Very often, when answering the question of how to cut your own hair men can’t find a comprehensive answer. There’s either so much or so little information that you simply don’t know where to start or how to finish. To help you out with the process of cutting your own hair so that you achieve the best results, we’ve prepared this step-by-step guide. Stick to it and your hair will always look its very best!


Pre-Cut Preparations

There are some preparation steps you should take before cutting your own hair. First, you should choose the hairstyle you’re going for. Second, the tools you’re going to use should be in proper working condition. Third, you need to decide on the place where to cut hair, as it should be light, easily cleaned up and contain a lot of mirrors. The bathroom works perfectly in this case. Finally, don’t give yourself a haircut if your hair isn’t freshly washed.


Cutting Your Hair At Home: How To

Cutting Your Hair At Home: How To #tutorial

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So, you’re done with preparation and now it’s time to find out how to cut your own hair men often find challenging. If it’s your first time, just don’t go for an overly elaborate haircut. And don’t give it much thought, as this doesn’t help at all.

Go For A Buzz Cut

Go For A Buzz Cut #howtocuthair

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Obviously, a buzz cut is one of the easiest ways of cutting hair. To perform it, you need only to choose the length you’re aiming at and know how to trim your own hair, which doesn’t require any special skills, just some sharp clippers and a steady hand. Run the clippers all over the head, clean up the hairline around the neckline and edges and you’re done.


Complement With A Fade

Complement With A Fade #howtocuthair

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For a bit of a style and edge, you might want to enhance your haircut with a fade haircut. However, knowing how to do a fade haircut doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to succeed in it. To perform this DIY haircut, you should also arm yourself with patience and time. Besides, the approach to how to fade your own hair greatly depends on the tools you’re going to use. Some high-quality clippers that have an adjustable blade will do the job right much easier and faster. The most common way of how to fade hair is to alternate the length of your hair by decreasing it gradually from top to bottom using different settings of the clippers.

How To Cut A Fade Haircut

How To Cut A Fade Haircut #howtocuthair

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To cut a fade haircut, you need to stick to the following steps:

  1. Choose the beginning of your fade line.
  2. Pick out the required guard size depending on the length of the fade.
  3. No matter how to fade hair, high or low, it is better to trim it with the clippers, running them up the back and sides.
  4. The best way of how to fade hair color gradually and seamlessly is to switch between different guard sizes.
  5. Run the trimmer from the bottom of your hair toward the crown but don’t go higher your temples.
  6. With the help of a comb, allocate the desired hair length and trim the rest with the clippers.
  7. Using the trimmer, create a crisp line along the neckline and hairline.
  8. The best approach for how to fade hair color that is too dark is to be conservative and cut little by little, as sometimes it is better to underdo than to overdo.


How To Fade Your Own Hair

Of course, it is always better to entrust this task to a professional, as they know much better how to cut men’s hair fade. However, if you are trying to cut your expenses or have not found your perfect barber yet, then you might want to learn how to shave your head. If this is the case, we got your back.

How To Fade Your Hair

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Indicate The Fade Line

The fade line is the indicator of the beginning of tapering. It is important to remember that there are three main fade types: high, medium and low. You are going to buzz all the hair under the fade line with a trimmer to achieve a skin fade look. In case you are not into a bald fade, then the blending should start higher than your ear line and go upward.

Decide On The Guard Size And The Fade Line Length

Now you need to decide what size of the guard is the most suitable for the chosen fade line, which is the indicator of the fade length. The lower the guard size number, the shorter the cut. Not to go reckless, choose between comb attachments #3 and #4. As you are going to move from your neckline toward the crown, this guard size defines how short your fade is going to be.

Fade The Sides First

As soon as all of your hair below the fade line is shaved off, run the trimmer with the necessary comb attachment over your fade line. As you want the cut to be even, the strokes should be short and small. Remember to work toward the top of the head.

Alternate Attachments To Achieve A Gradual Fade

So that the fading tapers smoothly, you need to switch between the clipper combs from shorter to longer sizes as you work your way up. When attaching the next guard, you should run the trimmer from the top of the previously trimmed area, not above it. If hair sections overlap, don’t worry. This will help you to achieve a natural appearance of the cut with minimized layers.

Go On Until You Reach The Top

The final step in fading your hair is blending it into the longish top. As soon as you reach the highest point on your fade, you need to measure the desired length of your hair on top with a comb and cut off the excess using the trimmer.

