Comb Over Fade Haircuts Guide - Not What You Think

Exploring The Comb Over Fade

A comb over fade is one of the hottest trending hairstyles for men in the industry today. This is somewhat due to the Hollywood hotties sporting the sexy style and also due to the fact that it is a cool, simple to maintain style. Originally comb over haircut was used for balding men, in order to visually hide the lack of hair on the top. The hair from the sides or the back of the head was combed forward, creating the illusion of abundant hair. Due to this “combing” the hair was involuntarily divided by the side parting. For today, the comb over the haircut has lost its original meaning.

So, what is a comb over fade? Fade technology refers to the back of the head and sides. The fade goes from razor short or even bald to the desired length on top. The hair on the top, in turn, has a side parting and as it shared by this parting into two zones.

Now let’s explore trendy and cool haircuts for men!

The Best Fade Variations

There are several variations of the fade haircut, and the best part is that these cuts don’t require the use of scissors. These types of cuts are created with the use of clippers with various guards and, on occasion, a razor is used. Three of the main types of fades: are the skin, high and low fade, etc. About some of them, you can read below.

Skin Fade

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Skin fade will generally start with a zero blade. It can look a little harsh for a few days but also longer than a tapered or longer fade. Also referred to as a short and tight style, it originated from the military and has since evolved into the variations you see today. A bald fade comb over is ideal for someone who has a round face shape. However, in some cases, to prevent one from looking disproportional. The comb over simply defines the style of the hair that is left on top.

High Fade

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This photo is a great example of a high fade comb over. The hair on the sides and back is shaven to the scalp very high up the head. Just below the length, you will notice some fade to blend the cut more subtly. This cut is also known as a high top fade due to the excessive length left on top. The bouffant look is achieved with the long hair styled high, making this style a little more labor intensive to acquire. The high fade haircut is very popular and originated and then evolved from the military style cuts.

Mid Fade

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The mid fade is exactly what its title infers. It is not high toward the crown of the head, nor is it low toward the hairline. It falls in the middle of the hair. The mid fade haircut is more about the style of the length on top while maintaining a short tight length along the sides and back. Mid fade comb over suitable for men who don’t like to experiment and stay true to the classics.

Low Fade

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If you have a longer style on top and you want to maintain some length or volume on the sides and back, then ask your barber for a low fade haircut. Low fade comb over will make the look seem fresh without having to go too short back and sides. This style can sometimes make your head look a bit more triangular, so make sure it suits your face shape.

The Best Comb Over Fade Variations For The Top

The first thing before to go to a barber, understands how the cut and fade combo will work with your face shape. Check out this variations of top of the head for the comb over fade haircut.

The Side Part Hairstyle With Comb Over Fade

A breakthrough in the styling scene that isn’t really new at all is the side part fade. There are several variations of the side part hairstyles men choose on a regular basis. And it’s really important to maintain the part. Also, with a men’s side part, you want to assure that you maintain a clean look at the part. This is the focal point of the fade from the part downwards.

Slick Back

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One more popular men’s style is the slick back hair that can be more difficult to achieve at longer lengths than at shorter ones. It is vitally important that you assure that you have a strong hairline in order to properly wear this style. A thinning hairline will almost certainly be a hairstyle tragedy if you attempt to pull off this style. The slick back fade is a classic cut that gives the face a square appearance. The slick back haircut is very close to a side part but works best for longer top hair lengths.

Pompadour Comb Over Fade Combo

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The next style that works well for long hair on top is a pompadour fade. The pompadour hairstyle is a style that is blown back. Pompadour hair became notoriously famous in the 90’s and the time has not left the hearts of stylish and extravagant men.

Faux Hawk

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If you’re looking for a style that is more out there on the jagged edge, then the faux hawk fade may be the cut you desire. This edgy look has become famous in many cultures. Even business executives have chosen this version of look to appeal to a wider market of clientele. They do tend to lean more toward the short faux hawk version more so than the longer grungier version. This version of cut is acceptable to a broad range of men from all walks of life.

Wavy Top

If you think just because of your hair type you are excluded from being able to obtain a specific kind of cut, you’d be surprised at a wide variety of wavy hairstyles for men that are both easy and attractive. The trick to obtaining the perfect cut is having a stylist or barber who is familiar with your hair type and the wide variety of hairstyles for men with wavy hair.

