Want to become an alpha male but do not know where to start? Keep calm, we got your back. To succeed in earning the alpha title, you need to possess a combination of mental and physical qualities. So, what are the signs of an alpha male? A real alpha male is an unquestioned leader of any social group he is in. He respects and values himself while acting authentically and purposefully. Thus, a lot of people admit being dependable on and inspired by him. He likes to compete and has the courage to break the rules.


Yet, he always remains optimistic and stress-resistant. Finally, he has a unique style that allows him to easily stand out in the crowd sounds like a lot of effort for you? No worries. So that the process would go smoothly and effortlessly on your side, we have put together the best tips that will certainly help you to become an alpha. Just stick to them and you will lead the pride in a blink of an eye.

What Is An Alpha Male: The Real Alpha Male Definition

Still not sure what does it mean to be an alpha male? While this question may seem pretty simple, it often raises heated debate. To help you sort things out, let’s start from the very beginning: the definition. The modern meaning of an alpha male has shifted from what it was considered in the past. Today, an alpha male personality type is a man who equally and effectively balances his energy of masculine and feminine sides. He has strength paired with kindness. Regardless of his confidence, he remains humble. His power does not interfere with composure. He is in harmony with himself and the world.

What Is An Alpha Male: The Real Alpha Male Definition #alphamale #lifestyle

So, simply put, what is an alpha male personality? A true alpha has persistence and grit. He is able to protect both his family and him personally. He has the courage to admit his fears and face them as well as laugh at himself. Thus, he is a very people person with a great sense of humor, kind heart and friendly personality. He can keep any conversation going, as he is intelligent and educated. He also has vast life experience, which is an endless source of gripping stories. He treats other people with respect, both men and women. Finally, a real alpha does not make an effort to be one, he acts naturally and sincerely.


Show That You Care

Show That You Care #alphamale #lifestyle

According to the alpha male definition, you should be an easy-going and open-minded person. People who you lead should feel that you care about them. Their wellbeing is your responsibility.

Leave Modesty Behind

One of the most important alpha male characteristics is confidence. Others will not follow and rely on you if you are uncertain of your leading or other qualities. Believing in yourself and in what you are doing is essential if you want to learn how to be alpha.


Be Pacifist

Be Pacifist #alphamale #lifestyle

A true alpha man does not use physical force to resolve conflicts. He is against violence in all forms. In the civilized world, assault and battery are criminal offenses. And alpha male has a clean criminal background.

No Signs Of Femininity

It is impossible to define alpha male using terms attributed to women. Alfas are masculine to the fullest. Other males will not look up to you if you show an inclination to the feminine side.


Their Personality Is Captivating

Their Personality Is Captivating #alphamale #lifestyle


All alpha male strategies will be completely wasted if your charisma, style and personality in general do not captivate. Women should find you interesting and witty while men should want to adopt these qualities.

Take Risks

How to be alpha male if you do not stand out from the crowd? Nohow. And what will help you to segregate is taking risks. People usually choose a safe and familiar route. However, such people usually do not succeed. A real alpha male knows that to win you need to risk.

Do Not Depend

Social, financial and mental independence is crucial for a macho alfa. You will not be considered an alpha if you cannot care for yourself. Otherwise, how are you going to take care of others?


Be Powerful

Be Powerful #alphamale #lifestyle

And by power, we mean not only physical strength but also mental. Alpha character is tough and firm, as well as his body.

Know Your Business

No matter what you are up to, you should be competent in it. People do not follow those who are not aware of how to achieve the best results in what they are doing.


To pass as an alpha, you need to be a dominant male in all respects. The alpha male body language, his manner of speech, even the room he occupies always tell that he is in charge.


Know When To Bend

Althought it is important for an alpha male to be stiff, there are some situations when you should lose to win. Hence, you should be flexible and give in when the occasion calls for it.

Give Up A Seat

This is not the position you are holding. We literally mean that when you see that somebody needs to sit down more than you do, offer them your seat.

