There’s been a strict distinctive line between Alpha males and Beta males for ages. The first type defines dominant men, while the other – submissive ones, correspondingly. However, life is rarely as simple as black and white, so recently, the definition of a sigma male has appeared. Would you like to learn more about whats sigma is and whether you fit in the description?


What Is A Sigma Male?

The sigma male is one of the male personality types that does not fit the classical hierarchy of Alpha and Beta males yet exists exclusively out of it. A sigma man is known to be independent and rarely complies with the prevalent social norms and expectations. For some time, the sigma male definition was missing since no one truly believed that these men were much different from Alphas.

What Is A Sigma Male? #sigmamale #malepersonality


Where Does The Sigma Male Fit On The Socio Sexual Hierarchy?

Now when you know what is sigma, you may wonder where sigma males fit on the social-sexual hierarchy. If you compare the notion to the known male archetypes, it’s safe to say that the role is widely debated. Yet, there’s a common assumption that places a sigma male outside all the five male archetypes and describes him as a lone wolf.

The recent research proves that most men who decide to go their ways and think out of the box are called sigma males. To better understand who these men are, you should compare them with Alpha males.

Where Does The Sigma Male Fit On The Socio Sexual Hierarchy? #sigmamale #malepersonality

Sigma Male vs Alpha Male

Since the sigma male meaning may seem a little vague, we will try to explain the notion better by comparing sigma male vs alpha male.

  • Firstly, a sigma does not care about social appearances. Such a man does not strive to please everyone around and put up with all the social norms.
  • Secondly, when compared to an Alpha, a sigma man doesn’t want to spend time on the pointless competition for dominance to get to the top of the social order.
  • Knowing potential benefits that the position of an Alpha can bring into his life, a sigma male discards those.
  • While Alpha males are self-sufficient due to their position, sigma males are self-sufficient by their nature, without any third-party interference.

Sigma Male vs Alpha Male #sigmamale #malepersonality


7 Traits Of A Sigma Male

It may not be enough to define sigma male as an archetype to decide whether you fit the position. You need to discover sigma personality traits in detail. There are 7 main sigma characteristics to pay attention to.


A sigma wolf rarely follows the direction that the masses are pointed in. he finds his own way, which is often a complete opposite to what the majority does.


A sigma male mindset works in such a way that he may not want to settle down and own a house. They are comfy with being on the road 24/7 with nothing but a backpack filled with the essentials at hand.


No matter how distant is a sigma man from the dominance of a known hierarchy, he can easily assimilate into any environment he has to. However, a loner such a man is, he is never dependent on those social circles.


This trait interacts with assimilation well. A sigma male is utterly adaptable to whatever conditions he is put in without constantly complaining about something not going his way. Yet, it does not mean that he falls for the environment and accepts it as a single right way to live.


It may sound a little selfish, but these men put their own dreams and ideas over all the rest. Besides, sigma men care little about social standards and required dress code.


You won’t come across a sigma who is attached to anyone more than they need to be. If it gets in the way of their aims and dreams, a permanent companionship is often discarded.


Being in the spotlight is the last thing that sigmas would want. That’s why they try to keep their abilities inside a box so that no one can notice them and entitle them with the recognition they don’t want.

7 Traits Of A Sigma Man #sigmamale #malepersonality


A sigma male is a rare and peculiar archetype that deserves all the attention it gets. There are positive traits that these men feature, but some may lack wide social acceptance. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be praised for what they are without being undermined or mocked by others.



What is a sigma male personality?

A stigma male is a confident and powerful man. He is self-sufficient and usually treats others in the same way.

Is sigma male a real thing?

For the longest, while the notion of an Alpha and Beta men were to be distinguished about. The out-of-the-hierarchy archetype is a real thing.

Is a sigma male better than an alpha male?

For the most part, both share the same characteristics. However, a sigma male doesn’t crave to stay on the top of the hierarchal latter no matter what. Such men are self-sufficient.

What do sigma males hate?

Sigma males hate superficial and shallow people. They think that life is far too serious to be wasted on trivial people.

Do Sigma males have friends?

Surely, sigma males have close friends, but not more than a friend or two.


  • Sigma males play by their own rules. No one elses. Source
  • Sigma males and alpha males are about as accurate as star signs.. Source