A mutton chops beard is a notion that is gaining extreme popularity these days. Even though the look is not entirely new, fresh options are appearing, and it is best if you are fully aware of them. Use this article as your helpful guide to keep up with the trends. A lot of useful information concerning mutton chops can be found here!


What Is A Mutton Chop Beard

To begin with, let us define what mutton chops beard is. The fact is that such a beard was a hot trend during the 19th century. The look defined people of the working class as well as the politicians. As time passes, bikers and rockers adopted the look. So that, such a beard is popular for about 100 years now. Yet, these days, there are new twists that add up to the signature look and make it stand out.

The classic mutton chops are the sideburns that are chopped along with the lower jawline and extend to the chin. Although it sounds like a piece of cake, you have to be extremely precise and skillful when you decide to grow such a beard out. Read on to learn more.

Now that you know what they look like, you may still be wondering why are mutton chops called mutton chops? The answer is pretty obvious though. This facial hair style reminds of a chunk of chopped mutton, especially if you have it done in the right way. As easy as it is. But, are mutton chops in style? Actually yes, they are. Although this is sometimes considered an old-fashioned style, mutton chops have a myriad of modern styling options. Thus, you can easily adjust this beard style to suit your personal taste and preferences.

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How To Grow Mutton Chops Beard

If you decide to grow mutton chop beard out, then you need to follow these steps precisely:

  • Grow out your beard for about a month (maybe less) without touching it.
  • Choose the best shaving option depending on the shape of your face.
  • Use some cream before you start shaving.
  • Comb your beard well so that it does not curl up.
  • Massage some essential oil in to prevent facial hair breakage.
  • If you wear a mustache, you need to make sure that the sideburns join them before you begin to trim.
  • Shave your chin off.
  • Shave your hair along the grains but keep your chin part absolutely clean.

How To Trim (Shave) Mutton Chops Beard

To tell you the truth there are two types of muttonchops beard. There is a regular mutton chops, and there is friendly mutton chops. The fact is that the regulars are the ones without chin hair or mustache while the friendly ones have a mustache.

The regular mutton chops are for those who wish to make a statement, but the friendly mutton chops are what you need to emphasize your jawline.


How To Trim (Shave) Regular Mutton Chops:

In case you decide to opt for regular mutton chops, here is how you can trim them:

How To Trim (Shave) Regular Mutton Chops #muttonchops #sideburns

  • Grow your beard out.
  • Comb it regularly.
  • Soften your facial hair with quality cream.
  • Shave your chin and neck, leave the mustache.
  • Gather your trimming supplies.
  • Create a slanting line by shaving the hair on both sides of your cheeks.
  • Leave about 1 ½ inch length of hair of the side burns.

How To Trim (Shave) Friendly Mutton Chops:

If you are searching for the ways to get some friendly mutton chops, we can help you out here too. Here is how you should trim your beard to achieve the goal:

How To Trim (Shave) Mutton Chops Beard #muttomchops #sideburns

  • Shave your neck and chin.
  • Let the mustache grow out.
  • Grow out your sideburns so that they reach your jawline and halfway to your chin.
  • Shave under the cheekbones.
  • Make sure that your mustache connects to the sideburns.
  • Trim the mustache to define it.


Mutton Chops Beard Styles

While some add the mutton chops to the list of funny beard styles, the beard variation gains tremendous popularity among edgy and masculine men. If you want to grow a stylish beard with a daring twist to it, mutton chops suit the goal perfectly. Keep in mind that there should be no connectives between the mustache and your chin once you decide to dedicate your look to the beard style.

Faded Lamb Chop Sideburns

Whether you call it a lamb chops hair or the pork chop sideburns, the style remains the same. A faded lamb chop is unexpectedly neat and attractive looking. So, you can even fit it into your business environment.

Modern Faded Lamb Chop Sideburns #muttonchops #sideburns

Modern Muttonchops With Beard

There are times when a biker look is not your cup of tea or not fully appropriate for what you do. In times like these, you should opt for the basic muttonchop beard style.

