Red hair men can basically do nothing to stand out from the crowd, as their flamboyant hair color does the job. Though, if you were blessed with ginger locks and want to bring your look to the highest level, we have some amazing ideas to try. From elegant and neat to ruffian and messy men’s hairstyles, men with red hair can pull off any hairstyle. So, let’s take a peek at your best options.


Cameron Monaghan’s Buzz Cut

A ginger guy does not need to do anything special to make his hair stand out. So, if you prefer low maintenance buzz cut hairstyles, just take a look at Cameron Monaghan’s red short hair.

Cameron Monaghan's Buzz Cut #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys



Messy Spikes

Red hair color was made for all kinds of experiments. Get the top spiked up and stack the thorns in a messy way. The sides can be used as a canvas for your creative endeavors. If you prefer to keep it at minimum, get them faded and shave in two parallel lines.

Messy Spikes #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Curly Brushed Back

Yup. Our favorite Sherlock Holms is indeed a redhead man. A combo of ginger hair and blue green eyes Benedict Cumberbatch has cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Benedict Cumberbatch's Curly Brushed Back #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys



Crew Cut

Although a crew cut hair style is quite short, it still allows you to flash your luxurious locks. A men’s crew cut is popular among guys who value their time, thus choosing a low maintenance and utilitarian hairstyle. Besides, it exposes your facial features. Hence, if you want to emphasize them, opt for such a cut.

Crew Cut #redhair #redhairmen

Sam Heughan’s Brush Up

If you have seen Outlander, then you should definitely remember its character Jamie Fraser, played by Sam Heughan. This unbelievably hot red hair guy never goes unnoticed.

Sam Heughan's Brush Up#redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys



Crop Top Fade

Copper hair, especially when it’s curly, allows red hair men to sport several fashion trends at once. Get your curly locks cropped on top and complement them with a disconnected high taper fade. Add a beard as a final touch, and you rock!

Crop Top Fade #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

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Bob Harper’s Short Brushed Up

Bob Harper often chooses to wear his red hair very short, complementing it with trendy haircuts. Thus, his faded red hair cut makes a strong fashion statement.

Bob Harper's Short Brushed Up #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys


Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked back hair looks stylish and elegant no matter what hair color you have. However, on red hair men, it seems even more flattering. If you want to add some contrast to your hairstyle, go for a mens undercut on the sides and back. A full coarse beard will become a trendy accompaniment to such a look.

Slicked Back Undercut #redhair #redhairmen


Loose Curly Hairstyle

Those guys who have curly red hair have won a genetic lottery twice. Both your hair texture and color will make you locks the talk of the town. Just wear them loose and be ready to get compliments left and right.

Loose Curly Hairstyle #redhair #redhairmen

Source: @lanedorsey via Instagram

Tom Hiddleston’s Slicked Back

While a guy with red hair usually looks eye catching, for the popular actor Tom Hiddleston, it works the other way around. As we are used to seeing him with a black mane playing Loki, his natural red hair makes him more difficult to recognize in public.

Tom Hiddleston's Slicked Back #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys


Extreme Brush Up Hair

For this hairstyle, you’ll need medium length ginger hair and a hairstyling product with a strong hold. Simply brush all your hair up and you’ll get an edgy and bold look.

Extreme Brush Up Hair #redhair #redhairmen

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Slicked Back Hairstyle

No matter whether you have light or dark red hair, if it’s naturally thin the slicked back hairstyle is one of the best solutions for you. It’s also a perfect formal ‘do that suits any ambiance.

Slicked Back Hairstyle #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

Rupert Grint’s Thin Layers

Rupert Grint is arguably one of the most recognizable red hair men and no wonder. His role as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter has made him popular all over the world. And even though we love him not only for his fiery red hair, it still should not be overlooked.

