We bet you did not know that male personality types include more than just two types, such as an Alpha male and a Beta male. There are also Gamma males and Omega males, as well as guys who have Delta or Sigma types of personality. The type mostly depends on the qualities a certain person has. It may be mixed sometimes, but you can still clearly work out which one prevails. If you have no idea what type you got though, we are here to help you with this, as this knowledge is sure to make your life easier.


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What Is A Male Personality Type?

Usually, we do not think about male personality types until they start to really matter for us. And this usually happens as we get more mature. If you know your personality type, it may help you to achieve your life goals more easily. There are six generally accepted types of male personality. Their names dub Greek Alphabet letters. Thus, there is an Alpha male, a Beta male, a Gamma male, an Omega male, a Delta male and a Sigma male. Every type possesses its individual characteristics that make it differ from the others.


The Alpha Male

So, what is an Alpha male? This is a men who have the following qualities:


One of the most distinctive features that describe an Alpha personality is confidence. An Alpha man is an absolute leader of his pack, which takes origins in the animal world. To become one, you need to feel confident in yourself, which goes without saying. Yet, this is also one of those qualities that you gain as you age. It is not inborn.


From the Alpha male meaning, it follows that Alphas can easily establish a connection with just anyone. They have an outgoing and easy personality, which endears people. Thus, they can easily approach any person no matter their gender or social position.


As we have mentioned above, an Alpha is an absolute leader. He is always in charge and does not like to obey someone. People follow him eagerly and look up to him. He is happy to take the lead and inspire others.


Last but not least feature that defines what is a Alpha male is his charisma. People want to meet this man and find out more about him, as he is so charismatic and charming.

Perfect Example: 

One of the best examples of Alpha male archetypes is Donald Francis Draper, who was born under a name of Richard “Dick” Whitman. Although he is a fictional Alpha character featured in Mad Men, the TV series, you can still trace classic qualities of this type of male personality.


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The Beta Male

Now that you know the Alpha male definition, let’s discuss what is a Beta male. This personality type is really underestimated. Here are the traits he has:


A friendly personality is arguably the first thing most people would name when giving the Beta male definition. Beta males treat other people with respect. They never go over other people’s heads.


Many consider Betas shy and unconfident. Yet, this is not always the main reason why they are unwilling to engage in discussion or communicate at all. Beta men are simply reserved, so they do not try to manipulate people’s opinions by imposing their point of view.


Probably, the main difference between the Alpha male vs Beta male is that Betas do not mind being submissive, whereas Alphas prefer to dominate. This is often expressed in the reluctance of a Beta male to argue with someone even if he does not agree with them. However, this can be hardly seen as a weakness. Sometimes, to win the fight, you simply should not start it.


When it comes to the Beta male meaning, loyalty should be attributed to the strongest features. This is what makes a Beta such a good partner, friend and employee.

Perfect Example: 

We are sure you know this Beta personality types character pretty well. It is Chandler M. (which stands for Muriel) Bing. Brilliantly played by Matthew Perry, his charm and sense of humor cannot leave anyone indifferent.


The Gamma Male

Next is the Gamma male, who seems to borrow the best qualities from every male personality type. He also has the following features:


Gammas do not depend on other people’s opinions, which allows them to act in accordance with their wishes. That is why Gammas’ lives seem fulfilled. These men have interesting hobbies, which they expand on a regular basis.


As it follows from the above, the Gamma is eager to try new things, be it hobbies, skills or even jobs. But this quality also makes him want others to feel affection for him. Yet, this does not always lead to a dependent relationship.


Everything gamma males do is conscious, which means that they are always aware of the consequences their actions may have. This trait is their benefit over the rest of the male personality types. There is even a belief that Alphas turn into Gammas when they grow awareness.


Men are often blamed for not being emphatic but this does not apply to the Gamma male. He is not afraid to show his empathy to
anyone who needs it, thus winning people over with ease.

Perfect Example: 

Gamma male archetypes can be spotted in the Marvel character Bruce Banner. Both Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo performed the role perfectly. If you do not recognize the name, maybe the Hulk sounds more familiar to you?

The Omega Male

The most distinctive qualities of Omega males are as follows:

Self Assurance

Omegas do not need to get approval from their mates, as they are self assured. This is one of the reasons why they do not compete for popularity, considering it unnecessary. This does not mean, however, that they do not have friends. They just choose quality over quantity.


Omega males have a lot of inner energy that drives them onward. They do not need anyone to cheer them up or motivate them, as they can do it themselves. They are their own incentive, which allows them to achieve a set goal without much ado.


An omega male can be sometimes called a nerd, but this does not take away from the fact that he is very intelligent. A complex formula or algorithm seems a child’s play for him. And this quality directly affects his next benefit.

Diverse Interests

As Omegas are so keen on learning, their interests are diversified. Hence, they can easily keep any conversation going. What is more, their hobbies and interests are not linked to anyone’s opinion. So, they can start absolutely any hobby even if it is unpopular.

Perfect Example: 

Omega male is arguably the smartest personality type with Sherlock Holmes being one of the brightest examples. There is hardly a person who has not been fascinated by his deductive skills. English actor Benedict Cumberbatch was chosen to portray the legendary detective on screen and it was absolutely iconic. Dr. John Watson, who was played by Martin Freeman, is another great Omega example.


