Wicks dreads started to rock the fashion world a few years ago. Over the past years, a cool wicks hairstyle was spotted on different artists, musicians, and world-known celebs. If you think about it for a while – there is no wonder why. The style is unique, attractive, and great-looking. Should you have been wondering whether you are fit to sport trending wicks hair and how to achieve the style, look after it – you have come to the right place. Besides, we have a great gallery of looks you can inspire from!


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What Are Wick Dreads?

Before proceeding with other intricate details concerning wick dreads, you must know what the style actually is. Florida wicks, also known as globs and bonks, are incredibly thick locs. An average style can include as many as 4 to 10 wicks. The quantity deepens upon your personal likes and preferences. One of the most outstanding features of dread wicks is the variety of styles you can pull off with them.

This dread style’s unique shape and appearance will make you stand out from the crowd. Besides, there are a few limitations of disadvantages of opting for the style. The creating process may seem a little challenging, but there are other methods that anyone can manage in the safety of their own homes.

How Dreadlocks Wicks Got Their Name?

Where Were They Derived?

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Wick Dreads Styles Inspiration: 7 Ways to Rock the Trend

The notion of Florida dreads is widely spread at present. However, not everyone is entirely aware of the style’s possibilities. Discover new horizons with these intricate wick dread styles!

High Bun Wicks Hair

The only downside of the hive wick hairstyle for men is that your hair should be at least 10 inches long to succeed with it. The style will keep things interesting while keeping your wicks locs out of your face. All it takes is to gather your dreads on the top of your head, twist them to form a beehive and secure them with a rubber band.

Bee Hive #wickshair #wicksdreads

Source: @chezeus via Instagram

Side Fade Cut Short Wick Dreads

Should you decide to implement Florida wicks dreads into your look, you must know that the style is anything but invasive and restrictive if you approach the matter correctly. One of the routes to take is to follow Kodak Black hair choices. The shorter style looks incredibly neat and is easy to look after. Besides, a neat fade will emphasize your style, defining the dreads and making your face stand out.

Side Fade Cut Short Wick Dreads #wickshair #wicksdreads

Source: @dynasty_barbers via Instagram


Pineapple Top Wicks Hair

Kodak black wicks aren’t the only option available. If you don’t feel like following in his footsteps, you may decide to grow your locks a little and secure them in a high pony. The style often resembles a pineapple and is utterly appealing to look at. While most Florida hairstyles are hair-friendly, you shouldn’t secure your pineapple too tightly so that you don’t pull on your stands and cause any discomfort.

Pineapple Top Styles #wickshair #wicksdreads

Source: @dynasty_barbers via Instagram

Let Loose Wicks Locks

The beauty of Afro freeform dreads lies in their versatility and freedom. You can be inspired by Kodak Black haircut but adorn the look with your innovations. Coloring your wicks in bright shades is one example to consider. Allowing them to fall in every direction is yet another. Can you imagine getting out of bed looking good? That is what wick dreads will bring into your life!

Let Loose Wicks Locks #wickshair #wicksdreads

Source: @dynasty_barbers via Instagram

Push Back Wick Locs

Care to create a clean-cut look without shaving your dreadlock wicks off? All it takes is to wrap a scarf around your forehead and push it slightly back a little. This may not look like a perfect Kodak Black hairstyle, but it bears the charm that some strict dress codes beg for. No official accession will fear you now!

Push Back Wick Locs #wickshair #wicksdreads

Source: @dynasty_barbers via Instagram


Up and Down Wick Dreadlocks

It is amazing how universal and different hair wicks can be. Want to step away from trending Kodak Black dreads? Not a problem! Divide your hair into two sections and secure the top one in a pony. Let the rest hang loose. Such a casual style will keep the locs out of your face and create an elegant/stylish appearance.

