Have you ever wondered why Literotica and other equivalent sex stories sites will never lose their relevance? The trick is that our imagination is limitless and reading erotic tales takes your fantasies to a completely new level of pleasure. Regardless of your kinks and fetishes, you will effortlessly find a story that meets even your most intimate desires. To make the search much easier, we have picked out the most popular horny content websites and reviewed them for you in the following guide.


Literotica: What Is It?

Even though the Internet is full of sex stories as well as erotica stories of all kinds, the undeniable leader of the genre is Literotca. Which is an adult website that contains a myriad of free erotic stories published by amateur authors. Apart from erotic stories, there you can also find essays, poems and even audio sex stories. To make the search of Literotica stories as easy as possible, they are divided into categories.

Literotica: What Is It? #literotica #eroticstories


Why Do People Read Literotica?

There are many reasons why people choose Literotica stories over even the most adept porn videos. You can never disregard the fact that the imagination of humans is powerful and ingenious. Thus, we can picture just anything, including the most intimate and unbelievable fantasies, in great detail. Moreover, sexstories are not limited in terms of topics and scenarios. They can portray anything that is forbidden or impossible to show in a video format. Finally, in erotic sex stories, it is you who sets the scene. Hence, you get a chance to unleash your imagination fully.

Funny Mistakes

Sometimes, when looking for Lit erotica stories, people are so eager to immerse into the world of their bonkers fantasies, that their search requests can give you a good laugh. The most hilarious include such misspellings as litetotica, lirotica, litorica, litrotica and many others.

20 The Best Free Sex Stories Sites To Read

So, if you have decided to take advantage of free sex stories, here are some really great suggestions that are worth your attention.

The Best Free Sex Stories Sites To Read #literotica #eroticstories



Literotica.com is a highly popular place where true devotees of erotic stories can have a really quality time. Although you might find the design of the website a little old-fashioned, don’t let that fool you. Users update the website regularly. It is now filled with tons of eroticstories on various topics, from fetish to mind control. What makes the search easier is that Literotic stories are grouped in subcategories so that anyone could find a sex story to their tastes and preferences.

Sugar Butch Chronicles

SugarButch.net is a written blog by a non-binary feminist Sinclair Sexsmith. It includes erotic stories that touch on different genders, orientations, body types as well as identity, sexuality and culture aspects. Besides, the mahogany design is especially pleasing to the eye.


Erotic Review

To create sex stories for EroticReviewMagazine.com, the whole team of editors use a special approach, which is both imaginative and intelligent. The main role in their stories is given to the brain, which they consider the greatest sex organ. Through their erotic stories, they trigger all of your senses, even smell.

Remittance Girl

RemittanceGirl.com is named after the author of the free exotic stories it contains. Every sex story one way or another is related to BDSM. Sometimes the author resorts to extremely taboo and even supernatural topics. Yet, you can also find really soft erotica there, for instance, the one that features only a kiss.


Libida.com is a website specially crafted for women to provide them with a dose of free erotic stories that deal with the subject of female sexual wellness backed up with sex toys. They also explore the world of queer love, oral sex and many other erotic topics.


True Dirty Stories

Undoubtedly, sexual fantasy is strong and flourishing. However, you will be surprised by how strange and hot the reality could be. And TrueDirtyStories.com will help you with this. It features every erotic topic your mind can only picture, from sex in a car to adult essays about real life sexual experiences.


Nifty.org is a website that represents an archive of LGBTQ sex stories, which it divides into such categories as lesbian, transgender, bisexual and gay. Apart from that, you can find there a plethora of adultfanfiction stories, for instance, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yet, to enjoy the reading, you should not necessarily identify yourself as lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, or questioning. You can simply dive into it without any social labels.


Noveltrove.com is a free adult website full of tailor-made sex stories. If you are looking for really steamy content, then you might want to skip this one, as Noveltrove contains chiefly erotic, not kinky or dirty stories. Thus, you will hardly find there anything BDSM-themed or taboo-ish.



If you want not only to experience the pleasure of reading erotic stories but also to find soulmates, then Lushstories.com is the perfect place for you. In addition to a great selection of various sex tales, from classic erotica to BDSM and celebrity fanfiction, Lush Stories allows you to reach out to other members through chatrooms.


As you would expect from the name, BDSMCafe.com is not a regular erotic story website. It is tailored to introduce you to the world of sadomasochism and bondage. Apart from poems and short stories, as well as bigger chunks of erotic prose, it features a fair share of information useful for those who are considering a dom and sub relationship.


It is not difficult to guess that SoloTouch.com is all about masturbation and self-pleasure. Not only does it include adult erotic stories but also a large range of material dedicated to the ways of how you can advance your techniques of masturbation and develop imagination.



If you think that BDSMLibrary.com is only an archive of kinky tales, then we are here to prove you wrong. There, you will also find all the necessary information about BDSM, including S&M lifestyle and the development of dynamic or D/s relationship. Obviously, there are related stories as well, such as those that mention leathers, whips, PVC garments, chains and a number of other fetishistic interests. Besides, it accommodates breathtaking semipro photos as well as amateur porn videos.


Similar to Literotics, JuicySexStories.com is a fount of hot, dirty and, sure thing, juicy erotic stories. One of its main advantages is that signing up for membership is fully optional. Yet, it gives you a privilege to interact with other community members as well as get access to particular site areas. On top of that, some of the stories as well as eBooks can be downloaded to your laptop or another mobile gadget.


Do transsexuals, transvestites, shemales, cross-dressing or ladyboys turn you on? If this is the case, you will find FictionMania.tv a really interesting place, as it has plenty of content on such topics. Even though its design is a little bit outdated, it is unlikely to stop you from enjoying naughty, dirty sex stories about dicks and chicks.



What makes CHYOA.com stand out from other erotica websites is that it is you who decides how each story ends. Thus, it allows the readers to fully interact with the events in the stories. So, if you want to try on the role of a sex writer, do not hesitate to head over to the site.

Adult Fanfiction

AdultFanfiction.org will invite you to the world of sex literature, filthy stories and kinky prose, featuring vividly depicted horny, sexy characters. As you can guess from its name, the site mainly contains fanfiction stories, involving famous movie franchises, your favorite celebs and TV show personas as well as fictional heroes.

Adult Erotica Stories

A user-friendly and sleek design is what makes your pastime on the site a pure pleasure. Nothing will distract you from indulging porn and erotica stories, including annoying ads. One minor drawback of AdultEroticaStories.com is that you can never know who the creator of the masterpiece is, as all stories are submitted through the managers of the site. If that does not bother you, then what are you waiting for?



Although ASSTR.org, which means the Alternative Sex Stories Text Repository, has not the most erotic name. It does not affect the content in any way. It is considered a real staple of online sex story websites for good reason. The content is diverse, vivid and steamy. Moreso, finding the bee’s knees will not take you any difficulties, as the site has an internal ranking system.


Even though EroticaTale.com is only gaining momentum, it already has some nice reading on offer. The design is sleek and simple, so you will easily find the desired photo or story in a certain category, including celeb fanfiction and taboo content.

Xnxx Stories

It is hard to find a real devotee of erotic content who would not know Xnxx.com . Originally, this was a sex website only filled with porn videos. But not so long ago, they made a decision to explore the erotic stories niche as well. And that laid the foundation of Xnxx Stories, which now contains numerous stories on various topics.

All things considered, the range of sex story websites is not limited to Literotica only. Thus, it will not take you much effort to find erotic content that would satisfy your most kinky and horny fantasies. From poems and essays to erotic audio and video clips, there is material for any taste and preferences.