Guys with straight hair can spend hours trying to figure out how to get curly hair men with natural or thick texture have since birth. And while gents with curly hair are going right in the opposite direction, these two groups of men still have one thing in common: the hair transformation they dream of is pretty tricky to achieve.


    Today’s post is a helping hand for men who want to play around with curly and twisty textures. Everything you need for getting your hair curly is here: from basic tips to effective products and easy tutorials. Let’s add some oomph to your straight chevelure!

    Go Longer Between Washes

    It is a common fact that shampoo can be drying to your hair, especially if it contains SLS. But in addition to that, it may be a reason why your waves or curls do not form. As sulfates remove natural oils from your hair, it becomes thin and limp. Also, make sure to wash out the shampoo thoroughly to prevent it from building up in your strands, thus weighing them down. So that the curls remain bouncy and movable, try not to wash them too often. If you cannot extend the time between washes, at least skip shampoo every now and then, washing your locks with cool only.

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    Allow Your Hair To Air Dry

    As a towel is basically a myriad of tiny fabric loops that soak in moisture, it is often used to dry hair. Yet, along with water, it also absorbs natural oils from it. A blow dryer affects the hair in the same way. As a result, your curls become frizzy and brittle. So that it will not happen, try to leave your hair dry in the air.

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    Take Advantage Of Sea Salt Spray

    While with a sea salt spray, you can achieve quite an impressive volume, this is not its only use. It makes your strands lifted up and more defined, which is why it is a perfect styling product for a beachy wave hairstyle. As the hold is medium and the finish is soft, you may not worry that your tresses will be crunchy. To make the most out of it, apply a sea salt spray on wet hair and create the curls with the fingers.

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    Employ A Curling Wand

    In case you struggle to achieve that perfect curl, do not hesitate to enlist the help of heat tools, such as a curler or rollers. They will make your curl more pronounced. To acquire the best result, you should work with clean hair and remember to apply a heat protectant before styling. To get taut curls, divide the hair into narrow sections. For loose curls, the strands should be quite chunky.

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    Exploit Hair Products That Accentuate The Curl

    There are special hair products that are aimed at enhancing your curl. Using them, you will get more prominent and well outlined curls. Plus, they can ensure that your hair stays put as long as possible. And the best part? In the majority of cases, these products can be applied to both dry and wet locks. Just consider your hair type when choosing the curl enhancer and you are guaranteed the best result.

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    Get The Haircut That Works For You Best

    The right hair length is essential when it comes to curls. To show off your locks, opt for short or mid length cuts. Straight hair guys, on the other hand, will need to grow their hair a bit longer so that it could be curled using heat tools or rollers. The perfect haircut for curly hair is with short sides and a long top, as it is easier to maintain while keeping the focus on your curly top. A high fade pompadour and an undercut fringe are some of the best curly hair cuts.

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    Get Your Hair Permed

    If you have decided to commit to curls for a longer period of time, a perm is your way to go. Yet, before venturing out for this treatment, make sure to consult your barber, especially if you have bleached your locks or used other chemicals on them. Do not worry, you will not look like you have a bowl of noodles on your head. A modern version of perm is much more wearable and versatile. As such, you can adjust the look to match your preferences and personal style. The effect lasts for up to six months. So, once you get tired of it, you can always grow your perm out.

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    Use Moroccan Oil

    Moroccan oil, aka argan oil, is known for its moisturizing properties. No wonder it is so popular in the hair industry. As curly hair needs more hydration compared to other hair types, it pays to incorporate Moroccan oil into your hair care routine. The intricate texture of curls does not let oils from your scalp distribute evenly toward the ends. And that is when argan oil comes into play. It also helps you to prevent frizziness and makes styling easier. So, it is possible to apply it before or after blow drying.

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    Two Easy Tutorials How Two Get Curly Hair

    Okay, enough with the curly theory! It’s time to see how to get curly hair men from all around the globe love to flaunt with. Here are two easy tutorials that will help you to master perfect curly hairstyles for men.

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    How To Make Straight Hair Curly

    This tutorial will show you how to get wavy hair and create a curly undercut. Follow these steps:

    1. Start by applying sea salt spray to your wet hair, making sure that you’re going right from the roots to tips.
    2. Bring all of your hair forward and go on to scrunching and lifting your mane.
    3. Then, take off a nozzle from your dryer and start blow-drying your hair while scrunching it.
    4. When your hair gets dryer, add some more sea salt spray and continue blow-drying it. Repeat it twice.
    5. Once the style is ready, finish it with a coat of strong-hold texturizing spray to set it in place.

