There’s no doubt that beard for face shape isn’t going to leave anytime soon. Thus, whether to grow it or not isn’t up for debate for a guy who tries to follow the current trends. However, not every beard will be flattering for you. Choosing the wrong beard styles can make all your endeavors totally wasted. To stop that from happening, we compiled the guide that will help you choose the suitable facial hair styles to be always on point.


    What Is My Face Shape?

    The first thing that you should know before choosing the right beard and mustache styles is what your face shape is. There are basically seven generally accepted face shapes. To find out yours, you need to measure your forehead (the distance between your eyebrow peaks), cheekbones (the distance between the highest areas under the outer corners of your eyes), jawline (double distance between your chin peak and the point under your ear where the jaw bends) and the length of your face (the distance between your chin peak and the hairline center).

    As soon as you get your measurements, find the biggest one and decide which profile it corresponds.

    Oval Face: Its length is bigger than the width of the cheekbones while the forehead exceeds the jawline. The jaw angle is curved, not edgy.

    Rectangle Face: Its length is bigger than other dimensions while the latter are equal.

    Triangular Face: The cheekbones are wider than the forehead but narrower than the jawline.

    Round Face: Cheekbones width equals the length of the face though both of them are bigger than the jawline and forehead, which are equal too. The jaw angle is gentle.

    Heart Face: The forehead is wider than the jawline and cheekbones while the chin is sharp.

    Square Face: All dimensions are more or less equal. The jaw angle is edgy.

    Diamond Face: The length of the face is the biggest dimension. The forehead is narrower than the cheekbones but wider than the jawline. The chin is sharp.


    How To Match The Facial Hair Style To My Face Shape?

    Now that you know your face shape, it’s time to pick the moustache and beards styles that suit it best.

    What Facial Hairstyle Matches An Oval Face Shape?

    Oval face shape is considered the most balanced. Because your face has both round and square traits, you can pull off almost all beard styles for men. However, instead of switching up various facial hair styles, it’s better to stick to one that’ll become your fashion statement look. Yet, for those who have an oval face short beard styles are often the best bet. As such, keep your cheeks clean shaven while leaving short scruff on the sides. And do not forget to define the neckline in your full beard.


    What Facial Hairstyle Matches A Rectangular Face Shape?

    As you already have quite a long face shape, there’s no need to make it any longer with the beard. Therefore, avoid any facial hair styles that make your chin pointy, elongated or triangular, such as a goatee, a Van Dyke beard, etc. The best beard styles for you will feature full hair on the cheeks and above them. This will widen your jaw, thus shifting focus from your face length and taking your chiseled features to the center of attention.

    What Facial Hairstyle Matches A Triangular Face Shape?

    A triangular face shape is basically a reverse heart face shape. So, to keep it simple, you can benefit from all facial hair styles that guys with heart shaped faces should steer clear of. Yet, you should still keep in mind several essential tips. With triangular face shapes men will want to keep the focus away from their pronounced chin. The best beard for such a profile is a combination of a mustache and light scruff, also known as a beardstache. Moreover, you can employ longer sideburns to avoid the added width of the jawline.


    What Facial Hairstyle Matches A Round Face Shape?

    For round types of faces, it’s crucial not to exaggerate your initial form. For this reason, go for beards that are triangular in shape, such as a goatee or circle beard with the light scruff of facial hair on your cheeks. If you have a round face short beard styles like soul patch or chin strap beard can suit you pretty well too. You should just combine them with those elongated on the chin and you are good to go.

    What Facial Hairstyle Matches A Heart Face Shape?

    Guys with a heart face shape should compare all the pros and cons of what concerns beard vs no beard. Because your face already seems smaller, there’s a risk that a beard will only make the situation worse. Therefore, go for something shorter on the cheeks and longer on the chin, including a mustache. There is no need to reinvent the wheel though. If you are looking for a masculine yet low maintenance facial hair style, consider a designer stubble paired with mutton chops and a long chin beard.

    What Facial Hairstyle Matches A Square Face Shape?

    Guys with square faces usually have jawlines extremely enviable by other men. They are strong, virile and manly. However, this does not mean that any facial hair style will suit you equally well. Because a square face type is already wide, don’t make it even wider with your beard. So, refrain from the facial hair styles with sharp edges opting for round or triangular beards instead. A goatee is a perfect solution in your case, as it will balance out your broad jawline.


    What Facial Hairstyle Matches A Diamond Face Shape?

    For a diamond type, you want to balance out your narrow chin. Thus, turn your eyes to the beard styles that are wider around the jaw angle and cheeks. As for a mustache, it’s better to either get along without them or at least, keep them at minimum. On the contrary, with a pointy beard diamond face will look more elongated and disproportioned. To avoid this, you should refrain from any facial hair styles that will exaggerate the shape of your face.

    As you can tell, there’s no universal haircut for face shapes existing. Beards can improve your whole look as successfully as completely ruin it. However, when you have such an ultimate guide as ours, there’s no chance for mistake.


    What face shape suits a beard?

    There are arguably perfect beard shapes for every face. You just need to pick out the one that helps you to enhance the features you want to accentuate while disguising any potential flaws. As such, for an oval face beards of any style work perfectly. Facial hair for a round face should make it visually longer. Guys with square and heart shaped faces benefit from chin straps and full beards. Oblong and triangular faces look better when the weight from the jawline is shifted upward.

    Can a beard change your face shape?

    In short, yes. The beard can absolutely change the shape of your face. It can make it appear longer and narrower or shorter and wider depending on the desired effect. After all, this is what facial hair shaping is all about.

    Does a beard look good with a thin face?

    If you have a thin face, a beard that has more volume on the sides turns out especially good on it, like mutton chops and whiskers. You may want to avoid any facial hair style that will make your face look thinner and more elongated, such as a goatee or a soul patch.

    Do beards make you look hotter?

    Many women find men with a shaped beard more attractive than those with clean shaven faces, as they look more masculine and robust to them. But this is provided you take care of it properly, keeping your facial hair clean and neat. Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite effect and rather than hotter, it will make you look scruffy and unkempt.