The range of black men beard styles is endless. Short and long, reserved and eye catching, there is literally a look for every preference. So that you would not have to spend ages searching for the best options, we have picked out them for you. Below, you will find a selected collection of the trendiest and most attractive facial hair styles so that black men with beards look their absolute best.


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Classic Black Men Beard Styles

If you are not sure yet whether a beard is going to suit you, you can never go wrong with a classic version, as it looks good on everyone. That is basically why a traditional black man’s beard is a failsafe option for everyone who is trying it with black men’s haircuts.

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Full Beard

Full beard styles for black men can be a real challenge, as they are pretty difficult not only to grow but also to maintain. However, you can be sure that all your effort will be rewarded. This stately facial hair style collects compliments and gives off a very masculine vibe.

Full Beard #blackmenberad #blackbeard #afrobeard

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The trends that stand out right now is the beard growing process where everyone wants the full beard and the male hair unit. The full beard tends to compensate for not having any hair on their head which makes them more comfortable to make the drastic transition cutting off all of their hair on the head due to pattern baldness. The hair units or non surgical hair replacements gives the client who is insecure about their look or who just wants to continue to have the full head of hair look a sense of reality where even if they are thinning in the frontal portion of there head or in the crown of their head . That process is more costly and maintenance is required more often and it limits your daily activities depending on their lifestyle.

Short Black Men Beards

One of the main advantages of black beards is the ease of maintenance. What is more, they effortlessly seem neat and clean. However, to ensure your short beard styles continues to look the ways it is, you should give it regular upkeep.

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Chin Beard

Not in a mood for something too bushy or complicated? Then a chin beard is your way to go. This is one of those black beards that keep your face pretty clean while allowing you to balance out its proportions. With chin beard styles black men can make their faces visually longer and narrower.

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Soul Patch Black Men Beard Styles

Even though a soul patch is a little controversial black men beards style, it still has the right to exist, especially when you can pull it off. Simple and minimalistic, it instantly gives your appearance an intricate twist.

Soul Patch #blackmenberad #blackbeard #afrobeard


Anchor Beard

You should never underestimate anchor black men beards. Despite being short and low key, they are quite eye catching and sophisticated. As an anchor beard keeps your lips and mouth in focus, it is a very beneficial facial hair style for public speakers.

Anchor Beard #blackmenberad #blackbeard #afrobeard

Goatee Beard

A black men goatee comes out chic and tasteful, so it can be flaunted with both a tuxedo and a T-shirt with jeans. This style is also a perfect option for those whose beard grows patchy, as you shave the most of your facial hair off.

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Stubble Black Men Beard Styles

While black men with long beards look quite impressive, this may be not an option for everyone. Though, a short stubble also gives your appearance a stylish flair. Yet, without much effort on your part.

Stubble Beard #blackmenberad #blackbeard #afrobeard


Black Men Mustache

A black men mustache is a great way to frame your mouth and add a serious touch to your appearance. Besides, a black mustache is full and thick, so it will not take you much effort to grow it out.

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Mutton Chops

Want to try vintage black men beard styles? Then mutton chops may be what you are looking for. As this style is quite old fashioned, give it a contemporary feel with a trendy trim. For instance, you can go for a square beard, which looks defined and bold.

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Buzz Cut Beard #blackmenberad #blackbeard #afrobeard

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Thin Berad #blackmenberad #blackbeard #afrobeard

Simple And Thin Beard #blackmenberad #blackbeard #afrobeard

Goatee Thin #blackmenberad #blackbeard #afrobeard

Artistic Beard #blackmenberad #blackbeard #afrobeard

Short Van Dyke #blackmenberad #blackbeard #afrobeard


Hopefully, these black men beard styles have provided you with enough inspiration to give you an idea of what look to choose next. If you cannot decide, then why not experiment with different styles each time? No matter what option you will end up with, you can rest assured that you are going to look awesome.


What are the best black men’s beard styles?

A black man with beard looks good no matter what style he chooses. However, the most suitable African American beards are classic black beards, anchor beards, goatees, Garibaldi and short shaped up black men beard styles.

How do black men moisturize their beard?

A primary part of beard care for black men holds moisturizing. Thus, you should stock up on a beard oil infused with argan and jojoba oil and a beard wax containing beeswax and shea butter. Keep in mind to steer clear of a synthetic fragrance, opting for essential oils instead.

How can a black man straighten his beard?

To straighten their beard black man may resort to various methods. A special beard brush or a beard straightener will do the job just fine. Remember though that your facial hair should be clean when you straighten it using heated tools. If you are looking for a more permanent and drastic measure, then a beard relaxer can be an option. Though, it can damage the hairs when used too long or too much, so be careful with it. Last but not least, remember to give your beard a regular trim, which will help you to achieve uniformity with your black man beard thanks to removing split ends.