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    How To Get Curly Hair Instantly

    With this tutorial, you are going to learn how to curl short hair. Some basic products and less than one hour are enough to get one of the most popular curly hairstyles men with any texture would like to try.

    1. Begin by preparing your hair: apply some heat protectant to your wet hair. Then, coat your hair with a thickening, sea salt texturizing spray.
    2. Start blow-drying your hair, holding the diffuser dryer with one hand and scrunching your hair with the other.
    3. To enhance and moisturize your curls, apply some argan oil to the style.
    4. Create some individual curls by wrapping loose strands around your finger.
    5. Give your curly mane a finishing touch: tousle up the crown.

    It’s pretty natural that you’d like to change something in your style, whether it’s a length or texture. And since you have got to know the basics about creating curls, have seen our easy tutorials, and found out what products to consider, you can easily bring your hair experiment to life. Let curls into your life!

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    The Variety Of Curl Types To Try On

    There are many different types of men curls. They range from taut spiral curls to loose carefree waves. To achieve each type, you need to use a different approach. Here are the most common types.

    Short Side-Parted Texture

    Inspired by the 20s and 40s hair trends, a side part is a popular style that will arguably never go out of fashion. While it can be pulled off on basically any hair texture and length, guys with short curly locks will find it especially flattering. This simple yet sharp element will give the shape and definition of your unruly curls.

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    Brushed Up Curly Hair

    If you do not want to retain your curl yet are willing to take advantage of it, this is your go-to hairstyle. As the hair is brushed up, the curls are relaxed. Yet, they still allow you to achieve an ample volume. Because you end up with a pretty dapper hair look, you are free to complement it with a rugged beard for an ultimately manly vibe.

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    Heavy Fringe

    A fringe is one of the most popular curly hair styles for good reason. While it helps you to tame your tresses by removing the hair from the back, the final result comes out pronounced and eye-catching. On top of that, the styling is pretty effortless, as you just need to run your fingers with a hairstyling product through your strands for added texture.

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    Long Slick Back

    Long curly hair may look shaggy and unkempt at times. So that does it does not happen to you, it is important to style it properly. Choose hairstyles that will give your tresses a polished and refined appearance, such as a slick back look, for instance. Thanks to your bold hair texture, you may not worry that it will look limp or flat.

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    Small Thin Curls

    A small shiny curls gets to the whole new level of definition when you pull it off on curly locks. It effortlessly looks voluminous and luxuriant, becoming the focal point of the whole look. What is more, it allows you to achieve a groomed appearance while showing off your bone structure.

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    The Man Perm

    If you want your curls to stay with you on an ongoing basis, then you should go for a perm. This process entails breaking your strands’ natural bond with chemicals and then restructuring it. It is possible to get the type of a curl you want, from springy coils to relaxed waves. Although the procedure may sound intimidating, there is nothing to be afraid of. Yet, you will be able to enjoy the result for up to a year.

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    Surfer Waves

    Those guys who prefer a more laid-back style will want to employ a texturizing paste. It will help you to create a hairstyle that looks like it was styled by the wind. Simply work a blob of the product into your wet locks and make small twists with your fingers. Let then your hair air dry to look natural.

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    Controlled Curls

    This method is for guys with short limp locks. It will allow you to make them more voluminous and textured. Using a straightener, curl random strands of your hair in different directions and apply a hair wax to fix the result.

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    Crimped Curls

    Crimped curls are obviously not a new fashion trend. They made a huge come back from the 1990s and are not going anywhere. This style is more flattering for men who have long locks. To achieve it, you need to blow dry your hair after washing, brush it through and divide it into three parts. Weave three plain braids with each part and tie them at the bottom using elastic bands. Let them dry overnight. After you have undone the plaits in the morning, you can secure them with hairspray.

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    Soft-Body Curls

    If you are up to a relaxed, effortless curly hairstyle, then consider curls with a softly-defined body. It is a perfect way to upgrade your hairstyle without making much change. To get the look, towel dry the locks and generously spritz a sea salt spray over them. For longer hair, twist the strands into tiny rope braids and tie them into a bun. You need to leave the hair to dry overnight and undo it in the morning.

