Coco Dollanganger

Nobody was caught by surprise when Coco Dollanganger became interested in the fashion industry. When you are a namesake of a fashion diva, this ought to affect you in some way. Being an arts graduate, she has managed to perfect her speaking and writing skills. This resulted in her being an active participant in many beauty and art-related events. Yet, she did not stop there. Coco’s urge to share her experience with a wide audience has brought her to us. And now we have a privilege to absorb her knowledge through her informed articles.

How To Follow KPop Trends With A Two Block Haircut

The two block haircut has become very popular far beyond KPop fashion, where it’s from. Check out our ultimate collection of the fanciest two block cuts. There’s a good reason why a two block haircut has become so popular. The bazillion of styling options it offers in addition to low maintenance makes it a highly versatile yet effortless men hairstyle. It can be custom designed to fit any ambiance and occasion, easily transforming from casual to dressy and back. You can find the best two block cut ideas in our exquisite collection.