Modern Muttonchops With Beard  #muttonchops #sideburns


The Classic Beard Chops

Those of you who are looking for a truly classy mutton chops, then it is best if you pay the most attention to the sideburns, rather than to your beard. Leave the sideburns in the spotlight by accenting them with a simple beard.

The Classic Beard Chops #muttonchops #sideburns

Easy Stubble

The truth is that muttonchops are not that difficult to come up with. All you need to do is to grow your beard out a little and then shave the hair that covers your chin off. There you go – you have achieved an easy stubble look.

Easy Stubble #muttonchops #sideburns

Bushy Friendly Mutton Chops

Those of you who want to add some more squareness to your jawline should opt for a bushy mutton chops. This type of beard enhances your face shape greatly. You can also cut out the middle section to emphasize your mustache.

Bushy Friendly Mutton Chops #muttonchops #sideburns


Clean Muttonchops

If you want to resemble the strong character, then you should definitely pull off the appropriate version of mutton chops. To get there, you need to shave the mustache off as well as the portion of your chin hair. There you go!

Clean Muttonchops #muttonchops #sideburns


In order to succeed with a sleek look, you need an edgy version of mutton chops. That is why it is best if you shave off the goatee and then create a chop that starts thin and gradually increases as you move to your sideburns.

Boomerang #muttonchops #sideburns

Thin Sideburns

Not everyone can show off bold and bushy sideburn. If you belong to the category with thinner sideburns – worry not – there is a way to style them well too. Just keep your sideburns thin, as simple as that.

Thin Sideburns #muttonchops #sideburns


Fluffy Sideburns

In case you are looking for a way to grant the mutton chops a new twist, we may have an idea in mind. All you need to do is to make the chin wider and more exposed without any facial hair. Such a simple modification will take your look to the whole new level.

Fluffy Sideburns #muttonchops #sideburns

Disconnected Muttonchops

To achieve a country style look, all that is needed are the slightly overgrown mutton chops combined with a tousled hairstyle. As simple as that!

Disconnected Muttonchops  #muttonchops #sideburns

The Side Whiskers

Ultra trendy side whiskers are not that difficult to get if you are willing to wait long enough for your sideburns to grow right to the chin. When you achieve that, you need to make sure that the hair at the tip of the chin is shorter because the sides have to be separated.

The Side Whiskers #muttonchops #sideburns


Neat Chops Sideburns

If you are looking for a smart look, then you should opt for a flattering beard style. Neat mutton chops separated from the thin and long mustache will help you achieve the goal.

Neat Chops Sideburns  #muttonchops #sideburns

Wolverine Inspired Beard

A Hugh Jackman beard is one of the most prominent staples of sideburns. It has become the actor’s signature facial hair style for good reason. The middle part of the chin is razor-shaved in this style, while the sideburns are full and thick yet sharply-defined.

Wolverine Inspired Beard #muttonchops #sideburns

Mutton chops beard is a perfect way for you to express yourself. Use these outstanding ideas and tips to grow out a flawless and stylish beard with ease.


What Are Mutton Chops?

Do you still wonder what are mutton chops? They are a peculiar type of beard that has been popular throughout the ages and has made their way back into modern society. Elvis Presley, along with the Wolverine, are the forefathers of the style that have brought it into the stoplight again.

How to grow mutton chops?

Mutton chops facial hair takes a little time to grow out since the hair has to reach a particular length. While the beard is growing out, you should trim the edges to maintain a neat and stylish look. Wwithin4-6 weeks you will achieve the desired effect. Make sure that the chin is clean-shaven.

Are mutton chops attractive?

It is a matter of personal preference to consider mutton chop sideburns attractive. Yet, the experts claim that there are more elegant beard styles to pick from.

Are mutton chops a beard?

Mutten chops are a type of beard that dates back to the 19th century. The beard style is considered to be masculine and edgy.

Why are sideburns called mutton chops?

The 70s sideburns have made a major comeback this season. If you wonder why they are called that way – the answer is simple. Mutton chops resemble the piece of meat that is called the same way.


    • Mutton Chops are facial hair grown on the sides of the face, extending from the hairline to run parallel to or beyond the ears. Source