Although the Fu Manchu mustache is a signature facial hair style of a villain and criminal, you can give it a completely different vibe. So, if you have decided to complete your look with such a prominent whiskers style, what are you waiting for? Unless, of course, you do not know where to begin. In this case, you have come to the right place. Our guide covers everything you should know about Foo Man Choo Moustache.


What Is A Fu Manchu Moustache?

To start with, what is a Foo Man Chu mustache? This is a facial hair style that features hair growing over the upper lip through the mouth corners down your chin. It often goes past your jaw and finishes with a tendril on each side of your mouth. They are usually straight and tapered. Sometimes, it may also include a strip of chin hair in a manner of a goatee.

What Is A Fu Manchu Moustache? #fumanchu #fumanchumustache #fumanchubeard


As the FooManchew mustache was introduced into everyday facial hair fashion long ago, there are plenty of ways to pull off the style nowadays. To make things easier for you, we have put together the most popular Foo Man Choo mustache styles so you could just pick out the one that you feel like going for.

Fu Manchu Beard

As we mentioned above, apart from the mustache, there is also the Fu Manchu beard. This is one of the beard styles is basically a long tendril growing from the middle of your chin. It can be either the same length or longer than the whiskers themselves. To get the Fu Man Chu beard, every time you trim your face, you need to leave a strip of facial hair not only on the sides of your mouth but also below your bottom lip.

Fu Manchu Beard #fumanchu #fumanchumustache #fumanchubeard


Dali Fu Manchu

While the Fu Machu staches may seem rather limited in styling, this is not always the case. You can easily give your Fu Man Shu a touch of Dali’s flair by shaping them so that they are pointing upward instead of hanging down.

Dali Fu Manchu #fumanchu #fumanchumustache #fumanchubeard

Horseshoe Fu Manchu Mustache

Sometimes it seems that Hulk Hogan was born with his signature horseshoe Fu Manchu, as hardly anyone has seen the well known American wrestles and actor clean shaven. If you decide to recreate his legendary look, you will need to leave the facial hair above your top lip so that it almost overlaps it. And ideally, you want to bleach it to match the color as well.

Horseshoe Fu Manchu Mustache #fumanchu #fumanchumustache #fumanchubeard



Cossack Mustaches

Cossacks, a Slavic ethnic group, used to have their own take on the Manchu mustache. They would make it fuller and denser, almost covering their mouth and hanging way below their jaw line. The mustache was usually accompanied by a traditional Cossack hairstyle, oseledets.

Cossack Mustaches #fumanchu #fumanchumustache #fumanchubeard

Fu Manchu + Mutton Chops

The FooManchu stache can be successfully paired with other popular facial hair styles, such as mutton chops. To get a cool and unique look, connect the sideburns with the Chu Man Fu mustache through facial hair that is growing along your jaw line.

Fu Manchu + Mutton Chops #fumanchu #fumanchumustache #fumanchubeard

Vintage Style

Although the Fu Manchu mustache is already quite an old school facial hair style, you can still give it a vintage vibe by pairing it with sideburns and a suitable outfit. Also, try to grow a fuller and thicker mustache for a burlier look.

Vintage Style #fumanchu #fumanchumustache #fumanchubeard


Full And Whole

If you are not really into thin pointy tendrils but still want to try on the Man Chu staches, go for a full mustache style. To get it, you will need to be able to grow a bushy thick beard and then trim it to create the desired look. A full Man Chew usually comes out more rugged. So if you want to emphasize your masculinity, this is your sure bet.

Full And Whole #fumanchu #fumanchumustache #fumanchubeard

Fu With Connected Sideburns

Guys with sideburns can combine two cool styles in one by complementing their look with the Fu Manchu mustache. Join these two facial hair styles to create a solid look. It also works well for guys who wear a beard on a regular basis but want to upgrade it a bit.

Fu With Connected Sideburns #fumanchu #fumanchumustache #fumanchubeard


How To Grow A Fu Manchu Moustache

Now that you know what is the Fu Manchu and what styles there are, it also makes sense to discuss how to get one. So, here are some expert tips on how to grow a Fu Manchu mustache:

  1. While your mustache is growing out, you need to trim it a couple of times per week so that they look groomed. However, make sure to leave the tips intact.
  2. The remaining facial hair should be shaved off 3-4 times a week.
  3. With the help of a beard trimmer, keep the length and the shape of your mustache in check.
  4. You should disconnect the mustache from the rest of the facial hair to make its tips hang down.
  5. If you want the Fu Manchu style to look authentic, it should not be enhanced with the hair from your beard.


How To Style A Fu Manchu Moustache

When styling the Fu Manchu Chinese moustache, keep in mind these important points:

  1. Let your facial hair grow above your upper lip.
  2. It should also grow down framing your mouth from both sides.
  3. Everything that exceeds your mouth corners should be shaved off to ensure the tendrils are narrow.
  4. Divide the Fu Manchu whiskers with a parting and shape them so that they are pointed down.
  5. The tips can be styled in multiple different ways: braided, pointed down, trimmed at a chin length or left hanging freely.

How To Trim A Fu Manchu Moustache

For a good looking Foo Man Chu facial hair should be trimmed regularly. If you will not take care of it properly, you will look scruffy and sloppy in the end. So that it will not happen, follow these trimming tips:

  1. The excess hair, which is not included in the Manchu facial hair style, should be trimmed about 3-4 times per week.
  2. You should create an outline with defined corners above the top lip and upright tendrils on the mouth sides.
  3. Using scissors, adjust the length of your Fu Manchu whiskers to the one you feel most comfortable with.
  4. Scissor cut your mustaches 1-2 times monthly.

If you choose the Fu Manchu mustache as your go to facial hair style, you can never go unnoticed. It creates a very impactful and bold look that you will not confuse with any other. Hopefully, our guide has given you a solid idea of what Fu Manchu stache is and infused with a dose of inspo.


Why is it called a Fu Manchu mustache?

The Fu Manchu moustache was named after the fictional character Fu Manchu, a criminal genius that Sax Rohmer created. Though in the books, Fu Manchu did not have facial hair whereas the screen version of the novels featured mustached Fu Manchu.

Who has a Fu Manchu mustache?

One of the most devoted wearers of the Foo Man Chu mustache is Hulk Hogan, a professional American wrestler and actor. He has been rocking this iconic facial hair style since the beginning of his career, which was years ago.

How do you grow Fu Manchu mustache?

To get the Fumanchu mustache, first, you need to grow your facial hair. While it is growing, it may not come out as full and even as you want, so no worries. You will then need to trim almost all of it anyway. Just leave a strip of facial hair above the top lip and around the mouth. Continue to grow your mustache so it hangs down from your face at the corners. Finally, use a mustache wax to train your whiskers to keep the Fu Man Chu shape.


    • A Fu Manchu moustache is a full, straight moustache extending from under the nose past the corners of the mouth and growing downward past the clean-shaven lips and chin in two tapered “tendrils”, often extending past the jawline. Source