Behave Like An Adult

No matter our age, we sometimes can take the position of a child. It happens especially when people’s behavior toward us is disrespectful. This makes us reciprocate in a similar manner. And that is not what alpha men are all about. You should always be wiser and more mature than your offender.


Smile First

Smile First #alphamale #lifestyle

You remember that an alphamale cannot be shy, unconfident or self-conscious. That is basically the main difference between alpha male vs beta male. If you happen to come across one of those betas, be the icebreaker. Smile, hold out your hand, tell you name – be first to start a conversation and break the silence.

Act With Sensitivity

Nevertheless, an alpha male is no stranger to humanity and care. Even if other people are less successful or proficient at something than you, it does not give you the right to mock them. Instead, offer them your help.

You Are Not The Center Of The Universe

Yet, be realistic. The world does not revolve around you. Do not forget that you owe the people who made you an alpha male. Of course, you also take credit for that. But without them, alpha male meaning would be zilch.


Be Sociable

Be Sociable #alphamale #lifestyle

Communication is vital. Just do not forget that it is a two-way process – you should not only speak but also listen to your interlocutor. Be sincere with what you are saying and listen to them carefully.

You Are Not Wikipedia

It is okay not to know everything. Just deal with it. As the saying goes, better untaught than ill-taught. If you do not have answers to some questions, admit it. And if you know somebody who does, do not hesitate to ask them.

Do Not Discriminate

Do Not Discriminate #alphamale #lifestyle

Any kind of discrimination will be an insurmountable obstacle on your way. Thus, one of the most important rules of how to become an alpha male is not to judge people by their sex, appearance, race, religion or whatsoever.


Do Not Be Overly Pushing

Although it is absolutely mandatory to dominate for an alpha male, you should not be excessively assertive. You need to learn to take other people’s opinions and desires into account.

Equal Rights Not In Words But In Deeds

Equal Rights Not In Words But In Deeds #alphamale #lifestyle

No matter how much you talk about gender equality if you do not do anything, all your talks are empty. Start small. Share the household chores with your significant other or at least do not aggravate the situation by throwing your socks all around the place and stacking up dirty dishes in the sink.

Do Not Slam The Door In Somebody’s Face

Do Not Slam The Door In Somebodys Face #alphamale #lifestyle

Moreover, a true alpha will also hold it for the people who are about to come in after him. Regardless of who it is, a woman or a man, young or old, you should be nice to them and show your good manners.


Grow Muscles For Reason

Of course, your appearance matters. However, if your muscles are only an adornment and you cannot lift anything heavier than your protein shaker, then you should really reconsider your workout routine.

Your Privilege Should Not Be Overlooked

One of the healthiest approaches to learning how to be an alpha male is not to be indifferent when the problem does not concern you. Do not forget, we are all one big pride.

Work On Your Self-Development

Work On Your Self Development #alphamale #lifestyle

If you have a lot of various interests, if you absorb knowledge from different sources and if you can keep the conversation going no matter what the topic is, then people will find you a very interesting person and will lean toward you.


Be Grateful

Be Grateful #alphamale #lifestyle

Many people do not have even half of what you possess. Thus, it is vital to value all that you are given and not to take it for granted.

Be Able To Laugh At Yourself

It is a known fact that people who do not always take themselves overly seriously attract others with their optimistic approach and positive vibes.

Allow Other People To Stand Out

To fully master what is an alpha male, you should let somebody else play the first chair. In this way, you will show that you are not afraid of competition, as nobody can undermine your reputation.

  • 1. The leader of a pack herd etc. 2. The dominant male. Source
  • What makes a man ‘alpha’ Perhaps he’s confident, successful, strong, brave, charming, tall and attractive. Source
  • Dean Burnett Donald Trump has repeatedly been described as an ‘alpha male’, but there’s no scientific proof that such a thing even exists in humans. Source