Curly Top With Comb Over Fade

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There are even fade comb overs that work for curly hairstyles for men. Men who have curly hair often keep it buzzed short, feeling that may be the only option to keep their curls tamed. But this example has become one of curly hairstyles men love. There is a wide variety of hairstyles for curly hair men. But it is great to know that chopping all of your locks off is no longer the only option that you have.

Sponge Afro Curls

Achieving an edgy hairstyle for shor curly afro hair is a fairly simple process. It simply requires applying hair product to your fingertips and twisting it into the hair. There are tons of various afro hairstyles for men that will meet the expectations of almost all men, whether you prefer a neat and tight style or tend to be more daring.

There are hairstyles to literally every taste and type of individual. Oftentimes, the same haircut can look totally different on two separate people. The key to being satisfied with your haircut is to find the cut and style that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Best Ideas For Comb Over Fade Haircut

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Being one of the greatest men’s hairstyles, the comb over haircut with a fade transforms a traditional side part hairdo into a modern and stylish fade haircut. Run through our ultimate compilation of the best ideas for the comb over fade and choose the one that flatters you most.

Short Comb Over With Side Part

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The first good thing about this low fade haircut is that it can be easily maintained because it doesn’t require much time for the daily upkeep. The only thing that you need to do is ensure that your fades haircuts remain of the right length, the front hair is styled spiky and the top hair is combed over to one side. To perfect the look, apply a generous amount of hair styling product, like a gel or pomade, to the top.

Blonde Sleek Comb Back

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The fade comb over looks perfect on the blonde hair men. In case, you’re not blond by nature, you can always resort to dyeing your locks. As for the cut itself, ask your barber for a high skin fade on the sides. On the top, keep it a bit longer to create a contrast and brush it all straight back.

Creative Longer Comb Over

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If you’d like to try different hairstyles, opt for this more formal and defined short sides long top look. To style the top hair, use a blow-wave or a hot iron. The pomp has to be long enough to sweep it to the side swept. For an added touch, make the hair fall over the forehead.

Spiky Top


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Looking for some funky men’s haircuts? Try out this spiky top hairstyle with a medium skin fade. The hair on top should be brushed up with the help of a styling product, such as a hair gel or pomade. Scoop a generous amount of the product onto your finger, rub it into your fingers and palms and run them through the top section of hair from back to front, thus creating a spiky finish through the edges.

Brushed Back Comb Over


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This variation of long hair fade is perfect for both, a formal occasion and a night out. It can be harnessed by all age groups, from young boys to respectful gentlemen. Another advantage of this true gem of mens hairstyles is that it’s very low-maintained. To nail the look, you need to trim your sides and brush them to the back a bit. As for the top, curl it to the back a little so that you could run through it with your fingers for added texture. As an extra complementing element, you can style the haircut with a short beard or blonde highlights.

Razor Fade


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Everything is perfect in this side part fade with a short comb over. The rounded off back, the razor cut side part, the gradual fade and the slicked to the side hair create the look worth a million dollars.

Hard Parting


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The hard part fade is made for virile and robust guys. The part is curved with the help of a razor and creates the impression of the skin fade undercut. Interestingly, the other side is styled with a tidy quiff, which gives the look much volume. The sides join together at the nape, creating a V-shape.

Long Curls And Undercut

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For curly hair men who want to show off their locks but still strive for looking neat, the skin faded undercut is the perfect option. On the one side, you use clippers to give it a gradual fade, while on the other, you leave the hair quite long.

Tapered Men’s Comb Over Haircut

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We’re almost sure you’ve already heard about such a men’s hair masterpiece as a short pompadour. Being greatly popularized by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley, it has come into our lives to stay. It’s a very easy-manageable high fade haircut as after you’ve brushed back the top of the hair, you can use your hand to sweep it back again without destroying the hairdo.

Straight Pomp Hair


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We’re almost sure you’ve already heard about such a men’s hair masterpiece as a short pompadour. Being greatly popularized by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley, it has come into our lives to stay. It’s a very easy-manageable high fade haircut as after you’ve brushed back the top of the hair, you can use your hand to sweep it back again without destroying the hairdo.

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