When you think that there is no facial hair style that can surprise you, a monkey tail beard comes into play. Borrowing its name from a striking resemblance to the tail of a monkey, this unusual beard style has become viral not only on social media but also in real life. If you try to keep up with grooming trends, then you are bound to try on a monkey’s tail yourself. Do not know where to begin? No worries. Our guide will tell you everything you should know.


What Is A Monkey Tail Beard

The monkey tail, aka the cat tail beard, is one of those crazy beard styles that take you to the center of attention. The name comes from the likeness of the shape of this facial hair style to the monkey’s tail. To get monkey tail facial hair should be shaved so that it remains connected to your sideburn on one side, then follows your jawline as well as chin and wraps around the mouth corner to finish off above the upper lip. Of course, it does not suit every ambiance. So, if your office dress code is extremely formal, you may want to try on another beard look. However, for those who do not have any restrictions in beard styling, it is a great way to make you stand out in the crowd.


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How To Trim A Monkey Tail

Trimming the monkeys tail beard is not that difficult, provided you know what you are doing. To help you achieve the best result, we have prepared this step by step tutorial.

    1. Grow your facial hair long enough.

      So that you have enough material to work with, you need to grow the hair on your face. There are no particular requirements in terms of length. You just need to ensure that you will be able to achieve an even length of the beard when you trim it.

    2. Comb your beard to remove knots and tangles.

      Do not start trimming your facial hair before you smooth out tangled strands. Ideally, you should use a special beard comb for this, which usually has antistatic properties.

    3. Start trimming your facial hair.

      Take a trimmer or electric razor and mow the hair under the jaw. Since you are going to use this as the base, you need to be very precise. To do the job spick and span, employ the razor side that features a trimmer.

    4. Choose the starting point for the beard.

      Choose the side of the face where the monkey tail beard is going to begin. Those who have asymmetrical sideburns may want to opt for the side with thicker hair. But this is totally optional.

    5. Get rid of the hair on the other side.

      Clear the area near the side opposite to the base of the monkey’s tail, as well as all of the hair outside your mouth corner where the tail finishes.

    6. Shape up the beard underneath the lower lip.

      Take the electric trimmer and buzz off the hair on your chin under the lower lip to create a sharp outline. Check if the hair is evenly thick all over the length from the sideburn to the upper lip. Also, to make the tail’s bottom more defined, there should be a gap shaved in between the beard and mustache.

    7. Define the outline by cleaning around the edges.

      To achieve a more realistic look of your monkey tail facial hair should be rounded near the jawline. Using a razor or a T outliner, clean around the beard.

Crazy Monkey Tail Beard Ideas

If you thought that with this facial hair style you would be limited in choice, we are here to prove you wrong. Below, you will find the most unusual monkey tail beard images and ideas.


Mike Fiers Monkey Beard

It is always a good idea to draw inspiration from the person who started the monkey beard trend, namely Mike Fiers. A classic monkey tail beard is the same width from the sideburn to the upper lip and it does not incorporate any hair apart from the one wrapping around your mouth.


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Ideal Monkey Tail Mustache

If you want to take it to another level, go for a monkey tail moustache. It starts in the same way as the traditional monkey beard, an even strip of hair that goes from your sideburn, along the jawline and above the top lip. Yet, it does not finish at the corner of your mouth but extends far beyond it.


Red & Stripped

There are many ways how you can upgrade your monkey beard tail. If you are not very skillful at elaborate shaving or just cannot be bothered, why not opt for unusual coloring? Dyeing your beard in a bright color, such as red, will make you instantly stand out. More so, if you choose an intricate striped pattern.

Long Monkey Tail Beard Style

Although the majority of monkey tail beards require trimming your facial hair to a medium or short length, this is not always the case. If you prefer longer beard styles, you can leave the hair on your chin noticeably longer than the rest. This will allow you to make a strong fashion statement with your monkey beard.