Up and Down Wick Dreadlocks #wickshair #wicksdreads

High Pony Wicks Hair

While fade wicks dreads suit those with busy lifestyles, you may trot down a more relaxed and carefree path. If that is the case and you manage to grow your dreads longer than shoulder-length, you can surely add the high pony dreads wicks hairstyle to your list. The style is effortless yet incredibly attractive.

High Pony #wickshair #wicksdreads

Source: @chezeus via Instagram

How To Do Wicks Hairstyle?

Since denying the potent appeal of Florida dreadlocks is nearly impossible now, you may want to learn how to achieve the hairstyle. Whether these are long wick dreads or short ones, there is more than one way to succeed with those.

Crochet method

One of the most popular ways to create wicks is to build them up gradually. It takes a crochet needle and some skill to replicate the method. Despite the effort involved, you will end up with neat and elegant dreads as a sequence. You may want to find the professional for the best outcome.

Freeform method

In case you don’t care about how fast you achieve the look and there is no dedicated wicks expert in the area, then freeform wicks are there for you. To succeed with style, you should let your hair lock into dreads on its own. You can separate the sections as they form according to your needs and preferences. However, you should realize that it will take a few months to achieve the look, and it may not be as neat as the crocheted locs.

Rubber band method

If you require an in-between option – the rubber band method is your best bet. The core of the routine lies in the fact that you section your hair and secure each with rubber bands throughout the length. Over time you can take the bands off and enjoy your wicks dreads.


Key Features of Wick Hair

Should you be willing to figure out what sets wicks dreadlocks apart from the rest, there are a few points you must consider:

  • Wicks are thicker and pointier than other locks.
  • Whether long or short wick dreads – the ends are always smooth and round.
  • Wicks form a single piece from roots to ends.

Key Features of Wick Dreads #wickshair #wicksdreads

Source: @dexterdapper via Instagram

How to Maintain Wick Dreads?

Considering the versatility of wicks dreads styles and their popularity, you must know how to look after them. It is true that wick dreadlocks require special care when it comes to washing, sleeping, and drying. Yet, if you follow the mentioned maintenance tips, you will deal with the task effortlessly.

  •  Use a residue-free shampoo.
  •  Pay attention to the roots as well as the locs.
  • Wash your dreads at least once a fortnight.
  •  Don’t let the excessive residue build-up, or it will lead to hair loss.
  •  Moisturize your scalp well.
  •  Use a gentle conditioner after washing your dreads.
  •  Put on a scarf or silk cloth when you go to sleep.
  •  Towel-dry or blow-dry the locks after you wash them.
  •  Use rosewater for hair growth.
  •  Wash your wick in warm water and rinse them with cool water.

How to Maintain Wick Dreads? #wickshair #wicksdreads

Source: @cool_cutz via Instagram

Are Dreads Wicks Hairstyle Right for You?

How do you know if wicks locks will suit you? The answer is quite simple – wick locks are universal. They can help you express yourself, your culture, and your style preferences. If you want to boost your confidence and stand out from the crowd, you should adopt Florida wick dreads without fear.

Are Dreads Wicks Hairstyle Right for You? #wickshair #wicksdreads

Source: @iisakkinummi via Instagram


FAQs: Wicks Hair

What do Wicks mean hair?

Wicks, bonks, or globs are Florida hairstyles that a prevailing part of the African-American population prefers. The style is of Afro-Haitian descent and is immensely spread among hip-hop culture representatives.

What are wicks in dreads?

Wicks dreads are the thickest dreads in the industry. Due to their thickness, some styles require as few as 4 dreads to cover the head. Its name derives from a candle wick which it resembles of.

What is the difference between Wicks and dreads?

When comparing wicks to dreads, the main difference lies in their size. Regular dreads are smaller. While wicks are straight and upright-looking, dreads have a rope-like look. Lastly, wicks are created through crocheting and rubber band application, and dreads require as little as some skilled palm rolling or comb coils.

How do you sleep with wick hair style?

To ensure that your wicks remain great-looking, it is advised to cover them with a silk scarf before you go to sleep.