If you feel like you have already seen this hair color style, this is because you actually have. Frosted tips were one of the hottest hair trends of the 90s. And since this epoch made the most impact on the world of beauty, some, if not all, of its trends often make a comeback. And frost tips are no exception. Of course, they have come through some modifications to be in line with modern fashion. No matter what were the reasons why you missed it last time, and even if you did not, it is time you hop on the frosted tip wagon. And we will tell you everything you should know about it.


    What Are Frosted Tips?

    But what are frosted tips in the first place? Do you remember that Justin Timberlake bleached hair everyone seemed to be crazy about back in the day? Well, this is it. This is a technique of hair coloring where you only get the tips of your hair lightened. The tips look striking against the remaining hair and take the top of your head to the center of attention. As a result, it appears as if you have a full head of hair. The cost of hair frosting 2024 is different for every hair length and intensity of the base color. The 90s frosted tips were usually spiked up using a generous amount of hair spray or gel. A modern take on the style leans toward a natural look. So, you are free to fashion your frosted hair tips to your liking.

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    Modern Frost Tip Hairstyles

    As we mentioned above, your choice is not solely limited to Justin Timberlake frosted tips. There are many more frosted hair styles out there. And to give you some inspirational ideas for hair highlights for men, we have picked out the crème de la crème of them below.

    Short Frosted Hair Brushed Up

    Mens frosted tips come out bold and edgy. Yet, in case you want to take your men’s hairstyles to another level with an intricate twist, no one can stop you. Opt for an asymmetrical cut, which will definitely make you stand out in the crowd, especially when enhanced with frosted tips.

    Short Frosted Hair Brushed Up #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Asymmetrical Frosted Tips Men

    Mens frosted tips come out bold and edgy. Yet, in case you want to take your hairstyle to another level with an intricate twist, no one can stop you. Opt for an asymmetrical cut, which will definitely make you stand out in the crowd, especially when enhanced with frosted tips.

    Asymmetrical Frosted Tips Men #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Short Frosted Highlights With Undercut

    You can hardly surprise anyone with mens blonde highlights these days, as they have become quite a common thing. So as not to look like everyone else, you may want to upgrade them a little bit. The frosted tips 90s gave us are a cool way to bring a welcome change to men’s highlight hair. What is more, you do not need to have long tresses to pull it off. Just go for an undercut on the sides to create more contrast with the top and take it to the spotlight.

    Short Frosted Highlights With Undercut #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Bleach Hair Men Faux Hawk

    Those who do not find a faux hawk impactful enough anymore can benefit greatly from bleached tips. They allow you to accentuate your punkish top without much effort. Of course, you will need to update the color from time to time. But that is nothing compared to the intensity of the impression it is going to make.

    Bleach Hair Men Faux Hawk #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Brushed Up Blonde Ends

    With blonde tips male hair gains a ton of boldness. But to show it off, even more, you can style your locks brushed up. To nail the look, you only need a hair brush, a blow dryer, and a volumizing hair product. Optionally, you may want to secure everything with hairspray to ensure the hairstyle keeps up all day.

    Brushed Up Blonde Ends #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Frosted Tips Long Hair

    When you have long hair, the number of ways you can style it is almost endless. Side swept, tousled or simply effortlessly loose – everything looks good on you. And even though there is a claim that perfection is not attainable, when you get a long frosty tip hairstyle, you prove it wrong.

    Frosted Tips Long Hair #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Men’s Brown Hair With Blonde Tips

    As a rule of thumb, the darker your base hair color is, the more prominent the frosty tips look. As such, by frosting hair that is dark brown naturally, you can achieve a very eye-catching color style. As for frosted tips hair dye, we recommend choosing blonde or platinum for the ultimate result.

    Men's Brown Hair With Blonde Tips #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Silver Spikes High Fade

    Opting for blonde spiky hair, you are guaranteed to have all eyes on you. Yet, to pull off two hair trends at the same time, switch blonde tips to silver. And to make your head turning top the focal point of the look, complement your hairstyle with a high fade on the sides.