Clean Up The Hairline And Neckline

Shave the area under your fade line and define your neckline using a trimmer. Use a beard trimmer for more precision and control. Optionally, you can enhance the look with a sharp line up created along the sideburns and temples with an outliner or edgers.

Evaluate The Result

As soon as you are done with cutting your hair, it is time to review how well it has been. Check carefully in the mirror if there are any mistakes and fix them if possible. If you are a complete newbie, it is better to ignore minor flaws not to ruin the result in your attempts to achieve perfection.

Alternative Option: A Regular Taper

Alternative Option: A Regular Taper #howtocuthair

Source: @kevinelezaj via Instagram

Alternatively, you can choose another great haircut that doesn’t require any special skills in how to cut hair. This is a regular haircut for men. How to trim hair on the back and sides is actually up to you. The best approach is to begin with more length and then decrease it if needed. On the top, you will give yourself a scissor cut. Take care though that the transition between the sides and the top is gradual.

How to Cut Mens Hair Using Scissors

Cutting your own hair short with scissors is rather a challenging task. However, if you go for a more length, then scissors are indeed your best option. Note though that when performing the cut using scissors, your hair should be damp. First, shape the desired hairstyle. Then, cut the hair with the scissors, moving from the edges to the top. You will need to hold the strands of the hair between the fingers in the following way: with the fingers positioned upright when working with the sides and with the fingers being horizontal when chopping the top. Remember that when your hair is dry, it’s shorter than when it’s wet. So, before cutting off another centimetre, dry your hair and see if you should really proceed.


Trimming The Neckline: How To

When cutting your own hair men often fail the proper neckline trimming. So that to succeed in this, there’s arguably no better way than fading it. To do this, you’ll need a three-way mirror and a pair of clippers. Should you decide to go for a rounded or square neckline, make sure you have enough practice, as it’s not as easy as it seems.

Flowbee Haircutting System

The Flowbee Haircutting System is arguably the most hustle free way of how to cut your own hair. The device is extremely easy to use and the result is almost always a success. The Flowbee Hair Cutter is equipped with a hose, ten spacers, power cord, vacuum adapter and blade oil. The spacers, which serve as guards, allow you to cut the hair between 0.5 and 6 inches long. They are attached to the Flowbee Haircutting device, which in its turn, is attached to the vacuum. You then turn on the vacuum and it sucks your hair into the Flowbee head so that the blades would be able to cut it.

Flowbee Haircutting System

Haircut Techniques Based On The Type Of Your Hair

When choosing the way of how to cut your own hair men should also consider the type of hair they have. It also affects the approach to how to layer your own hair.

For the straight hair type, you need to take into consideration that it will shrink when it dries, so take it easy on removing too much hair at once. If you go with overly short and high sides, your hair may stick out, so be careful with that.

Wavy hair also becomes shorter when dry, so keep that in mind when cutting to the desired length. What’s beneficial about wavy hair is that it’s well behaved when it comes to cutting.

Curly hair men get shorter after drying as well. Though, its biggest advantage is that even if you don’t cut it even, it won’t be as obvious as with the other hair textures.

Last but not least, when it comes to kinky hair, you should leave scissors aside, as you won’t be able to comb it. As this type of hair is so fragile and dry, you should ensure that you’ve taken care of it properly beforehand.


The Overview Of The Best Tools

No matter how to cut your own hair in layers or even, you should stock up on some special tools, which ensure that the process goes without hassle.

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Hair Clipper and Trimmer Kit

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Hair Clipper and Trimmer Kit #howtocuthair #howtocuthairmen

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The question of how to cut my own hair will bother you much less if you arm yourself with one of Wahl clippers. They have superior quality and provide you with the most accurate cut in a blink of an eye. The range of guards allows for the various lengths of the cuts and the smoothest transitions between sections. And if you get in in a kit, you’ll also have your facial hair covered.

Remington Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Remington Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit #howtocuthair #howtocuthairmen

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If you want to master how to cut hair with clippers so that it is an effortless and timesaving process, then the Shortcut Pro from Remington is your sure bet. It’s small enough to fit perfectly in your hand yet delivers a very precise cut. On top of that, being cordless, it has quite a decent runtime, which is around 40 minutes.


Utopia Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Utopia Professional Hair Cutting Shears #howtocuthair #howtocuthairmen

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Clippers are your answer to how to cut your own hair short while scissors become a perfect tool when you’re after long haircuts. These hair cutting shears from Utopia are of very high quality with sharp steel blades and rubber inserts for your fingers, which provide the most precise yet comfortable cut.

