advice. First and foremost, you should keep in mind that how much time and effort you’ll spend on styling your hair daily directly depends on the way your hair is cut. So, ensure that your barber is skilled enough to deliver the right hairstyle. Then, you shouldn’t skimp on the hair styling products. It doesn’t mean that you should only buy the most expensive ones. It means that you should opt for the products that do what they say no matter how much they cost. And finally, your grooming routine really makes a difference. If you want your locks to look their best, you should remember not to wash them too often and use a special shampoo and conditioner that don’t case frizziness and nourish your locks instead.


Men’s Short Curly Hairstyles

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In case you’ve been looking for the creative ideas on how to style curly hair of short length, here is a rundown of our top mens short hairstyles.

Curly Quiff

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The curly quiff looks more sophisticated and unusual compared to the traditional quiff men’s hairstyles. It can be styled in many different ways – slicked, brushed, messy or spiked. Complement your quaff with the buzzed cut sides and back to create a more striking contrast.

Wavy Slicked Back

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The slicked back hair is the perfect way to take your curly and wavy short hair under control. If you pair the slicked back top with the faded or undercut sides, you’ll get the perfect all-purpose hairstyle.

Taper Haircut For Curly Hair

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Long curly hairstyles can be perfectly enhanced with all sorts of tapers. Thanks to the gradual transition from the short hair on the sides and back to the long hair on top, this cut looks moderate and smooth. For added contrast, you may want to go for a taper fade or undercut on the sides and a line up along the hairline.

Short Choppy Curls

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If you don’t want anything elaborate, just some simple yet stylish haircut to tame your unruly man curl, then you need to chop the hair all over your head quite short. In case you still want to accentuate your hair texture, leave the top section a bit longer than the rest of the hair. This will help to keep the focus on your curly top

Curly Hair + Undercut Fade

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When undercut curly hair seems more dapper and prominent keeping all the attention on the top of your head. Moreso, an undercut curly fade creates a stylish and eye-catching appearance. Thus, it’s a great option to consider if you’re looking for the ways to give your curly short hair the style that will make it the talk of the town.

Short Sides Long Top

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The short sides long top is one of the best haircuts for men with curly hair. It allows you to leave as much hair on top as you want. Just make sure that the contrast between the hair atop and on the sides and back is noticeable. This hairstyle has so many variations that we have barely lost count, from short curly hair with bangs and taper to curly long hair undercut fade.

Heavy Angular Fringe

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Opting for an angled fringe haircut men with curly locks achieve a very bold and sharp look. The fringe seems heavier than with other hair textures, but the right styling will fix it up. To add an airy and relaxed feel to your hairstyle, apply some hair styling product and tousle the curls with your hands. A mid fade will become a great accompaniment for such a ‘do.

Extra-Short Curls

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When you have such a defined hair texture, even short curly haircuts come out ample and outlined. Besides, as we mentioned before, short curly hairstyles for men are a surefire way to tame the craze of your ringlets. To make the look even edgier, get a two-level disconnected curly undercut on the sides, which can be pulled off only by the most daring fashionists.

Tangled Curly Style

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Remember that your hairstyle speaks for itself. Thus, if you want to make a strong fashion statement, you should really think through what your ‘do will look like. To bring enough volume and definition to your hair, flaunt your curly hair styles tangled. In this way, your locks will gain more flow and texture. For the utmost boldness, complement your messy hair men style with a double line-up.

Curly High Top

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Haircuts for men offer various kinds of fades – skin, drop, low, mid or high. The high top fade gives a clean and neat impression. And also, nothing distracts from the curls on top.

Curly Hair With Razor Line

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Say, you’ve got at the idea how to cut curly hair, but something is still missing. To give your haircut an edgy and defined appeal, add a hard part to either side.

Curly Pompadour

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With their haircuts men make strong statements of their stylishness, masculinity, smartness and other qualities they want to accentuate. The pompadour haircut with all its volume and thickness gives the curly hair a completely new edge.

Men’s Mid Length Curly Hair

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In case the hairstyle men are looking for doesn’t fall into the category of short cuts, they should consider medium length hairstyles then. They are still easily-maintained, however, show off the splendor of your mane.

