Top Bald Head Tips From How To Cut To Photos Of Best Ideas

Go Bold With Your Bald Head Haircut In A Few Steps

Whether your hair is getting thinner or you just in the mood for a drastic change, but you’ve decided to go with a bald head. However, you only have an experience in shaving the face and you have no idea where to start. Sounds familiar? If this is your situation, you’re in the right place. Here, we have an ultimate guide to shaving your head properly with the best tips and ideas.


Tools For The Job

Before starting off, you need to select the tool you’re going to use for shaving your head. It’s pretty much the same as when you decide on the beard style equipment. You choose between dry shaving with an electric shaver and a wet one with a razor.

Electric Shaver

Arguably, the best way to shave head for beginners is with an electric shaver. It’s fast and convenient while doesn’t require many skills. The marker offers a wide range of shavers: from devices aimed at shaving the head only to multi-purpose ones that are suitable for your face, head and even the whole body. Hence when choosing the shaver, check if you can shave head with it. Also, pay attention to its head flexibility, as you want the blades to embrace your head contours. This will reduce the number of times you go over the same sections thus avoiding irritation. If your scalp is sensitive, opt for an electric shaver that can be used wet.


A razor is a constant guest of most mens hairstyles. A bald head is no exception. Despite all possible dangers and drawbacks, a manual razor has one huge advantage that makes a lot of men resort to it. No electric shaver offers you such clean and close shaving as a razor does. Still, pick up the one that has a flexible head because of the same reasons. In addition, make sure that the blades are sharp to prevent irritation.



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Without a hand mirror, it’s easy to get a half shaved head because you can miss some hair patches trying to shave them blindly. Thus, you’ll need two mirrors: a big bathroom one with good light and a medium size hand one, which will help you to see what’s happening in the back. Also, in this way, you’ll be able to answer the painful question “How would I look bald to onlookers?”

Skin Care Products

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Besides tools, you might need some skin care products, like a pre-shave oil, shaving soap or cream and aftershave. Using a pre-shave oil is essential as it creates a barrier between your head and a blade. It allows a razor to glide smoothly across your skin without razor burns and excessive removal of the top skin layer. A shaving soap or cream is much more preferable than your normal soap, as they soften and moisturize the skin while providing a good blade glide. As an aftershave product, better go with a balm, not a lotion because the latter is usually high in alcohol, which causes your skin dryness. With all these tips in mind and all the products on the scalp, everyone will be able to pull off any, even the most daring look, from a shaved head with beard white man to a clean shaved bald black man.

Preparation Process

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Now, when the question “Should I shave my head?” doesn’t bother you anymore, it’s time to get ready to a really nice and smooth shave. First preparation step is to ensure that your mens hair isn’t longer than stubble, especially if you haven’t shaved your scalp before. Hence, a pre-trim with hair clippers won’t hurt at all. Next step is to exfoliate your head to prevent the buildup of grease and dead skin cells. This will minimize the appearance of pimples and ingrown hairs. Finally, take a hot shower before a shave, as it makes the skin soft and the pores open. As a result, you get an easy and smooth glide.


How To Shave Head With A Razor

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Say, you decided on a manual razor shave, what’s next? Next, follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to shave your head.

    1. Apply a pre-shave oil to your scalp.
    2. Wet your head and lather a shaving gel, cream or any other shaving product of your choice on your head.
    3. Start off by shaving the sides and move up to the top. The razor should glide in the hair growth direction. Note though, hair can grow in various directions, so try to follow all of them.
    4. When the sides are done, work up the top and then the back. Don’t forget to rinse the blade after 2-3 passes.
    5. Ensure the skin at the back of the neck is stretched by tilting the head forward.
    6. Don’t press on the razor; rather let it glide effortlessly around the head.
    7. When you feel you’re done with shaving, wash the head with warm water, which will eliminate the remaining shaving products.
    8. Close your pores by rinsing the head with cold water.
    9. Pat lightly with a towel to dry the head. Don’t rub!
    10. Apply a mild alcohol-free aftershave balm.

And that’s all, folks! Now, you have one of the all-time trendiest and cockiest hair styles for men.

Day To Day Care

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Remember that a bald head requires a constant upkeep and care.

Exfoliate it regularly to prevent oil and dead skin cells build up and allow the blade to glide smoothly and evenly in close proximity to the roots. Use a special scrub for face and head to exfoliate the scalp. Moreover, scrubbing clears the pores, which, in turn, decreases the risk of ingrowing hairs. Washing is also an essential part of your bald head routine. The absence of hair doesn’t absolve you from shampooing because the latter gives your scalp cleanliness and care without making it dry.

Alternatively, if you pair the bald head with a beard, which is so trendy nowadays, you can wash your scalp with the same product that you use for your facial hair. A shaved head tends to get dry very fast, thus consider using moisturizer right after exfoliation. Also, shaving head makes it prone to sunburn and other vulnerabilities. Hence, don’t leave the house without a generous layer of sunscreen or a sunhat. In wintertime, keep the head warm with hats, scarves or hoods.



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Long story short, here are the top tips for bald people to bear in mind:

  • Keep the blades sharp.
  • Exfoliate the skin on a regular basis.
  • Employ pre-shave oil and a shaving product.
  • Steam out in a hot shower before shaving.
  • Move the razor in the hair growth direction.
  • Wash out the head with warm and cold water.
  • Moisturize the scalp with an aftershave balm.
  • Don’t skip shampooing.
  • Moisturize the head regularly.
  • Keep the head protected from cold and sun.

Best Ideas For Bald Head Look

For your convenience, we compiled a gallery of the best bald haircut styles so that you could find at least one reference to match your tastes.

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The bald head can look stylish and daring if taken care of properly. You can’t neglect such integral parts of a skin care routine as exfoliating, shampooing, moisturizing and protecting. With our go-to tips and hints, you’ll succeed in nailing the look smoothly.