Parker SRX Heavy Duty Straight Razor

Parker SRX Heavy Duty Straight Razor #howtocuthair #howtocuthairmen

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After you have learned how to cut your own hair with scissors and clippers, you need to think about shaping your neckline and nicks reducing. This can be easily achieved with this Parker SRX Heavy Duty Straight Razor, which has a sharp steel blade and stainless handle for the maximum comfort during shaving.

Headblade Moto

Headblade Moto #howtocuthair #howtocuthairmen

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Sometimes the precision from a razor is still not enough for you. In this case, the Headblade Moto comes into play. It has a special suspension system, which is dual-active, and a ball mechanism, which rotates and thus, allows for a closer shave.


Kent Handmade Comb

Kent Handmade Comb #howtocuthair #howtocuthairmen

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Can you imagine how to cut mens hair without a comb? Neither can we. Hence, arm yourself with a comb that has both fine and wide teeth. The Kent Handmade Comb has a perfect size that can handle even quite longish locks and not pull them.

Self-Cut System Black Lambo 3-Way Mirror

Self-Cut System Black Lambo 3-Way Mirror #howtocuthair #howtocuthairmen

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When trying to cut your own hair men should not neglect the importance of a mirror, a three-way mirror, actually. The Self Cut System 3-Way Mirror has everything you expect from it – sturdiness and portability. Paying tribute to contemporary technology advancement, it also provides you with an app that will help you master performing of haircuts and fades.

Flairosol Spray Bottle

Flairosol Spray Bottle #howtocuthair #howtocuthairmen

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As you remember, your hair should be damp when you cut it. To maintain the proper level of hydration during the cut, you need to spritz it with water every now and then. Flairosol offers plenty of spray bottles that come in different designs.


Edgup Neckline Shaving Template

Edgup Neckline Shaving Template #howtocuthair #howtocuthairmen

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Even the mirror, comb and razor don’t guarantee that you are going to have a perfectly shaped neckline. It’s much easier to use a template, especially when you’re a novice. The Edgup Neckline Shaving Template is manufactured of premium quality silicone, which fits your scalp shape ideally.

Sanek Display Neck Strips

Sanek Display Neck Strips #howtocuthair #howtocuthairmen

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Cleaning up is one of the most annoying processes when it comes to cutting your hair. It even can make you think, should I cut my hair or not? To make it easier, protect your neck with neck strips, such as those from Sanek.

To learn how to cut your own hair men should not necessarily get additional help. Our guide contains all the essential information on this matter, including the list of the tools you should get to do the job. So, simply stick to it and your hair will always look amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fade your own hair – for beginners?

  1. Wet your hair.
  2. Select the appropriate comb attachment for your fade line.
  3. Choose where the lower and higher fade lines are going to be.
  4. Separate the top hair section.
  5. With a zero guard, run the clippers upward from the bottom toward the lower fade line.
  6. Attach guard #3 or #4 and run the clippers from one side to another along the fade line.
  7. Change the guard to a smaller size and taper the lower fade line.
  8. Even out the layers by isolating the extra hairs using a comb and running the clippers over it.
  9. Erase any visible lines with the help of the clippers.
  10. Define the neckline and hairline using the clippers with a zero guard.

How can I fade my black hair?

  1. Moist your hair.
  2. Decide how long and where your fade line is going to be and choose the guard size accordingly.
  3. Single out the hair on the top of your head.
  4. Run the clippers without attachment bottom to top and stop once you get to the lower fade line.
  5. Using the guard size between #3 and #4, trim the fade area moving the clippers sideward.
  6. With a smaller guard size, blend out the bottom section of the fade.
  7. Remove the sticking out hairs with the help of shears or the trimmer to achieve an even silhouette.
  8. Fade out the transition between the sections using the clippers.
  9. Shape up the outline by defining the neckline and the hairline using the trimmer razor.

How do you do a high fade haircut step by step?

  1. Run the trimmer with the closed lever from the bottom of your hair toward the top and stop around the temples.
  2. Attach guard #1 and trim around ¾ inch of the hair above the previously trimmed area.
  3. Attach guard #2 and blend the fade into the hair up top.
  4. Attach guard #1 and close the lever. Run the trimmer along the upper fade line to make the blending smooth and even.
  5. Remove all the attachments, while keeping the lever in the open position. Run the trimmer along the lower fade line to create a smooth transition.
  6. Put the lever midway and blend the two fade lines together.
  7. Using the trimmer, clean the area below the lower fade line and define your hairline with a line-up.


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