Medium Curly Quiff

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However, if you don’t mind growing out your hair a little, a mid-length curly quiff is a great way to go for men with spiral hair texture. With such a length, you manage to show off your curls yet keeping the hair tamed. To make your curly quiff one of the trendiest modern haircuts for men, team it with a full beard.

Wavy Side Part

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The side part hairstyle is as effortless as it is eternal. It allows creating plenty of good haircuts for men, like this medium curly side bang.

Curly Bowl Cut

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The modern bowl cut is among the hair cuts for men that excel their predecessors at the texture and mess they employ. The sides are usually undercut so that the longer top, which goes in line with the bangs, could stand out more.

Side Parted Fringe

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To accentuate their curly hairstyles men exploit a fringe, which is an extended hair strand at the forehead. With curly hair, a fringe forms a wave, which creates diversity among the short hair styles for men.

Curly Hair Fade

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In search of the softer looking haircut men opt for the fade hair because it implies having a transition from the long to the short hair on the sides and back. It also belongs to the low-maintained short haircuts for curly hair.

Curly Comb Over

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Even though the comb over traditionally belongs to the straight and sleek types of cuts, a curly-haired man can also sport it effectively.

Curly Hair Undercut

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Mens undercut for curly hair looks masculine, contrast and elegant at the same time. Give your side and back a short trim, while leaving the hair on the top loose.

Curly Angular Fringe

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The fringe doesn’t suit all the hairstyles for men with curly hair. It embellishes only those with a truly thick and dense thatch.

Slick Back Curly Hair

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Mens curly hairstyles can look elegant and dapper as well. For instance, with such a hair texture, the slick back style gains a new twist. Besides, as you have curly locks, you won’t lack volume when slicking them back because they manage to maintain ampleness and fullness. You’ll just need a hair styling product with a strong hold to keep your ringlets in place.

Curly Bob

Curly bob hairstyles suggest growing out your hair to the chin-length or a bit shorter. The hairdo looks flattering on almost every guy, emphasizing his facial features and giving them definition.

Afro Curls


Afro hair is just meant to be a bit lengthy. It’s an ultimate trendsetter of the medium curly hair cuts. Don’t go too long with the black men hairstyles. Just a neatly cut full head of hair is more than enough.

Blow-Dried Curls

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Blow-drying is an optimum way to redefine the curls within the modern mens haircuts. As a result, you get medium wavy hair with added volume and bounciness.


Hairstyles For Long Curly Hair

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Long curly hair men are trying to manage and style so badly is a true gift. Long hairstyles for men could actually be confined to wearing natural locks loose and that wouldn’t be a loss to anybody.

Man Bun

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Still, if they do get tired of their long hair men can always stick to the man bun, which is one of the niftiest and trendiest updos for long hair.

Long Glossy Curls

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Although natural curly hairstyles look flawless without any styling at all, a bit of sheen won’t hurt. Work in a product with a delicate gloss into your locks for added shine. If you’re up to a fancy nigh-out with sophisticated long hair styles, gather your hair in a man ponytail.

Shoulder – Length Wavy Hair

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The shoulder length curly hair is perfect for those guys who want to brag about their superb hair texture but keep their curly hairstyles for men appropriate for formal occasions. With the wavy hair men, basically, do the same.

Long Messy Waves

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One of the best hairstyles for long hair is messy waves. It looks careless and natural even though you’ve spent all evening creating it. Long mens hairstyles for curly hair may require a lot of time and effort. However, the result is totally worth it. To get one of those intentionally messy long hair styles for men, you need to utilize a mousse that will give your curls a sleek, shiny and impressive look.


Oftentimes, dreads are a matter of need more than choice. This happens with the long Afro hair style men try to tame. If your hair has grown out too long to wear it loose comfortably, consider dreading it. Thus, you’ll get not only practical but also very swanky look.

Beach Curls

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You may not be a beach person at all, but the surfer hair is a true staple of medium curly hairstyles, so you ought to give it a try alongside the other curly hair hairstyles.

And you’ve made it. You’ve come through all 24 curly hairstyles for men and survived. Now it’s your time to efficiently use the obtained knowledge and sport your very own style for coiled hair.