Are you up for a bald haircut and not sure how to shave your head? No worries. We got you covered. In the following guide, we have put together all of the information you need to know about shaving a head at home, from what tools to use to how to avoid cuts, bumps and suchlike. So, if you are still wondering, should I shave my head, we say, go ahead! After all, if something goes wrong, you can always grow your hair back. But, with the help of our guide, we are pretty sure you will not need it.


Step 1. Trim The Hair With Attachment-Less Clippers

Shaving head bald starts with trimming all of the hair off. When your hair on the head is at least an inch long, it can be quite challenging to shave it without razor burns or even cuts. So, to aid the process, remove the attachment from your hair clippers and run them all over your head.


Step 2. Damp Your Hair Beforehand

Similar to your hair on the face, the hair on your head also needs to be washed using a shampoo or soap. In this way, you will make the skin relaxed and the hairs noticeably softer. Also, your pores will open, which means that the razor will glide smoothly with no friction.

Step 3. Protect Your Skin With Oil

It is a good idea to apply a thin layer of oil to your skin before using a shaving cream. This will create a barrier that will help you to avoid such issues as ingrown hairs, irritation and razor burns. Also, because it allows the razor to move more effortlessly along your skin, you may not worry about nicks and bumps. You can make your own oil mix (for instance, using coconut, jojoba and castor oil) or buy a ready-made product.


Step 4. Find A Razor That Works For You Best

To achieve the desired result, it is important to find the best razor for shaving head. However, keep in mind that it would be different for everyone. Some guys are used to cartridge razors, as they find them the most convenient and easy to use. For others, a safety razor is the best razor to shave head. While to some extent it is a matter of taste, the level of your head shaving skills is what also affects which head razor to choose. Simply put, if you are a newbie, then start with a cartridge razor. Once you become more confident and skilled, you can switch to a safety razor.

Find A Razor That Works For You Best

Step 5. Use A Shaving Gel Or Cream

Now, it is time to apply a shave cream or gel, whichever you prefer, to your head. You should take care to distribute it evenly, making sure the layer is not too thick. Use a hand held mirror to better see what is going on there on your head.


Step 6. Start From The Top Of Your Head

Now that the prelude is over, you can actually begin to shave head. So, how to shave your own head to achieve the ultimate result? The best way to shave head is to start from the center of the top of your head and work your way down toward the hairline. Take care not to press the head shaving razor too hard and use short but firm motion. Do not rush. You should really take your time to avoid damage. Make sure to wash the razor under running water from time to time to get rid of hair and shave cream residue. You can also help yourself by pulling the skin a little so that it is taut and when shaving the nape, tilt the head forward.

Once you have shaved your head for the first time, rinse it with lukewarm water and check for any stubble left using a mirror and the free hand. Apply another layer of shave cream and do one more pass to eliminate all the patches but this time shave in the opposite direction your hair grows.

Start From The Top Of Your Head

Step 7. Apply A Post Shave Product

No matter how to shave head, you may still get razor burns, dryness and irritation. So, after you have finished shaving, rinse your head with cool water. This will help to make your skin firm and pores closed. Follow up with a generous amount of after shave lotion or balm that does not contain alcohol. The product should also have antiseptic properties to stop bacteria from penetrating the pores. Look for such natural ingredients as witch hazel and tea tree oil.

Step 8. Alternatively, Grab An Electric Shaver And Buzz All Hair Off

Those of you who want to achieve the desired result fast and without fuss may want to resort to a rotary or foil shaver. Both of them deliver a very close shave without damaging your skin. The technique is almost the same as how to cut your own hair with a trimmer – you just move the razor swiftly across your head from back to front and from side to side and you are all set. Besides, you will most likely be able to avoid razor burns, irritation, cuts, in grown hairs and bumps. However, the effect is not very long lasting – up to several days, while with a safety razor, your head will remain smooth for around a week. So keep that in mind.

Alternatively, Grab An Electric Shaver And Buzz All Hair Off

Now that you know how to shave your head, we do not see what can stop you from venturing out for it. As our guide accompanies you every step of the way, you are bound to succeed. Following it, you are guaranteed to end up thinking that shaving my head has never been easier.



Is it good to shave your head?

Shaving your head may give you plenty of benefits. It can help you to disguise any hair conditions that you may experience, like hair loss, receding hair line, patchy hair growth or even a widows peak. Also, it saves you pretty much time and money on styling and maintaining your hair. When it comes to head shaving for the sake of boosting your hair growth, there is no direct link between them.

How do you shave your head for the first time?

The best way to shave your head for the first time is to follow these head shave tips:

1. Shave head after you have had a shower to make your hairs softer and thus easier to shave.
2. Apply a shave gel instead of a cream, as they minimize the risk of razor burns and allow for quality shaving.
3. Make sure you can see your head from every angle, meaning the room where you are shaving head is well lit and you have at least two mirrors at hand.
4. One of the most effective shaving tips is to go with the grain. Never shave your head in the opposite direction to your hair growth if you do not want to have razor burns.
5. Do not shave the head after sun bathing, as you will have a too noticeable difference between the skin tone of your neck and the shaved back of head.
6. Do not skimp on a sunscreen and moisturizer if you want to avoid dryness and hyperpigmentation of your scalp.
7. A bald head does not mean that it does not require washing. You still need to maintain good hygiene of your scalp by shampooing it with every wash and conditioning it every other time you take a shower.
8. Take into account weather conditions. If the air is too dry, use moisturizers more often.
9. Deal with razor burns immediately by applying topical hydrocortisone and leaving your head alone for a while.
10. Always use a sunscreen on your whole head, as well as neck and ears. Choose a product specially made for a scalp.
11. Sport your shaved head haircut proudly, as from now on you look bold and daring.

Do you shave your head wet or dry?

Neither. It is better to shave your head right after you have taken a shower and soaked excess water with a towel. So, your hair is no longer wet but it is not completely dry either.

What does a shaved head say about a man?

Men with shaved heads are often perceived as dominant, masculine, powerful, authoritative and influential.

How often should you shave your head?

While this depends greatly on the speed of your hair growth, you should visit your barber for upkeep once in 3-4 weeks.


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