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Natural Red Monkey Beard

Guys who are naturally red haired may achieve a more authentic look with their monkey tail beards. Besides, thanks to the flamboyant color of your facial hair, it does not take much effort for your beard to draw attention. This look comes out even more unusual if the hair on your head is a different color than your beard.


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Salt & Pepper Style

Not all crazy beards are suitable for absolutely everyone but a monkey tail is an exception to the rule. Even if your facial hair has started to show the first signs of aging, you will still be able to pull off the look. Salt and pepper monkey beard looks stylish and fashionable. So, you can never go wrong with it.

Hot Guy Monkey Tail

Hot guys choose cat tail monkey tail beard or whatever you call it. The only condition is that it should be paired with a trendy and cool hairstyle. The range of options is almost endless, depending on the impression you want to make. If you prefer effortless and daring hair looks, go for messy hairstyles with tousled locks. For something more elegant and neat, consider a comb over or a slick back hairstyle.

Clean Crazy Beard

As the monkey’s tail beard is so wild, there is no need for extra accents. So, to make it the focal point of the look, ensure the rest of your face is clean shaven. Do not forget to brush your beard and style it using a tad of a beard wax or pomade so that it stays put all day.


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Long Tail

Another unusual take on a regular cat tail is a long tail beard. The look suggests growing your mustache pretty long so it protrudes below your monkey’s tail. While this beard style requires some time and effort to create, the final result is totally worth it.


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Classy Monkey Tail Beard Trend

One of the best things about this fashionable beard style is that to look trendy and classy, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Just go with a standard version and you are guaranteed tons of admiring gazes and compliments.


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Barber-Made Monkey Beard

Those who want their monkey tail beard to be one of a kind should ask their barber to customize the style individually. A perfect cat’s tail should not only match your preferences but also suit your facial features.


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Silver Style

Silver haired guys can pull off a monkey beard too. Moreover, for mature hair, this crazy beard style creates a youthful vibe. Thus, if you are looking for a way to play up your ashy beard, a silver monkey tail is your sure bet.


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Macho Beard

To feel like a macho, you should look like one. Choosing a monkey beard as your staple facial hair style is a surefire way to give your appearance a masculine feel. The monkeytail beard makes your jaw line look more chiseled, thus accentuating your facial features.

Ideal Shaved Mustache And Beard

Guys who were not blessed with a full head of hair may balance out their look with the help of a perfectly groomed beard and mustache. And that is when a monkey’s tail beard comes in handy. Shave your head as well as the face completely bald, leaving a curled stripe starting from your ear and wrapping around your mouth.


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A monkey tail beard is one of those crazy beard styles that can hardly leave anyone indifferent. Now we believe you have no more doubts that you should grow it yourself. And with the help of our guide, this task will be a childsplay for you.



What Does Monkey Tail Beard Mean?

The monkey tail beard is a trendy beard style that implies shaving your facial hair so that it reminds you of a monkey’s tail, hence the name. It usually starts at one of your sideburns, goes down your jaw and chin, curves around the corner of your mouth and extends toward the opposite corner.

Is The Monkey Tail Beard A Real Thing?

The monkey beard is one of the hottest trends in the beard styling world at the moment. So, if you decide to venture out for it, you can rest assured that you will be considered a really fashion savvy guy.

Who Started The Monkey Tail Beard Trend?

The monkey tail beard trend owes its popularity to Mike Fiers, the Oakland Athletics pitcher, who introduced this quirky facial hair style to the world in September 2019. Despite being mocked at the beginning, the monkey beard has become widely popular worldwide.

Who Wears A Monkey Tail Beard?

Although a monkeys tail beard was initially a signature look of the American baseball pitcher Michael Fiers, it has spread all over social media, being considered one of the trendiest Instagram facial hair styles.

Where Did Monkey Tail Beard Start?

The monkeytail beard was first spotted during the baseball match in September 2019. The Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers appeared for the game with the beard groomed so that it looked like the tail of the monkey.