The bowl cut, once a staple of childhood nostalgia and 90s pop culture, is making a surprising comeback in men’s fashion. While this popular hair style was the base of many bad jokes (just like the mullet) the bowl cut has come back to shine!


A bowl haircut is sometimes also known as a mushroom haircut. Although it has a unique shape and appearance, a bowl hair style is quite simple in its cutting technique. This medium length hairstyles for men can be worn by men and women alike. Although the bowl style gained popularity decades ago, modern versions of the cut have added more interest and variation to this one-length hair style.

Classy Bowl Cut

Classy Bowl Cut #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


When we are talking about classic men’s haircuts, you expect to see something versatile and suitable for everyone. But when it comes to the classic bowl cuts, where everything is straight and clean, it exemplifies a bold, outstanding look that not every man will dare to try. To add a hint of contemporaneity, you can slightly tousle up the top.

Pro Tip: Under no circumstances should you attempt this haircut at home unless you want to become a laughing stock.


Short Bowl Haircut

Short Bowl Haircut #bowlcut #bowlcuts #bowlcutmen


If styling your thatch every morning isn’t your kind of thing, go for a short bowl cut. In addition to being highly convenient and utilitarian, a short haircut for men looks stylish and elegant.

Pro Tip: This smooth effect will only work if you have straight hair.

Bowl Cut Fade

Bowl Cut Fade #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


A bowl cut accompanied by a fade takes the familiar fade haircut to the next level. The fade haircut elements can take place in any area you want, and the most authentic idea for bowl cuts would be a nape fade that smoothly transits from the top to the very back and all over the sides, as popular barber Robert-Jan Rietveld demonstrates on his work.


Bowl Cut Undercut

Short Bowl Haircut #bowlcut #bowlcutmen #bowlhaircut


It’s no secret that an undercut haircut is probably one of the most requested cuts not only among footballers but also among men with any lifestyle. Combining some features of a bowl cut with a disconnected undercut can give a unique and sophisticated style with the cleanly shaved sides and a distinctive, edgy fringe to a wearer.

Curly Bowl Haircut

Curly Bowl Haircut #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


We have good news for guys who deal with natural hair every morning! Bowl cuts are the most convenient haircuts for men with curly hair, especially when they feature neatly tapered sides.

Styling Tip: To style it, the only thing you need it to moisturize your curls regularly.


Thin Hair Mop Top

Uneven Locks #bowlcut #bowlcuts #bowlcutmen


This mop top by skilled barber Joth Davies is another version of the modern interpretation of a bowl haircut. The peculiarity of this work was the temple, smoothly turning into sideburns.

Modern Bowl Cut

Modern Bowl Cut #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


The best thing about modern men’s haircuts is that there are no limitations to your creativity. And the same goes for the modern bowl haircut from Australian stylist Joshua Congreve; you are allowed to go against the classic patterns of the cut, playing around with taper, fade and changing the way fringe falls on your forehead.

Colored Bowl

Colored Bowl #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


Although bowl cut hair already attracts quite a lot of attention, you can enhance the boldness of your hairstyle by dyeing your locks in a bright color, say, green.

Pro Tip: Please note that bright colors wash out of your hair quite quickly. To keep the color saturated longer, apply a hair mask with a tinting effect once a week.


Bowl Haircut For Straight Hair

Bowl Haircut For Straight Hair #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


Those guys who have straight locks should also consider a bowl cut as a haircut of their choice. With such a hair type, your cut will look neat and shiny, thus making a styling process effortless.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to maintain the length regularly, as you do not want your tresses to cover the face too much.

Sleek Waves

Sleek Waves #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


As you can see by looking at the work of Manchester barber Charles Gray, curly hair is not a reason to refuse a haircut:

This Model‘s hair is naturally curly so what I did is blow dried the roots through to the mid-length straight and then used the brush to just slightly curl the ends up and use the natural curl in the hair to create this creative styling.