Rupert Grint's Thin Layers #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

Sam Aronov/Shutterstock

Short Crop Style

For those guys who prefer short red hair to long, there’s a trendy French crop cut. You can pair it with a high bold fade on the sides and back or even get it disconnected with a hard part for more definition.

Short Crop Style #redhair #redhairmen

Source: @fernthebarber via Instagram


Wild Tousled Hairstyle

You can’t argue with the fact that there’s something rebellious in redheads. And the hairstyle is a great way to emphasize your ruffian and adventurous spirit. Tousle your deep red hair on top and complete it with a high taper fade and two deep set razor lines.

Wild Tousled Hairstyle #redhair #redhairmen

Source: @egobarbers via Instagram

Ed Sheeran’s Bright Side Swept

Ed Sheeran is one of the most recognizable and popular red head men of late. His road to fame has been pretty rough and thorny, which is probably why he opts for mostly simple styling. Despite this, his hair always looks eye-catching and bold thanks to the fiery red color.

Ed Sheeran #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

Red Full Beard

Arguably, nothing looks as startling as natural red hair. And it doesn’t really matter whether it’s on your head or face. If you have light red hair, try to grow out a full coarse beard.

There’s a big chance that it’ll come out a couple of shades darker than your natural hair color, which will give an unusual twist to your look.

Red Full Beard #redhair #redhairmen

Source: @londonschoolofbarbering via Instagram


Short Faux Hawk

Ginger people are welcome to try on any hairstyle, as there’s no doubt that they will be able to pull it off easily. Even if you have nothing to do with a punk rock style, a short faux hawk will sit perfectly on your red head.

Short Faux Hawk #redhair #redhairmen

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Short Tousled Hair

To don a trendy tousled hairstyle, your orange hair shouldn’t necessarily be long. Short locks also work perfectly for such a haido. You can balance your look with a blunt quiff and high bald fade.

Short Tousled Hair #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

Damian Lewi’s Parted Slick Back

One of the biggest advantages of being redhead men is that they stand out in the crowd without any effort. No matter what hairstyle or outfit they rock, their hair color is what guarantees them being in the spotlight. Damian Lewis, an actor from England whom you could have seen in Homeland and Band of Brothers, proves how little effort you should take to pull off a camera-ready hairstyle when you have red hair.

Damian Lewi's Parted Slick Back #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

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Short Side Swept Hairstyle

Even the shortest red hair can be styled in a sophisticated manner. It’s all a matter of taste. Sweep your top hair to the side and the look to open all doors is done.

Short Side Swept Hairstyle #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

Wild Tousled Hairstyle

Your hairstyle is a great way to show off your personality. If you are wild and rebellious inside like most red hair men, then a brush up hairstyle is your way to go. To pull it off, you just need a powerful hair dryer and a strong hair styling product.

Wild Tousled Hairstyle #redhair #redhairmen

Short Brush Up Hair

The red hair blue eyes combo is so striking that you won’t need to resort to elaborate long hairstyles. Just brush your short locks up and you’re done!

Short Brush Up Hair #redhair #redhairmen

Source: @lanedorsey via Instagram


Side Swept Mid Length

If you’re a redhead who gravitates to elegant hairstyles, then side swept hair should be your hairstyle of choice. A neat side part enhances the clean cut appearance of the ‘do.

Side Swept Mid Length #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

Side Swept  + Slick Back + Undercut

Have you received the red hair green eyes combination from Mother Nature? Then you don’t need to make much effort in order to instantly get all eyes on you. Just slick your locks atop back and get them undercut, which will bring a dose of elegance and style to your look.

Side Swept  + Slick Back + Undercut #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

Source: @hairraribarber via Instagram

Undercut Man Bun

You like dapper and sharp looks? Pair a man bun hairstyle with an undercut if you want your copper red hair to get a new dimension.

Undercut Man Bun #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys


Alfie Allen’s Short Layers

Of course, you recognize this guy. Playing Theon Greyjoy in the Game of Thrones series, he has won the hearts of thousands of ladies across the globe. Alfie belongs to those hot red head men who seem to look good with any hairstyle, from short and messy to long and polished. Though, when he grows out his hair a little, this allows us to appreciate his hair color fully.

