Who doesn’t want to know how to grow hair faster men? Modern trends show that healthy and strong long mane is very much appreciated not only by women but by men as well. It’s a big commitment to make, as the process requires much effort, time and money. However, it’s well worth the price. Eager to find out how make my hair grow faster? Keep on reading to be ahead of your long hair game.


Can Men Encourage Their Hair Growth?

In short, yes. Even if genetically your hair is supposed to grow at a specific rate, you can adjust it with the help of a proper hair care routine. So, here is how to make my hair grow faster male edition.

Thinking about how to grow hair faster men immediately stop paying visits to the barbershop, which is not their best decision, we must say. Even though you’re in the process of growing out your hair, you shouldn’t only live for the end result. We’re totally positive that long hair men always want to look good, even in the early stages. Thus, don’t give up on regular upkeep. Instead, why not consider how can I grow my hair faster for guys?

Can Men Encourage Their Hair Growth? #howtogrowhair #howtogrowhairmen

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There are several surefire ways to boost your hair growth. First, you can use such hair treatments as massaging your hair with hot oil, rinsing it with apple cider, onion broth or cool water, employing silicone-free shampoos and rich nourishing conditioners as well as applying DIY hair mask made of aloe and egg white. Then, reconsider your hair routine. Brush your hair regularly, yet don’t overdo it. Set aside hot hair styling tools and harsh chemical products. Also, don’t wash your hair too often so as not to strip off the natural oil. It is also important to have a healthy diet, maintain water balance and take hair boosting supplements. Finally, to rid your hair of brittle, frizzy and split ends, get them cut regularly, from once to three times a year.

Or, maybe, there is another problem that stops you from growing a long mane, such as a hair loss? If this is the case, can a man’s hair grow back? Well, there are two sides to every story, which depends on the vitality of your follicle. If it is undamaged, then you can prompt your hair to grow. However, if it has vanished, covered in scars, locked or stopped functioning for years, there is a small chance that it will recover.


TIP 1: Sleep Well And Enough

You read it right. Your sleeping pattern is important for healthy hair. The thing is growth hormones and enzymes are produced by your body at night, which contributes greatly to good hair growth. Plus, your body synthesizes protein while sleeping, thus improving its ability to grow hair. So, if you want to have a full head of hair, make sure to sleep a lot.

TIP 2: Take It Easy On Your Hair

Even though massages are essential for hair growth, as they improve blood flow, take care not to overdo it. Otherwise, you risk achieving the opposite effect and your hair may start to fall out. Thus, be very delicate when brushing and massaging your mane.


TIP 3: Replace Stress With Workouts

It goes without saying that doing sports is good for your health in all senses and your hair is no exception. On the one hand, it makes your blood circulate faster, hence increasing hair growth. And on the other hand, it helps you to reduce levels of stress, which is one of the main enemies of your follicles. At least 30 mins a day several times per week can make a world of difference for your hair.

TIP 4: Keep Your Diet Healthy

It comes as no surprise that what we eat and drink affects our bodies greatly. That is why for fast hair growth men should keep their diet healthy and full of nutrients. It should include meat, eggs, nuts, fatty fish, and other foods rich in biotin and vitamin D.


TIP 5: Get The Right Haircut

If you start your hair growth process with a short cut, it’s good practice to keep your back and sides short in the beginning. The thing is the hair on top becomes noticeable in a while, whereas the back and sides can turn into one of the old-school long hairstyles for men, a mullet. You can let the sides grow when the top reaches around the 4-inch length.

TIP 6: Skip The Shampoo And Conditioner

Before pondering how to make hair grow faster men should stem losses first. If you don’t take care of your mane properly, you’ll have to get the ends trimmed very often, which definitely doesn’t contribute to hair growth. The first insight from the guys with long hair is to cut down on shampoo for men, as it can dry out your hair. Use it, if possible, no more than twice per week. If you find it difficult, start with more frequency, say, every other day. Little by little, make the intervals longer until you reach the goal. Dry shampoo can really help you out in training your hair for rare washing.

Unlike shampoo, conditioner should never be left out. When choosing one, consider such factors as your hair type and what effect you want to get. As a conditioner should be applied to the hair ends only, you should match it to their condition. Don’t apply the product to your roots, as this can make them overly oily and weighed down, which is unacceptable for mens long hairstyles. Rinse the conditioner with cool water to prevent the conditioning agents from washing off.

TIP 7: Choose The Right Styling

Changing the hair length also entails switching up the hair products for men. Such styles as waxes, pastes, and pomades should be washed out every day, as they are made for short hair, thus having a strong hold and heavy formula. For styling long natural hair, use lighter products, like leave-in conditioners, serums, or grooming creams, which won’t weight down your tresses.