    Silver Spikes High Fade #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Undercut Thick Bleached Strands

    Guys with frosted tips can adjust the thickness of the streaks according to their preferences. If you are reluctant to spend a lot of time in the barber’s chair but still would like to add bleached strands to your hair look, then go for thick chunks painted in the undercut top.

    Undercut Thick Bleached Strands #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Frosted Blonde Hair With Side Part

    With a side part, you can make any hairstyle appear more defined and pronounced. Besides, it gives elegance and refinement to your hair look. Though, not to make it too formal or preppy, style the hair slightly disheveled and add blonde smudges to the tips.

    Frosted Blonde Hair With Side Part #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Short Sides Long Top With Highlights

    A short sides long top is still among the most popular men haircuts. It allows you to easily achieve a sharp and cutting-edge look thanks to a noticeable difference in length. Yet, because of its popularity, it can be seen on every other guy. So, if you want to give it a unique touch, get highlights painted in the hair on top.

    Short Sides Long Top With Highlights #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Undercut Spiky Faux Hawk

    You can get the faux hawk haircut in a wide variety of ways. Usually, the sides are simply trimmed short. But to give a trendy feel, consider a taper or a fade. And if you are a really fashion-savvy guy, go for an undercut haircut on the back and sides and spike up the highlighted top.

    Undercut Spiky Faux Hawk #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Brushed Up Medium Hair

    Medium length frosted hairstyles are a surefire way to go for guys who prefer to choose the golden mean. Thanks to their versatility, they can be styled to suit any ambiance. Looking for something universal? A mid length brushed up hairstyle with frosted tips men’s hair is your best bet.

    Brushed Up Medium Hair #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Silver Blonde Frosted Tips

    In case you cannot decide between blonde and silver hairstyle tips, get both. By incorporating two fashionable hair colors into one look, you have all chances to win the title of the true trendsetter in your area. Do not forget to apply a texturizing product as a finishing touch.

    Silver Blonde Frosted Tips #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    Bleached Ends Faded Sides Frosted Tips

    Bleached tips and a faded haircut are an awesome match, which you can never go wrong with. With faded frosted tips hair guys are bound to get noticed wherever they go. What fade type to choose is up to you. It can be a high fade or low, tapered or regular, bald or shadow or any combination of them.

    Bleached Ends Faded Sides #frostedtips #frosttips #highlights #menshighlights

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    With frosted tips, you are sure to keep up with fashion this season. And something tells us, this saucy hair color style is not going to leave anytime soon. And even if you are most likely to have plenty of time to enjoy it, we highly recommend getting your locks on trend as soon as possible. And our guide should help you with this.



    What does frost your tips mean?

    Frosting the tips means using a men hair coloring technique that suggests bleaching or dyeing the tips of your short hair blonde. Initially, it was styled spiked up. But there are many other styling options nowadays.

    Are frosted tips coming back?

    They sure are. Frosty tips are one of the long waited hair trends from the 90s that have made a comeback lately. There is a big chance that it is here to stay.

    When was frosted tips a thing?

    A frosted tip hair look was at the peak of its popularity from the end of the 90s to the beginning of the 2000s. Among the most famous people rocking the style were Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Mark McGrath, Zac Efron, Justin Berfield, Eddie Guerrero, Joe Jonas, Aaron Carter, Guy Fieri and Steven Bradbury.

    Who started the frosted tips trend?

    The frosted tip trend setter was Justin Timberlake. When the singer first appeared with a new hairstyle back in 1998, the world went crazy about it. Timberlake started the frosty tip trend with bleached streaks painted on the tips of his curls styled with a generous amount of gel.


    • Frosted tips refer to a men’s hairstyle in which the hair is cut short and formed into short spikes with hair gel or hair spray. Source