Every guy who more or less looks after himself should have his personal mens grooming kit. What this kit will contain is totally up to you. However, you might want to get some ideas from those who know a lot about looking good – celebrities. Here, we’ve put together the best advice they’d given us on taking care of yourself properly. So, are you ready to upgrade your grooming regimen?


Keep Your Head In Check Inside And Out

Keep Your Head In Check Inside And Out #grooming #mensgrooming #bradpitt

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The perfect male grooming kit starts in the head, or on it, to be specific. Although sometimes you can skip a couple of men grooming tips, your hairstyle should always make a statement. Otherwise, nothing can save your look.


Don’t Lose Your Face

Well, basically your face is also a part of your head, so you should handle it with care too. But, when we say face, we mean not only your complexion, which is, obviously, should be even and radiant, but your keekers too. Eyes are, as we know, the window to the soul, so you want them to be bright and clear. Thus, don’t forget about them when packing your men grooming kit.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub

Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub #grooming #mensgrooming

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Show your love to your pelt by washing it every morning with the Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub from Kiehl’s. It contains some essential vitamins that moisturize your skin and boost its luster.


Optrex Eyedew Dazzling Eye Drops

Optrex Eyedew Dazzling Eye Drops #grooming #mensgrooming

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As for the eyes, to get rid of redness and add clarity to your gaze, use Optrex Dazzling Blue Eye Drops.

Touch It With Makeup

It’s not a secret that male celebrities wear makeup. Although for some men it would be a rather controversial tip, we assure you it won’t take from your masculinity if you use a bit of makeup for your good. After all, nobody will know that unless you either tell them or overuse it. However, your appearance will benefit greatly from it. Thus, makeup also goes in our best mens grooming kit.


Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Complexion Highlighter

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Complexion Highlighter #grooming #mensgrooming

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After redness, your most likely concern is dark circles under the eyes. They have multiple causes, from genetics to the rough night signs. Even though it’s rather hard to get rid of this pain in the neck completely, you can succeed in disguising it effortlessly. Just grab a trusty concealer, such as Touche Éclat from YSL and cover everything up. In addition to a lightweight formula, it has tiny reflecting particles that highlight the questionable area.

Tom Ford Bronzing Gel

#grooming #mensgrooming

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Besides skin care, there are special makeup products that can help you improve your complexion, such as the Tom Ford Bronzing Gel. It’s weightless, so you won’t feel any discomfort. Though, you’ll notice how healthy and dewy your face looks after using it.

Make It Two

Make It Two #grooming #mensgrooming


Your brow game can be as strong as you want providing you have two of them. A unibrow has never made anyone more attractive, as well as the messy brows sticking out in all directions. So, in addition to mens grooming products, throw a pair of tweezers, scissors and a brow brush into your kit.


Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors And Brush

Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors And Brush #grooming #mensgrooming

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To give your brows a neat appearance, brush them and trim the inconsistent hairs. Many celebs opt for a brow shaping kit from Tweezerman. It consists of a mini brush, which guides you through the shaping process, and scissors with extremely sharp and thin blades for a precise result. Take it easy on trimming though. You don’t want to overdo it.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer – Black

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Black #grooming #mensgrooming

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As for the hairs that are growing on the bridge of your nose, pluck them out with a pair of tweezers. The Classic Slant Tweezer from Tweezerman provides a strong grip of every hair and comfortable hold.

Your Fragrance Makes A Statement

We can hardly imagine a grooming kit for men without a really nice fragrance. There are basically no good or bad perfumes, there are the wrong ones. It’s vital to find the scent that completely suits you in terms of ingredients, occasion and even weather conditions. The lotion that complements your beard grooming kit won’t work, as you need something more sophisticated.


Roja Parfums Parfum Pour Homme

Roja Parfums Parfum Pour Homme #grooming #mensgrooming

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Roja Parfums Parfum Pour Homme will make you fall in love with its spicy and fresh scent, embracing with the warmth of wooden notes.

Roja Parfums Reckless Pour Homme

Roja Parfums Reckless Pour Homme #grooming #mensgrooming

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This Chypre perfume will welcome you with spices melting into flowers and wrap it up with citruses. Roja Parfums Reckless Pour Homme is a quintessence of men fragrance highly praised by celebrities.

Let Your Beard Speak For Itself

Let Your Beard Speak For Itself #grooming #mensgrooming


If you’re following the latest trends, then you most likely have an abundance of facial hair. If so, nobody but you knows how important it is to keep your beard trimmed and shaped. Otherwise, your whole look will become a total mess. So that it won’t happen, you should stock up on a shaving kit and learn some simple rules on how to groom for men.


Philips Multi Grooming Kit

Philips Multi Grooming Kit #grooming #mensgrooming

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Without a special tool, it’s going to be hard to trim your beard properly. Pay heed to the Multi Grooming Kit from Philips. It includes thirteen attachments and the sharpest blades that allow you to achieve the desired beard style and length without fuss.

Clinique Moisturizing Lotion For Men

Clinique Moisturizing Lotion For Men #grooming #mensgrooming

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You may feel strongly about using any of skincare products, however, it would be hard to keep your beard or moreso underlying skin on point without one. Use a moisturizing lotion like the one from Clinique to soften, strengthen and smoothen your skin and facial hair in the blink of an eye.

Tan It On

Have you noticed how many compliment regarding your healthy look you get after a vacation? That’s not only because your diet and sleeping pattern got better, but also because of your tanned complexion. As it’s not always possible to take off to a tropical island, you can always get away with a tanning product, and an advanced men’s grooming kit should definitely have one.


Aesop Redemption Body Scrub

Aesop Redemption Body Scrub #grooming #mensgrooming

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To get even tan, you should prepare your skin properly. A scrub is what will help a tanner to cover your body smoothly. We love Aesop Redemption Body Scrub, which exfoliates and polishes your skin gently and doesn’t make it too tight or dry.

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist #grooming #mensgrooming

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When it comes to the choice of a tanner, we recommend sticking with a mist formula, as it’s much easier to apply and gives a better result. Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist from St. Tropez is our go-to choice.

The Best Grooming Kits For Men


The Art of Shaving Mid-Size Sandalwood Kit

The Art of Shaving Mid-Size Sandalwood Kit #grooming #mensgrooming

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Those men who like the scent of sandalwood will most likely love this shaving kit from The Art of Shaving. It includes three grooming products and a badger hair shaving brush for a clean and smooth shave from start to finish.

Remington The Beardsman Boss Full Beard Grooming Kit

Remington The Beardsman Boss Full Beard Grooming Kit #grooming #mensgrooming

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If you buy this kit, then in addition to a trimmer with three attachments, you will also get a pair of scissors and s brush. The trimmer is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, which allows it to work for 120 minutes nonstop.

Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Essential Grooming Kit

Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Essential Grooming Kit #grooming #mensgrooming

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Isn’t this a great grooming kit for men who want to keep in check not only their beard but nails and other facial hair as well? The kit from Tweezerman contains facial hair scissors, a mini tweezer, a nail tool, which combines a nail file, a nail cleaner and a cuticle pusher, and fingernail clippers. Thus, you can throw it into your bag and rest assured that you will be neat and tidy from head to toes, or fingers at least.

There you go! Your perfect mens grooming kit is packed. We hope with our insights borrowed from celebrities we made your endeavors to look your best easier. Stay groomed and stunning, man!