Long Bowl

Long Bowl #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


The longer your bowl cut is, the more thickness and shine it can show off. Unlike many long haircuts for men, this easy-going, pop star-like idea preserves the basic size of the cut, adding more length at the back area and leaving the sides and fringe curl inwards.


Ragged Top

Ragged Haircut #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


How about a ragged hair on top? This design is suitable for guys with thin hair, as it adds volume to the roots.

Styling Tip: This time it can be more diverse, textured, and fun: just opt for its bowl cut hair version that looks like unintended undercut styled with soft salt sprays.

Asian Bowl Cut

Asian Bowl Cut #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


Asian bowl cut, as well as Korean bowl cut, comes out very dapper and defined. Thanks to the thick and coarse hair texture, the cut doesn’t require any effort to shape and style it. Besides, you can opt for any type of fade or undercut on the sides without sacrificing on density.

Layered Bowl Cut

Layered Bowl Cut #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


There’s no better way to enhance the natural texture of your hair, adding more volume to it than going for layers. Layered haircuts, whatever they are, give a wearer a bit messy, yet sharp and distinctive looks, which will be a good complement for bowl cuts.


Curtained Bangs

Curtained Bangs #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


So that there are no doubts that you’re flaunting a mannish, not a boyish hairstyle, pair your bowl cut with one of the most apparent signs of maturity – middle parting. A curtain bangs are right what you’re looking for in your EBoy Haircut. Educator Sid Sottung recommends using styling products to get a similar effect:

Nature centre parting – Our style is based on effortless finishing . Even though we used grooming cream mixed with conditioner for the final finish , we didn’t want a heavily done up look. Natural styling is art as itself which takes many years to master .

Spiky Bowl

Spiky Bowl #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


Spiky hairstyles will arguably never come out of fashion. Why don’t you try them on your bowl cut? The size and intensity of spikes are fully up to you.

Cropped Fringe

Cropped Fringe #bowlcut #bowlcutmen #bowlhaircut


As with a bowl cut the fringe is what really makes a difference, play around with it. Say, crop it a bit unevenly and partner with a scruffy beard.


90s Bowl Cut

90s Bowl Cut #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


Even if you have not seen the movie Dumb and Dumber, there is a big chance that you know what Jim Carrey character’s hairstyle looks likes. This piecey fringe and a blunt bowl cut give an unforgettable impression. If you are sure that along with a hairstyle you will not get his intelligence, then why not try 90s hairstyles men out?

Flipped Ends

Flipped Ends #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


If your curly hair is rebelling, leave it alone. Slight carelessness and flipped ends will give the haircut a casual look.

Boys Bowl Cut

Boys Bowl Cut #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


A bowlcut haircut is a very popular option for boys and not for nothing. While it does not require much maintenance, it still allows you to show off your kid’s hair texture. What is more, a bowl cut does not get in the way when he is playing or running, so he will love its practical side too.


Mushroom Haircut Mullet

Mushroom Haircut Mullet #bowlcut #bowlcuts #bowlcutmen


Have you ever thought of combining a bowl.cut with other popular mens haircuts? If not, we have an awesome suggestion for you. A bowl cut men mullet is a hair look that will make you instantly stand out in the crowd. When examining it carefully, you may realize that they were meant to be paired together, says Robert-Jan Rietveld:

I’ve always been a sucker for bowl cuts and heavy fringes, they’re both a technical challenge as well as a weird esthetic, especially on the guys… The Beatles, The Ramones, The Stones, Iggy Pop just to name a few.

Old School

Old School #bowlcut #bowlhaircut #bowlcutmen #bowlcuts


To take mushroom cut hair to another level of boldness, switch it to long bull cut hair with a blunt bang. This is a great way to go for anyone who prefers to keep the focus on their eyes and cheekbones. Styling wise, it is better if the locks are smooth and silky.

Caesar Inspired Bowl Cut

Caesar Inspired Bowl Cut #bowlcut #bowlcutmen #bowlhaircut


Combining two popular haircuts is always a win-win decision! For example, the longer and a bit choppier fringe of a Caesar cut works amazingly with the bowl cut silhouette. If a Caesar haircut doesn’t suit your facial features, it can be any layered fringe haircut that can do the framing.