Apart from hair styling products, you might also want to employ those that stimulate your hair to grow. But what products help hair growth? One of the most popular external hair boosting treatments for men is Minoxidil. However, take precautions when using it, as it has some side effects. Inside, you can take such hair loss thinning supplements as Nutrafol or keratin hair booster powder supplement with Biotin. Also, turn to special shampoos, conditioners, serums, masks and sprays aimed at promoting hair growth.

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If sometimes you feel the need to take your hair away from your face, don’t shy away from using a hair tie for this purpose. They come in many shades to match your hair color in case you’re worried somebody would see it.


How Long Does It Take For Hair To Grow For Men?

You might struggle to answer the question “How long does it take for hair to grow?” We can help you out with some statistical data. Generally, you can expect your hair to grow out for about 6″ a year. Thus, if initially, you have a buzz cut, a year later, your hair will get to the ear level at best. Even the best vitamins for hair growth can barely speed up the process, though may be very beneficial for the strength and beauty of your mane. To cheer you up, we should say that long hair is absolutely worth the effort and wait.

How To Grow Hair Faster Men: For The Note

Along with hair care, men with long hair will also have to adjust their lifestyle and habits to the new hairstyle. Here’s the list of top ten hair tips that will presumably teach you how to grow hair faster men.

    1. Brush your hair once or twice per day to stimulate the scalp and spread the natural oils.
    2. Cut down on chemicals and hot tools use, as they considerably damage the hair.
    3. Adjust your washing routine to your new hair length. Don’t use shampoo often.
    4. Take vitamins to help your hair grow.
    5. Choose the shampoo that suits your hair type. Opt for silicone-free ones.
    6. Find the appropriate conditioner.
    7. Use cool water for washing your hair. Thus, your hair shafts won’t open, and your hair won’t lose moisture.
    8. Take care of your health. The condition of your thatch depends directly on your diet, water balance, stress level and physical activity.
    9. Trim your hair reasonably. Cut off damaged and split ends without altering the length drastically.
    10. Sleep on satin pillowcases, as they don’t cause hair loss.

Strong and healthy long hair looks flattering on everyone. Even though the process is time-consuming, it pays off handsomely. Following our easy and effective tips on growing hair will make the process hassle-free.


What helps men’s hair grow fast?

For faster hair growth men can do the following:
1. Set the blow dryer to a cool temperature setting when styling your hair.
2. Do not brush the hair while it is still wet.
3. Avoid dyeing and bleaching your locks.
4. Take supplements that boost fast hair growth for men.
5. Trim your hair regularly to get rid of split ends.
6. Try to stress less and relax more.
7. Treat your hair carefully.
8. Wear protective hairstyles.
9. Condition your locks with every shampooing.
10. Eat healthy and nutritious.
11. Switch your pillowcases to satin or silk ones.
12. Massage your scalp to increase blood circulation.

Can you speed up hair growth Men?

To encourage growing hair fast men can take several easy steps. First, cut down on a shampoo, switching it to a leave in conditioner. Next, brush the hair on a regular basis to spread the natural oil and boost the circulation of blood. Also, review your lifestyle and eating habits. Try to keep them as healthy as possible. Avoid using heat on your hair, be it a hot shower or a blow dryer. Finally, do not be too hard on your hair. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for it is to leave it alone.

How can I grow my hair faster naturally?

When learning how to make your hair grow faster men should keep in mind the following tips. Start taking care of your hair growth not only from the outside but from the inside as well. As such, your daily vitamin intake should be well balanced and sufficient. Support your hair with the help of essential or carrier oils applied to the scalp. Consider outside treatment, such as melatonin, minoxidil and finasteride. If you are deficient in protein, then keratin supplements may help you deal with hair loss. Protein and caffeine ointments, which you are supposed to use on your scalp as well, can also be very efficient. Other natural ways to grow hair fast for man include a steady diet rich in protein, hair care routine suitable for the type of your hair, sun and heat protection, etc.

How can I grow my hair in 1 week?

Here is how to make male hair grow faster in one week:
1. Massage natural oils into your scalp.
2. Apply hair masks boosting hair growth.
3. Use castor oil and apple cider vinegar rinse.
4. Shampoo your hair no more than three times weekly.
5. Use a hair conditioner after every shampooing.
6. Rinse your hair with cool water.
7. Do not wrap your hair in a towel when it is wet.
8. Do not go to bed without brushing the hair.
9. Do not use hot tools for styling your hair.
10. Incorporate enough proteins, vitamins and healthy food into your diet.


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