Jodie Michalak

LIVES IN: Austin, Texas Area EDUCATION: HACC EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE:Jodie Michalak is one of those experts that specialize in just everything related to the world of beauty and fashion. Yet, if she had to choose only one sphere of expertise, that would most certainly be hairstyling and haircutting. While keeping an eye on each and every hair trend, her savviness, attention to detail and sense of style allow Jodie to predict or even set trends herself. Of course, she could not keep it to herself and thus, she is now eagerly sharing her knowledge through her enlightening articles, which we proudly publish on our website.

Get Inspired For A New Look With These Top Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men

There are numerous haircuts for men to play around with. However, if you are not sure what is in fashion today – we have it covered! It may be quite difficult to choose a proper cut for men when there are so many trends to follow. That is why we suggest to your attention a complete compilation of hairstyles that are going to be on fire for many years to come.

Ditch The Man Bun And Get On Trend This Season With An Updated Bowl Cut

There’s nothing basic about a bowlcut. Although this traditional cut was made popular many years ago, the bowl is back more than ever before. Some trends never die. Discover if the bowl is the next hairstyle for you and learn how to style it so you look effortlessly cool.