Asymmetrical Bowl Hair

Asymmetrical Bowl Hair #bowlcut #bowlcuts #bowlcutmen


There may be more than a bit of asymmetry. Ask the barber to cut the top in uneven layers and emphasize it with a comb over hairstyle. A circle goatee is an awesome accompaniment to such a look.

Clipper Cut

Undercut Bowl Cut With Layers #bowlcut #bowlcuts #bowlcutmen


To pull off a clipper bowl haircut, it needs to meet two conditions. First, the top should be textured. And second, the sides and back should feature an undercut haircut. So, feel free to add layers to your bowl, while getting the rest of the hair trimmed short.

How To Get The Bowl Cut

While the bowl cut in itself is fairly simple, it’s always best to leave haircutting to the professionals. The last thing you want or need is a bowl haircut gone bad. Book a trip to your barber or stylist and consider the following variations of a bowl.

  • Undercut. Undercuts are back in fashion and work well with a bowl cut. An undercut means the back and sides of the hair will be cut close to the scalp, while the length on top remains. You can think of this as a modern skater haircut, except with a bowl- the frontal area of your style will be cut straight across.
  • Blunt bowl cut. If you want a standard classic bowl cut, you’ll need start with some length all over. If you’re ready to ditch the man bun trend but still want to keep some inches, ask your hairdresser to create a uniform shape all the way around.


How To Style Your New Bowl Cut

Just because the bowl is simple, doesn’t mean you’ll be at a loss of styling options. In fact, you can get as creative as you want when styling your new bowl hair. For starters, consider some color or highlights to add dimension to this basic style.

Next, stock up on hair products that work well with your hair type and provide some hold. Pastes, clays and sea salt sprays can take your bowl to new heights. There’s no wrong way to style a bowl cut. So long as you’re ready to rock something new, there’s plenty of workable styling products that can sculpt and shape your trendy bowl ‘do.

For tidy looks

Gents who seek neatness will need to provide themselves with a proper styling arsenal. First of all, a brush or comb is essential when blow drying your hair as it will help to create the needed shape. Also, don’t forget about hairspray: it will make the sleekness stay in place.

For textured, messy looks

To make your cut express your carefree nature, consider using salt sprays and clays. After washing and conditioning your hair, spritz the fringe or the whole mane with a spray or run your fingers through it with a clay, tousling up the hair. Set the messy finish with hairspray to rock it all day long.


What is bowl cut?

A bowl cut is a type of mens haircut where your hair in the front is cut so that it forms a blunt fringe, while the remaining locks are cut the same length as the hair in the front. Because of a striking resemblance to a mushroom’s cap, it is also often referred to as a mushroom cut.

When was the bowl cut popular?

Although a bowl cut is popular at the moment, it is not its first time trending. Its first appearance, which earned it a great deal of popularity, dates back to the 1980s.

Can a bowl cut look good?

Sure, it can. Unlike its predecessor, a modern bowl cut does not resemble a mushroom that much. It looks bold, edgy and stylish.

Are bowl cuts coming back?

You can be sure of that. Bowl cuts are making a huge comeback and it does not seem that they are going to disappear anytime soon.

How do I make my haircut look good in a bowl?

So that your bowl cut is on point, remember to follow some simple rules:
– Style it messy for an effortlessly cool look;
– Get a textured cut on top to enhance its definition and accentuate structure;
– Complement your bowl cut with a fade, taper or undercut, which will help you to achieve a trendier as well as cleaner look;
– Apply hair styling products with a shiny finish to add luster to your locks.

What does a bowl cut mean?

It owes its name to the medieval way of cutting your hair to get a bowl cut. They used to place a bowl on the head for guidance and chopped off all of the hair that would exceed the bowl rim.


  • A bowl cut, also known as a mushroom cut is a haircut where the hair is cut short on the sides and back and long on the top.. Source
  • A usually oddly looking, bowl-shaped haircut. Source