Top Advices For How To Grow A Beard

Secrets For How To Grow A Beard

So many men all over the world are looking for advice on how to grow a beard, and we totally get why. Beards can change the appearance so easily, bringing in some mystery and style to your whole look. Don`t think that it is so easy, though. Why? Well, there are some obstacles that you may have to overcome. Would you like to experiment but have no idea how to do it correctly? Well, we are here to help you with providing you with the advice you need.

Beard Terminology


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Let`s go through some common things that you for sure should know before starting the process of growing. What is a beard? It is facial hair that grows on your upper lip, cheeks, chin, and neck. Keep in mind that there are two types of facial hair. Vellus (youthful, thinner and lighter) and terminal (darker and thicker). Basically, through years, your vellus hair will turn into the terminal one. Many people have a stereotype in their head that beards can`t be short, but we are ready to break it.

Remember, any slight show of facial hair on your face is already a beard. The length of it depends on your own preferences. For example, some men prefer to wear a yeard which is a beard that hasn`t been cut for a year or a tweard that hasn`t been cut for twice of that time. A terminal or a full beard how it is usually called is the last stage of the growing process. The hair stops to grow noticeably and starts to shed.

Physical Aspects Of Beard Growing

Why don`t we go through some basics that will help you understand the beard growth stages better? Let`s start from the beginning, and that is the time when your facial hair will begin to appear on your face. That is usually from the teenage years to the 20s. For some men, it can be later. Unfortunately, we can`t know when you will have it, how long to grow a beard you will need or how thick, dark or light it may be. It is all in your DNA as well as your height and hair color. The process of growing and shaping a beard for some people may be easy while for some it may not. You must understand that time is your best friend in this situation so will need to be patient and wait.

There are so many factors that the growing process depends on. For example, your physical health, hormones, and genres. These ones you can`t control in any way, so let`s talk about the ones you can actually work with.

The Hormones

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Hormones are really important when it comes to the facial hair. There two of them that influence its appearance. Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHS). The amount of DHS affects the hair growth and your facial hair in general. If you have a higher level of testosterone and DHS, you are more likely to have bigger amounts of hair than those who have a lower one. Well, there are some ways to naturally boost them without any additional supplement. Exercising and lifting heavy weights may help you. Also, don`t forget to eat healthy food rich in protein, carbs and good fats. Stress less and rest a bit more. This will not only help your body to produce two hormones you need to grow a beard, but will also give you a lot of energy.

Best Food For A Healthy Beard

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How to grow a thicker beard? The answer lies in the food. That is why we advise you to choose a healthy and well-balanced diet for yourself. If you dream of long beard styles, you should definitely choose these products: sweet potatoes, eggs, spinach oysters, liver and cinnamon. Why? Protein, different minerals, and iron that they are rich in will not only be a healthy basis for your eating habits but will also influence you men`s health and of course the hair growth. The way your facial hair will look depends on the quality of the food you consume. Keep that in mind, and you will have the healthiest looking beard.

Best Exercises For Growing A Beard Faster

To boost the beard growth, try the resistance training and lifting weights. These exercises will help your body to produce more testosterone. A healthy diet, enough of sleep and regular exercising may give you the chance to grow out long beard styles.

How To Grow Your Beard In 3 Easy Steps

There are three steps that you should follow in order to get a healthy looking beard, are you ready?

Step 1. Give It Time

The most common question is how long does it take to grow a beard. As we have already stated, there is no right answer to this as it may differ for everybody. That is why our first step is to wait. Yes, you`ve understood correctly. Get patient as it may take some time for facial hair growth.

Step 2. Trim Your Beard

Beard trimming is the next step that you should definitely not skip in your routine. Do it regularly, and the results will be satisfying. Healthy looking hair and a neat look, what can be better? Bearded men recommend taking care of your facial hair with different products. A beard cream or oil can make your beard look much better.

Step 3. Enhance The Good Part Of Your Beard

Growing a beard means finding good ways to style it. There are so many different types of beard trims that you should definitely try. Our third step would be to find the ones that will make you look even better than you do already. Find your own preferences and keep up upgrading your look. Maybe a mustache will be your piece of cake one day.

Deal With Beards Issues

Along with some beard growing tips, we have prepared some advice for you if beards issues occur. We hope this will help to make them less uncomfortable for you.

Itchy Beard

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An itchy beard is a normal reaction of your skin. After shaving and starting to grow the hair, the skin may get a bit irritated by the cut edge of your hair that bends and goes to your skin. What should you do? Firstly, focus on the fact that it is a temporary inconvenience. Secondly, applying some moisturizing may help your skin a lot.

How To Get Rid Of Beard Dandruff

Beard dandruff is a common problem that occurs to many men who have facial hair. What do we recommend? Use a beard brush to bring up all the dead skin pieces before going to shower and washing them out. Don`t forget to use a beard oil to nourish your skin, mustache, and beard after.

What To Do About A Patchy Beard

A patchy beard is not the biggest problem you may face while growing a beard. Beardmen state that long beards are stylish now, but patchy ones like goatee are never going out of style. Keep up a stubble, and you will love the look!

If You Have Split Ends

What is the tip on the split ends? Moisturizing of course. A beard oil is a must for you if you have such a problem. However, never pick on split ends as this may lead to patches. Is that what you want?

Losing Beard Hairs

Using your razor may lead to you losing your beard hairs, that is why be careful with the whole process of beard growing and shaving. If you don`t like the thought of losing facial hair, you better put your razor aside.

How To Grow A Beard – Quick Instructions

Does shaving make hair thicker? Yes, but it definitely doesn`t make it grow faster. That is a common myth that people are used to telling each other. What are the main steps you should keep up with? Don`t forget to shampoo your facial hair at least once a week when you shower. Always remember that taking care of your beard is a necessity now. That is why a beard brush and a beard oil should appear in your men kit. Eat healthily and exercise regularly to keep the level of testosterone and your beard will look healthy.

This guide on how to grow a beard will hopefully help you in this journey. Whether you are considering it or have already started to grow the facial hair, we are happy to share some great tips and advice we have found.

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