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    Best Products And Tools For Curly Styling

    There are no men curly hair can’t complement; this texture suits all guys. And now that you are familiar with the fundamentals of perfect curly looks, it’s time to see the best products and tools that will help you to turn straight mens hair into a curly mane.


    ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector Spray

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    How about a versatile thermal product that can protect your straight hair and give you short curly hair men find to be super attractive and comfy? This heat-protectant works for any hair type and can be used as a leave-in conditioner.

    BYRD Texturizing Surf Spray With Sea Salt And Coconut Water

    BYRD Texturizing Surf Spray with Sea Salt and Coconut Water #wavyhairmen #curlyhair #howtogetcurlyhairmen #hairproducts

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    Those who are about to rock popular surfer hair looks should keep this sea salt spray for hair in their minds. The product is worth your attention because it contains coconut water, and together with vitamin B5, it will give you a natural shine and beachy volume.

    Baxter Of California Clay Pomade

    Baxter of California Clay Pomade #wavyhairmen #curlyhair #howtogetcurlyhairmen #hairproducts

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    For curly styling, hair pomade works as a defining and setting finish. This strong-hold product will allow you to define, separate, and form your curly hairstyle, giving a natural hold without shine.


    American Crew Forming Cream

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    If you don’t like a matte finish left by hair wax, this forming cream will come in handy. It’s a pliable, soft product that leaves a natural shine while hydrating and conditioning your hair. And it works for all textures!

    BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray

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    Here comes one of the most effective hair products for men who want to curl their hair. It’s a thickening spray that boosts volume in your hair, making your mane easier to style, and thus preparing for curls.

    TRE Semme Salon Professional Diffuser Dryer

    TRE Semme Salon Professional Diffuser Dryer #wavyhairmen #curlyhair #howtogetcurlyhairmen #hairproducts

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    There’s no better way of how to style curly hair men with straight hair can go for than investing in the right styling arsenal. Apart from good styling products, you should have a nice blow dryer that is suitable for curly styling. And this professional dryer is a perfect example: its diffuser is designed specifically for creating full, voluminous, and natural curls.


    From Straight To Curly: Essential Tips To Keep In Mind

    It’s no secret that here is a countless number of hairstyles for curly hair men with straight manes would like to recreate. Also, let’s don’t forget that there are many curly hair types. And though you can’t embrace it all at once, there are some basics that will help you to master your hair transformation, whatever it is. If you follow them thoroughly, you will be able to experiment with different curly styles and textures.

    • For newbies, it’s better to start with deeply-cleaned and conditioned hair. Damp and wet hair is more manageable for styling, especially if you work with salt sprays. Make sure to wash your hair with organic, high-quality shampoo and a good softening conditioner.
    • Always use a heat protectant. Besides saving you from damage and frizz, such products can make your hair dry quicker.
    • If you want to achieve a natural wavy or effortless curly texture, salt sprays are your musts. When working with the product, lift your hair from the roots and then apply it. In this way, you will ensure that the spray is distributed evenly throughout your hair.
    • Blow-drying is also an important step towards curly and wavy textures. Most hair dryers come with a diffuser attachment, and that’s what you can’t do without. When blow-drying your hair, don’t forget to do it from the bottom up and place the air to your roots, slightly pushing your hair up and scrunching the strands with your hand.
    • For a more distinctive look, you can try creating individual curls. Take a piece of hair, spritz it with salt spray, and blast the heat directly to it.
    • When the style is dry, finish it with a strong-hold pomade or cream to keep it in place.

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    How can I make my hair permanently curly naturally?

    When choosing the best way of how to make hair curly men try out different methods. While this is not the easiest task, it is not impossible. To make your hair curly naturally, you can blow dry it with a diffuser attachment, spritz a sea salt spray to your locks, dry them with a towel after showering or getting a specific haircut.

    Can you make straight hair curly?

    Trying to figure out how to make your hair curly men should first get a haircut that will make it easier to turn your locks into curls. Then, use a hair product, such as a sea salt spray, and style your hair with a diffuser. Also, you can resort to a perm procedure if you want to get a long lasting effect.

    Do you brush curly hair?

    To learn how to get wavy hair men need to keep in mind that if you do not want the hairs to break or the ends to split, you should brush your curls only when they are wet. This will also help to prevent fly away hairs and frizziness, which your brittle and dry locks are prone to.


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