How To Choose Mens Wigs That Don't Make You Look Like A Clown

Learn To Choose Mens Wigs Without Hassle

Mens wigs aren’t only embellishment to your overall style. They add to your confidence and comfort if you’re experiencing noticeable hair loss either because of aging or due to some medical treatment. Though, choosing a wig can be a really challenging task, especially if you’re doing this for the first time. Save yourself a great deal of time, nerves and money with our comprehensives guide to choosing a men’s wig.

Select A Wig

Even though the process of buying mens wigs isn’t as enjoyable as we’d like it to be, with the right approach, it becomes much less of a problem. So, here’s what you should decide on before going shopping for a wig.

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Decide On The Price, Material And Cap

What you should regard first when choosing mens wigs are the material and price range. These two factors directly affect one another. Real hair is pricier than the synthetic fibers, thus if you’re looking for a short-term option, it may be reasonable to opt for a wig with artificial hair. In case you’re considering something more long-term and naturally-looking, stick to the wigs made of genuine hair. You can strike a happy medium though by going for a synthetic wig with incorporated genuine mens hair pieces. Also, you may want to find a wig with a lace cap in the front, as it sits more naturally than those with a rugged hair seam.

Adjust To Your Lifestyle

Consider the time you can allow for maintenance and styling of the wig. Remember that sometimes it’s better to go with a less elaborate hairstyle than make it in a slipshod way.

Finding The Wig That Fits

Now that you decided what mens wig to look for, it’s time for a try-on.

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Visit A Wig Store

Even if you prefer online shopping, it’s a good idea to find the nearest store that has a wide selection of men wigs. This won’t let you buy a pig in a poke. Once you’ve found the one that flatters you in all respects, compare the price with an online store and go with the cheapest option.

Find Out Your Head Size

A wig is pretty much an item of closing. Thus, it’s important to find your right size, so that it would sit perfectly. For this purpose, you can wrap a measuring tape around the head starting from the forehead and following the skull base.

Take Into Account Your Face Shape

Male wigs should both complement your personal style as well as flatter your appearance. Thus, the wig should enhance your face shape in the first place. If you have an oval face, go with layered and voluminous wigs for a fuller appearance. For a round face, opt for a side-parted short or medium hair. If your face is heart-shaped, choose a textured messy wig with bangs. A square face looks better with center-parted medium-length layered hair.

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Don’t Forget About Your Skin Tone

Besides the face shape, you should consider your skin tone. If you have warm skin, choose from copper-red, honey-blonde, chestnut-brown and ebony-brown shades. For cool skin tones, decide between raven-black, auburn-red, platinum-blond and ahy-brown hues of hair pieces for men.

Check If The Wig Feels Comfortable

A try-on is the main stage of the process of buying a men’s wig. So that it won’t irritate your scalp, ensure the wig fits snugly.

Use The Adjustable Band

If you don’t want your wig to move while you’re wearing it, opt for the one with an adjustable band.

Take Care Of Your Wig

If you want your men’s hairpieces stand in good stead, you should take care of them properly. Here’s what you should do.

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Beware Of Heat

Heat can damage your wig even while you’re cooking, as well as a blower, styler and curler, so don’t forget to protect your head from potential sources of danger.

Use A Mild Shampoo And Conditioner For A Natural Hair Wig

No matter of the material, every male wig requires regular cleaning. If you opted for a real hair wig, wash it with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

For Faux Hair Wig, Use A Synthetic Shampoo And Conditioner

A synthetic hair wig requires a shampoo and conditioner that are made especially for it. So, look for the word “synthetic” when choosing the products for wig washing.

Brush Your Wig Before You Put It

After washing, your wig may lose its shape a little. Therefore, don’t forget to brush it when it’s dry.

Choosing a wig may be not your favorite activity. Though, it can become much less stressful when you’ve prepared in advance. We really hope that our guide helped you to succeed in this business.