Alfie Allen #redhair #redhairmen

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Curly Brushed Back Hair

If your red hair has a curly texture, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it slicked back. In such a way, it gains an unusual and unique flair.

Curly Brushed Back Hair #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

Red Curls

If Mother Nature was generous to you so much that in addition to red hair color you also got curly hair texture, then we can say that you are extremely lucky. Red curly hair men look ultimately attractive and do not have to do anything to stand out in the crowd.

Red Curls #redhair #redhairmen


Cameron Monaghan’s Elegant Part

Is it even legal to be so attractive as Cameron Monaghan? The actor, best known for his Joker role in the Gotham series, has a very rich, deep red hair color, which literally makes us feel jealous. His hairstyles are extremely versatile, depending on the ambiance or role he is pursuing. But one thing never changes – his hair always looks its best, which has earned him the name of one of the most handsome dark red hair men on the planet.

Cameron Monaghan #redhair #redhairmen


Windblown Quiff

Our next hairstyle if for red hair men who choose to look a bit extravagant. To achieve it, you need to style your long red hair so that the quiff gives a windblown impression.

Windblown Quiff #redhair #redhairmen

Source: @egobarbers via Instagram

Brush Up Quiff

For those red heads who have a quiff of any length, one of the best ways of styling is to brush it up. This looks especially vivid on guys with bright red hair.

Brush Up Quiff #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

Source: @w_k_o via Instagram


Long & Straight Mens Red Hairstyles

There is hardly a better way to emphasize your stately red locks than growing them long. This is especially true for those guys who have straight hair, as it reflects light better than any other, thus making the strands shine bright.

Long And Straight Mens Red Hairstyles #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

Curly Red Hair Boy

For a red head teen with curly hair, there is hardly a better hairstyle than long effortless locks. They may be not the easiest to maintain, yet the result is totally worth it.

Curly Red Hair Boy #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

Long Undercut

Undercuts give red headed men a lot of benefits. While they remove bulk from your mane, they also add contrast and definition to your whole look.

Long Undercut #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys


Long And Curly Redhead Guy

Curly ginger men who want to show off their hair color and type should definitely grow their locks long. In this way, everyone would be able to enjoy the beauty of their red curls.

Long And Curly Redhead Guy #redhairmen #redhairedmen #gingerguys #redguys

Seth Green’s Medium Brushed Back

Seth Green is one of our favorite American comedian actors of all time. Even if you do not remember seeing him on screen, you have definitely heard his voice in the Robot Chicken TV series or the Family Guy sitcom. Not only is he a brilliant actor and voice artist but he is also one of the best-looking and charismatic long red hair men we have ever seen. Seth seems to be proud of his ginger color locks, as he prefers to show them off with the help of the most flattering hairstyles.

Seth Green #redhair #redhairmen

Eugene Powers/Shutterstock

Red hair men may not even know how many benefits they have over others. Their fiery locks don’t require much maintenance or styling to look flawless and awe-inspiring. We’re pretty sure that you’ve managed to find the hairstyle that meets your grooming preferences.


Is red hair on guys attractive?

Ginger hair looks incredibly good on guys. They used to be mocked because of their striking hair color, which gave them a really hard time. But nowadays, a ginger man is considered unique and attractive.

What is red hair a sign of?

A redhead boy most likely has a mutation in MC1R, (the melanocortin 1 receptor), which is responsible for the pigmentation of your skin and the color of your hair. If you have ginger red hair, it means that one specific melanin type in your body prevails over another.

What are guys with red hair called?

A red hair man is often referred to as “gingy” or “ginger.” Yet, there is some controversy about it, as not everyone likes these terms.

What ethnicity has red hair?

The Celts are known to have had red locks. You can find mention of this in Roman and Greek ancient records.