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The Delta Male

Being one of the Deltas means that you have already had another type of personality and then evolved into the Delta. So, your main characteristics include:


The experience of going through many challenges makes a Delta male handle difficulties with a straight face. Yet, he also becomes reserved, which is why it may require more time for him to get on with new people and start trusting them.


Because of his experience, Delta may nurse a grievance and believe that it is other people’s fault that something has not worked out in his life. His sense of resentfulness toward people with whom he did not end on good terms is so strong that it can become an obsession.

Self Sabotage

The above characteristic leads to the reluctance of the Delta to face his own problems, as he tries to place them on someone else. Thus, he sabotages himself thinking that he is unable to improve the situation.


It comes as no surprise that Deltas may feel lonely, especially if with the previous personality type, they were communicative and friendly. Unfortunately, the situation only worsens with time, as Delta males are harboring more and more resentment.

Perfect Example: 

The crime TV series Dexter has made a lot of stir in the movie industry and no wonder. But it owes its popularity not only to the gripping plot but also to the main character Dexter Morgan, portrayed by Michael C. Hall. Working as a forensic technician who specializes in the analysis of blood stains, this charismatic Delta male tracks down unpunished murderers and restores his own justice.

The Sigma Male

Finally, here come Sigma males. The simplest Sigma male definition would be an Alpha introvert. They also have all the traits inherent in the true leader, but if they decide to reach the hierarchy top, they do it in a softer manner. Guess, who is the best example of a type a personality Sigma male has? You got it, John Wick, the retired hitman played by never aging Keanu Reeves.


Never lose guard when you are around Sigma men because it does not take much effort for them to trick you in pursuit of their interests. As they are manipulative and cunning, they do not need to use power like Alphas.

Self Confidence

The Sigma male meaning would be incomplete if we do not mention self confidence as one of his best qualities. The Sigma male does not wait for reassurance from surrounding people, as he knows his self worth.


It would take you quite some time and effort to find a person who would not like a Sigma male. He can easily make you feel affection toward him, as he can manipulate your feelings and has a very charming personality.


Should you believe that a Sigma male acts impulsively, we are here to prove you wrong. This is not what is a Sigma male about. All of his decisions and steps are thoroughly calculated. So, if you think that you have found out his secret, this is only because he had allowed it to slip.

Perfect Example: 

There are not many Sigma male movies, but we have one good example in mind. Tyler Durden from the Fight Club has typical sigma male traits. Not only does he choose to stay outside the hierarchy, but he even despises the concept itself.


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The Zeta Male

The concept of a “zeta male” lacks widespread recognition and acceptance compared to well-established notions like alpha, beta, or omega males, frequently employed to elucidate diverse social and behavioral aspects within human relationships. The term “zeta male” remains ill-defined and is rarely featured in mainstream conversations or psychological discourse.
Nonetheless, if you are alluding to a character or archetype that demonstrates certain unique attributes indicative of an unconventional or non-conformist male persona, consider the following four potential characteristics:


A zeta male character may prioritize independence and self-reliance over conforming to traditional social norms or expectations. They often follow their own path and may resist authority or societal pressures.
Non-competitive: Unlike alpha males who are often portrayed as highly competitive and dominant, a zeta male character may be less interested in competing for social status or dominance. They might prefer cooperation and collaboration over competition.


Zeta male characters might lean towards introversion and value solitude or smaller social circles. They may be more introspective and less focused on external validation.


Zeta males frequently prioritize their personal values, convictions, and interests above conforming to existing social hierarchies. They tend to embrace their uniqueness and exhibit resistance to adhering to conventional societal norms.

Perfect Example: 

One character that exhibits some of these characteristics could be “Travis Bickle” from the movie “Taxi Driver” (1976), portrayed by Robert De Niro. Travis Bickle is an isolated and socially awkward Vietnam War veteran who rejects conventional social norms. He becomes a taxi driver and is driven by a sense of individual justice, ultimately taking the law into his own hands in a non-conformist manner. While he doesn’t fit neatly into the zeta male archetype, he shares some qualities associated with non-conformist or independent male characters. Keep in mind that this is just one interpretation and that such character archetypes can vary widely in their traits and motivations.



Knowing what male personality types there are may help you a lot in life. Not only will you be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, but it will allow you to approach and win over other people easier. Hopefully, after examining our guide, you have no more questions left.

FAQs: Male Personality Types

What are the 6 male personality types?

The six male personality types include Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, Delta and Sigma. They are named after the letters of the Greek Alphabet.

What are male personality traits?

The most common traits of male character personality types are assertion, tenacity, emotional stability, riskiness, dominance, open mindedness, utilitarianism and thrill seeking. Also, men usually estimate their intelligence quite high by default.

What is a Alpha male personality?

Alphas are men who hold higher positions in the hierarchy of society. It is easier for them to access fellows, power and money, as they are dominant, intimidating and valiant. If you compare Alpha vs Beta males, an Alpha is associated with the real male, whereas Betas are someone who are described as just nice guys.

What is a Sigma personality?

A Sigma is an introverted version of Alpha. The main difference between Sigma male vs Alpha male is that the former does not try to get to the social hierarchy top, as they choose to stay outside of it. However, they share such Alpha’s qualities as confidence and determination.


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