LIVES IN: LA, United States
Salvador Salcedo, originally from Mexico, moved to the United States at 13. His passion for barbering developed in the US, starting with garage haircuts and refining skills at Toni & Guy. Over two decades, Sal became a renowned figure in the beauty industry, working at salons like Sally Hershberger, Ramirez Tran, and Salon Benjamin, creating iconic hairstyles for diverse clientele. With a keen understanding of hair as a medium for self-expression, Sal's high standards earned him the title "Maestro." Despite success, his dream was to establish a space for self-expression, leading to his own salon, Nova Arts. As a global artist with #HAIRTOUR, Sal provides transformative hair experiences worldwide. Committed to education, he now expands into coaching and mentoring through Beyond Hair, aiming to help others achieve their goals.

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