The abundance of modern haircut designs clearly shows that having a traditional hairstyle is no longer enough to keep in pace with current fashion trends. You can customize your personal cool hair designs to stand out from the crowd and show off your exquisite sense of taste.


Photo Collection Of Haircut Designs #haircutdesign #haircutdesigns #undercutdesign #hairdesign


These hair tatto designs are highly versatile. They can be adjusted to basically any shape of a head, type and length of hair and almost any ambiance. Moreover, there are many hair designs for boys as well as adult men, which makes haircuts for men age-appropriate for anybody.

Back Faded Design

Back Design #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


As shaved head designs are all the rage now, barbers all around the world opt for the most creative haircut tattoo designs to make their clients look stylish and individual.


Haircut Lines Designs

Haircut Lines Designs #haircutdesign #haircutdesigns #undercutdesign


What’s better than one straight line? Two! The head can be given an elaborate or simple design depending on your preference. This haircut from Braid Barbers is simple but stylish as the creators describe:

Skin fade textured crop with simple but effective hair design.

Three Lines For Curly Hair

3 Line Design #haircutdesign #haircutdesigns #undercutdesign


If you want to go all out, try drawing a portrait of yourself with hair like artistically-inclined athlete/rock star etc., but if subtlety is more up your street there are lots of other options available including designs featuring just thin lines across the forehead which add extra detailing without taking away from any features look sharp enough alone yet still cohesive as part of the design.


Rounded Line

Surgical Line #haircutdesign #haircutdesigns #undercutdesign


It’s utterly crucial for them though to be skilled enough and have a sturdy hand to recreate the desired design with the utmost precision.

Drop Fade Design

Fade Haircuts With Design #haircutdesign #haircutdesigns #undercutdesign


These barber works by Babylis ambassador Carlos Estrella are a prime example of modern day’s haircuts. The new techniques used by this stylist give guys something to look forward to on Saturday mornings, such as the haircut they get at their local salon and how it will make them feel fresh after playing all weekend long!


Honeycomb Tattoo Art

Undercut Fade Honeycomb #haircutdesign #haircutdesigns #undercutdesign


However, no matter how talented and experienced your barber is, they can’t read your mind. If you aren’t able to explain the back and side shave designs you want, there’s a big chance you won’t get simple hairstyle design.

Cross Design

Cross on Back #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


So that it won’t happen, we’ve compiled a gallery of the best haircut line designs for men.

Pro Tip: To pick out the style show the photo to your barber.

Zig Zag On Pink Hair

Zig Zag #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


To pull off haircut designs, you do not have to go for an all-out style. Instead, you can turn to a more low-key version and opt for an undercut design, which features shortly trimmed sides with the pattern and long hair on top styled in whatever way you like.

Geometric Fade

Geometric Fade #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


To draw some inspiration on the most creative and stylish undercut designs, check out the ideas we carefully selected for you. See the best ideas for men hair tattoo and select the style that speaks to you.


Smile Tattoo

Smile Tattoo #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


These styles have become popular not only among adult men who want an edgy yet clean cut appearance without going into full-on testosterone mode or sacrificing style points for younger generations.

Faded Abstraction

Faded Abstraction #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


Today, more and more haircut designs can be spotted on fashion-savvy men. They have no limits when it comes to hair type and head shape.

Colored Heart

Colored Heart #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


This bright style certainly attracts the attention of everyone around.

Pro Tip: Before you make a design like this, decide whether you are ready for endless attention.


Light Night Hair Design For Men

Lightnight #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


High fade with back design is a great way to make something not annoying.

Tracery For Curly Hair

Tracery On Curly Hair #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


If you have curly hair, this is not a reason to refuse the design. Use the example of barber Ryan Cullen or screenshot of other works.

Ornament Hair Tattoo

Ornament Hair Tattoo #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


An unusual tattoo option, right?

Pro Tip: When doing this kind of work, remember that it will only look good for the first week. Once the hair begins to grow back, the design will lose its initial appeal.


Double Lines High Fade

Double Lines High Fade #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


Before you decide on a hair design, carefully study the barber’s work on his Instagram page. Or check with your barber to see if he can do exactly what you want.

Artistic Mullet

Artistic Mullet #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


A modern mullet is no reason to go past the cut lines. Add some edge and uniqueness to your haircut.

Pro Tip: Original coloring will also make your hairstyle attractive to the gazes of those around you. But in everyday life, this color requires special care and quickly loses its brightness.

Surgical Lines

Surgical Lines #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


Lines designs are one of the simplest and most stylish options. Laconicism gives them a special chic.

Styling Tip: Make sure your haircut is well styled. Use hair wax to tousle the hair on the top of your head.


Side Part Tper Fade With Lines

Side Part Fade With Lines #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


A classic taper haircut is not a reason to give up awesome designs on the sides.

Rounded Line For Afro Hair

Rounded Line For Afro Hair #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


If you have African hair, there are many options designed specifically for it. If you have African hair, there are many options designed specifically for it. Look at this simple work by barbe and educator Frank Soto – how harmoniously it fits into the 360 waves short haircut.

Faux Hawk Fade

Rounded Fade #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


Robert-Jan Rietveld is a true master of unusual designs and cosplays. If you want to be inspired by a unique vibe, be sure to visit his Instagram page.


Undercut Design For Long Hair

Undercut Design For Long Hair #haircutdesign #haircutdesigns #undercutdesign


In this look, we have shaved in a fade on top of our disconnected long hair on top. The barber did it by shaving only one side for that groomed yet natural feel!

Long Hair Undercut Design

Undercut Curly Hair #haircutdesign #haircutdesigns #undercutdesign #hairdesign

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

The beauty of long hair is that you can hide any undercut under it. And if you want, collect your hair and show the world your lines.

Quotes Inspired Hair Design For Men

Quotes Inspired Hair Design For Men #haircutdesigns #haircutdesign #hairdesign #undercutdesign


They allow you to express your creativity provided that you can explain to your barber how you see it and they can perform such hair cut designs. If you lack ideas, you can always draw some inspiration from our gallery of the best modern shaved hair design.



What is a hair design for men?

If your hair is short, you may feel a bit limited in terms of styling options. And that is when a men haircut design comes into play. This is an easy yet effective way to elevate your plain and casual hairstyle. Besides, there are so many of them that anyone will find a look to their taste, from a simple haircut design to intricate hair lines.

Are hair designs in style?

There is no doubt that a men hair desing is in style. This is one of those mens haircuts that never go out of it in the first place. For haircuts lines designs allow you to create a personalized look. You can customize a pattern that would be one of a kind. Not only does this bold and edgy haircut guarantee you a place in the spotlight but it also defines you as a confident and stylish man.

How to ask for a hair design?

While some mens haircuts do not require any particular instructions, this is not the case for shaved hair designs. In addition to describing the desired look to your barber, try to show them some pictures with examples. Also, it pays to know how much it is going to cost you and if the barber can actually deliver such a look.